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Make It : Best in Show

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The Westminster Kennel Club held its 135th annual dog show this week, which coincides very nicely with today's guest post.

Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne are incredibly talented knitwear designers—their sheep jumper became famous when Princess Diana wore it—with a penchant for all things canine.  They even have a new book coming out:

knit dog final

Lucky for us, Sally and Joanna have generously shared one of the patterns:

"The knitted dog is the perfect easy-care companion. It lives forever. There’s no feeding, barking, moulting, or vets bills. We are offering you the opportunity to make your own French Bulldog. Ours is somewhat smaller than the original. At about 13 cm high, you can slip it into your pocket or handbag. Please feel free to change the colours if you would like to, but we hope that you enjoy making yourself a pet for life."

(For full instructions, click on part 1part 2, and part 3.)

Frenchies? We might know one or two around these parts.

P.S. My favorite thing about these ladies? This knitted anti-firework dog balaclava designed to protect sensitive ears.


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