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Inspiration Board : Carving Tool Holder

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My husband carved this "bird" out of a piece of driftwood we found during a trip to the San Juan Islands. He gave it to me for my birthday, with the disclaimer that it wasn't quite finished yet. But I love how "not done" it looks, how it just embraces what nature has already carved into the wood, so I begged him to please keep it as is. Coming from a long line of carvers in his family, he was used to working in a more realistic way, but is now inspired to try more in this natural style.

1 of 6
neatly rolled up

1 neatly rolled up

from the side (with room to expand)

2 from the side (with room to expand)

peek a boo

3 peek a boo


4 open

twill tape going through slits cut into the felt

5 twill tape going through slits cut into the felt

my own carving attempts

6 my own carving attempts

I'd love for him to do more, but he hardly had any tools, so for his birthday I made him this knife roll. I used industrial felt, upholstery linen, and twill tape. Cut slits for the ribbon, hand stitched the linen ... sort of 'carved' my own piece, without much thought of a "how to." I then added a few tools and a certificate to go buy some more knives (and yes, I made him give me a penny, as I am ever so slightly superstitious about giving knives). I hope it inspires many more beautiful pieces.

As for more tool holders, take a look at Steph's brilliant needle organizers.

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  • I wish I was one of you! Everything is beautiful!

  • Beautifully made. A keepsake!

  • Can hardly wait to glitter Easter eggs. My Pumpkins were the talk of the neighborhood. Sparkling in the sunshine and even more beautiful at night with candles and lights.
    Nice to be able to get all the products locally now at Michaels.

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