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Contests & Prizes : Crafternoon Report...

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The Handmade Crafternoon event held at the main branch of the New York Public Library last Saturday was a great success, and really so much fun, thanks to brilliant and hilarious cohosts Maura Madden and Jessica Pigza, and a really great and diverse turnout of valentine-making enthusiasts! You can read more about this monthly series here and here... Also, in today's post on The Martha Blog, you can view a gallery of images of Saturday's event.

As Martha describes, part of the day's program involved a raffle of many favorite Martha Stewart Crafts supplies, and copies of our Encyclopedia of Crafts and Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts; all to benefit the Handmade Crafternoon Program at NYPL.

In that spirit, we are also giving away both these books, along with copies of Maura's Book Crafternoon, a Guide to Getting Artsy and Craftsy With Your Friends All Year Long, and a selection of our favorite Martha Stewart Crafts supplies on this blog—to three lucky winners... all with the intention of encouraging our readers to gather with friends, family, and perhaps even some NEW friends, to spend a few hours making things together. We had a good time, we know you will, too!

For a chance to win, leave a comment about your favorite craft (50 words or less please), along with a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 p.m. on February 14, 2011. We'll choose three commenters at random to win these prizes.

(See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.)

Comments (66)

  • My favorite craft is window stars, but really, any craft will do. I love them all!

  • I am partial to cross-stitch, because my mom taught me how to do it when I was making a banner for my First Communion.

  • Well, my favorite thing to craft with is beautiful paper. Thanks to my mom, I learned origami when I was little and have been doing it ever since. This is my favorite craft to do anywhere, with any scrap of paper, and leave behind a treasure for someone to discover.

  • Paper crafting is the way to go. Most of the supplies are not expensive and it's kid friendly to boot! One winter we made different snowflakes to decorate the house, although this year there is no need to help mother nature. HA.

  • I love embroidery, it's such a calming activity and there are so many different techniques so I am constantly learning!

  • That event looks like so much fun! Wish I were in NY to attend.

    I love all kinds of crafts, like paper, jewelry making, sewing etc. My current favorite though is knitting and crochet, which they usually are in the winter.
    I'm not a strong knitter and even less so about crochet, but I can make hats, scarves and socks. I've even made a few small toys. I just love the way the needles feel and the "click click" of the bamboo is relaxing.


  • I loved reading about the crafternoon in the February issue. My favorite craft is making cards for family and friends, often recycling bits and pieces from cards we receive.

  • I love to make cards that I can then send to friends and family. A cute card in the mail can work wonders to brighten someone's day!

  • I like embroidery. It can be traditional or modern and it is inexpensive!

  • My favorite crafts have lately involved decorating food by making a stencil out of wax paper and then dusting the top with a colorful, edible food, like paprkia or powdered sugar. Check my blog for my Steelers-themed hummus- it was so easy, and such a hit!

  • I always felt bad about the amount of cereal boxes I used to throw away, until I read Martha's guide to making Cereal Box Organizers. I use beautiful paper to cheaply and elegantly organize anything from recipes to bills. I even started using empty tissue boxes to hold craft supplies!

  • I love to craft with words. Framing words on beautiful backgrounds or forming shapes from adjectives shows the gift recipients what you think of them!

  • paper crafts are my favorite, even just cutting a paper snowflake is fun!

  • I've enjoyed continuing to practice both free-form embroidery and cross-stitching, both of which I learned as a child. I've made gifts for friends and family, as well as artwork for my own apartment, and branched out to incorporate young, fun, quirky designs in my stitching!

  • I'm not much of a crafter yet. I am starting to love making cards and cute appliqued onesies for my children.

  • I love making cards or scenes with ink and sponges. I like all kinds of crafts, it is so relaxing. It is great to hear from someone how much they enjoyed your card when they receive it. (And it is a great craft to do with kids, say on a rainy day.) One great crafting "session" I had was about 2 years ago, we had an ice storm and lost power for 11 days. That's the beauty of crafting, most of it requires nothing be plugged in!!

  • I love all crafts but am currently working a bit in the sewing and scrapbooking areas. I love all of the MS products. They all have such great quality.

  • I love all kinds of paper crafts!

  • While I love so many crafts, I really enjoy making personal cards to give away and cute boxes to hold all the craft supplies.

  • I love paint because I'm a big fan of color. And I love photography for the same reason. I am determined to take these two passions and combine them into a love for scrapbooking (because I love telling a story, too). Understanding chipboard and glue is on my to-do list!

  • Card making and knitting are my favorite crafting activities. My six-month old baby has been to crafternoons since before he was born!

  • While I consider myself an equal-opportunity crafter, I happen to be obsessed with beautiful paper, so I scrapbook just to show off the colors and patterns. I love giving personalized scrapbooks as gifts because most people really appreciate the time, effort and thought that goes into a project like that..

  • I love paper crafts a lot. One of the best parts is that my daughter and I can do this kind of crafting together!

  • I'm a librarian too! And I love the Crafternoon idea! I would love to have a similar program here at my library.
    I'm a huge knitter, I just learned to sew, and I love love love paper crafts!

  • I love knitting.

    With my kids, I love papercrafting.

  • I love creating things that I am able to share or give to people I love as a way to share my love with them. Currently, my favorite craft is knitting, but I'm not picky!

  • I have been loving embroidery lately. It's easy to take with you, and there is something so relaxing about all of those tiny stitches.

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  • Anything with felt! It suits me since I'm low on spare time as well as patience. Felt cards, jack-o-lanterns, fortune cookies, advent calendars.....

  • i LOVE to make anything ... especially anything with paper - cards, labels, gift wraps, etc. If it involves cute paper and ribbon, I'm in!

  • I love sewing and especially quilting. I have a short attention span, so I usually make small wall hangings and table toppers!

  • I like sewing either by hand or on the sewing machine. I like to make dolls and small things that are fun and easy.

  • I love all crafts, but my favorite is knitting. I just knitted my first sock!

  • I think anything with fabric, glitter, or paper is my favorite craft. Does that cover everything? I pretty much love every aspect of crafting. My next venture is going to be in shrinky dinks.

  • My favorite crafts are quilting & sewing!

  • My favorite craft is almost anything I can dream up to make for my kids. If they will love it (or not even care but it will look cool in their rooms or cute on their bodies) I love making it!

  • Card making is definitely my favorite craft. My family has made cards for years, especially at Valentine's Day. There are so many fun options, simple or fancy, but always fun.

  • I love working with fabric, whether in sewing or creating without sewing. Attaching fabric pictures to wood along with looking for the fabric pictures is a lot of fun. The way I do it, it is like a mess less decoupage. Fortunately, they sell well, too!

  • I love to craft and create, and my 5 yr old does too:)
    Together we make paper crafts like cards, and we sew together. Thank you for a truly wonderful giveaway!

  • favorite craft? there is such a thing? i guess i really do love freezer paper stenciling, but there is so much more to love! :) i had a crafternoon eve the other day! check it out:

  • I love to scrapbook and paper craft the most. I am so happy when I get to craft. Most of the time if my boys see me playing with paper and stuff they will sit down and join me. I love all crafts though. Homemade gifts are the best. Love your punches!

  • My favorite craft is making homemade valentine's day cards!

  • I love all kinds of crafts, but sewing is my favorite. It is so much fun when you have multiple people working together on a project. Getting ideas from friends is so helpful, plus you spend quality time together!

  • I've been obsessed with knitting stuffed toys and hats for my nephew (especially hats that make him look like a gnome). LOVE the Crafts Dept!

  • I LOVE almost all, basket weaving,jewelry making, but I think my very favorite would be scrap booking. I love to give new life to photos and tell the story. Pictures have a journey to tell and I love to use beautiful papers and embellishments to help tell the story.

  • My favorite craft is creating recipe books for my family and friends...I love combining the creativity of scrapbooking elements with cooking, a mixture of memories, heritage and comfort for me.

  • I love beautiful paper, so I make cards and scrapbook. However, I have a stash of quilting fabric, and am looking for ways to use it as well.

  • My favorite craft is crocheting ruffle scarfs. It keeps me busy during this frigid winter weather...

  • Favorite craft - whatever I'm obsessed with at the moment. Today it is sewing. Dreamt of making a pattern recently.

  • My favorite craft is creating beaded holiday ornaments.

  • I love to stamp with embossing powder, making wonderful cards and tags. Also, anything with glitter just makes my day!

  • I LOVE to get crafty!! I like to sew among many other things and My favs change all the time--right now I love decorating headbands for little gals;)

  • I love papercrafting. Mostly, I make cards, which often make wonderful gifts. Lately, I'm addicted to alcohol inks. Good stuff.

  • My favorite craft is knitting, but I also love to make Moravian stars, love to embroider, love to crochet and am currently learning how to sew!

  • I love combining different disciplines to create singular pieces - like creating cards where part of the card is sewn or jewelry with paper parts.

  • I'm a photographer but periodically lose interest. I've recently fallen in love with felting! Photography is very technical and felting, especially wet and nuno are pure creativity. I just love touching the wool and silk, laying them out then rolling the soapy smooth mess into an embellished fanciful fabric. Ahhhhhhh.

  • well i guess you could say i love it all,,i paint on every thing i can get to,but my gourds are my main babies,,i do a lot of santas and snowmen at christmas,,i do love all of the paper crafts too,,love all of ur papers and punches,,they are beautiful,,,and i love that you have so many pretty crafts on here,,thanks

  • I'm drawn to many types of crafts, but when I discovered needle felting two years ago I fell in love! Since then I've made various needlefelted creatures as well as a wool bag with needlefelted flowers and birds on it for my wonderful mom.

  • I love to do all kinds of crafts, but lately I've enjoyed doing origami with my kids.

  • Hello,

    I love crafts in general buy my most favorite ones are paper crafts and fashion art.
    I also recycle and re-purpose materials such as cardboard and plastic. It's such a fun challenge to turn them into artsy projects.

    Gabriela Delworth

  • My favorite craft is the spontaneous craft. I gather stuff like left over materials, random craft supplies, paint, etc. and just look at them for a few minutes to come up with ideas, then I get to work to see what the outcome will be.

  • I love papercrafting because I can do it with my children - and we get to use glitter! I also love counted cross-stitch because it is a craft that my husband and I both do and love.

  • Although I enjoy sewing and making many new and innovative crafty products for myself, friends, and family, my favorite craft is making new products out of old jewelry.

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  • My favorite crafts are ones I make for my children.

  • What a fun afternoon! My favorite craft is still sewing. I don't have as much time to do it as I used to, so now I've been upcycling clothes. Helps with the sewing!

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