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On The Web : Not Really Roses ... But Still as Sweet!

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Today at The Martha Stewart Show, we begin our two-week countdown to Valentine's Day and our annual search for fabulous and fun gifts to give to the loves of our lives!

Roses are always a good choice ... but why give live (and perishable) roses when any one of these brilliantly creative and everlasting roses can be crafted out of everyday materials?

(For complete information and instructions, click on each of the photos below. And if you have a great idea for a "Not-Rose," be sure to share it with us!)


This rose made from pink Post-it Notes (courtesy of has made quite an impression across the Web. Each petal can hold a missive for your love!

Coffee Filter Rose

Former guest crafter Cassie Mae Chappell of is the creator of this gorgeous paper coffee filter rose!

Duct Tape Rose Bouquet

Duct tape is such a versatile and useful material, but who knew it would make such fabulous-looking roses? The folks over at the Duct Tape Wiki know!

Lingerie Bouquet

These playful lingerie roses were featured last season on The Martha Stewart Show.

Money Rose 2

The folks over at asked themselves, "Why not just make roses out of the money you would have spent on a real bouquet?"

Crepe Paper Flower

These large, beautiful crepe paper roses were created for The Martha Stewart Show by crafter Morgan Levine.


Roses can be fashioned out of other materials from nature, like this gorgeous bouquet made completely from maple leaves by the folks over at blogzine,

Rose Napkin

Spruce up a romantic Valentine's Day dinner with a napkin rose!

Hershey kiss roses

Your love can have chocolate and roses all in one with these adorable little buds made from chocolate kisses (courtesy of Pikadilly Charm).

Paper Diamond Rose

And, last but not least, click here to learn how to make these shimmery Diamond Paper Roses!

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  • The Post-It rose is so clever!

  • These are so pretty and so inspiring.

  • Martha,

    Thanks so much for all you wonderful ideas. I just bought your new book and I love it.


  • They are so pretty and they want die.

  • [...] Today’s episode featured lots of Valentine’s Day ideas to share with the sweethearts in your life. ¬†Click here to find local listings (and for Jim’s full post on roses, click here). [...]

  • What a great post... love these ideas. Thanks

  • Loved these roses. Made a bunch to cheer my mom and it made a hit. really enjoy and tried very hard to create what I have downloaded. Thank you

  • hi,
    i really loved all these roses idea they are all wonderful,amazing romantic Valentine's napkin rose.
    i love you martha and i love all your idea.

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