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Contests & Prizes : Valentines Giveaway!

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In these technological days, a handmade card means so much more than the sum of its parts. We've got the goods to help you woo that special someone over on Valentine's Day, like:

this festive stamp and ink set,

and these layered rose stickers!

Two winners will win a set of each. For a chance to win, leave a comment and tell us the best valentine you've received, along with a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 p.m. on February 4, 2011. We'll choose two commenters at random to win these prizes.

(See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.)

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Comments (121)

  • I love candy, and last year my husband bought me a lollipop bouquet of candy flowers! I loved it!

  • My sweet husband is many delightful things, but he does not "believe" in buying cut flowers, because he finds them a waste of money. One year for Valentine's day, while we were still dating, he surprised me with a bouquet and it was just lovely, and all the more special.

  • When I was 13 or 14, my mom gave me the Top Gun VHS for Valentine's Day. It's not the most romantic I've spent, but at that age (and back before the crazy), what girl wouldn't want Tom Cruise for V-day?

  • One Valentine morning, I awoke to see my hubby laying next to smiling with one perfect rose, a sweet kiss and great professions of love.

  • I was suffering from a lack of sleep and horrid neck pains last year, when my boyfriend surprised me not just with a nice dinner at Jar in L.A., but a Temper-Pedic pillow! Although it might not be the most "romantic" gift ever, it was one of the most thoughtful gifts I received.

  • Last Valentine's Day, my boyfriend took me to New Brunswick, NJ to take advantage of a hotel reservation his parents made but couldn't use. Totally random and unlikely location but it ended up being a super romantic weekend!

  • The best valentine I ever received were handmade notes (with my monogram at the top). My soon-to-be husband sent me on a scavenger hunt around the Windy City-- with a note for each stop. My final stop was Navy Pier. As I opened my last note, my monogram changed to OUR monogram. He proposed at the end of the pier. And we are living happily ever after!

  • My son got me a heart shaped glass dish from the dollar store. Althought the dish itself was kinda awful, his sweet little "a heart because my heart loves you" made it my absolute favorite Valentine.

  • My boyfriend at that time, who is now my husband has always made my valentine cards. One year he used a piece of bark from a tree we cut down as my card. He wrote PJ + JC = Love. He made a wire stand for it, so that it could sit on our mantel forever.

  • The best Valentine I've ever received was from my mother. :)

  • I wish I could narrow it down to one- but with three children I have so many handmade valentines to treasure!

  • A few years ago my husband and I were closing on our first house and moving in on Valentine's Day. In the chaos of moving and paperwork, I still woke up on moving day to a little stack of fat quarters from my favorite craft shop and a little v-day note.

  • The best valentine I received was a marriage proposal 25 years ago this year!

  • I always loved the valentines my kids would make for me~ You just can't beat a "made from the heart" valentine!

  • the best valentine's i'v received was a handmade wooden jewelry box. my boyfriend made it from cedar so the smell was delightful!

  • A lovely bottle of Grand Marnier... pairs so well with chocolate!

  • I came home from work last year and was immediately bombarded by massive heart-shaped mylar balloons. They were about 2.5 feet wide. I couldn't immediately figure out why I was being beat to death by those things until I looked down to see that the balloons were attached to the collars of my two rambunctious dogs who were only trying to greet me as usual. I have to give my husband points for creativity.

  • 25 years ago I received a gorgeous velvet heart shaped box of Godiva chocolates from this really cute guy I had started dating a few months before... decided then that he was a keeper (and I was right!)

  • I always love iris's on Valentine's Day! and of course handmade wonders from my 4 year old!

  • I've never partied Valentine that much, but I think the best gift I've ever received was a night out with my boyfriend... :)
    Tx for the opportunity

  • My first boyfriend wrote me a poem and gave me a rose and a bag of jellybeans. We were sixteen and ten years later, it was still my sweetest Valentine's Day!

  • My daughter is wanting to make handmade cards this year

  • The best Valentines I have recieved are from my husband. He always writes such kind and loving notes.

  • The brass elephant statue from my husband. Very shortly after receiving it I got pregnant (after years of trying. I have always felt that elephant was lucky and refer to it as my Ganesh...mover of obstacles.

  • Mine would definitely be one handmade by one of my children. So precious!

  • The best valentine I received was homemade cards from my nieces and nephews! Supercute!

  • The first Valentine's day at our new home my husband filled our front yard with heart shaped balloons with a rose attached on each balloon. I am not one for public surprises but I have to say that he's a sweet guy that's not afraid of showing how much he loves me :)

  • My first Valentine's with my husband was probably the best. We had been dating for just a few weeks, but he brought over a huge bouquet of flowers and made chocolate covered strawberries!

  • For one Valentine's day my boyfriend not only gave my two best friends Valentine's gifts but made me a bouquet of handmade origami flowers (as I don't like real flowers as gifts) and a box of chocolates; one chocolate for each day we had been together.

  • 25 years ago, I gave birth to our first son for Valentines. It was a bit of work on my part, but so worth the effort.

  • I love making crafts with my daughter Faith. She is 10 years old and always has something wonderful that she has created with or without me to hand out to her classmates. She does her very own coloring book with pics that she draws for them to color themselves and boy does she go thru reams of paper making copies. From pipecleaner rings to pom pomps to special notes we have so much fun!!!

  • The best Valentine I ever got was my daughter! She decided to come 2 weeks early and it was a great surprise!
    Sarah M

  • I love making crafts with my daughter Faith. She is 10 years old and always has something wonderful that she has created with or without me to hand out to her classmates. She does her very own coloring book with pics that she draws for them to color themselves and boy does she go thru reams of paper making copies. From pipecleaner rings to pom pomps to special notes we have so much fun!!!

  • My best friend gave me a jar full of origami stars all hand folded and sprayed with one of her perfums. Each one has a special message. Silly sayings, random things, doodles, and words of encouragement. It's the best gift I've ever gotten. It's been a few years and I still have a few stars inside. If I have a bad day I open it up and grab a star and find out what it has inside to cheer me up. <3

  • My best valentines gift was last year from my then 3-year old niece, Prestley. Her and Mama made me a pink, red, and white paper mache bowl. It is so simple, cute and most of all is from her! Nothing beat that gift.

  • The best valentine was when I was in college and not dating anyone. I worked in the dorm front office and hated that it was filled with balloons and flowers for everyone but me. Then a special box arrived with my name on it and my mom had sent me a large box of Godiva Truffles! I LOVE MOMS!

  • I am a Dachshund owner (Weenie, Bob and Lily). My husband found a 4 foot stuffed Dachshund dog and down the side read "I Love You This Much". He brought it to my classroom with flowers and of course it caused a symphony of Ohs and Awes from the teenage girls.

  • One of the best St. Valentine's Day gifts I received was a marriage proposal and a beautiful engagement ring. Another great gift was to marry the love of my life just three days after St. Valentine's Day.

  • Thirteen years ago I was blessed with the Greatest Valentine a mother could ever receive... My wonderful son who will always be my truest Valentine! I have the most wonderful, bright, caring, loving heart and truely special gift in my son who fills my heart completely every day. :)

  • For our first Valentine's day my then boyfriend (now husband) drew a portrait of me! He's an artist but hadn't drawn anyone in years and he started again with me and the pic was perfect.

  • Oops, I wasnt done.. hahaha.. he loves crafting with me too... We share that passion. I've always been crafty and love the time we get to share working on something special together. One of this mom's joys is those special little things my children make themselves!

  • The best Valentine present I Ever received was from my husband. He went to an Antique store and found an antique Valentine that had been sent from Germany from a serviceman to his sweetheart in the USA. The writting is hard to read, but one can get the point that he loved this girl. I love this as it showed me my husband took some time to find exactly what would make me happy..

  • My dear DH and his best friend who are as far away
    from romance as you can imagine put their heads
    together and made reservations at a restaurant 45 miles from home. We each received flowers and had a delightful evening !

  • One year my mom gave me a bottle of Channel No 5 for Valentine's Day. It became my favorite perfume for life. I've tried to pass that traditon on to my kids by giving them something for Valentine's Day as well as my grandchildren.

  • The best Valentine I have ever received was a card from my 3 boys, they were 2, 4 and 4. So for them to ask me if to be their Valentine was the best ever!

  • One year, I received a small box full of tiny folded bits of paper. When I opened up each piece, it said one word, like "Smile" or "Independence". There were about 50 or more little papers and each one had written on it, one of the things he loved about me.
    So thoughtful and so sweet -- and doesn't hurt that it was paired with a heart-shaped broccoli and garlic stuffed pizza. . .

  • The best valentine I ever received was a homemade card that my daughter made for me all by herself, and she wrote her name correctly for the first time,s she was 4 at the time, and she got in my photos and cut out a picture of herself, and layered it over another piece of construction paper that she cut into a heart. I will treasure it always!

  • Last year, my husband make heart-shaped pancakes with strawberry syrup for Valentine's day. Don't forget the heart sprinkles, either! That was our first Valentine's together. :)

  • the best valentine I have gotten was a "heart" pillow that you can heat -- helps me with my migraines! Thanks so much for a chance to win!

  • My favorite Valentine's day was on a Saturday. We both saved the entire day just to hang out together. We read on the couch, he cooked a special dinner that had touches from our first important dates (1st date, 1 year, etc) like the wine we tried and a cheese platter with favorite cheeses from a picnic we'd taken. We just spent the whole day together, relaxing and enjoying each other's company!

  • My favorite Valentine's gifts were made by the hand and heart of my boys. Always interesting. I so hope my mother and mother-in-law felt the same about those handmades.

  • The best Valentine I ever received was the first year my husband and I were dating..he got me a very small and simple Valentine card that stated simply "I Love You" and inside was a scripture that said "love one another fervently from the heart".That's when I KNEW he was in love with me! We are still married 29 years in July, and he always gets me the MOST beautiful Valentine cards that I keep all together. On days when I'm not feeling so good about things, all I have to do is open that drawer and pull out all the Valentine cards he has given me over the years.

  • I know I should say the best was from my husband, but honestly, my all-time favorite was from my daddy. He gave me a stuffed Belle (Snoopy's sister) when I was 9 for Valentine's Day. That stuffed dog went through everything with me, including surgery, and she still has a place of honor on my bed.

  • My favorite Valentine's Day card was hand drawn my my son with help from his sister when they were still children!

  • I was seeing this guy in my mid-twenties, and we had planned on going to dinner at this new restaurant. I was responsible for the dessert after, at my place. (It was a yummy chocolate cake of some sort) He blew me away by having a huge vase of red roses waiting for me at the table, along with a lovely card. I just was so impressed with the planning it took to have the flowers there. Nice guy!

  • You did a blog this week on roses made from various materials. It reminded me of the rose my husband gave me for Valentines Day. It was made from leather. It was my favorite.

  • My mom sent me a homemade valentine with a red and white vintage handkerchief incorporated. Most cards make it to the trash eventually, but every time I see the handkerchief I think of my mom.

  • My husband and I were married in March so the surprise bridal shower was planned for Valentine's Day of that year. We had a huge snow storm on Friday and he picked up groceries and plowed through snow with a borrowed pickup truck so we would not be separated for the weekend and so he would be sure to get me to the planned party!

  • My best valentine is the first one I received from one of my children a heart shape with some scribbles on it.

  • My husband never had a "Romantic Bone" in his body. So I never received flowers, chocolates, or a dinner out. But the most priceless,cherished gift was written on 2 pieces of notebook paper. He wrote how on Feb 8, 1986 God had answered all his prayers in the gift of me. He thanked me for being his wife and the mother of his 2 daughters. My Most Priceless Valentine...was 2 little words
    "Thank You"

  • About 10 years ago, I was hinting to my husband for a few months that I wanted a cell phone...I had a birthday, then Christmas and no phone...on Valentine's Day I'm in car ready to pull out of the parking lot to drive home and I heard a phone ringing. I hadn't noticed there was a cell phone in the car. When I answered it was my husband wishing me a Happy Valentine's Day! It was a great surprise and I thought is was way better then roses!

  • In high school, my dance team would sell heart balloons to be delivered to students on Valentine's Day. I asked one boy if he'd like to buy one and was told he had no one to give it to. By the next year, I was the one he bought them for, and this year he is my fiance! :)

  • When I was twelve, my mother surprised me with a pair of Guess jeans (zippers on the ankles) that my pre-teen self was just dying for. I nearly died from happiness.

  • I usually get a new favorite valentine every year. My husband isn't a big talker (about his feelings) but every year, usually on Valentine's Day, he writes me a love letter. After 15 years of marriage I still look forward to this every year.

  • These new stamps a so pretty! The sweetest thing I got was my senior year of high school. My seat was already set up for band class and on it was a stuffed animal with a rose and a card that said 'Will you be mine?' It was the sweetest Valentine ever.

  • A few Valentine Day's ago, I was dating this guy that I was head-over-heals for. That day he said lets go check out some snowmobile areas. I was like really...snowmobile areas...its Valentines day. But, I went. We drove in the mountains for miles, finally, it had just started snowing,beautiful, he pulled over and we got out. It was quiet, snowing, he got down on one knee and took a ring out, and asked me to marry him. That was my best Valentine Ever! Yes, he is my husband now.

  • The best valentine I've ever received was my first valentine's dinner with my now-husband. So perfect.

  • My favorite Valentine I ever received was just my best friend giving me some chocolate and a hug. The smallest thing is usually the most important. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • the best valentines I ever received was from my dad. He remembered the day all on his own and gave me a simple card that told me he loved me and appreciated all I do for him. It has been just me and my dad since 2003 (mom passed, it has not been easy). I am my dad's caregiver so you can imagine my surprise, he got the card all by himself and even remembered to give it to me on Valentines day (my dad has early dementia, he was 65 at the time, he is 70 now) I will never forget that, my mom was the one to allway remember stuff like that.

  • A package of sweet pea lotions and sprays from my fiance (now husband) when I was in college.

  • The best valentine's day gift that i recieved was a jar of homemade heart-shaped cookies, a friendship bracelet and a lovely handmade card from my best friend. Its been years now but that is still a sweet memory.

  • My best Valentines present was one that my daughter got me when she was Grandma took her out to pick presents and she got me the cutest card and shirt..To see how she lit up when she gave it to me was the sweetest thing ever! The love a child can bring is so priceless!

  • One year my husband surprised me at work with a dozen red rose and a beautiful, decorative. . .LAMP! He said it was because I "light up his life".

    I know - cheesy! But oh so sweet. And every time I use the lamp it warms my heart!

  • One of my favorite Valentine's Day memories was a trip to Serendipity III in NYC for their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate & a fun carriage ride through Central Park with an old friend <3

  • My husband proposed to me on Valentine's Day...13 years ago this present ever.

  • My all-time favorite Valentine was one from First Grade(1979). We had all made our boxes and when I went through my box later. I found the most adorable owl valentine with Rolos for eyes! One boy and his mother had taken the time to make them for the whole class. Not only did I love the Valentine. I decided then THAT was the kind of Mom I wanted to be! I can't believe I remember that!

  • The Valentines that the kids make me are always special. But the one from my husband that I remember the most was when my kids were small and I bowled in a league in the afternoon. I remember we were all amazed that someone got flowers delivered to the bowling alley with the cutest little stuffed Garfield attached. And come to find out they were mine! He had them delivered to the bowling alley.

  • I l♥ve handmade Valentines!! My daughter and I indulge our loved ones with handmade cards and surprise packages every year!
    My favorite Valentine is the first one my daughter and husband made full of love and sweetness..still makes my heart melt! ♥ ♥

  • Hubby actually believes there is nothing better than making and giving a handmade Valentine!! I've received so many beautiful one's from him over the years. Can't wait to see what he whips up for me this year...Year 40! He always signs them "Made with my Heart"..gotta love it!

  • The best Valentine I've ever received was from my little brother. He made it out of old cards and glitter when he was at school. It was so sweet!

  • Our daughter was born about a week before Valentine's Day, so my husband and I felt that she was the sweetest Valentine's gift ever.

  • The best thing i ever got was a box of handmade chocolates

  • The best valentines I have ever recived.... My husband Dan and I were not married yet,he had suggested Valentines Day. How wonderful would that be? We were getting married at the court house with a few friends. Dan went out to get our marriage license and set the date with the judge. He came home all degected looking and said we can't get married on Valentines Day because everyone and their brother was booked for that day. I was sad, the thought of a Valentines anneversery was so wonderful, and to have my hopes dashed was so upseting, but I said."Well thats alright, we can just do it another day." Dan got this big grin on his face and pulled out the licsense. We were the only ones set at that time. It was wonderful. And has been for 14 years.Our 14th wedding annaversery will be Feburary 14th this year. And Dan will never forget the day. We both say," Look at all the annaversery decorations.", when we go by the valentine arrangments.

  • One Valentines Day I woke up to our favorite romantic song playing, breakfast in bed, roses on the stand, candles lit, a beautiful card, and a romantic dance with my husband--who does not normally like to dance! All in all, I can say that was the sweetest Valentines Day!

  • My sweet husband who thinks buying roses/flowers is a waste of money because they don't last long enough, actually bought me different color roses. Attached to them was a handmade card describing the meaning of each color and incorporated me in the description on how I associated with the meaning. Memorable!!!

  • my husband gave me his toy Yoda action figure from his childhood with a tiny flower in it's hand.

  • My husband was deployed overseas for our first valentine's day as a married couple. I didn't expect anything more than a phone call but that night he sent me an email titled "happy valentine's day" with a link to an mp3 file. It was him playing a song he had written about us and our own little love story. It was the best present I have ever recieved.

  • This year my husband has bought us tickets (and arranged a babysitter) to go hear an author speak-something he knows I would love to do, and he took the time to get everything coordinated! :)

  • I remember once when I was little my dad came home with gold heart necklaces for my sisters and I for Valentine's Day. He never gave us presents for Valentine's Day which is why it was so memorable and special.

  • The best Valentine I ever received was from the boy across the street.

  • Hands down, it still is the wonderful handmade cards my son and daughter would bring me when they were in first and second are the bestest mom...I love you.....I still have them. So so sweet.

  • When I was 4 years old my dad was sent to Korea, during the war. He always included a little note to me in the letters he sent to my mother. On Valentine's Day I not only got a little note on my mother's letter but he sent me a Valentine Day card that was just to me and he had taped a piece of gum inside as my gift. I still have the card and the gum paper is still taped in place but the gum is gone. That little card means so much to me because I lost my mom and dad in 2005.

  • A cute little ceramic Valentine bear from my husband that I keep in my shadow box.

  • I was newly divorced, my son was in the hospital in Chicago, it was Valentine's Day, and I was teaching a night class for single men who wanted to learn how to cook. I was in the classroom folding napkins while waiting for my students to show, when I saw each guy walking into the classroom, holding a lovely rose. One of them filled a glass with water, and another tied a big bow around the 18 roses. I was overwhelmed by their sweet gesture and tears trickled down my face, as they smiled. It was my BEST Valentine's Day, ever!

  • My best Valentine's was a couple of years ago when my sister sent me an edible arrangement. I was totally shocked because she's never given me anything for Valentine's day before. I'll always remember it with a smile!

  • The best valentine gift I have ever received was a dozen red roses. Now this may not be unusually in gift but if you are an Airforce wife and your husband was just shipped to Afghanistan and you are feeling very lonely and you pull into your driveway and there are two dozen beautiful long stem red roses sitting at you doorstep (I am crying about it still and this was two years ago) it is like a part of him was home. Did I mention we have been married 18 years.

  • My husband walks through the flower district to get to the trains station. On Valentine's Day, he always buys me oodles of red roses from one of the sellers. It's hard for me to find enough vases around the house for all of those flowers!

  • My sister and I used to make Valentine's day envelopes and cards for our family every year. I still try to make mine and send them off. I would say my favorite gift is the two pink monkey stuffed animals my sister gave me one year. :)

  • would love to craft with these!

  • I got to bring my newborn daughter home from the hospital on Valentine's Day. I couldn't ask for a better present and I recieved that one 23 years ago.

  • My favorite valentine was from my daughter. To many it just looks like scribbles, but it was the first valentine she ever made and I'll keep it forever.

  • I love the celebration for lovers, but my favorite Valentines have been the ones scrawled in wobbly letters, saying "You are the best Mom". :)

  • My best Valentine is a personalized card from my Husband

  • One Valentines when me and my boyfriend started dating he brought me home from school and some how he was able to place a single rose on my pillow. I was so surprised and thought it was the sweetest thing.

  • My husband and I decided one valentine's that we would only spend a couple of dollars on each other, so I got him a shirt and made him some rocky road fudge. Well, he comes home with my favorite sterling roses and a three caret aquamarine ring, my birthstone, I eyed months ago. What a surprise!

  • My best valentine was definitely the one colored by my then-2-year-old last year :)

  • The best Valentine I ever received were from my children when they were young and I was divorced. They were thoughtful and fun to read. They also went shopping with a dollar to spend. The good news was there were Christmas discounts still out so they got creative in purchasing a special Valentine treasure!

  • When my children were little, my husband would set aside a Saturday afternoon and make Valentines Day Cards with them, and give me the afternnon off. It was a wonderful early Valentines Day gift.

  • The best Valentine I ever received was the very first one my first son ever made me (with a little help, I'm sure when he was in day care and he was 3 yrs. old. It had his little hand print inside the card, all sorts of crooked x's and o's and they were shown a picture of a Valentine's heart and he drew that on the front. He couldn't write yet, but there was pride and "I love you" all over, inside and out, that card!!

  • My favorite Valentine gift was a homemade dinner created by my husband. He planned the whole thing all by himself (kinda a big deal since he does not cook more than eggs).

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • The best Valentine I've received was from my daughter, covered in scribbles and stickers. She tried to trace her hand on top of it all. Price above rubies.

  • Best Valentine - My husband asked me to marry him. We were highschool sweethearts, so V-day fit perfectly. That was 39 years ago and counting ... !

  • My "little boy" is 34 years old now and I still love looking at his childhood cards and gifts (all of which I have scrapbooked); they bring back such fond memories...especially his "Be My Valentine" cards. At what age do little boys realize that they can't marry their Moms? LOL

  • When I was a freshman in college I had never been given flowers or was spoiled by a boy. My sneaky room mate at at the time boyfriend set me up and decorated and covered my dorm room with red carnations, my favorite flower at the time...and i mean at least a hundred were there..

  • My fiance and I frequent a park.. On Valentine's Day he booked us in a room overlooking the park, and after dinner, he brought me to the window and I saw a lit heart-shape on the grass with our initials in it. He had some of his friends set up led lights while we were having dinner. Very romantic!

  • My best Valentine was from my son. I was a card he made at school with his handprints. So sweet.

  • My father was one of the most memorable Valentine gifts I ever received. Although he was 32 years my senior, he was a Valentine baby himself. He and I always had fun with Valentine's day...I always baked him a heart shaped cake and heart shaped sugar cookies....He always brought me my favorite Heart shaped cinnamon imperials!

  • My best Valentine was all the crafts and cards my daughter has made for me over the years.

  • My hubby asked if we could agree not to exchange anything this year for Valentine's Day. I said no. :)

  • We were a dual military family and I got orders to Japan for two years. While I was gone my husband got orders to Iraq (again) for a year, and he still managed to send me flowers and make a mani-pedi appointment at my base. He proved that love trumps distance.

  • I loved getting those precious little Valentines that my children would make me when they were in kindergarten. Such heartfelt care and love were put into them. Mis-made and scribbles, but, I knew they worked very hard to make them "perfect".

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