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Contests & Prizes : Year-round Heart Punch Ideas...and a Giveaway!

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A card created by Emily. The flower is created using a heart punch. I love how she cut the punched hearts in half to create the leaves!

1 A card created by Emily. The flower is created using a heart punch. I love how she cut the punched hearts in half to create the leaves!

Cutting the hearts in half to create leaves. The punch here is the Martha Stewart Crafts Punch All Over the Page studded heart punch.

2 Cutting the hearts in half to create leaves. The punch here is the Martha Stewart Crafts Punch All Over the Page studded heart punch.

She created flowers out of punched hearts to use as a gift topper.

3 She created flowers out of punched hearts to use as a gift topper.

Top view.

4 Top view.

Here she used the ruffled heart Martha Stewart Crafts Punch All Over the Page punch to create the lacy background.

5 Here she used the ruffled heart Martha Stewart Crafts Punch All Over the Page punch to create the lacy background.

Emily glittered the hearts to create this frame card.

6 Emily glittered the hearts to create this frame card.

A scrapbook page that Emily made.

7 A scrapbook page that Emily made.

I love that she punched the corners to create easy photo corners.

8 I love that she punched the corners to create easy photo corners.

Closeup of the photo corners.

9 Closeup of the photo corners.

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! We have a great Martha Stewart Crafts giveaway with a few valentine punches, glitter, and stickers. I also wanted to share some punched-heart crafts created by one of our super-talented freelance crafters, Emily Eibel. I especially love how she used the hearts to create other shapes—great ideas for using heart punches for non-valentines-y ideas all year. (By the way, you should check out her artwork here...and blog here!! I'm particularly inspired by her stitched illustrations.)

A few words from Emily:

"The heart punches are super-versatile. The 'fallout' hearts work great as embellishments and can also be used to build other more complex embellishments, such as flowers, leaves, clovers, butterflies, and moths. The negative space of the Heart Punch All Over The Page makes for great mini photo frames, an allover lace pattern, or even photo corners."

Thanks Emily!

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The giveaway includes these Martha Stewart Crafts punches, glitter set, and stickers!

1 The giveaway includes these Martha Stewart Crafts punches, glitter set, and stickers!

The punches included in the giveaway: the Heart Lock and Key limited edition punch and the Ruffled Heart Punch All Over The Page limited edition punch.

2 The punches included in the giveaway: the Heart Lock and Key limited edition punch and the Ruffled Heart Punch All Over The Page limited edition punch.

The three-pack of fine glitter and glittered alphabet stickers.

3 The three-pack of fine glitter and glittered alphabet stickers.

Now, the giveaway: One lucky winner will win a set of Martha Stewart Crafts tools, including the Heart Lock and Key limited edition punch, the ruffled-heart Punch All Over The Page limited edition punch, a 3-pack of festive fine glitter and glittered alphabet stickers. For a chance to win, leave a comment and tell us the best valentine you've ever received, along with a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 P.M. on February 9, 2011. We'll choose one commenter at random to win this prize.

(See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.)

Click here for some more great Valentine's Day card inspiration. Happy crafting!

Comments (94)

  • My husband got me flowers a few years ago, even though he doesn't "believe" in buying cut flowers. It really touched my heart, because he knows that I enjoy having beautiful flowers around, especially in the grey of February!

  • I told my husband a few years ago that I wanted Valentines Day to be all cheese and tradition and, to me, that meant a red heart-shaped box full of chocolate. So, being the gung ho guy he is, my husband actually built a box that was 3 feet tall and 2 feet wide and LOADED it with candy and DVDs. It was awesome and the work he put into it was far from cheesy.

  • My daughters cooked heart shaped pancakes for a Sunday Valentines' Day breakfast! What a treat!

  • I love getting Valentines from my mom even though I'm grown up and married. She still sends us a card and a treat :)

  • My husband and I don't generally do presents for valentines day but we have started a tradition of homemade cards and making a nice dinner together. His homemade valentines are the best!

  • The best Valentine I ever got was a homemade fudge cake -- baked by my grandmother! YUM!

  • My best Valentine was the year my first child was able to make me their own Valentine Card. It was 2 stick figures (she and I) with lots of hearts. Still melts my heart when I get handmade cards from my kids!


  • my boyfriend made me an oak jewelery box with red felt lining the insides. it's not only gorgeous but it smells fantastic all year round :)

  • The best thing I got for Valentines Day was a horribly ugly gold necklace and bracelet set that my was given to me by my boyfriend when we were in 6th grade. Now, I am marrying him in a couple months and just found the set!

  • The best would probably have to be the card my children made together when they were 5 and 7. So precious.

  • My son made me a super big and sparkly heart necklace last year that I just adore :) I love my little man!

  • Oh, hands down my kids handprints on a card from my husband last year. . .so sweet!

  • What's my best valentine eva... has to be the card my daughter made when she was 4 that said "Hipy Balentin Days to the Gretest Mommy!" So sweet... She is almost 14 now!

  • LOL it had to be the time my husband and son decided to throw me a valentine party for just the three of us. I had been down at my mom's handling some legal stuff after my dad had passed and my son informed me that I had to be home in time for his surprise. I made sure I was. When I walked in they had the table set. They had made hats and a banner hanging that hung, and a cake they had cooked and deorated! (the cake looked pitiful lol but I made it sound like it was the most awesome anyone had ever done) I was shocked and surprised! However my real surprise came when I tasted the cake... Awful!!! lol I could not spit it out my little boy was watching me with this huge grin on his face. I finally got it down and raved at how good it was lol. Come to find out my husband had made it and left some of the ingredients out, lol and then put it all in one 9" round pan like you would make layers in and the thing had boiled out all in my oven lol. I still think back on that cake and laugh with a heart full of joy because they had cared enough to try and make it special for me. My husband can't even boil an egg lol so it was really special that he tried.

  • I love Valentine's gifts that my husband makes himself - one of my favorites was a wall full of construction paper hearts that had notes on each one.

  • Any Valentine from my kids will rank pretty high on my list~ As for from my hubby, simple is the best. He always seems to find a card the fits us well. Can't be that!

  • I am married to the Scrooge of Valentine's Day. I have never received on trinket or box of chocolates that I didn't purchase for myself.

    Over 25 years, my taste in gifts has gotten better(!).

  • My favorite valentine was a store-bought valentine with a corny joke written on it and a small red sucker taped to it from a school friend in the second grade. I used to love the valentine exchanges in elementary school.

  • My husband gave me the most beautiful valentine on the first Valentine's Day after we were married. Although I have kept all of the Valentine cards he has ever given me, I love that one the most.

  • I still have to say that it was the gift our daughter, born about a week before Valentine's Day. :)

  • Before we were married, my husband gave me 3 dozen heart shaped balloons tied to a bottle of my favorite soda. It was such a great gift and we still talk about it today.

  • My daughter is so creative so any valentine from her is wonderful.

  • Love notes from my hubby!

  • My very favorite Valentine's gift was from my 3 year old son who picked me a 'valentime' flower and handed it to me as if it were the greatest treasure in the world. It was a clover. I pressed it and still have it in my Bible.

  • Hum. The most romantic gift I've gotten was a mix tape ... well, CD. That had more to do with the songs that were on it.

  • One of my favorite valentines was in elementary school. Back then, I was shy and not the "popular" girl in the class, who by the way, was getting tons of cards in her box. There was a boy in the class, however, that I thought was cute. I couldn't imagine getting one from him!Guess what? He came over near the end of the valentine exchange and put one in my box! I was ecstatic! I took it out and read it. I had a smile on my face the rest of the day. Maybe it broke the ice, because we became friends shortly after. That's a memory I will keep with me forever.

  • The best Valentine for me to receive would be anything that someone has put some thought into! It doesn't have to be perfect, just that someone has been thinking about me is enough.

  • Anything handmade! It's so nice to know they care enough to spend the time to make something special!

  • Best Valentine ever was from my husband after we began dating - still so cute and innocent!!!!

  • My favorite valentine's are from my mom who starting sending me huge boxes of my favorite chocolate from back home when I moved across the country to go to college. My first year away I thought she was sending them because I didn't have a special someone to spend valentine's day with but she sends them every year, right on time even though for the past several years I've spent the day with my boyfriend.

  • Love that beautiful background...I definitely need that gorgeous punch!!
    The best valentine I received was a marriage proposal from my husband!

  • The best Valentine I ever received was a Bassadore puppy! Best dog ever, and way better than chocolates or roses.

  • The best Valentine I ever received was my baby girl--close on Valentine's Day and 2 weeks early! :)

    Sarah M

  • My son got me a 10" adjustable wrench after we lost mine when we took apart a weight bench we bought second-hand so that it would fit into the car. This was a very special gift because he was replacing a tool from a toolbox my Dad made up for me when I moved out to go to college at 18yrs. old. They were tools he had used and cared for well. My dad had died not long before I lost the wrench. I was one of the gifts with the most meaning to me.

  • My favorite Valentine was 17 years ago. My boyfriend arranged for my friends to deliver two red roses to me during each class at school. During final-hour he hand-delivered a dozen red roses - with an engagement ring around the stems! (We'll celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary this month.)

  • My best Valentine has to be when my son made a card for me as well giving me flowers. So sweet! Of course my husband helped my son and gave me a necklace as well.

  • A few years ago my husband hand crafted his own special valentine for me which include a card and little red hearts cut from construction paper. He wrote valentine sentiments on them and left them all over the house.

  • I'd love to win. My favorite Valentine was from my husband. He made a homemade card with flowers!

  • My favorite Valentine was from my husband when we were dating. He copied my favorite love song (Everything I do by Brian Adams) over and over on a CD and decorated the front with cookies (my favorite treat!).

  • My daughter was in elementary school when she made me this beautiful 3-D diorama of a window scene for Valentine's Day. She used a cardboard box (one of those in which you get set of 10 to 12 cards), to create the window. She used pink paper to make curtains and even cut a grid to make a window pane. She then made a garden scene behind the window. She made that as a Valentine's Day card. She did this because she knows that I love sitting at the window to look out at the garden. My daughter is 32 years old and is married. I still have the card hanging on my wall in my bedroom. That was my one of my most favorite Valentine's greetings.

  • Actually, the best valentine I ever received was a heart platter that my husband turned on his wood lathe! That was really special and a surprise--and very hard to do!

  • The last sentence in my comment should read as follows: "That was one of my most favorite Valentine's Day Greetings!"

  • When my daughter and I were cleaning out my husbands dresser drawers after his passing, we found a valentine in his drawer that was quit old that he had never given to me for some reason. What was really unusal about it was that he had never given me a card that he bought, he would ask my daugher to buy it for him to give to me. This one he had bought yet never gave it to me. I will never know.

    It would be great to win this prize since I love to craft and love all of your punches and the things you can use them for.

  • The best valentine that I ever received was when I was in Junior High, my dad had bought my mom flowers and each of his girls a single rose. This was the first time I ever received a flower!

  • I received a valentine with a picture of some really cute high heels! I LOVED it!

  • The first year my hubby and I dated he drew my portrait for my v-day! he's an artist and he hadn't drawn in years, it was perfect.

  • The best valentine I've had was when I was puppeteer-ing a burlesque puppet show on Valentines. The best valentine gift I've received was a guillotine paper cutter for crafts.

  • Wowzie, what a great bunch of prizes. My best valentine cards/gifts came from my children when they were 4 and 7. Handmade, of course, but totally theirs. Also, they fixed breakfast in bed for me (with my husband's supervision) I have amazing children. Fast forward to today: As adults, they are loving parents and have beautiful families.

  • My son was probably in the second grade and he made me a very sparkly jewlery box. Needless to say I had glitter everywhere for days!! But it was all worth it.

  • The best Valentine I've received is when my husband brought flowers home to me and gave me a card he made from my supplies and stamps. It meant alot to me that he made it and it came from his heart. No pun intended.

  • My husband & 4 yr old son, took the entire day to blow up red balloons to fill the entire living room. It was such a FUN surprise !! We then enjoyed playing "volley-balloon !"

  • I would love to start my collection of craft supplies with these!

  • The best Valentine I ever received was my promise ring (3 pink heart sapphires) that my now husband gave me. 3 years later, on the same day, he asked me to marry him (Solitaire diamond heart). Sweetest gifts a girl could ever ask for. Been together for almost 9 years now. :)

  • When I was fourteen a senior from my church/HS gave me a Valentine. 15 years later I married him. I guess that was the best Valentine I ever got although, at the time, I had no idea what the future held.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  • I won Bon Jovi concert tickets for Valentine's Day concert in Toronto. I'm taking my 12 yr old daughter to the concert. It will be a great time and someone cute singing his love songs to me only! LOL!

  • The best Valentine I've ever received was when my fiancee (now hubby) gave me the most incredible shiatsu massage.

  • I got the best Valentine EVER three years ago...just a day late...when my son arrived on February 15 via scheduled c-section.

  • When I was in college my mom had flowers delivered on February 15th. On the gift card, she explained the delay "Everyone gets flowers on Valentine's Day; only very special people get flowers the day after."

  • The best Valentine my boyfriend has given me is a music video with all of my friends in it! It was a total surprise and doubled as a birthday gift. He gave it to me by loading it onto an iPod touch-the other part of my gift!

  • My mom always made Valentine's Day special for me as a kid. Handmade cards, surprises and always a box of my favorite cholcolates.

  • The funniest Valentines was when my then fiance bought me a big box of chocolates that was all red lace and big fake flowers. I left it on the counter the next day while I was at work, and our 6 month old German Shepard decided that the box must be destroyed! I came home and there was lace, fabric, and cardboard everywhere, and no chocolate to be found (luckily she was fine). But I still tease him about buying me boxes of chocolate.

  • My dad always gave a heart-shaped box of chocolates to me, my sister, and my mom on Valentine's Day. During my first year of college I came home the weekend before Valentine's Day. When I got back to my dorm and was unpacking, I found the heart-shaped box of chocolates my dad had secretly slipped onto my bag to surprise me :)

  • The best Valentine I ever received was a clay handprint made by my daughter when she was in first grade.

  • I was going with a very handsome guy who surprised me with a lovely bracelet with two charms: a heart and the key to it. Engraved on the heart was the date and 'Love, Lou'. I still have it and Feb. 6 we celebrated our 58th Wedding Anniversary!

  • My husband surprised me with a handmade valentines day card made from construction paper 43 years ago...well he wasn't quite my husband back then because he was only 8 years old!

  • My best Valentine's Day gift is given every day when my wife goes to work. I play housespouse and when she comes home my world is complete!

  • Love the heart flowers! We don't Vday very big in our home, but I love having a dinner with my sweetie for Vday.

  • The best valentine I've received was a homemade dinner, then a powerpoint presentation that ended with a proposal! I said yes of course, and we celebrated our 10 year anniversary last year.

  • The best valentine I ever received was one from my daughter when she was around two. Her preschool made valentines for the parents, using their handprints. I still have it.

  • Last year, my husband (not romantic but wonderful) and my son surprised me with an African violet- I had lost all mine during a power outage, and a pinkish-green sedum. Both are blooming today a year later! And both were surprises!

  • My niece made me a heart shaped glittered valentine.

  • The best valentine I ever received was from my then 5 year old son. It was just a simple piece of red paper folded in half with a picture drawn by him and saying I Love you Mom. It had everything. Very simple, very sweet.

  • My best valentine was when my boyfriend, who can't even cook, made me a most romantic meal, and had even lit candles for the occasion. Melted my heart!

  • My husband always finds really unique valentines cards for me. Usually funny animal ones (bunnies, penguins and dogs) with "punny" sayings. Last year's card had a bunny making goo-goo eyes at a pair of bunny slippers. Knowing my husband took so much time to find a card that would tickle me means the world.

  • Nice Ideas.. Like the Heart cutout card and the flower+stem... Thanks for the inspiration

  • Btw, My best valentine gift has to be the home cooked meal and dessert + lotzz of talks and quality time :)

  • The best Valentines gift ever, when my daughter made me brownies in a shape of a heart. Even wrote I LOVE YOU MOM on it.

  • Best valentine ever-a 3lb(!) box of buttercreams. I kept them ALL to myself, did not share a single one!

  • Oh what beautiful Valentines I could make with all these goodies! Happy Valentines Day!

  • My best valentine gift would be the two pink hugging monkeys my sister gave me a few years ago. Since I had gone away to school it had been hard not being as close and I was shocked my sister would buy me something! We also used to make Valentine paper envelopes for every member of my family and put them on our windows for everyone to drop their cards into. Happy Valentine's Day!!

  • Hmmmm. A silly little valentine that still sticks in my head is when my mom gave me one of those cord necklaces with a little heart-shaped bottle of bubbles on the end. I loved and wore and refilled it for years! Hope I win! I think this blog has finally converted me to wanting to invest in a few craft punches.

  • My favorite Valentine was a handwritten note that my Hubby gave me. It meant far more than any store-bought card.

  • My husband and I were married on February 15th and for our first year anniversary he surprised me with a helicopter ride to our wedding location where he had planned a romantic dinner at the Catalina Island Country Club and had our wedding cake recreated in miniature. He then surprised me with a Tiffany heart charm bracelet!

  • My best valentine's day gift was from my boyfriend and now husband. He asked me to marry him and gave me a ring. It beat all the other valentine's days by far!

  • I think that my favorite Valentines day memories is when my boyfriend(husband now) bought me a new computer. I always loved the valentines days when my mom and dad would surprise me with something also

  • My favorite color is purple, and I told my then boyfriend that I wished there were purple roses. That valentine's he showed up with purple roses. I did not know they existed. Now my husband, he tries to get them for me every year.

  • My all time favorite Valentine that I have ever received is my husband. We met right before Valentine's day and he asked me to be his girlfriend. We got engaged then married and I have say he is not only a great husband but my best friend. I love him dearly..

  • I like to spend Valentines day with my "friends" in the Alzheimer care facility near my house. I've been Volunteering there since I lost my job and the residents there feel like family.The facility is decorated so beautifully for the residents and their families/ visitors, it's hard not to feel the LOVE instantly when walking off the elevator. I come home with a warm feeling of love and appreciation for my family and for what I do have. It's not at all about the gifts or what I "get" as I know what I am receiving can not be made or bought from a store. I love those things too...But holding the hand of a patient (friend) who may not remember me from week-to-week is the best gift I could receive.

  • My husband and I closed on our first house on Valentine's day just a couple of months before our wedding so we joke every year that when we make our house payment it's our Valentine's gift to each other. The real gift is spending time with each other, celebrating the years we'd made it through so far and loving the home we made this house into!

  • My favorite Valentine's Day was 8 years ago when we announced to family & friends that I was pregnant.

    On that same day, my hubby gave me a new Palm Pilot...remember them? Before my iPhone, it was my most-used techie gadget. I loved my Palm Pilot.

    Thanks for a chance to win!

  • The best valentine I ever received was the year my husband bought a new CD player and some romantic CDs. He played one of the CDs and then gave me a half-hour massage while we listened to music. It was wonderful.

  • My favorite Valentine's Day was when.. my husband and I were first dating and he took me to one of my favorite restaurants, a Mexican place in Grand Rapids, Mi. He was very romantic and presented me with a beautiful diamond heart necklace. The first gift he had ever given me.( Besides the poetry he wrote)Sadly when we moved it has gotten lost. But I still have that beautiful memory.

  • A handmade Valentine from my husband with lyrics from "Our Song"
    aubreyfick at yahoo dot com

  • When I was a child, money was tight but my mom usually let us select a special treat from a Real Bakery for Valentine's Day! It was so special, because we only went to The Bakery on Very, Very Special Occasions. It was always so hard to choose something from all of the beautiful treats. Childhood memories like these are very treasured because they are so sweet.

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