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Inspiration Board : Craft Hour Giveaway! (CLOSED)

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Ladies and gentlemen, be still your crafting hearts.

Today on The Martha Stewart Show (check your local listings for times), Martha will spend the entire hour talking about crafts. She's going to make freshwater pearl necklaces with Kristin, stencil throw pillows with Hosanna, and share her top crafting tools, such as:

Martha Stewart Crafts 12x12 Cutting Mat


Martha Stewart Crafts Paper Trimmer


Martha Stewart Crafts Scoring Board


Martha Stewart Crafts Bone Folder


Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts


WireLace mesh ribbon 6 mm in 4 colors, 1 yard each


Magic Cabin felt - 14 pieces of 9x12 inch felt in assorted colors


Xyron 9" Creative Station


Gingher Dressmaker's Shears


Zenith Plier Stapler 548/E


Beadsmith Pliers


Phew, that was quite a list. The best part? Five lucky winners will win ONE OF EACH to call their own!

For a chance to win, leave a comment and (in 50 words or less) tell us your most memorable Martha-inspired craft project, along with a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 p.m. on March 4, 2011. We'll choose 5 commenters at random to win these prizes.

(See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.)


Comments (1,960)

  • Best giveaway ever! My favorite Martha-inspired crafts are my pysanky made with Martha Stewart glitter. They were inspired not only by Martha's beautiful glitters but also how Martha crafts often take a very old or traditional idea and update it in a fun and interesting way.

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft was sewing capes for my daughter and nephew as they like to play superheroes. The love them and play with them tons, I am also going to use the pattern for this halloween so my daughter can be little red riding hood. It is a lovely pattern on the Martha website and is a quick easy project for busy moms. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  • My most memorable craft was creating favors and decorations for my daughter's first birthday using a ton of tutorials from the Martha Stewart website. Looking forward to the show today!

  • Using Martha's Encyclopedia of Crafts (best craft book EVER) I learned to quill and quilled the the first letter of a couple's last name and framed it as a wedding present. It was inexpensive and impressive.

  • It's tough to choose but my favorite Martha craft is the tissue paper pom-poms. I make them for almost every party I throw.

    Thank you for the oppprtunity. My fingers are crossed!

  • My most memorable Martha craft project happened while I was in college. We were having a large birthday party for 6 people. A big group of us got together and wanted to make the cereal bar "cake" on the cover of that months Martha Stewart magazine. It was so much fun and although we were by no means architectural students we created a mammoth sculpture way to early in the day that ended up being way to hard to eat. But we had a blast creating a "work of art!"

  • After poking around on Martha's craft supplies website, I was inspired to make some felt Christmas tree ornaments last year. I made a star and a Christmas tree and they are really cute!

  • For my bridal shower, my sisters and I made tissue paper poufs. They looked fantastic hanging all over the room!

  • I made those tissue paper puff balls for my wedding. They were the backdrop for all of our pictures too. I guess that means Martha Stewart is now part of our family history!

  • I love the moments that make you go "OH!" - I had one of those when I walked into a friend's dining room and saw an arrangement of "Martha's" paper flowers in the middle of the table. Beautiful!

  • My most memorable Martha Stewart Craft project was making the paper clay Christmas ornaments with cookies molds from Martha Stewart Living. They turned out great and I've given many away to friends and family members as gifts.

  • Although I started making Martha crafts in junior high, my most memorable crafting moments have come recently from creating stuffed menswear bunnies as gifts for the kids of my friends and family. It's so fun to give a handmade gift and to put love into the making of it.

  • When Martha's Crafting A to Z book came out, I made the photographs-epoxied-within-a-bottle-cap craft & turned them into pushpins. They're great and I love having them brighten up my office!

  • Hi!

    Martha inspires me everytime I watch her. She always has neat ideas, always tells where we can get the products that a person needs, it just great.
    Keep up the good work Martha.

  • I taken a lot of inspiration from MS with regard to painting rooms in my tiny apartment.

  • My favorite Martha craft is the canvas bag with the outline of my puppy on it! I use it all the time to tote his stuff around!

  • This year I made the crystal snowflakes using borax, and used them to trim my Christmas tree and window. They were so beautiful I can't wait to make them with different tints.

  • I loved the roses that she did for Valentine's -- they were so beautiful!

  • As a fall-inspired craft, I had a Crafternoon with friends and made felt leaf bowls. Hopefully it's something that will happen again next fall!

  • Hello!
    I am sharing my most memorable Martha-inspired craft project, while entering for a chance to win today's craft tools. (Fingers crossed!)
    After watching a recent show (Feb 2011) about planting indoor gardens w/moss, ferns, etc., I went out into the snow, opened my shed & dug out my glass/iron "fairy house". It now sits on our kitchen table, full of bright spring green, reminding my children that spring is on it's way (while it continues to snow...)! Thank you, Martha!

  • It would have to be the pom-poms. I can't get enough of those pom-poms! I just love them. Pom-pom haiku:

    Beautiful pom-pom
    Hanging in my cubicle
    Makes mean people smile

  • Wow my most memorable Martha inspired craft...aren't they all in a sense :) ? I would have to say my daughters 11th birthday party this past year...we made poms & banners for the decor. I used 4 different punches, lots of banners to hang, cake & cupcake toppers, snack & treat bags, glittered them & had the girls use MS craft supplies to make crafts that day! We used MS stickers & other supplies to make book marks and door signs. Inspired everyday with MS crafts! Makes life sweeter ;)

  • I wanted to start making my own greeting cards since I was moving across the country and wanted to stay in touch with everyone I was leaving. I bought all of the things I thought Martha would use to make the cards, glitter, glue, stencils, everything! Well, I don't think I am a very crafty person because nothing worked out, at all. All of the glitter fell off and they looked so horrible. I ended up going to the dollar store and buying a whole bunch of cards to send since none of mine worked out. Maybe if I had all of the necessary equipment, I could actually make something that won't fall apart and I would be happy to send off! Especially the book! That would be the most helpful thing I think.

  • I'm a sucker for a glitter craft (like the glittered eggs)...but those necklaces Kristin just made on the show were amazing!

  • I loved the envelope chain gift idea from the February 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living. My boyfriend and I loved reading the little notes we left inside for each other and now it's become something we do weekly. Crafts, especially Martha's, have such a way of bringing people together. :)

  • Inspired by Zac Posen's ombre dying technique that he demonstrated on a recent Martha Stewart show, I dyed some of my baby's white onesies in a red to black ombre and gray to black ombre. I then embroidered his name on the red/black onesie. It's amazing looking and it always gets comments.

  • I like working with Martha's punches,and especially around the page ones. I also used the score board with bone folder to make little boxes for making sets of cards for a church mission to use as a fund raiser. The quality of these products are just wonderful.

  • Such fantastic, useful tools that make life so much easier.

  • My most memorable project is the jewelry wire lace. That stuff looks amazing. It would be great on altered art projects and making 3D items.

  • I confess that I have been out of the crafting game for some time now, but after actually watching a full episode of Martha today - the crafting episode, you have inspired me to take it up again.

    I can't wait to get started. Thank you Martha!

  • I enjoy the shows when Martha has someone making cards

  • My favorite craft has to be the baby book I made for my daughter. I use bunch of Martha techniques and her paper punches.

  • A Martha inspirted project were the homemade snow globes I saw her make on her show. It was so neat to her put it together and it was SO cute!

  • I've been inspired by Martha so many times, but the first craft I ever made (in the 1990s) from the magazine was glycerin soap, using her kit! It was perfect for gifts & everyone loved it!

  • I loved todays show. I am so inspired to try working with the wired lace. This was a great segment and I am placing an order for some of this great lace now. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • I LOVE Martha Stewart glitter! One of my favorite projects that was featured on TV last year was making ordinary objects spectacular with glitter. I was impressed when she took little plastic birds, glittered them, and then looked like a million bucks!

  • My most memorable craft project inspired by Martha was a sewing project. I was learning to sew and decided to make a bag. I started by following the directions but somehow the design became a different kind of bag. In the end it ended different but it was still a cute bag and I learned from my mistakes.

  • My most memorable Martha project was a small pig stuffed animal from her encyclopedia of crafts. Not having a sewing machine at the time, I hand stitched the entire pig, and several hours later I had an amazing gift for my newborn niece!

  • Last year for my daughter's communion, my daughter and I created vases full of Marth Stewart craft kit paper flowers. They were so wonderful that guests asked for them as they were leaving....just like at a wedding. We were able to save one for ourselves and it graces our family room.

  • I love ALL of your shows, have watched and learned for many years. Would love to have some of your tools. I am recently back to doing at home projects (economy). It would make crafting easier.

  • I love ALL of your shows, have watched and learned for many years. Would love to have some of your tools. I am recently back to doing at home projects (economy). It would make crafting easier.

  • I loved the necklaces on today! Going to check out that ribbon! Love all the projects!

  • There are so many Martha-inspired crafts that I love. But, as of now my favorite is the holiday wreath made out of coffee filters or cupcake liners. I'm sure I'll have a different favorite soon. :) Keep crafting!

  • What a great giveaway. I can't think of any one thing in particular...but I've received MSL magazine from day one and have gotten so much inspiration throughout the years...from making invitations or stationary to wrapping a gift.


  • I absolutely love all of Marthas crafts!!! She is an extraordinary person and I truly admire
    Her and all the work she does!

  • Martha inspires me every day. I can't pick a particular project because what I really get is inspiration to make something uniquely my own. I make jewelry and glass beads but have done so many other projects in sewing, stained glass stepping stones, mosaics, gardening etc etc.

  • My very favorite craft that I made, following Martha's instructions EXACTLY, was the waxed-linen cloth "work table", with the brass tacks around the perimeter of the table, and the painted sawhorses (from IKEA) as the table's base. I love it!! I use it all the time.

  • When I tried doing a hand-bound sample of my book, I used the bone folder. I swear by the quality of Martha Stewart products -- they've been harder to find locally but now I peruse Michaels for anything I can find. Being out of work for almost a year, I haven't too many funds to spare but I've been saving up for the paper trimmer.

  • Thank you, Martha, for sharing your show and your products with me. I've used your ideas so many times, it's amazing. Love, love, love your products. I've been a crafter all my years and enjoy it. I do it all, scrapbooking, card making, cross stitching, quilting, and sewing.

  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank you, Your ideas keep my children and me happy for hours.

  • My favorite Martha-inspired project is the coffee filter roses. Love those!
    Thank you for all your wonderful projects and tutorials!

  • I LOVED, Loved, Loved the pop-up Valentine cards you demonstrated on your show~ a take off from vintage cards. I am inspired to create my own cards for every occasion now. :)

  • I enjoyed the segment today. I always label scissors and am happy to have my labeling validated! Actually, all my tools are also labeled with my name. I use nail polish.
    I would enjoy using all these tools in my workshop.

  • I remember one Valentine's day project where the guest used an exacto knife to cut intricate designs in a paper heart and lined the back with another color paper to create beautiful artwork/valentine. I used this idea to cut out an intricate monogram. I framed one and it hangs in my dining room. I also made some for my mom and sisters. It's very pretty and you can make them in any color to match any decor.

  • Antique style valentines!
    They were my first adventure in paper crafting, and I've been hooked every since!
    Little bit of origami, little bit of stamping...lots and lots of fun!

  • Right now, my most "memorable" Martha Stewart inspired craft is a pair of needle felted birds that I am making for my wedding cake. I've wanted to learn for a long time and was thrilled when I saw a tutorial for them on the Martha Stewart site. Hooray for inspiration!

  • One of the Martha crafts that I keep going back to is the State Birds Embroidery. I have made pillows, hand bags for gifts and I am working on the quilt blocks.


  • I first started crafting with Martha with rubberstamping cards and making leaf prints :) I've done so many of her projects- or inspirations from them that I cannot count them all!

  • I am so inspired by all of Martha's craft ideas. My latest favorite is the paper pom poms - my daughters want to make assorted sizes and colors to hang in their room.

  • i want to be her!!!

  • Great Craft Show today! Loved all the crafts and the talk about the different tools! I'm inspired by ALL of Martha's crafts -- don't know where to begin! I like to craft seasonally, so for this time of year Easter crafts are what I will be tackling next.

  • Today's show was amazing!! All of Martha's craft projects inspire me to recreate and to create with others. One of my favorites was creating stencils from wax paper to use on t-shirts, caps, and totes. I used this idea for my daughter's birthday party...all her guests loved to create their own piece of art.

  • I loved today's show. I wish you had as much crafting on the show as you do cooking!

  • I just loved seeing the tissue paper roses on the show this morning. I learned to crochet, embroidery, and use stencils when I was younger and would really love to get into making crafts and teach my children how to as well.

  • I'm a believer!

  • I really like the paper crafts that have been featured on this website recently. I like that they are simple and easy to complete in one sitting, but that they also really make a statement. I have gotten many great gift wrapping ideas from this blog recently and I am just waiting for someones birthday so that I can try them out!

  • I love how she glitters sea shells and hangs them as Christmas ornaments! I made and used them as gift tags this past year!

  • Sometime during 2009, the Martha Stewart show featured making wooden bead and fabric necklaces and I was inspired to buy my own supplies and made a great necklace that I love!

  • A couple of years ago, I made Martha's bird ornaments for Christmas gifts. They are luxurious and adorable. Everyone loves them!

  • The segment with the 5 tools was great. I would definitely do more crafting if I had some of those 5 special tools. Keep those ideas coming guys.

  • I like sewing projects. I use scraps to make quilted items. I also use camoflage prints to make a case for my husband's hunting camera. I use the technic used in making a tote bag, with a piece of craft foam as a liner and a piece velco to fasten the top down.
    I'm now making a craft center cabinet/table for all my craft tools in one handy place.
    Thank you for all your craft and gardening shows.

  • I LOVED, Loved, Loved the pop-up Valentine cards you demonstrated on your show~ a take off from vintage cards. I am inspired to create my own cards for every occasion now. Thank you!

  • All these craft tools look like they make life so much easier, they're amazing. I'd like to know how to make the floating flower balls in the background on the show today. They are so cute and make me excited for spring :)

  • My most memorable craft project was the coffee filter flowers. The stores were so angry, and I had to resort to using a paper towel to make my morning coffee. Not a happy time!!!

  • i love everything martha does and shows she can do no wrong but her halloween ideas have been so great the past 2 yrs thanks martha and all your workers keep up the good work..crafts make the world a happier place!
    ps i bought the necklace making kit yrs back where you add a pic to a metal disk and its covered with a clear plastc ovel and my friends go crazy for it when ever i wear was so easy to do with everything in the kit already but it looks so fancy. i put my sons baby pic in it:)

  • Love your show and all the crafts, tips, ideas you give. I love crafting and always looking for the newest craft to do. Love all your products.

  • I honestly don't have one paticular special MS show I love them all, each one has it's own special place that has everything needed for my day. I enjoy all of them. Cynthia Matheson

  • the most inspiring project for me from The Martha Stewart Show was the citrus kitchen stools she did recently. I have been looking for a way to dress up my stools for a long long time and this project was truly a life saver and it so incredibly easy to do. The best part is that I can do with my kids. we love it and it's going to be so much fun.

  • I loved today's show. I wish you had as much crafting on the show as you do cooking!

  • My most favorite Martha-inspired craft was making oodles and oodles of the Fabric-covered Christmas Ornaments! My Christmas tree is completely covered with them, but every year I make a few more in new colors!

  • This craft dept. is stretching the minds of the general public and giving our spaces a new and bight look with great ability to shine in our own light given by the Martha Stewart Team. Thank you for your work!!

  • I think the most memorable Martha Inspired Craft project happens to be one I make with using Martha's Scoring Board. I make envelopes of all sizes using leftover paper from scrapbooking and other paper projects.

    You can make custom sized envelopes of any size. The scoring board is the best on the market and I have tried them all!

  • For my mom’s 50th birthday party I wanted to make the room look special with handmade decorations. When I saw the pictures of pom poms and a happy birthday garland on Martha Stewarts’s website I knew I had to make them. The decorations were a huge hit.

  • So hard to choose just one as I've been watching her show for YEARS. I always love the Holiday shows when she shows how to decorate packages for gift giving. I love anything she does with paper/wrapping paper!

  • Pom poms! I have dazzled many a party with Martha's pom pom tutorial. Fun!

  • I watched the show today and thought it was on of the BEST shows. I love crafting and got many ideas from this show. Thank you so very much and keep bringing new craft ideas to your show and sharing with your fans!!!

  • These are all amazing tools & I would use them all the time! I've got my fingers crossed - hope to win!

  • My favorite craft project was making notecards with my grandaughter for her mother's birthday. We started with your stecils with adhesive and then glittered them. Thank heavers I had purchased the small craft trays for the glittering!

  • I love all of the paper roses and flowers. They are beautiful!!

  • Marvelous Show today!

  • One of my favorite crafts from Martha Stewart is the Glitter painting....i add a little glitter to a black and white photo and it just makes it look amazing. i get comliments all the time on how spectacular it looks. it's a good thing :)

  • I am so inspired by all your ideas. Its hard to pin point one item that you have crafted. I just wish I had a better selection of products I could purchase in person where I live. thanks cheryl

  • My 18 year old son bought the Encylopedia of Sewing by Martha Stewart for Christmas. I think the my favorite and easiest Martha Stewart craft is the tissue paper Pom-Pom's. There are not any of Martha's craft items that I don't LOVE. I probably have 50 punches.
    Thanks for the chance to win some super products!!

  • I recentely made your poms idea for my daughter's birthday. We used pink, white and mingled tissue! It made for a wonderful birthday decoration! They turned out beautiful!! I will definitely use them again and again!

  • As an avid crafter, baker, and homemaker, every show is filled with all the things I love and have passed on to my girls. A handmade gift is the most heartfelt gift you can give. It makes life that much more special. I love your show. Thank you!

  • Ihave some of the tools from Martha Stewart at Michael's but would love others (which I will buy if I don't win). I record all new shows while I'm watching.

  • This was really really cool to watch today. My 7 year old son and I LOVE crafting. We only have a small craft room, but it is FULL of wonderful money-saving quality, fun, fresh ideas!! Hope I can win!!! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • I have been watching Martha Stewart for years and years now and i love everything on your show. One thing i have tried and i especially love to do is the jewelry making. I love to make bracelets for my 5 and 6 year old daughters. They like to show off the bracelets in school so much to the point that my 6 year old daughter had it taken away until the end of the school day.

  • I love cooking and baking so most of my crafts involve food. When I got married, I made chocolate fortune cookies and our favorite tea, coffee, and cocoa mixes, all tucked inside a miniature takeout box. Wrapped them in ribbon and our signature Jen/Jon logo and voila, our favors!

  • LOVE my chalkboard wall, it was such an accomplishment for me and we use it literally every day!

  • It's dificult to select one "Martha Project". A day does not go buy that I don't remark to my husband or sister that I learned this from Martha or Martha does it this way. My summer garden is filled with ideas from Martha... One of the most recent was creating christmas decorations using Martha's Glitter!!!

  • My first living wreath-with wood violets--made from the first MS craft book I purchased-The Wreath Book. I have made dozens of wreaths since-especially love ones from sedums.

  • My grandaughter is still talking about our afternoon together.

  • What an incredible resource you are for ideas, equipment and materials. Always an inspiration!

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project came from the show when Mandy Moore and Martha made beautiful "Charming Lockets" using small metal details, beads, and nail polish to create a uniquely designed locket. My sister and I bought similar materials and created beautiful necklaces for ourselves and as gifts.

  • My most memorable was my first Martha craft project when I made Christmas tree decorations. Among other things, I tied all my own bows to place on the tree and was ever so proud of myself. Since then, I've done so much more, but to this day I use those Christmas decorations and bows!

  • I love watching the craft portion of Martha Stewart, so today's show has been the biggest joy to me! I live on fixed income and raising my daughter to love crafts. We make things from ideas from the show to sell to supplement income. I've started my grandchildren to love crafts as well. I would love to win as all of my tools are at least 10 years old or older. Unable to work due to health issues so I can't buy anything. Thank you so much for the show. God bless you all.

  • I loved your craft hour. Each project was inspiring. I hope to see more episodes of The Martha Stewart Show feature craft projects. I'm sure there are many other people out there who would enjoy this.

  • I love to craft everything from scrapping to quilting and watch Martha every chance I get. I also like holloween and really liked the show where Martha showed how to carve all the pumpkins. Now I have fake pumpkins I use every year! The pumpkin seeds are also very very good.

  • i loved when Martha did the felting i have 4 kids ages 13, 9, 3, 2 months and they take up so much time a had stoped crafting but with that show Martha inspiered me to start again and my kids love all the fun things we now do. thank you Martha!

  • Today's TV show was very inspiring.
    I would have to say glittering pinecones or other items for holiday decor is one of my favorite crafts. Thanks, Martha and Crafts Dept team!

  • All of Martha's crafts invloving felt have been so inspiring to grace graffiti. We are three mom's living in coastal Georgia that recently started blogging and crafting together. For as long as we can remember, Martha has always made us feel like we were capable of any craft and her instruction and attention to detail makes it easy to learn. Her felt crafts are by far our most favorite and look forward to seeing more!

  • On one show Martha pressed leaves and small flowers and showed how to mount them to place in frames for decorating with living plants in the home. The thing that impressed me the most was that I felt I could do the project.

  • Be still my heart. Yet again!!!! Since I was first married 40 some years ago I have been doing Martha crafts and have never been disappointed. Cooking too. I only had boys! I am now trying to turn my daughters in love to Martha want to bees as well as my grandaughters. Martha THANK YOU I know that hear that all the time and I have never told you before how much you have enriched my life. People are awed by what I come up with. Thank you.

  • hi, im a long time martha my favorite craft was from a christmas show.making houses for under the mom and i sat at the kitchen table for hours designeing and decorating them with all kinds of back yard finds and beads, spray snow.its a time i will always treasure.and i will display them with pride and joy for years to come. thank you for many years of crafting fun.deborah roberts

  • There are so many crafts Martha does, I could never pick just one. Today's beaded necklace was one I want to try. I would love to win the fantastic group favorites and Martha's book!!!

  • I went right out and found all the things to make the jewelry with and after making it and showing it to my daughter, which she went nuts over, she took pics and sent to her friends now I have people asking me to make them for them! What a great time I am having. Thank you!

  • I absolutely love MS paper punches. I belong to a historical society and we use name tags each month themed to our activity. I've made a special name tag each month to fit the handcraft we were doing and have gotten raves over how clever they were and most say they are small works of art and keep them to show off. I'm developing quite a collection of paper punches and it never ceases to amaze me all the unique uses for these wonderful tools - your pillow today was a great example!!!

  • I have been making Martha inspired glittered greeting cards for years. My friends and family love the unique, personalized cards and I save a lot of money. I am ready to branch out to other crafts and the crafting tools will really get me started!

  • I love your show and your craft dept provides such an amazing array of ideas. I love making wreaths for my family and friends, I'm originally from Kentucky and am also crazy about the bluegrass wreath. I make it for our annual Kentucky Derby Party. Thanks for all your ideas.

  • I especially like all of your punches and can't stop buying them....if I could just spend a day in your craft department learning how to use them, I'd be in heaven. I rationalize that I should be buying them while I'm still working so I'll be ready to spend my days crafting and creating once I retire next year:)

  • All the tools look great to work with.

  • I enjoyed the show that demonstrated the new punches that can be used anywhere on the page. I've been able to do more creative things with paper crafting. And I love my xyron!! I would really love to try all the items shown on today's show. Thank you for a great program.

  • My most memorable show is when martha brought out the sparkle in me, with her Glitter. Now all i do is glitter and bling everything i can get my hands on. On that paticular show she glittered paer, birds, cards, foam. I am very thank for her sharing her knowledge with me because i was under the misconception that glitter was only for kids. Now me and my girls SPARKLE all over.
    My husband get a little annoyed because it ends up on him and his uniform sometimes but i figure the army can use a little dazzle. Thanks Matha

  • I love to craft. My favorite inspired item is the pumpkin that has been drilled to allow fairy lights to be placed through the holes. I use the fake pumpkins, and use different colors and designs each year. I even have people ask me how I did it. Thanks, Martha!

  • I love all of Martha, but I remember the pumpkin custom for dogs, that he made in hallowen, last year,since I came to this country I try to get Martha's products and make presents for my friends!!! I will love to win the products!!!

  • My memorable craft was chalkboard painted pots, filled with spring flowers and given as gifts at a bridal shower. We painted the pots and put the guests' names on them, so each guest got a little spring cheer to take home.

  • These crafting tools would be wonderful to win and would be such an encouragment and stimulating to do many crafts that I would love to learn how to do!!! Thanks for showing these craft tools to let us beginners know about all these tools!!!!

  • I was so impressed with the glass etching, I tried it myself and made a set of glasses etched with leaves for my arborist boyfriend, who's now my husband. He loved them and they were so easy. We still have them 9 years later.

  • From: Madge Van Tassle | 3/2/11 at 10:59 am

    Be still my heart. Yet again!!!! Since I was first married 40 some years ago I have been doing Martha crafts and have never been disappointed. Cooking too. I only had boys! I am now trying to turn my daughters in love to Martha want to bees as well as my grandaughters. Martha THANK YOU I know that hear that all the time and I have never told you before how much you have enriched my life. People are awed by what I come up with. Thank you.

  • I made and love the oilcloth tote. I am my Mother's caretaker and this craft and many more crafts that I see on the Martha Show give me an outlet. I love going up to my sewing room and working on many projects from the Martha Stewart show. But, I especially love the oilcloth tote.
    Thank you for your time.

  • I've used so many Martha-insired ideas its hard to pick the most memorable. I've made invitations for birthday parties, wedding showers, baby showers, flowers, purses, jewelry and so much more.

  • Many years ago I ordered a craft kit for beaded snowflakes from Martha Stewart Crafts. They are so
    beautiful and look so elegant on the Christmas tree, and, when the Christmas Tree is lit...magic. I enjoy
    making Christmas ornaments and enjoy them year after
    year. Thanks Martha !

  • I always love Marthas ideas for carving pumpkins- like carving out a haunted house scene!

  • I loved the Craft Hour- wish you could have this once a week! I have been crafting for years as well as creating jewelry so the mesh necklaces were a wonderful new idea! Thanks for all the other great ideas today.

  • OMG. Love
    this episode and I love all crafts! You are so lucky to work with her. Martha is my hero! It would make my year to win this selection of craft tools...awesome...awesome...awesome...speechless

  • My most memorable craft project was the paper roses made from coffee filters.

  • I love the pillow fabric painting project. There are so many paper punches to choose from to make the designs. I am planning on using the technique to create quilt blocks for my next quilting project.
    Thanks for the great idea!

  • It is hard to choose just one Martha Stewart inspired craft. However, the one that comes to mind would have to be the Valentine Cards I sent last year after seeing the article in the February 2010 Martha Stewart Magazine with Darci and her self potrait of her family. Martha Stewart has inspired me in so many ways. Thanks!

  • The MS paper punches are the best and I've made name tags each month for our historical society themed to the event. They always get raves and I'm constantly amazed at the new uses for these wonderful tools such as the pillow on today's show!

  • Gosh who can pick just one? I have watched Martha for years and get all sorts of inspirations. I do everything myself these days. Made tissue paper flowers for my Granddaughters 1st birthday decorations.

  • My favorite MS craft is a tie between the Glitter Bird Centerpiece and Pumpkin Owls.

  • I loved the necklaces made from old t shirts cut in strips with the roto cutter. Good summer out door craft.

  • I really love the glitter. With a 12 year old daughter who is a 6th grader you can imagine how much it get's used. She has at least one book report/project due each month. You can just imagine with my girly girl how much the glitter is used to make these projects stand out amongst the others in the class. The idea has caught on in her class with the rest of the girls, but they must not use your glitter as they just don't have the same "sparkle" as yours! Thank you for all your great projects.

  • Last year for Father's Day I went to your site to find a clever card for my Dad. I choose the one that looked like a shirt w/ tie. Daddy loved it and said I should go into the business. I said to late Dad Martha beat me to it.

  • I loved making the Valentine Day treat bags using the Punch Anywhere on the Page Heart Puncher and border punches. I plan to do more holiday themed and any occasion bags for many of my gifts in the future. I can't wait to pull out my Easter and Springtime punches!

  • I thought the citrus stools craft was absolutely adorable along with the punched lampshade they are my favorite crafts from the show so far this year. I look forward to the crafts, thank you Martha Stewart show.

  • It was a Christmas wreath with red beads, a great project and enjoy the wreath every year during the Holidays. I was from one of Martha's Holiday books.

  • MS has the most amazing craft ideas in the whole wide world!!!! She got class and good quality stuff. I always inspired after each show!!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your products. Ilock myself in my bedroom to watch your show.


  • Entry: My favorite project is any project using the
    Bone Folder. I use it in sewing, crafts, even jewelry
    making. A real MUST HAVE! I have seen it used for years and is the smartest, multi-use tool. A crafters
    'other' hand.

  • My favorite Martha-insipired project is the table numbers I made for my wedding last year. I used a few different ribbon and tulle flower patterns and ideas to make them a burst of spring for each of our tables!

  • I find I am inspired by Martha's craft projects all the time! Recently, the most memorable was my Thanksgiving 2010 table decor. I was especially inspired by the projects for name place cards (pine cone turkeys), center piece arrangements, and fun kids crafts to make Thanksgiving extra special. We had a beautiful table and lots of fun was had by all! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  • last summer, my boyfriend & i had a joint birthday brunch (our birthdays are a week apart!) and it would have been decor-less if it wasn't for the Martha Stewart craft knife/bone folder tool! I cut out monograms of each of our initials for bunting, cake toppers, and more and they were a huge hit at the party! love this product :)

  • "Creating a photo gallery" is my most meaningful craft accomplishment. Recovering from surgery a few years ago, I reprinted my favorite family photos in black & white, framed them and created a montage on a large vacant kitchen wall- my family and friends enjoy it every day. It's my "masterpiece".

  • My favorite Martha-inspired craft came right out of Martha Stewart Living. I tried my hand at the paper bag wreath that was so easy but resulted in a high-impact project. I loved it so much I was reluctant to take it down for the holidays! Check it out here:

  • Really enjoyed today's show. Will watch it again when it comes on later today! Keep these shows coming!!

  • Martha's line of crafts is wonderful and mistake proof. My favorite is the big flower pom poms that were used at my niece's wedding. Everyone made them including many young male family members. After using the kit we all purchased them for birthday parties and every other event in the family. They dress up any event. My son is getting married April 29,20111 and they will be part of the decor.

  • I loved the wire lace mesh. I can't wait to order some. I plan on using the wire mesh and some beads,
    to make purse handles on some purses, I am making for
    my coworkers for their birthdays. I think it will
    make great design changes from the routine handles you can by at the stores.

  • My favorite craft was from a Halloween show. I made the casket and filled it with candy for my grandchildren who loved it.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project was making the candy cane mice for my grandchildren's elementary school classmates to hang on their trees at home. Three different classes. I made around 85 that year and the children loved them. I do have a photo.

  • I made and love the oilcloth tote. I am my Mother's caretaker and this craft and many more crafts that I see on the Martha Show give me an outlet. I love going up to my sewing room and working on many projects from the Martha Stewart show.

  • I recently made the lips pillow that was featured for Valentine's Day. They turned out great and gave them to my two daughters.

  • love this!

  • Memorable Martha-inspired craft was using the Martha Stewart punches making turkey's from pinecones and was able to have one for each guest at Thanksgiving dinner.

  • I enjoyed the craft segment where they mod podged maps, etc. to the bottom of clear glass plates. I plan on doing this project in the near future. Since I"m a crafter, I enjoy watching the craft segments on Martha Stewart. Cindy

  • I just love Martha Stewart products - they are the very best! My favorite so far are the punches and I use them all the time. I love making cards and bookmarks and the punches allow me to be very creative with my hand-painted paper. The punches make beautiful edges and the recipients are always delighted and tell me that they save all m cards! Thanks for the opportunity to win these delightful tools! Thanks for all you share with us!

  • I love the Martha Stewart craft items. I stop by Michael's weekly to see if there are any new items that I can't live without. I have been using the Martha Stewart Craft items for a few years, and have made some great holiday decorations for the house and office. The glitters are amazing and can make anything look wonderful, including skulls & bones. :-) I was inspired by Martha's Halloween display and recreated the glittered bones for the Halloween office party. I also glittered some bugs for good measure. I also love the papers; I have all the 18x18 papers that were "retired" and many of the 12x12 paper packs and holiday assortments. They are of excellent quality and are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend the Martha Stewart craft items and often give the 36 pack of arts & craft markers as gifts. Thanks for your great tools and creative ideas.

  • Be still my heart. Yet again more crafts to make me look awesome. Thank You

  • Sorry to say today was my first time to watch the show. It won't be the last. I loved the wire "sausage stuffing" jewelry segment and am so anxious to "tour" Martha's craft building. Crafting is my life! Thank you Martha!

  • Martha where do I start I just love watching you, most of all I love the craft shows, I have so many of your punches please take look at my blog and you can see all my pics of my craft room. I have been wanting this Craft Book so bad, but now I am out of work from being out on disability so long trying to get my job back it is not looking good, I would love to get a job at what I really love doing which is crafts I have your tools but now I am limited to buying because of not working so I go in my craft room it makes me feel happy and calm like my worries with not having job I can forget about those bad times for a few hours or so I can't wait to see the tour of your craft room your talking about, it would be a dream to work in there with you now that would be a great job! thanks for the chance to win these wonderful prizes they would look just wonderful in my craftroom I love your blog too please come ck out my blog and also on Facebook too love and big hugs Debbie

  • Since I work fulltime, I only get to see Martha's show once a week. I love watching when I can. I've made several of her crafts and enjoy all of them. She & her team are very talented.

  • I love all of Martha's projects, but my most favorite ideas are for organization. I am working on getting my craft supplies in order. Thanks!

  • My most memorable Martha Craft is how to color easter eggs and use them for decorating a table centerpiece for the holidays....

  • Martha has given me so many inspirations for the cards I create for family and friends. I never thought I would be able to accomplish this on my own but through her guidance I no longer purchase store bought cards. Thanks Martha!!

  • first time to watch. GREAT SHOW, LOVE IT.

  • I have been watching the Martha Stewart Show for many years. I especially enjoy the sewing crafts, but have also tried others. One in particular that I really enjoyed was a wreath made from bells that were threaded onto a wire. With a big, beautiful bow, they turned out really terrific. I gave them as gifts and still use mine each Christmas.

  • I've had a lot fun, and received a great deal of satisfaction from doing many of Martha's crafts. One of my many favorites, is the glitter glass winter scene candle holders...very pretty!

  • I can't wait to get my hands on some of these tools my current project has been painted our new place with Martha Stewart paints, I love Marthas paints cover so well, cant wait to get to all the fine detail project in our new place!

  • I loved the goldfish in a soap craft. It was so cute and easy to make. I did it with my kids. It helped me to really get my own craft business moving. All of her tools are awesome!!!!

  • My sister and I made personalized glass Christmas tree ornaments for our town's annual display. We printed our club logo on tranparencies and cut them out using the MSL circle cutter. The logos were then rolled up and put into each ornament where they unrolled. We spray-painted the back side of the glass white so the inserts showed up more clearly. Thanks, Martha!

  • I love the Martha Stewart Show. She is an inspiration to a lot of people. I love her crafts. I love how she puts the baskets togehter and the card crafts too. There are so many things she does, I wish I could be at her show everyday. Love you Martha.

  • One of my most memorable craft projects from Martha Stewart is card-making using the Martha Stewart scoring board. It makes card-making so easy and quick!

  • Martha,

    My girlfriend and I love to scrapbook and card make. We try to get together once a week and we have used a lot of your ideas as we craft. I try to watch your show when I am home.

    Thank you for all your crafts


  • Martha's christmas show 2 years back saved my holiday. Financially strapped because of a tuition deadline, I was still able to decorate my home on a shoestring budget and never had to miss a beat filling my home with the spirit of the season; my favorite time of year!

  • Sorry I forgot to tell you my most memorable project. I would have to say your wreaths that you have shown over the years always inspires me to make one too!

  • My favorite Martha-inspired craft was a centerpiece I made of gourds to look like a group of mushrooms. Every person who set foot in my house was drawn to it, and it was so fun to pick out the right shaped gourds.

  • I love the MARTHA show! My favorite craft project is the Diamond Roses you made on the Valentines show! They really are so much better than roses =)

  • I really loved the Cement Leaf Craft and the stone planters. Just love the planters. I am waiting to make them in the spring outside on my deck. Have my instructions and materials all ready.
    Thanks Martha.


  • I love crafting and have my own craft room at home to play in, complete with a chandelier! I love to design cards using fun print papers, punches, glitters and embellish with buttons. I also use my buttons to make fun jewelry. I just love vintage buttons and have jars of them that I display in jars. I even seperate them by color families...

  • Loved the idea to make fireplace logs. I have a fireplace but don't like to leave real wood logs in it in the summer, in case the wood has bugs in it.

  • I made headbands for my daughter, using Martha's feather designed headbands as a template. Jaimee helped and we made then with dollar store headbands and some fabric and beads. She's 15 and many of her friends have asked her to make them some as well.

  • I loved the wired lace necklaces. I have thought of so many ideas already. I am going to their website right now to order some lace so I can get started as soon as possible.

    Thanks for showing this new product. I had heard of it but was not sure of how to use it.

  • Dear Martha Stewart and Crafters,

    I'm inspired by the Freshwater Pearl wirelace mesh
    necklace segment. The colors are so beautiful I have sugar plums dancing in my head. I can't wait to print off instructions and get busy making beautiful jewelry gifts for my family and friends. Sweet!

  • My mom always had here scissors marked "Fabric Only". Boy did I get in trouble if she caught me cutting paper with them! Great idea to use the p-touch! Thanks.

  • Love all.The paper flowers are so fun to make.The results unbelieveable.Great family craft.The only Place to go for Great

  • From the magazine, a pyramidal, silk- covered gift box, points tied together at the peak. I have altered the proportions and materials to suit varied contents. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  • I love Martha Stewart Craft Tools. I've been crafting for 35+ years and I'm now replacing alot of me tools with Martha Stewarts tools! They're great!

  • Today's show was one of my recent favorites. I'm going out now to get materials for at least 3 of the projects that were demonstrated! Thanks!

  • My most memorable craft that Martha Stewart has done that I loveed is the picture frame cards. I love those and I have made many of them for family.

    Thank you,


  • Since retirement two years ago I have watched Martha Stewart almost daily. I have always lived in a rural community; raising a garden including lots of flowers, canning, and simply enjoying the out of doors. My surroundings include the wild of deer, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, turkeys, etc. of which I feed when the weather is severe. I like to craft, read and genealogy; I also volunteer locally at the museum and church. This production has been very benefical in my lifestyle change and find it extremely rewarding. Only the best for a continue successful production.......thanks!

  • I just love the huge paper flowers hanging in the background! Living in this part of New York with still five feet of snow to look at out my window, it excites me to see that spring is indeed around the corner and your craft ideas are always great! Thank you for brightening up my days!

  • When I lost my job I found myself stenciling everything in site, it's a great stress reliever. Thank you Martha

  • My favorite Martha craft I've done is the Hawaiian quilt applique pillow cover from her Encyclopedia of Fabric crafts. I had been wanting to try out the technique for my Hawaiian boyfriend and Martha got me going! Thanks!

  • I love the fabric flowers that were made on the show a few weeks ago. I love working with fabric as my way of being crafty is designing and sewing one of a kind Barbie doll dresses from remnant fabrics for the little girls in my life.

  • I have always wanted an easy to put a design on pillows and today's show gave me a lot of ideas and it will be so easy too. I am a novice crafter and just retired and want to do more. I have a newly decorated guest bedroom and these pillows will just finish my look. I also am going to make the same design on my curtains. Would love to win all the new tools. That will be great. Love the show, I feel like I'm getting in touch with my inner self, that I didn't have time for before. Thankyou!

  • So so many but one I do is the fabric Easter Egg because I am a new quilter and have a stash of extra fabric always looking for something to use it up! Plus I have three little grandchildren who just love to carry MiMis Easter eggs in their baskets. And throw them too!

    I just love the show and all your staff. They always make me feel like YES I CAN DO THAT!

    Thank You All,
    Louise Finkle

  • List of favorites would include the Christmas tree bottle cover--we used bud vases--and the Christmas wreathe from coffee filters. Both items can be made by youngsters and distributed to those in nursing homes or to the home-bound.

  • I forgot to mention my Martha inspired craft idea!! Pretty much all of my crafts have been inspired in one way or another by Martha Stewart! I made twine-wrapped decorative balls for my mantle, a grapevine tied wreath from my yard resources, pretty glass marble-filled jars with a decorative top!!

  • It's inspiring when Martha does anything with fabric, felt or thread, because the opportunities are endless. Her fresh ideas are so much fun! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  • The most memorable craft project I have seen on your show was the "NO SEW" BAGS/PURSE project. It even inspired me to go get the book SIMPLY SUBLIME BAGS from the library. I thought the idea to be very innovative and your results were very cute!

  • I love when she glitters objects like pumpkins!

  • My Mom collects minature "Christmas" trees and puts them on display every year during the holidays. At some point, a tradition began with me giving my Mom a tree every Christmas. There have been several occasions where I have found trees to make from the Martha Stewart website. It's so difficult to pick a favorite, but I fell in love with the magazine trees! Not only were they beautiful and unique, but I loved that it was an older craft. Also, to my complete surprise... I saw a grouping of three magazine trees in the White House Green Room. This past Christmas, the White House decorators made sure that all of the decorations in the Green Room remained, well, green! Thank you for all of your inspirational crafts.

  • I acutally thougt of something else!!! I took the "candy hearts" templats from the website and made them ornaments for a Valentines tree. It was really cute!

  • My memorable were from a Martha Halloween craft book. I threw my sister a themed baby shower. I used paper lunch bags with tea light candles in them to welcome the guests along with carved pumpkins with a string of lights inside. I put old washing pales with lighted bobbing apples floating in them.

  • I loved the wire lace necklaces. That seems like something I can do.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project is egg inspired. Metallic eggs in antique gold baskets in various places around my home always add a special touch. I add eggs each year as well as making a keepsake for those who visit.

  • I am always inspired with the craft segments on the show. I enjoyed crafting and making jewelry with my 2 grown daughters and am looking forward to continuing the tradition with my granddaughter. I think the Encyclopedia of Crafts would be a great resource.

  • Oh my goodness!!! I want to try one of every craft from today's show. Thanks for the inspiration. I especially like the wreath segment. Really beautiful, and I live in the country, so I have ready access to all things nature! Thanks again. Really enjoyed the show.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project was making broomstick treat bags for all my trick-or-treaters on Halloween. It took extra time to make such detailed bags instead of just putting candy in a bowl but the kid's reactions to them made it well worth it!

  • I love Marthas paper roses and flowers. They are absolutely beautiful!! I truly love and admire Martha Stewart and all her crafts and work!!

  • Icould not believe how beautiful those necklaces were on your show today. I cannot wait to make them.

  • As you demonstrated encasing stands of pearls in the WireLace mesh, I thought of all the strands of beads inherited from my Mother and Mother-in-law. Many of the necklaces are not the IN fashion this year, BUT combined in the WireLace mesh, the necklaces and strands of beads would get a second life.

  • Love all the products you were showing today. Especially the laminater.

  • My most memorable crafts were made with Martha Stewart's paper flowers. I created a hair accesory for my baby girl. I put the flower together, added a gem in the middle and glued this into a hair pin. Now my baby has something original and unique her mom created for her.

  • I love how all of the craft tools and ideas from Martha Stewart make me a professional crafter! My family and my hubby's family both think I'm so creative with crafts, holiday decorating and entertaining. I'm the family go to for all of the above. We'll let it be our little secret that all my ideas are "borrowed" lol Thank you Martha Stewart and team!!

  • On todays show I enjoyed the segment on making necklaces from wire lace.

  • I absolutely loved the hour dedicated to crafting! Please do more. I would love to see crafts for school age children too. Thank you for an hour of enjoyment.

  • My most memorable Martha inspired craft project was during Halloween in 2009, when I watch her create a coffin box that could be used for filling in candy or cut out shaped coffin brownies. It was my absolute favorite episode. I purchase all the supplies and materials needed, followed all the instructions and whoala! I made my first coffin!! I was so pleased with my creation I shared a few coffin box brownies with my staff at work, they all loved it. My favorite part of the coffin box was when I personalized each box with spooky sticker. Since then I make it a tradition to create a craft project for every Halloween.

  • For Christmas gifts one year, my daughter and I made Message Board/Key Holders from small chalk boards. We painted the frame, added stenciling, hooks for keys and ribbon to hang it. This project was inspired by Martha Stewart and was a big hit!

  • I enjoyed making the glitter glass winter candle holders.

  • Hi Martha,
    The Oval shaped Spring Wreath in today's show was Sooo Adorable.. Great Idea for cute and awesome welcome for spring lovers with Baby animals, Lovely mushrooms, ferns.... It will look great on our walls..

    Annu Kuruvilla

  • It was actually today's show (March 2nd)that was most inspiring to me - a whole show devoted to crafting!! I'm now wanting to run to Michael's and stock up. I feel like my head is full of scrambled craft ideas, and today's show helped unscramble some of that craft confusion in my head. I just need to pick an idea from today's show and start! Winning the fantastic tools would definitely make me verrry happy.

  • I particularly found the segment on stencil making for pillow covers interesting, as I make hand painted pillow covers for myself, family and friends. I am always looking for new ideas to change things up.

  • I'm in the middle of planning a completly DIY wedding. I've been all over the Martha craft website and the wedding one. I saw the punched paper chain garland and fell in LOVE! Within the next hour, I was at the craft store buying paper and paper punchers! My FH thinks I've lost it, for the house is filled with these chain garlands!

  • I love Martha's wreath book - I have made several of the wreaths and go back to that book for inspiration everytime I want to make a new wreath!

  • Loved all the products today. Especially the laminator.

  • My most memorable project is the eight-pointed Lone Star quilt I made after reading The Living Issue from January 2003! My quilt is a treasure to me and the magazine is my favorite issue ever!
    Thanks for everything Martha!

  • My most Martha-inspired craft project. That's a tough call between my wine cork bulletin board which is in a herringbone pattern, or the perpetual calendar made from circles cut from MS Craft paper. In the process of finishing that one. Love all the products featured on the show!

  • One of my all time Martha inspired crafts is one I make for my kids teachers every year at the begining of school and again at Christmas. It's a flower pot or pail filled with goodies and lollipop flowers, kind of a teacher survival kit. To add humor I inlcude ear plugs, tylenol and antibacterial lotion. They love it!

  • I love watching your show. You offer so many neat and creative idea. I have MS and these are thing s I can make. Thanks for all the hard work that goes into making your show so enjoyable. Rosalia

  • I am at home after having surgery and the best part is that I am able to watch The Martha Stewart Show because I normally work during the day. I have been a fan since the 70's and probably have her first MS Magazine (I don't thow any of her stuff away). All I can say is there have been many changes to crafting and cooking and talk shows over the years but nobody can top Martha. Whether I win anything or not I am just happy to let Martha know I am still a "faithful follower" and I don't think that will ever change. Thank you Martha for all you've done and all you continue to do. You are irreplacable

  • Hi Martha,
    I am a almost 50 year old man and I just love your crafting show. I watch your show everyday and tape it when i get get to watch it. I love all your crafts. I am a woodworker and like makeing things with my hands, it is such a good feeling when you make things.Your shows have great tips also. i also loved your woodworking show. Keep up the great shows.
    P.S. I am trying to win those tools. Thanks again and take care Jim Kozak

  • It's difficult to pick just one favorite craft project! I quill so the episode on how to make paper flowers with the bleach was a fantastic episode for me. I also loved one of the episodes that she used her paper punches and the patterned paper packs. So creative!

  • Watch the show every day and I get a lot of good ideas for every day in home and family

  • I always enjoy being inspired by the crafts on your show! More crafty episodes please.

  • My latest project is creating suduko game board and piece for children using different themes instead of just numbers. The numbers are in the background but the theme is prominent to encourage a little differnt thinking in the child. Dramatic grafics and colors with a piece being a magnet. I use a lot of Martha Steward craft items and really enjoy these products@

  • I have always love every show and I would love to do all
    that you show. I was facinated with charm braclets that were made for Valintines day. I thought they were so
    original but so cute. Thank you for all your inspirations. Please keep them coming!! Annette

  • I love making tissue paper pom-pom and flowers. I have made them for a few wedding and baby showers, and they are such a beautiful and simple decoration.

  • My daughters and I were watching the episode where the diamond paper flowers were made using the glitter paper. We ran out to Michael's, bought the paper, and using a recycled plastic stem with leaves, created the most beautiful dark pink flower that graces our table today!

  • The show today was truly an inspiration to try new crafts. Every year I look through my collection of Martha's magazines for ideas for homemade gifts that don't look homemade. Last year it was scarves, I am looking forward to choosing a new craft this year.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft would have to be from when I first started scrapbooking. My mom and I were watching and Martha was going over different scrapbooking techniques. My mom and I decided to try some of these techniques and still use them to this day!

  • I am so inspired by Martha and by her craft tools. I especially love the punches. While experimenting with the corner and punch around the page punches I found that I could take a square and use the corner punch to create a beautiful "medallion". I used four or five different corner punches and made medalions in different sizes. (some were 2 inches, 1 3/4, 1 1/2, 1) I used different colors and layered them. I then embelished them with buttons, brads, etc. They are gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win more tools!

  • The most inspiring craft project was the Christmas one, where her staff decorated the Radio Music Theather. It was beautiful and an eye opening experience. It sparked and excitement in me. It's creative people with heart, who love to share with others. I'd like to do that too, someday.

  • My most memorable craft project from Martha is the heart escort cards featured on her wedding site. I made these hearts for my wedding and I am so excited for everyone to see them!

  • Just finished watching the Crft Show! Loved it! Wish you could produce a new show every day? every week? every month? We need and want more!!

  • I have been watching Martha for many years and have made many of her sewing projects. Everyone loved the paisley scarf! The paper and jewelry projects look like so much fun! I have no tools to get started and so your kit would be very helpful to me. Thank you!

  • Hello,
    I love the selection of Martha Stewart crafts at Michaels. I have been looking for and finally found a leaf shaped paper cutter. I love it. Thank you, Carolyn

  • I especially enjoyed making a monogram "wreath" from MS Living magazine article years ago. The original was a letter "M" that was covered with flowers as I recall. I made a wire "E" form and covered it with dried roses. It was lovely.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft was the valentine lip pillows. They were so cute and lots of fun. This craft inspired me to make more pillow and get back to sewing. Thank you!

  • I needed a last minute costume for Halloween last year to wear to office and the trunk-or-treat at my church. I hopped onto and saw the skeleton! I had a bunch of my boyfriends Hanes T-shirts so I didn't need anything to get started except for a few basics. I wore one of my most favorite pair of white jeans and a black tank top under the costume. I ratted my hair and applied some fun eyeshadow and everyone loved it! People stopped me on the street and asked me how I made my shirt! Of course, credit to Martha!

  • My favorite craft has to be the Monogram Corkboard. You can make it for boys or girls. It can be made to match any decor. What pre-teen or teen wouldn't love this.

  • Is the fabric Easter egg. New quilter and have a big stash of fabric.have 3 little grandchildren who love to carry MiMis eggs in their baskets and throw them!


  • I loved the bracelets for valentine's day made from stickers. i got all the necessary items together and my 11 year old granddaughter and I had a fun afternoon of crafting. We even expanded the idea to make matching earrings. We added little stick on jewels to add pizzazz. what fun.

  • I have nice, simple set of pillows that I made from a Martha project. Love them!

  • I watch your show each day and am thrilled at all the easy projects, I want to do everything, but i'll have to live to be 150 years old to do it all and by that time you will have another new bunch. Keep it up I love the program, whatever the topic for the day . Thank you Carol Poppe

  • I enjoyed the glitter glass candle holders.

  • my most memorable a paper bird mobile done during a baby shower show, at that moment I was pregnant with my second child, and I made the mobile with some changes to fit and to compliment my baby Shower which was a garden and birds theme! Everyone loved them! they looked adorable!!!

    I will love to win!!!!

  • I loved the wired lace necklace I have thought of many ideas already and can't wait to order the product. I am going to their website right now to order some lace to get started.

    Thanks for showing this product. I had heard of the product but was not sure of how to use it.

  • I love all of your shows and have been a subscriber to MS Living for years. I am constantly checking your website for new ideas and recipes. My most recent Martha Stewart inspired craft was to duplicate (somewhat) the Madame Butterfly costume for a Mardi Gras party. It was a lot of fun to put together, easy to wear and I received numerous compliments. Thank you Martha for always having ideas and answers to my craft and cooking needs. Barbara Smith

  • I love scrapbooking and I use the crown punch all the time for birthday gift tags for girls. I punch out a tag, add the crown punch and embellish with a few lines and the girl's name. Add some pretty ribbon and voila.
    I once made an old Martha project for my friend's wedding: they were square baskets made from heavy cardstock, punched along the sides and assembled with ribbon. They turned out beautifully!

  • I have to say covering small pumpkins and gourds with Martha Stewart's amazing glitter was the most memorable Martha-inspired craft project. We made a total mess, had a bit of challenge at first with "adhesive ratio" but they came out beautifully. The best part was the fun we had doing it.

  • i like so many of your crafts, there was a project that a wallet was made with paper, a project at easter a lady was making little chicklets and todays stenciled pillow with paper punches how ingeniousus. I look forward to many more projects I am a crafter and do many different things myself. would love to win your tools.

  • I love all the different flower crafts!

  • I enjoyed the show today. All the crafts are great. The one that enspired me to write was a bracelet made for Valentines day. I thought it was adorable and simple enough for me to do. Thank you for all the informative demonstrations your crafters make. I love them all.

  • Making cork coasters shaped like leaves is my most memeorable Martha-inspired craft project.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project is a set of wooden baby blocks that I made after watching Martha's show with an episode with a crafter from Etsy. I sent an email to Asley Steele of Hiccup Decor & sent for the wooden baby blocks & made a set for my granddaughter, Luciana. I ordered 8 wooden blocks, placed one letter of her name on one side of a block, and the remainder of those blocks have decals of something that corresponds with that letter on all sides of the block (ie: I block has decals of ice cream, igloo, etc). The 8th block has her middle name on one side, her full name on another side, and her birth stats on another side.
    I thank MSL for always having a positive & inspiring show, with excellent resources for living a productive & healthy life!

  • Love all these products. I don't get out much and when I do I don't have much time to shop around . I Love your shows and enjoy them very much and my e mail messages are great. Thanks your great!!!!!!!!!!!I live in Fairdale WV thats near Beckley WV. This is my first time blogging so Ihope it's not to lengthy.

  • I was home sick today and got to see the show (usually I record it). It was so inspiring.
    Thank you, as always, for the inspiration.

    Craft away! Dianne

  • I really enjoyed the craft show today. I am inspired to make the wonderful wire mesh necklace. Thanks for such great ideas!

  • LOVED the show today!!! Especially anjoyed Hannah's segment on grapevine wreath's. Try making your own wreath base with wild grapevine's - it's easy, & you will be rewarded with all the additional curliques of the natural vines you won't find on commercial forms.

    Many thanks for a fabulous show!

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired project was the Snowy Balloon Ornaments! They are fun to make, inexpensive, and looked great on our tree! I enjoy watching the show and learning new things everyday. It gives me such great ideas and inspires me to keep creating such beautiful pieces of art!`

  • I like how every effort is made to use the cameras to show the details of what's being done. I love your attention to details when showing how to do the projects. No having to second guess (how did she do that?).

  • I love Martha's crafts for kids....and so do my grandkids. The best craft that was inexpensive and easy was painting rocks. The kids had a field day painting rocks. They even tried to glue some together to make animals. The kids loved it and cleanup was minimal. Thanks Martha!

  • My most recent Martha Stewart inspired craft was to duplicate (somewhat) the Madame Butterfly costume for a Mardi Gras party. It was a lot of fun to put together, easy to wear and I received numerous compliments. Thank you, Barbara Smith

  • MSCrafts has changed my life! I recently took early retirement from investment banking and was truly unsure what to do to keep busy. I now have a craft room with many MSCraft items. I have done everything from stationery to embroidering 60 pashminas for my nephew’s wedding. Thank you Martha

  • The latest idea that I did was the pillow lips. Made several sizes out of several materials. Everyone LOVED them. Too many more..... Love Martha!

  • I LOVE (can't say that enough..) LOVE your show, your creativity and ALL your products. would LOVE to win this awesome package as I don't have this!!!
    ps.... would love to see more Cricut cartridges with ALL your punches (corner and border) on a cartridge!!

    Thanks for the great chance to win.. (I so want a MS cricut cake)

  • Every morning I watch Martha's show with my mother while we put my nephew to sleep. We have gotten so many ideas. We can never get enough Halloween crafts. From the bat cliparts to pumkin decorating to future costume ideas. Thanks Martha and the Craft Dept.

  • I love the Martha Stewart Punches!! I use them to make beautiful cards. My newest punch is the "Punch All Over The Page" which is the best idea!!!

  • i enjoyed the wire lace mesh necklace would love to make one for myself and my sister Martha inspire me to try and a lot of the time complete projects thanks

  • Great show. Just for exta info freezer paper has be used in quilting for decades. Also your paper trimmer can be used for scoring too. Just a ballpoint pen with the point removed. Thanks, keep upt the great work!

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft projects are the ones that include rubber stamping. I love creating my own unique designs to create custom ribbon, stationery, party decor, gift wrap, stamped book pages and much more. I have created many gifts for family and friends over the years that they love.

  • The tools are great! My personal favorites were the Xyron, love the label idea. Martha's Scoring board. What a usefull tool, so helpful and probably easy on the hands, The stapler looks so great because it looks like it goes further on the paper. Last the punch around & all over page punches. This tool helps our creational talent be limitless. Thanks Martha!

  • I love the pattern to make a little girls dress from a mans shirt. I have made them for my youngest granddaughter and I hope to make more for my friend's granddaughter when she gets a little bigger. I love your website and all the great ideas that you share. I can't wait to make more of the crafts.
    Thank you for your wonderful ideas!

  • This was the first I saw your show and I love it. I will watch you again if my husband let. I love all the craft project's you shown today I would love to win them but I want. But I just wanted you to know I enjoyed the show. Thank you Penny Goodson

  • I have been faithful Martha Stewart Living fan for years. When I was younger my mom always was sure to buy me the Martha Stewart Kids magazines. I loves arts and crafts and Martha always had the best ideas and more importantly the clearest directions. I loved making the beaded animals from the Kids magazine (Fall 2001)with my mom and we still have several stashed around the house. My favorite was the lobster. So cute!

  • My co-worker and I are always on the lookout for a homemade craft to make and give at Christmas as a gift for our 30-something teachers in the elementary school we work in. This year, our 12th, we made cookie cutter ornaments using directions found on Martha's website. Our teachers are think that we are so clever each year! We are always checking out Martha's ideas..Thanks

  • We celebrated our daughter's 10th birthday last summer and the hit of the party was having the girls use Martha's punches, glitter, scoring board and scissors to create huge wall/hanging decorations to take home. Most of the girls had never SEEN such wonderful tools and were thrilled to have the time to be creative. Even their parents were shocked at their projects! It was truly a happy, happy party as all the girls felt "gifted" with their new talents and the awareness of what Martha's crafting world has to offer. Needless to say, those same girls are now sharing their crafts with other family members and friends. This was a party that certainly keeps on giving! Thank you for the joy of being able to open the eyes of our children..

  • All of my friends want me to make the tissue paper poms for their special event. So far three weddings, one bridal shower, and for the last wedding we're going to make them with tulle and maybe some twinkle lights. Thank you Martha Stewart Show!

  • The most inspired craft project for me was making lip balm. With the current winter causing lots of drying of skin including my lips, I needed to make lip balm. I enjoyed the process and satisfication of making it, and my co-workers love it.

  • Love the show! Can’t wait to make freshwater pearl necklace. Also, loving the baby segments, my niece is getting ready to have a baby. Tools are very cool!! Thanks

  • I was fascinated with the paper flowers and can't wait to share them with my granddaughter at spring break.

  • I just finished watching your show that focused on favorite crafts and favorite craft tools. I am a nurse by trade, but a life time lover of all crafts by nature. The tools that were highlighted were absolutely fabulous and only wet my palette for more. I am a firm believer in using the right tool for the right job. I am recovering from surgery, and am using this R&R time to catch up on crafting time. I would be delighted beyond belief to be chosen to win these tools! Please consider me for this prize!!!! Thank you so very much, Patty Umbarger.

  • I was inspired by the octopus costume (by Aaron Caramanis) to make a Sonic the Hedgehog costume for my 5-year-old son last Halloween. I just wish I had a sewing machine so I didn't have to stitch by hand.

  • My most memorable Martha Stewart craft idea was for my niece's 6th birthday party. I taught my sister how to make Martha's balloon flowers. We made about 30 giant balloon flowers in pink, purple and white balloons and hung them from the high ceiling. They were beautiful!

  • I love the pattern to make a little girls dress from a mans shirt. I have made several for my youngest granddaughter. I love your website and all the great ideas that you share.
    Thank you for your wonderful ideas.

  • I love Martha! I have 3 of her books that motivate me for baking, entertaining, & crafting. When I was pregnant she showed how to make a toothfairy pillow using a french knot to secure the felt tooth onto the pillow. And I thought, I should make that for my baby!

  • LOVED the show today!!! Especially enjoyed Hannah's segment on grapevine wreaths. Try making your own wreath base with wild grapevines. It's easy, & you will be rewarded with all the additional curliques of the natural vines you won't find on commercial forms.
    Thanks for a fabulous show!


  • You have inspired me in that "..if I can follow instructions then there is no reason I can't make it." In crafts or cooking it has brought tutus, flannel nightgowns,papercuttings and when given dry milk .. yogurt and cottage cheese. Who knew! Nothing gets wasted and we share!That's encouragement!!!

  • I absolutely loved the velvet poinsettia wreath that was on the cover of the Martha Stewart Living magazine. It was just gorgeous! I have always loved the magazine photos and the easy to follow directions. Martha and her team make everything so easy to accomplish.

  • I have been inspired by Martha since i can remember.i think my most memorable inspiration, is when i uphostered a corner piece of a sectional,leopard print, and turned it into a chaise lounge. i know it was definately my proudest moment. i also scrapbook, make cards,and paint.Just started to make jewery. now that i'm retired i can't wait to watch martha.she just gets all my energy juices flowing.i keep my tv on the hallmark channeluntil the evening news comes on.

  • I recently found my mother's cherished Martha Stewart's Pies & Tarts cookbook. Every recipe is outstanding! The blueberry pie is my favorite so far. The Mile High Meringue is awesome on chocolate pie! I love to garden, pressure canning my own vegestables, and raise chickens. I dabble in jewelery and sewing.

  • I record the show everyday. I must admit I sometimes fast-forward to just watch the craft segments if I'm short on time! Martha definitely inspired me to love glitter again!

  • My memorable Martha crafting moment was when I utilized MSC's line to make personalized Valentines for all of my family and friends. I'm a big paper crafter, so needless to say, I spent hours on them -- and got such loving comments back that I'm considering making it a tradition! :)

  • I love Martha's All Over the Page punches. It's perfect for my scrapbook albums and also for my kids to use. No more wasting an entire sheet of paper to get a few punches. It inspired me to start making cards too.

  • A long time ago Ms. Stewart did a show on how to make your own Xmas ornaments with cookie cutters. I LOVED that Idea! I made a bunch to give as gifts. Thank you so much Ms. Stewart for such a wonderful idea! :)

  • Making wool sweaters into felt fabric for craft projects was my most memorable crafting show.

  • There are so many to choose from. In our family of 4 children, the holidays tend to come alive. Halloween is the overall favorite but, Martha’s Severed Finger Halloween party invitations is my most memorable craft project. The shock and awe is wonderful and fun. Thanks for all your ideas.

  • I loved today's show especially the wire lace. It was interesting to see how easy it really is to use and create a wonderful necklace. Also all the crafting tools I never new existed. Thanks for a great show.

  • I used punches to decorate a paper mache purse propped open with popsicle sticks held by brads to display cards. I used a scallop design punch and created some trim, cut it, glued it on. Then I used a sand dollar punch for dollars and starfish to dot the lid.

  • We have a Thanksgiving tradition of making a Christmas craft while the bird is roasting. One year we enjoyed making the glitter hurricane lanters. Many of us still display them each Christmas and look forward to what next year will bring. I already have an idea.......

  • This is an amazing giveaway! I can't list just one specific Martha craft project. I just love going through the website and getting inspired.

  • Today's MARTHA STEWART show was inspiring! I'm passionate about scrapbooking and cross-stitching.I I loved the bead necklaces demonstrated today and thought...I can do that! The paper pom-poms and flowers were beautiful too. THANKS! for so many great ideas.

  • I love the show today, lately the love of crafts has not been so popular. I love to do crafts and would enjoy using those great products.keep up the crafty world with great ideals as only Martha can do.

  • My favorite crafts always come from Halloween with Martha. It has become a family tradition to create unique jack-o-lanterns...which has extended to my childrens friends who come over for a carving party every year! Always fun to find new ideas and materials to make them different!!!!

  • Loved all the ideas on the show today.

  • I particularly enjoyed the grapevine wreaths. I have been making wreaths for several years and I was interested to learn that one could use items found in nature such as moss, etc.
    I also enjoyed the segment on jewelry ssince I hope to learn more in that area.

  • Martha,
    I just made two of your family tree photo cards, one for my mother and one for my grandmother and will give them out for Mother's Day. I just love how the cards celebrate all of the women of my family, I think it's very fitting for Mother's Day and I know my family will love them!

  • I have made greeting cards for years that were inspired by Martha's blush tone preferences. Several years ago I made crayon and wax paper hearts for valentine's day. I have also made many craft projects for children in my church. As daily viewers of The Martha Stewart Show, my husband and I are inspired to learn new things daily and benefit from the exdcellent demonstrations in all areas of homemaking.

  • I had already taught myself to crochet several years ago and then decided to teach myself to knit just a couple years back. Since none of my friends and family knit, it was quite a challenge for me!

    I discovered the knitting section on Martha's website, and there was a pattern for a simple garter scarf - the most basic project, perfect for a beginner! I diligently worked on it, trying to perfect my tension. Eventually I ended up with a scarf I was so proud of!

    My knitting skills have progressed much further since then, but there hasn't been a project I've finished since thast gave me quite as much of a feeling of accomplishment as knitting Martha's scarf!

  • The canvas rug (approx 3 1/2' x 7 1/2') my friend and I made.

    We both have chronic kids and it was our girl's weekend. We were up virtually all night painting it. A very therapuetic, fun project wrapped in great memories and serves a function.

    Truly all good thingS.

    Thanks Martha!

    Sincerely, Tammy Ross

  • Great projects easy to complete and give as gifts thanks Martha and company

  • I LOVED todays show. Hopefully this will become a monthly event (hint)
    Where can I buy the stapler? I can't wait to check out the bloggers websites too.
    Thank you for such an inspiring show

  • I made the heart-shaped pot holders for my sister and sister-in-law for valentine's, but before I was able to give them, we found out that my sister-in-law had breast cancer, so my gift also became a get well gift 'from the heart'. BTW, Her surgery went well.
    Thanks for all the good ideas!

  • Last November I bought 3 MS bone folders, for myself and two crafting friends. We had so much fun making envelopes and fans and decorating them with MS puches. Always inspiring!!

  • Last weekend I began the Baby Kimono using a pattern from Martha! I'm so excited with how it is turning out. This first one will be for my first baby that is due in June, as a test run, and if it works out then I'm making another for a shower gift for a friend due in July!

  • I don't remember the name of the project, but I made many to give away. It was the one piece bag.

  • I have been trying to assemble the entire line of Martha Stewart craft tools. My favorite tool currently are the craft scissors. They can be used for everything. Thank you.

  • Today's MARTHA STEWART show on crafting was inspiring! I really enjoy scrapbooking and cross-stitching. I loved the bead necklace project demonstrated today and thought...I can do that!The paper pom-poms and flowers were beautiful too. THANKS! for so many great craft ideas.

  • I made a scarf that Martha and Queen Latefa made from t-shirts. The purchased t-shirt wouldn't curl at all. So I dyed a shirt that came from my "rag bag". I turned out a great birthday present, and the "mistake" turned into great ties for my garden plants.

  • My favorite "Martha Moment" was making candle luminaries with canning jars and paint that you pour inside the jar and then invert to remove the excess paint. Then, make a handle with wire.

  • I made with my granddaughters the crystal snowflakes this season. They were so easy and beautiful. The grandkids loved them. I craft nonstop with my grandkids and use Martha's show for all our ideas. They think Grandma is Awesome. Thankyou Martha!

  • I live vicariouly through you, your staff and your guest. I would love to spend my time crafting, but, I cannot afford to,literally. You see I live penny to penny and cannot afford to craft. I use scrap paper, cans, cardboard and whatever other scraps I can find.

  • I was thrilled to discover Martha Stuart when A teen. My son at two became a fan, he refused childrens shows. When my daughter was born she watched too. My mother called me, little Martha. I have learned to bake bread, organise my home, and love crafting. Thank you!

  • I have been trying to decide what my favorite craft item is. I suppose that I have used the cutting matt more than any of the other items. I have done many, many of the crafts. Not with all these great tools. You have so many great ideas. Thanks, Joyce

  • Knitting brings me incredible joy and relaxation. I was inspired to knit a cowl (infinity scarf) after seeing a tweet from Martha Stewart's craft of the day. I loved the chunky cowl that was featured and made my own in January!

  • I made the catnip toys for my cats. My cats LOVE them! At 10 years old, they act like kittens. The toys were so easy to make. Now I'm going to make some for my family and friends cats. I bet you can guess what they're getting for Christmas!

  • My most memorable craft is a sock bunny that my daughter made 2 years or so ago. She loved making the first one so much that we made 15 more for family and friends and even converted a few to dogs and cats.

  • I was thrilled to discover Martha Stuart when A teen. My son at two became a fan, he refused children's shows. When my daughter was born she watched too. My mother called me, little Martha. I have learned to bake bread, organize my home, and love crafting. Thank you!

  • I had lots of fun with the Professor's idea making snowflakes from pipe cleaners and 20 Mule Team Borax. I had so much fun with designing and making different snow flakes that I created many Valentine designs, even 3-D, to decorate a Valentine tree and to share with family and friends. Thank you for the ideas!

  • I made with my granddaughters the crystal snowflakes this season. They were so easy and beautiful. The grandkids loved them. I craft nonstop with my grandkids and use Martha's show for all our ideas. They think Grandma is Awesome. Thankyou Martha!

  • What an absolutely terrfic show for those of us who truly enjoy crafting. You gave me some great inspiration. It is always such a joy to learn from the pros regarding their favorite tools. Love this show! It never disappoints!

  • I'm sitting here trying to think of the most memorable craft project...but after today's show...all I can think of are those fabulous wire lace necklaces! There were so many amazing crafters and ideas on today's show, but I can hardly wait to get my hands on some wire lace. Thank you for sharing such fantastic (nacho libre) projects on your show today!


  • I absolutely love the ombre scarf project. It inspired me to look into the process of dying fabrics and to look back to the batik work I did in college. I must admit that I have yet to start any of these projects. I am in the process of selling my house and have no good workspace that I can allow myself to get a little messy. But a workshop/craft room is on the list of priorities for the new house I will move into.

    Thanks for all the great ideas.

  • My most memorable Martha Stewart craft project was dipping a rubber rat into black sparkly glitter. Hated even touching the rubber rat, got sparkles all over that are still coming out of the carpet and my friends thought I was crazy, but what fun!

  • I am a new The Matha Stewart Show follower and I love her show! I am a stay at home new mom. Martha gives me that inspiration I need to make time for crafting. Thanks Martha!

  • My most memorable craft is the craft center you made from an old cabinet. It contained everything needed for crafting and kept it organized and handy. All you had to do was close the doors and noone knew that you had anything but a beautiful piece of furniture.

  • Martha, your most memorable craft item is your prison crocheted poncho. My youngest daughter is now in Federal Prison and learning to crochet. Ive sent her your pattern and the ladies with her are teaching her. You are an inspiration to all women, and those ladies in prisons/jails need to keep up with crafting, linking all women together, one thread/yarn by thread/yarn. Thank you sew much!

  • What a generous giveaway! One of my all-time favorite Martha projects were bags that she had sewn, silk-screened, etc. monograms on. So classic and beautiful!

  • What an absolutely terrific show for those of us who truly enjoy crafting. You gave me some great inspiration. It is always such a joy to learn from the pros regarding their favorite tools. Love this show! It never disappoints!

  • I had so much fun with the Professor's idea making snowflakes from pipe cleaners and 20 Mule Team Borax. I designed and created several ornaments to decorate a Valentine tree and to share with family and friends. Some designs are even 3-D.

  • The craft that used foam squares, insert rattle and sewed different fabrics around it was great. Another project I loved was when you made snowflakes. Doing a child’s name to decorate their room is a great idea! Thanks for all the ideas, Crafting is my new hobby thanks to you!!

  • my favorit part of Martha's shows have been her cooking ones. I have noticed that now I have more time than money, my interests have gone to crafting things. As part of threraputicle movement of my right hand after surgery, I started to crotche hats, scarfs,and flowers. I still would like to learn how to make other flowers out of other materials,beads, ribbons,paper,fabrik etc.
    I also would like to thank Martha for all of her wonderful skills at all that she does. She is very inspireing to me...And also a great woman of our age!!! Sincerly Ann James

  • Of all the many craft projects I have made in the last 20 years with Martha that I still use every season, is the Stenciled Thanksgiving napkins and tablecloth that I made for my family dinners. Made with a stenciled leaf design all 12 napkins and a 84" tablecloth will be passed down to one of my daughters for their table in the future!
    Let's craft on,
    PS As a Greek girl growing up, we never celebrated Thanksgiving as a holiday. So when I was married I decided this will be a important holiday for us, so this makes my project even more special!

  • Loved all the crafts today. Most memorable, the Spring Wreath. I loved the shape transformation of the Grape Vine Wreath. I have recycled my "Seasonal" wreaths each year by removing and replacement of flowers etc... This is also economical. My neighbors compliments of them on their walks make my day!

  • I love the show thanks for all you do!!!!

  • The first issue of MSL I ever purchased was Christmas 1997 and I became obsessed with making the seed bead ball ornaments. I still make them and have about 20 on my tree and give others as gifts!

  • I liked the wire lace jewelry making segment.

  • I love the glitter projects. I've been a fan and have planned many days around Martha's televised crafting specials for years, and I'm inspired by most of the crafts I see on her shows. Lucky for me I can now DVR the episodes on Hallmark channel. Thank you for my entry in the giveaway. BTW, did I say that I love the crafting sections of the show! Thanks again!

  • How can I select just 1? There are valances in my living room that look like a professional designed them. There were favors added to my parents 50th anniversary party. And there are tons of little things that I give away just to make someone's day.

  • I really enjoyed the craft show 3/2/11. I didn't realize how many craft supplies I was lacking. I mainly crochet, cross stich and needlepoint. I've been making prayer shawls and scaarves for the St. Clare's Guild at the St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church in Lufkin, Tx. Not bad for this Baptist! I'm always looking for quick patterns.
    Karen Kurth Hall
    Lufkin, TX

  • I have a wedding business and i cater to young couples that are very budget minded or have no money at all. Mostly no money at all. I feel all girls deserve a wedding. recent wedding I have tall silver candlearbas we used the paper ball idea and used felt and hung those from the arms.looked great,she loved it.

  • My most memorable Matha inspired craft would have to be the citrus stools she had on the show a few days ago. I had some plain stools that needed some color. I used her ides and techniques to put peppers on top to match my kitchen decor.

  • My favorite craft was the felted spider web shawl. Lovely!

  • I love when Martha showed me how to make those toys out of socks. I make them for my pets and for my neices and nephews and my darling grandbabies. they all love them and i enjoy making them and now i have a use for all those extra socks that I end up with because the washer has decieded it loves the taste of socks. *chuckles* thank you again for always showing us something new. even if its been shown before you have something more to add and to make it better and easier to do. again thank you all for what you do.

  • I'm a crafter, make pottery, play with seed beading and love to cook. Your show inspires as your books have for years. I love that all your craft presentations and cooking segments give resources for the materials/ingredients that are used. You're the complete package. Thank you

  • Wow! loved the Craft show this morning. I am a new beader and I was blown away by the wirelace necklace that Martha had on this morning. I have been on the computer since then finding where to buy the wire lace. There is always something new on the show.

  • My favorite inspiration was candle making. I got my husband interested, and it became his craft and kept him busy (and quiet)for an entire winter!!
    Thank You Martha Stewart!

  • I would love to have these tools.I work & do groups on a Psychiatric unit where the patients absoultly love doing "crafts".In this day & time where health care funds are cut & these people have much sadness & hoplessness in there lives, crafts provide them with pleasure, self confindence, self esteem & hope. Building on the above, they begin to learn that they are important & they can persever through pain, loss & crisis. I would use these tools in my work. We do a lot of paper crafts, some beads, card making collage, painting, paper boxes just to name a few things. Recently they have really gotten into origami. Any way thanks a bunch

  • Good Morning,

    Thank you for the crafts which I LOVE.

    I made a paper plate wreath with poinsettia flowers. A welcome ''little'' gift to a 106 year of age woman.

    Our churches salad luncheon is in April. I hope to get 115 coffee filter flowers done by then.

    Will make fireplace logs.

  • Yes Yes Yes. I love crafts. I have been doing crafts with my girls and my mom. We are so excited and drooly over the chance to win this. The book looks wonderful. pick us pick us pick us.

  • Christmas time, as with many folks, is a very special time for my family. When my children were little we would make a craft every Christmas Eve. In 1990 I purchased Martha Stewart Christmas and my children and I made the wrapping paper that doubled as the inside cover for this book. It was simple and turned out beautifully if not as perfect as what was inside the book. Been a "Martha Crafter" ever since.

  • It is difficult to choose the most memorable Martha-inspired craft.

    the one I have found so many uses for is the Pom-Pom. The Pom-Pom is very inexpensive to make. If you have limited craft space, tissue is easy to store. You can make Pom-Poms for any occassion in any size. They are so colorful.

  • I really enjoyed this morning's craft program and plan to do the stenciling project soon. I did just completed the paper cutting heart stencil which I framed. Love it! How fun your jobs must be to craft and receive a paycheck to do it! Keep up the great work. I would like to find out more about the craft line of furniture Martha showed.



  • I have a wedding business and i cater to couples that have no money. so wedding Idea from martha is a must. Recent wedding, I have tall silver candleabras we used the paper ball idea and used felt and hung from the arms with some ribbon and paper flowers.amazing

  • I love the felt baby shoes such a cute idea. But I love the organizational ideas that you give all of us for all our tools.
    Thank you for all the different crafts that you get us all interested in. Would love to win these craft tools.
    Jean Billington

  • I think my favorite was the tomato pin cushions. I collect pin cushions, so it was fun to make myself a bunch. I also used it as a project to teach non-sewers how to make a crafty party. Everyone was surprised how easy it was to make a super cute tomato!

  • My most favorite craft was the tooth fairy pillow made from flannel fabric and felt. I made these pillow's for my girls; and for shower gifts of babies to be welcomed into the world of fairy's and make believe. Picking out the fabric for each child is as fun as is making this cute pillow.

  • It was Martha that inspired me to make mini-cardstock houses with glitter "snow" at Christmas time. I love Martha!

  • I love Martha's spring sewing ideas. I used he placemat idea to make a complete set of reversible place mats, table cloth, table runner and napkins. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft is the shadow boxes. I just love how i can preserve memories on display. Plus it makes for a fun family project.

  • Tissue pom poms!!! They have changed my life (ok, maybe a little dramatic). I LOVE them! They are easy, inexpensive and ADORABLE! I make them for parties, my house and they are hanging in our church nursery. AMAZING!

  • Since retiring, I am restarting crafting. So I am in the process of gathering tools and creating a craft room. Hopefully my daughter and my grandchildren will learn to do safe crafting with me!

  • This show, and these products, were AMAZING!!!!
    I LOVE the craft segments on every show and to have a whole show devoted to crafts was a DREAM!!
    Thank you Martha!

  • Martha Srewart and all of her "crafters" inspire me daily.Being able to work with one's hands to make something whether it be a needlepoint pillow or cinnamon rolls is so rewarding.In life there is so much one cannot control but in our kitchens and craft "nooks" we can have some control, order and contentment in our lives. Thank you Martha and everyone who creates!!

  • How can I choose my favorite when there's always a new one to try. Currently I love the t shirt necklace and wire lace necklace. MSL should produce a one hour craft show either daily or weekly to add to the line up.

  • A number of years ago, a copy of Martha Stewart Living magazine had a beautiful Lamb Cake for Easter on the cover. I was so impressed by it that I just had to make it for my family who would all be home to Nanny's for the holiday. I searched the area and found the cake pan,rounded up all my ingredients. The cake was a success. And my grandchildren were enthralled by the beautiful lamb decorated with violas that I had planted in the yard that year. It was such a wonderful object lesson to use to tell the story of Easter of the Lamb of God who laid down His life for the world.

  • Most recently, I have enjoyed the Valentine's day cards inspired from the vintage valentines. The scoring board would be a great addition to my crafting room!

  • I inspired the pillow case you just made today's show. I didn't think about using freezer papaer and punch to make stencile, realy nice. I would like to make pollowcase for spring too.

  • Teacup Candles are still one of my favorite craft projects. I love looking for Antique teacups to turn into beautiful candles to give as gifts. To learn how to make these candles I've posted the instructions on my blog so check it out.

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "anything Martha"!!!!!!
    Presently making the coffee filter "peonies" for my future daughter-in-law's shower. They look sooooooo real!I schedule my lunch hour around the show. The Hallmark channel is on in my house from 10am to 3pm, whether I'm home or not.

  • I thought the craft kit for kids was a great idea! Going to put together some for my family. Gets everyone involved from brain storming ideas, shopping, and putting together a plan together and following thru with that plan.

    Thanks for the idea!

  • I enjoyed the show this morning, all I could think of was I wished I were there. Love to see all the creativity that goes on in one segment. I am a crafter from the word go and I, like You love all crafts so all of the information that I get from your show is put into my think tank. Not sure I could pin point just one thing, but I would love the chance to win thank you for the opportunity.

  • My most memeorable Martha craft was years ago in Martha Stewart Living. Martha had taken canning jars and hung them from tree branches with candles in them for an out door party. It made a soft glow sround the yard that was just lovely. Gave such a warm fuzzy, homey feeling almost like fireflys. Actually just one of my favorite, But the one that sticks in my mind. Thanks Martha.

  • Great show Martha! One of my favorite craft projects from a previous show was the leather jacket purse!! I love that idea because I'm an environmentalist and love to repurpose instead of buying brand new. Thank you for the awesome ideas!

  • This is an amazing giveaway! A lot of my friends have been starting families lately, so I've been using a lot of Martha Stewart flocking powder to make baby shower cards. It's soft, sweet, and touchable, the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby!

  • I baked the Lamb Cake from the Magazine for a Family Easter Egg Hunt. The children were enthralled by its beauty decorated with violas I had planted that year. It was such a wonderful object lesson of the Lamb of God who gave His life for the world.

  • I used a MS Christmas Card kit to make my holiday cards last year. There was glitter everywhere!! I received numerous complements and enjoyed the crafting process.

  • I love anytime time Martha does papercrafting. I make placecards for Thanksgiving with ideas inspired by the show. Everyone loved when we had to bring a photo for the placecard. We loved seeing the old pictures and learned so much about each other.

  • I love watching Martha make fancy Christmas sugar cookies or fancy decorated Easter eggs. They always get me inspired to have great holiday celebrations! Thanks!

  • A few months ago Darcy was on your show and she made framed "scrapbook" pages of her trip to Disney World. I was inspired to make 11x16 framed scrapbook pages for my son (age 7) and daughter (age 3)to hang in their room. The pages are pictures of them with their Grandfather. He passed away in May 2010 and I wanted something to remind them of how much he loved them.

  • This is hard because I just love to watch Martha in whatever she does. I save her show everyday. I especially liked the show where her brother was on with his rocking chair. I love wood crafts and I also loved the puzzle show because I like to put puzzles together. I babysit my 2 year old granddaughter and we have been putting puzzles together since she was able to hold the pieces. She is pretty good.

  • Great show as always....I love the whole show being dedicated to crafts (which I love to do). I took the idea of the baby bloomers and used a transfer (name printed on transfer paper) to put the baby's name on the bloomers. The mother really loved them. Thanks for all the ideas.

  • My brother is having a baby so, I picked up Martha's Encyclopedia of Sewing at the library to start creating bibs, burp clothes, nursery items, toys (they are all in the book!!!) She has SO many great ideas and projects for me to create!!! To be able to win my own copy would be AWESOME!!! Thank you Martha for your creative inspiration!

  • Last year my son & I decided to make glittered candles for Christmas, My son is 5 & needless to say after we were done red glitter was everywhere! But our candles came out really pretty. We can’t wait until Easter so we can make glitter eggs this year.

  • Today'show was fantastic. Great new ideas. I have three sons and despite my best efforts; they never got the craft bug. Luckily my two young nieces love when I bring them crafts. Lately I have been making up craft boxes, filled with materials and craft ideas, for the next time I visit. I can't wait. It is so much fun to share crafting.

  • Last year for Father's Day I went to your site to find a clever card for my Dad. I chose the one that looked like a shirt w/ tie. Daddy loved it and said I should go into the business. I said too late Dad Martha beat me to it.

  • When I saw the glitter painting of the house in the Nov. 2009 issue, I just knew it would be a great gift for my friends. I took pictures of their houses last year and used your website and printed them on hard card stock paper and followed your directions. They turn out really neat and were great gifts. Thanks!

  • I love all your crafts. One that I remember the most was making the cinnamon, glittered birds to decorate my Christmas tree. They were fun to make and beautiful on my tree. Everyone commented on them. Thanks for such a great show!!

  • I still love the hanging candle jars made with wire that were featured in MSL many years ago. So magical but easy and a great way to reuse jars. I loved the stenciled pillows in today's segment, too.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project (out of many that I've done!) were the adorable Snowman Christmas card which I just did this past christmas. It was alot of fun to make with the honeycomb tummy and everyone loved receiving it and couldn't believe I had made it!

  • Many years ago(and I mean LONG ago)Martha did a pinecone wreath,all painted and glittered,gold.I made a BUNCH of them.To this day I am still gathering pinecones..My husband always asks."how many more are you going to NEED???..............

  • I was home sick from high school (1993?) and saw Martha on tv for the first time. I followed along with the segment and made pencil-top erasers into rubber stamps; I used them for years! I even wrote an article for my HS paper about Martha’s influence on me…

  • I love the embroidered bird quilt. I promised myself that one day I will complete this quilt. I love to embroider and am a beginner quilter so I know I can it is just a daunting task.

  • What an amazing giveaway! Hands down, my favorite Martha-inspired craft project are the pom poms. I've made them for baby showers, birthdays, home decor, and more. They are always a huge hit and we use them long after the parties.

  • Thank you for your show. I love crafts! The most memorable for me was on your website. It was a moveable card. I made it for my niece's husband for his birthday. It was the one where the dog was lifting his leg. Pretty funny! I enjoyed creating it from your pattern online. Great!! Thank you for the giveaway. I hope that I win, it's my birthday today!

  • The Polar Fleece Hats transcend across ages, genders, economic backgrounds and were very much needed this winter. The material is ideal for charity projects. Instructions were concise and easy for a beginner and can be converted for other times of the year. They were quick to make in little time.

  • I was so inspired by a feature in Martha Stewart Living that showed how to sew stuffed animals out of felted wool sweaters, that I ran out to buy a sewing machine (and a ton of old wool sweaters!) and I've been happily sewing softies ever since. Love it!

  • Such a great show! I just made some hypertufa pots from the tutorial that was in the magazine a ways back. Can't wait to fill them with pretty flowers and succulents for Spring!

  • Martha Stewart Living had an article on creating paper stars which I used to decorate for an office luncheon. I modified some to snowflakes, used multiple colors and textures of paper, and made various sizes. Stars/snowflakes graced all of the windows and the tablecloths creating a festive – and free – decoration!

  • My most memorable moments with Martha Stewart inspired crafts are making programs and pom poms for our wedding in September 2009. We had so much fun cutting, folding and punching hearts out of our programs, and making fun tissue poms. We are reusing the poms for a baby shower in May!

  • I love the scrapboxes.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project was creating fun and festive fourth-of-July paper and ribbon decorations for a wonderful summer BBQ. My guests loved the red, white, and blue additions to the party while enjoying some food that was Martha-inspired as well!

  • My most memorable MS craft is the ever-so-simple-why-didn't-I-think-of it tissue paper pom-poms. I'm using them to cover the ceiling of my wedding reception in May. We are not allowed to hang anything so we'll be using removable tape to adhere half-opened pom-poms on the ceiling for a textured and fun look!

  • I loved the crafting show today! I wish that at least once a month you could have a crafting show. I love, love, love making all your paper flowers. My next project will be wirelace jewelry. Thanks for making my day!

  • I used the pattern for the child's embroidered number book in the new Sewing and Craft Encyclopedia to made a book for my grandaughter on her first birthday. I used scraps of fabirc I had saved from the dresses and outfits I had made and smocked for her during her first year. It was so special!

  • I always find inspiration from Martha Stewart. One of my favorite crafts was the vintage paper oak leaf wreath. I made it with an old copy of Jane Eyre.

  • Halloween Hang-Ups were fun to make I had them hanging all over my house.

  • I love pom poms! You can make them out of so many materials like fabric, paper, and yarn! I love the Pink Paper Pom Poms. They are so bright and cheery and it just makes me want to make a ton of them!

  • My favorite Martha Stewart Crafts are her glitter projects. I especially love the Christmas ornaments and greeting cards.

  • I really enjoyed the crafting show today. Since I've stenciled in the past, I'm interested in making the beautiful, stenciled pillow. I also enjoyed seeing today's spring wreath and the wreaths from your book "Great American Wreaths".

  • I have been following Martha's crafts for almost 2 decades and have always been pleased with the easy to follow directives. The most amazing project from this site was the giant succulent globe. Even more beautiful than I expected! This globe was auctioned off for a local animal charity about a year after I made it and saved the lives of countless dogs and cats! Keep the ideas coming!

  • Martha inspired craft...making white feather Christmas trees. Used a styrofoam cone shape, white feathers. Glued them on cone for a soft, lovely white Christmas tree decoration!

  • My favorite thing of Martha's is her paper crafts! She is just so creative I like to incorporate her ideas into my scrapbooking!

  • What I most enjoy about Martha is her crafting segments and her clever clever crafting department. Martha said it right today when she mentioned what a dream job working in that craft department would be! Playing all day with new tools and techniques. . .ahh, a crafter's dream. Please keep the crafting shows and segments coming! I have notebook after notebook full of M.S. show and magazine crafts I'm waiting to try. . .

  • I would have to say my favorite Martha Stewart crafts are anything to do with Halloween! I'm a costume fanatic and love all the ideas in the MS Halloween magazine edition!!

  • The one that sticks out in my mind is making a chipmunk softie from a glove - so incredibly cute and a totally genius idea to avoid throwing out a glove that had lost its mate. Now I want to make a wreath of acorns for him to sit in.

  • I love the cards! There are just so many cute cards!

  • My daughter invites my husband and I, along with many other people, to her house for Thanksgiving every year. We always help with the cooking, but this year I made brown cloth napkins from Martha's sewing book and embroidered them with gold leaves. They were a great hit at the gathering and will be used for years to come. Thank you Martha!

  • I loved the craft show today and the tools left me drooling.

    I have only begun watching Martha in the past year, although I've known of her and seen projects she has created for years. I was trimming my wisteria back last year when I remembered some of her beautiful wreath projects.

    I saved the wisteria vines and made them into wreaths. I invited my best friend over and we created our own fall wreaths. We had so much fun doing them, that we did the same at Christmas.

  • I love to make placemats with the hole punches. Use wrapping paper cut to size and make decorative edges using the hole punch. They are inexpensive so if they get dirty, Just throw away and make a new batch.

  • I watch every show and all of them combined inspire me to create my own one of a kind crafts. The show is a "one stop shop" for those of us who dive into everything. I bead, quilt, knit, weave baskets, make cloth dolls, bead glass ornaments, etc. I'm hooked!

  • OMG! I have looked for that stapler since I worked in retail in the 80's and learned how to make wonderful bows and giftwrap! I have always wanted one for myself and thought that they were only available to wholesalers since they are not in stores. The other thing I am looking for is the large tape despenser that I have seen on your show that is used for the double sided (narrow) tape. Also essential to make beautiful gift wrap!
    Please Please enter me to win the prize basket....I watch everday and love the inspiration I get for my projects.

  • My most memorable project was the ghost costume I made for Halloween last year. So simple and perfect!

  • The Paper Leaf Wreath. The original was featured during fall/Thanksgiving but I have taken the concept to other holidays. Valentine's Day I made one with hearts and St. Patty's Day I used shamrocks. So easy and always gets complements.

  • I've always worked outside the home, so have not had the opportunity to see the MS show. I recently quit my job, and was able to take in the show this a.m. Great crafts - loved the wreath. I'm always interested in crafting - especially cardmaking. I have several MS punches to use on my cards. I would love to win the set of tools - they would be so useful! Thanks for your great ideas!

  • Martha inspired me to start making my own cards. Now, I always mail a homemade card to all of my friends for their birthdays. It really makes their days.

  • I am always referencing to the Martha Stewart website for all crafts ideas. But to pick my most memorable Martha-inspired craft project would have to be the Onsesie and sock baby bouquet. I have made them for a few baby showers and they are always a hit. My most "seasonal" memorable would have to be for Halloween I made the spooky eye mirror. Everyone really liked them as well.

  • I love crafting with you, especially your craft-a-day email idea to make "pantry soaps". My girlfriend and I spent the day making beautiful soaps. They were so easy and fast. I can't wait to give them as gifts later.

  • I love all of the tools and crafts that were on ths show today. I can just think of all of the crafts that I could use them for! Great picks Marthat and team!


  • I've made many Martha-inspired crafts, but I especially like paper crafting. Last year,the framed paper-cut design for Mother's Day really caught my eye. I rushed to make this for my mother soon after I saw the presentation. It came out just beautiful. She has it on permanent display!

  • Martha I do not see myself as a crafty person but I sure was inspired after watching today’s show...thanks to everyone who put together today’s show. Hey, I can do that!

  • I have always love paper-related crafts the most- potato-stamped note cards before I left for college, note cards made with beautiful pictures, stamped images. That is why I enjoyed Martha's favorite crafting tool today- the bone folder. simple but really does the job.

  • Thanksgiving Turkey cards that I made using a turkey art that you shared with everyone on your website. It was so pretty. I just love all the new tools you are coming out with. thank you for all you inspiration to make ours lives more beautiful.

  • In 2007 Martha created the felted teacup pincushions. To this day they are my favorite craft and still bring a smile to my face when I see them! They were a source of bonding for me and one of my good friends. I love felted crafts!

  • My most memorable Martha Craft was making the ribbon stars two winters ago when I was recovering from surgery. I folded, pressed and glued countless yards of ribbon from my stash to make ornaments and garlands for the holidays.

  • It's hard to pick just one. I have so many holiday memories that center around Martha inspires crafts, from Christmas ornaments to pretty wrapping to dyed eggs to cakes....

  • My most remarthable craft is making christmas ornaments out of pine cones! They make the perfect gift topper and they are so nice in christmas trees! I love you Martha! You are the Best! I dont go one day without watching your show and Martha Bakes!

  • The favorite project is from 2009 and is the little girls smocked dress. It is easy to make dressy or play, great for to or from the beach. My granddaughters love them and look so cute in them. They are quick and easy!

  • So many great crafts on the show, but I did really like an episode where they used the scoring board to make pretty folded "accordian" decorations. I also recently saw instructions on making a garland from punches. Such great tools.

  • hello Martha my preschool grands0n can't wait to do the next Martha project. his favorite was making pine cone elves. Thanks so much for adding fun projects to are days.

  • I've done so many Martha-inspired crafts over the years, but my most memorable has to be the tissue paper butterflies. I made them into a mobile for my first baby—my first craft for my first baby. That baby is almost seven now, and they're still a favorite feature in her room today.

  • I have made many many martha crafts over the years, but most recently I and my son attempted the dyed wooden beads project - we made necklaces for all his aunts and gramma, and babysitter, and a few extra for me of course. They turned out great and everyone loved them! We also dyed some velvet ribbon and used that as the tie which was a great contrast to the wooden beads.

  • Creating the beaded snowflake ornaments from Martha's Christmas edition many years ago. Living in Sydney, Australia we would never see the real thing, so my sister and I spent many hours beading and bending the wire to make a beautiful snowflake set that our mother still keeps.

  • Two years ago on a deary winter day, I was at home after a hip operation. My mother & sister came with materials and we made your tissue flowers and your beaded heart pendant. It sure did make my day and it was a very good thing.

  • i tried my hand at quilling after seeing it in the magazine. i made some beautiful valentine's day cards, months later i tried to pick it up again and failed miserably! i haven't quilled since! :(

  • I loved the show today.
    My favorite Martha craft has to be the pom poms, I just love them and all their sizes.

  • Merci! So happy that today was finally the Craft Show! My favorite Crafts Dept. projects have been the masks, when Kristin made one based on her little bird that was gorgeous! Also I used TONS of the paper flowers for my wedding this past October. Tres jolie!

  • My favorite is the coffee filter roses and I agree with the above comment that Martha should do a 1 hour show each week with nothing but crafts.

  • The Martha crafts that stands out the most were the centerpieces that I made for my wedding. They were branches (which I stole from the trees of everyone I knew in order to have enough!) covered in crepe paper flowers and millinery birds. They were beautiful!

  • I'd say there isn't necessarily any one MS craft that I could name, but I'd point more to the entire point of crafting. Just do it. Explore your own creativity. Use simple things you find around you. Turn a pair of socks into slippers with mole skin soles. Acorn pincushions. Strawberry pincushions. The Lone Star quilt projects. The state bird embroidery. Flowers crafted from coffee filters. Scarfs to knit. Find something that inspires you and just do it. You will feel so good, and have something beautiful in the end~

  • Making Valentine cards this past Valentine's Day was very special for me. The many ideas and clip art on your site gave me my inspiration. Your craft papers were a pleasure to work with, and the envelopes I made with your scoring board and bone folder pulled it all together.

  • I am inspired by The Martha Stewart Show daily! I love tp scrapbook cards and books and now shadow boxes. I was inspired by the Mickey Mouse Vacation shadow boxes. I love showing the stories of our family on our walls for all to see and for my kids to see and remember. Thank you so much for your daily inspirations!

  • Thank you for creating the scoring board with the lines close together - it was so needed! Makes all the difference in the world with card making!

    Loved the show! Want to try all the items, but especially the punched border for the pillow. I have the punches and will choose one and CREATE. Thanks for a great show and a chance to win your fab prize!

  • One thanksgiving my daughter and I glittered seashell christmas ornaments that were just beautiful. One of my favorite Martha craft memories. :)

  • one of my fav past crafts was the tumbleweed chandelier from years ago. I loved it and finally made a trip with my daughter to Arizona. I picked up 2 tumbleweeds in the desert and shipped them home. the people at the shipping store patio light is great.

  • my most memorable martha-inspired craft are the handmade christmas ornaments i make each year to attach to the gifts for family and friends. i love adding a personalized touch to every gift and family and friends look forward to what ornament was made that year.

  • the wool beret that i wear every single day when its cold is from the martha stewart sectional wool beret pattern. i absolutely love it and made it in 5 different fabrics to go with everything. all the new crafting ideas are so inspirational and keep my fingers busy and my brain thinking and calm. thanks so much, martha stewart!

  • i made doilie inspired clutches from the MS website. they were a big hit as wedding favors - everyone was so impressed! i added a personal touch by hand embroidering the edges.

  • I love Martha's punches--especially boarder punches. I used them crafting for my daughters wedding (a daisy theme). The flower boarders were used to make the Save the Dates, the place cards (white cards punched on the bottom/ backed by colored card stock) and on top of the programs.

  • The Martha scoring board absolutely revolutionized my paper crafting world! I've been making envelopes like crazy!

  • So hard to say which is my favorite. So I think the most used one is the tissue paper pom poms. I make them for every party I have, including family get togethers. Keeping fingers crossed.

  • My favorite Martha craft is always her Valentines cards. I try to make at least two or three featured in the Valentine issue each year. Some favorites were the embellished heart box, the card with the hearts punched out and sewn onto the card, and the heart and lollipop flowers.

  • I love Martha's punches--especially boarder punches. I used them crafting for my daughters wedding (a daisy theme). The flower boarders were used to make the Save the Dates, the place cards (white cards punched on the bottom/ backed by colored card stock) and on top of the programs

  • The most memorable craft for me were the crepe-paper flowers. I think she has done variations on them several times but I love them everytime! I bought her crepe-paper flower making kit years ago and I still make flowers for my friends or for decorations. I love the crafting of paper so much so this is always going to be a favorite!

  • Every year we do dozens of Martha's Halloween crafts from years past, our favorite is the ghostly window silouettes, and the "shrunken head" apples! Those always look amazing!

  • I have not made any crafts yet, but I am looking forward to making the pillows they showed on the show today!

  • My favorite Martha craft was the pom poms. All sizes!!

  • The pom pom flowers and the coffee filter roses are my favorites.. I love creating with my hands but scrapbooking is my love. My DD's love is cake and candy making. And I love the ability to search Martha's website for ideas and directions, especially when I've missed one of her shows.


    {Pattie's passion}

    I Scrap So All Moments ARe Remembered!

  • I like watching when Martha makes cards. These tools are such good quality and can be passed down to future generation. Thanks, Martha!

  • Love Martha crafts! My most memorable Martha inspired craft was making glitter string Christmas Ornaments. While making them, someone came to my door. I didn't realize until after they left was that I had glue & glitter all over my face. I wondered why they looked at me so oddly.

  • Oh boy, new gadgets to add to my arsenal! I do most of my crafts centered around Halloween and Chirstmas, and I would certainly love to have some of these items to play with.

  • I've made many crafts that Martha demonstrated on the show but the one I like the best is the Coffin Treat Box. Family members treasure them more than the candy I put inside!

  • my favorite martha inspired craft project is a scrapbook in which I collect all of my favorite Martha craft tutorials from MS Living. From that collection my favorite is definitely the handsewn strawberry pincushion. so cute and useful!

  • My most memorable Martha craft was last Christmas, when I was inspired to make handmade ornaments to tie on everyone's gift as an extra touch. Every single ornament I made was found as a DIY on I even went so far as to hand them out as favors at our annual Christmas party. Oh--and looking through her handmade card gallery, last year I did our annual newsletter as the kind that folds into its own envelope, and they were such a hit with the family I think I'll do that every year.

  • For our son’s 4th birthday party the kids made crafts! They made the “Martha Stewart’s Craft Puppet Kits”. The kids absolutely loved making these and the Mom’s were so impressed with the detail of them. For decorations I used “Martha’s” Animal Balloon Kits. It was a really great party and day!

  • Wow, what craft project hasn't Martha Stewart influenced? I think the most memorable was the year I did a HUGE Halloween party and made tons of stuff from the Halloween issue of that year. Party bags, fancy candy dishes, tree cutouts on the walls were all things that I made in addition to a lot of food-related things. It was a blast.

  • My best memory is creating Martha Stewart Thanksgiving decorations for our table about 5 years ago. It was the first time I had spent the holiday with my sister's family and it was such a special time, crafting with her, followed by the day's celebration!

  • I have been inspired by Martha in so many ways. Using her baking handbook, I made my first batch of banana bread last week and it was fabulous!

  • I love all the crafts that Martha has done on her shows. Make me want to do them all - If I just had enough time! My favorite craft from today was the making of the beautiful wire lace necklace. Martha and Co. you are an inspiration to me.

  • I have lots of favourite Martha crafts. I would have to say that I love the solid colour cross stitch in the March magazine. I have also always loved the ice luminaries.

  • My favorite Martha craft is a Halloween one. Every year I get out the power drill and drill hole after hole into hollowed pumpkins to make neat patterns.

  • Love Martha crafts! My most memorable Martha inspired craft was making glitter string Christmas Ornaments. While making them, someone came to my door. I didn't realize until after they left was that I had glue & glitter all over my face. I wondered why they looked at me so oddly.

  • I love the tissue paper poofs, so easy to make with a huge impact. I make them for every baby or bridal shower I throw... which is a lot!

  • Get out. This is like Christmas in March. :)

    I feel like Martha {& her crew} have blown my mind with so many fresh crafty ideas, but the seashell bookends stand out in my mind as a favorite.

  • I love Martha!!!! I watch her show every day!!! Most everything I create is inspired by her. If I have to say one thing that is my favorite it would have to be the programs I created for my wedding last fall. After watching a segment on her tv show I included the "What tree did you fall from?" chart. It was a huge hit!!! Thanks Martha!!!!

  • I remember when my husband and I bought our first house with a small back yard. It was so cozy but very sunny. I wanted to hang pots and wreaths but they always dried out so quickly. I had watched a MS gardening episode in which she showed a succulent wreath. It was beautiful. I ordered it right away. I still have it 25 years later.

  • I was a kindergarten teacher and several years ago I made Martha's gumdrop ornaments - girl and boy elves around xmas wire hooks and gave them to my class. They were a hit! This project hasn't been shown in a long time and it would be a great one to reintroduce again this xmas. they are so sweet and easy to make - and edible....:)

  • One of my favorite craft projects was inspired by Martha. We created treat bags by color. (We organized halloween candy by colors orange, brown, red, acid green and purple.) We filled 6oz glycine bags with candy and used Martha's stamps and paper punched to make tags. They looked great! We made 200 Halloween bags and donated them to children in a local hospital and homeless shelter. The combination of single color candy and tags made a great presentation and made the kids enjoy themselves!

  • Recently I found my mother's cherished copy of Martha Stewart's Pies & Tarts (1995). The blueberry pie is my favorite and the Mile High Meringue is awesome on chocolate pies! I dabble in jewlery making, sewing, gardening, and pressure canning my own vegetables, along with raising chickens! Since retiring, a new set of tools and incentives would be very exciting.

  • I love Martha's crafts and her felted polar bear and penguin projects had me hooked on needle felting.

  • Martha's wedding craft projects were such an inspiration at my wedding -- and we used quite a few of them! M

    y favorite was the Hanging Paper Flowers, which we used to decorate our reception hall. Here's a photo:

  • I like using punches to add a decorative touch to any paper creations. We used a corner punch to prettify all of the menus for our wedding. My poor husband's thumb and index finger were so sore after doing 100 menus.

  • I am an advid crafter of all types. I love all crafting tools especially the Martha Stewart. I especially love the holiday crafts on Martha's shows. I record them from the tv and then print them out from computer. Keep all the good ideas.

  • So many GOOD THINGS!!! I enjoy paper flower making, beading and stencilling projects I've seen on The Martha Stewart Show! Such great instruction! Thank you!!!

  • I made hundreds- yes HUNDREDS- of tissue paper pom-poms in assorted sizes and colors for my best friend's bridal shower- They totally made the day.

  • My most Martha inspired moment is happening as we speak. I am hosting a wedding shower for my sister this spring and watching Martha's show and visiting the website I have come up with several wonderful ideas for helping to decorate the shower as well as wonderful recipes to create a wonderful food table. Thanks Martha for all the inspiration!!!

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft was decorating Easter eggs this past year. My sister, mom and I all got to chat as we tried different techniques. They turned out wonderful!!

  • One fabulous craft idea that comes to mind is the "Pom-Pom Turkey" from the November 2005 issue. I used the template for the tail-feathers to make my "Turkey Goodie Cups" for Thanksgiving 2005. I used a favorite tool, a bone folder to emboss veins on the feathers.

  • I made PomPom Tom turkeys for Thanksgiving three years ago from a tutorial I got here and have brought them out every year since. They are cute and were fun to make!

  • I am constantly inspired by Martha and the Crafts Department. What a dream job! My memorable Martha-inspired craft moment was making a banner for my daughters birthday using the circle cutter. I received so many compliments on her party using paper crafts ideas from Martha!

  • My favorite craft was the knitted neck warmer where one side slips into the tunnel created in the other end. I ran into a woman in my church who was wearing one who told me that her aunt had made it for her 20 plus years ago. I wonder if it was originally Martha's pattern at that time? (I got the pattern off her website)

  • I thank Martha and Martha's Elves for teaching me to craft beautifully.
    I especially appreciate your ideas for cards...amazing how a beautifully crafted card enhances the sentiments expressed in the card.
    Thanks, Cathryn

  • I started scrapbooking after being inspired by Martha's paper crafts collection. I love collage as an artform, and her tools make it so easy!

  • The best repurpose of a Martha Stewart craft - I used the Glitter Yarn ornament (where you wrap the yarn around the balloon with Md Podge, then glitter it and pop the balloon to make an ornament)as the "dropping ball" on my New Years Eve First Birhtday cake for my niece!!

  • Hello, My name is Goldie Renee Tom. I don't have just one memorable Martha-inspired craft project moment, I have many. Everytime I watch the Martha Stewart show I am always inspired. There always great ideas and I incorporate those ideas into my own crafts. The Halloween episodes are especially the greatest because just like Martha I love Halloween. I love and enjoy making crafts. My one down fall to making my crafts is I always don't have the right tools, so I have to improvise. So I jumped at this chance to win these craft tools. I hope I'm one of the lucky winners :)

  • I just purchased the Martha Stewart scoring board last month and even though its very simple I LOVE making my own envelopes!

  • Its difficult to pick one or two of my favorite Martha Crafts, I love them all. One that I made and use all the time is the Wall Wire for Photos or notes. It was easy to make and looks very nice on my wall. My second favorite using all my Martha punches to make one of kind cards! I never miss Martha and I love her magazine which I have subscribed to for years! :)

  • Making invitations with my Grandma-In-Law Helen to her 90th birthday party was truly memorable. We made cards adorned with Martha's layered rose stickers, adhesive ribbon tape, photo corners, a cursive H stamp and Martha's gold stamp ink. Beautiful invitations and memories made with Grandma.

  • I find anything Martha does wonderful and even if I do not do that particular project right away, it all adds to the knowledge "pot." I cannot wait to see the craft room across the street!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love using the Martha products. I just recently tried the glue stick and LOVE them. I make and sell light switch plates after I stamp and color and sometimes glitter the paper. The glue sticks adhere the paper beautifully. Thank you!

  • I love and use Martha's gift tag making and wrapping ideas all the time. I try to incorporate a new one somehow in every gift I give! Such incredible and inspiring ideas!

  • My favorite is having the kids make homemade valentines. I love the personal sentiment it gives to the friends.

  • I was so excited to see that Martha's entire show was dedicated to crafting!!! I have loved many of the crafts shown on her show but I really loved the glittered pumpkins!!! So beautiful!!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win all these wonderful tools!!!

  • I jumped at the chance to make the Stuffed Menswear Bunnies from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts. The pattern was easy to follow and would make perfect dog toys for our furry children. My first bunny came out a little lopsided but I got the hang of it and my second bunny came out much better…not that I really cared because these things were destined to be destroyed.

    Our dogs had such a ball with these homemade toys. Stuffed animals are a passion for them. All the effort was worth it just to watch their longing looks while I was sewing and the overwhelming joy when play time finally came. However, within fifteen minutes, one bunny had bitten the dust and both were covered in slobber. I mended the missing foot on the ripped bunny and both dogs curled up with their new toys for the night. Such a fun project.

    Check out the photos!

  • Oh my ... there are so many! I love Martha's crafts! Recently I made some wool felt baby booties as shower gifts that were very lovely and easy to make, exactly what I love in Martha's crafts.

  • Where do I begin?!! Martha Stewart Living & is my all-time favorite go-to place for any craft. One of my favorites...I wanted to host a Cinco de Mayo party/BBQ, so in addition to my serapes & sombreros, I thought of tissue paper flowers that I used to make as a girl, but couldn't remember how to make them. Lo & behold, I found the instructions at My party was a huge success and everyone loved my beautiful & colorful flowers.

  • My most memorable moment is when my niece and I made at least 6 iron-on clip art bibs for my nephew in one day. We used the blanket stitch around each bib and my fingers were numb for days! But the bibs were adorable.

  • I've done so many Martha inspired projects that it would take a book to name them all. But two of my favorites are the beaded snowflakes that I made with Swarofski crystals and the Borax snowflakes with Prof. Figgy. Love every project. Would love to add to my craft room with the giveaway :)

  • I love Martha and all her wonderful ideas. Of course I wish I was able to afford everything. Times are tough but nobody ever says no to handmade items. This is what keeps me with a little extra money for my craft toys. I would love to win all these products!

  • Lois - Wow all of these tool are wonderful ! Makes me want to try something new!

  • My memorable Martha-inspired moment was watching her make a reversible purse. She made it look so easy, I finally got out my ancient hand-me-down machine and learned how to use it. Thank you!

  • I love love LOVE Martha Stewarts decrative punchs for scrapbooking. I used the lace one for a scapbooking project and had so many people as how I did it and how delicate and beautiful it was. I also love the fact that when buying a Martha Stewart product it is something you will have for years!

  • I am always inspired by any of Martha's crafts involving decorative papers. I love paper!

  • I enjoyed today's show and took notes on the fabulous tools that were discussed. I am slowly but surely building up my craft tools - the crafts shown today are very inspiring!

  • I quilt and sew daily. I made the magnet pin holder years ago and love it. I love all your great crafting and cooking. Lori

  • I really enjoyed your crafting episode. I hope you will do more of these programs!
    I enjoy all of your programs. I like to cook and bake and I learn something new from your programs all the time. But, I am a crafter at heart! I like to do it all: sewing, crocheting, and just plain crafting.

  • I love paper crafting, so my favorite Martha inspired craft is the paper evergreen trees... I created a variety of them to display during the holidays! Such a fun craft! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  • I really enjoyed making monster cupcakes for Halloween. Everyone loved them!

  • My most favorite craft was the necklace with the beaded flower using a bead stringer. I made one for everyone of my friends and they wear them to this day!

  • I have fond memories of watching Martha's show when I would stay home with a cold or the flu from high school and during the summer back in the early 2000's. :) I guess I've always enjoyed crafts. There are so many fun and inspiring crafts that I had trouble picking a favorite, but I think it would have to be from a magazine article that showed step-by-step how to knit a pair of socks. It was my first of many pairs and very inspiring!

  • I looooooove the Martha Stewart score board. The ability to score at 1/8 inch is so much more useful than I would have ever imagined.

    I've recently made two projects that wouldn't have been possible without the score board. I'm a scrapbooker/card maker and my biggest struggle with the industry is the lack of ethnic/cultural variety in paper, tools, embellishments. So I often have to make my own.

    For March (Nat'l Craft Month and Asian Heritage Month), I made a Chinese Lantern card. I used the scorer to create the ridges that are seen on the actual lanterns. Here is the link to the project!

  • Wow! Thanks for posting all of those things - I was trying to write them all down - they're all so beautiful. I gave a very nice baby shower inspired by one of your baby shower shows. The shower was on Mother's Day - I made a sign similar to the "bebe" one but I spelt out my mom's name - which was also the name of the new baby - the party loved it and I had Martha Stewart tissue paper flowers hanging - just did a lot of little touches that that show inspired. Thanks so much for all the inspiration!

  • I am addicted to the Martha Stewart punches and embellishments, I have an "ah ha" moment every time I find new embellishments from Martha, that give me inspiration for my card making!

  • I love using Martha's punches I have made cards for all the holidays and for my grandchildrens birthday's. My grandchildren love the cards and display them in their room year round till the next one.

  • I love crafting of all types. I am very inspired by all the different crafts Martha brings into the show. I loved the glittered acorns she did for Thanksgiving, so much that I bought the kit and had so much fun making them. They turned out gorgeous and everyone loved them.
    I also loved the Valentine Charm bracelets she did this year with her Valentin collection, so cute and fun.
    I can't wait to check out her craft furniture. It looks stunning on TV.

  • I have been searching for years for the perfect vintage brown leather handbag. Your show demonstrating making a leather tote from an old leather jacket was the perfect inspiration. I purchased a vintage brown leather bomber jacket from a thrift store and can't wait to have the handbag of my dreams. Thanks Martha Stewart team!

  • My favorite craft was the freezer paper dog silouette of her Frenchy dog....that she did a few years back. They were adorable and inspired me to created some freezer stencil designs for my daughters.....they loved them.
    Great give away! Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

  • I love Martha's decoupage easter eggs project. With Easter coming up soon, i am definitely going to try to make some pretty eggs...

  • I love all of the holiday crafts that Martha shares. I loved the cute Valentine's day goodie bags made with the decorative punches. They were perfect for sharing sweet treats! All the tools in this giveaway look amazing!! Thanks Martha and "The Craft Elves."

  • I am inspired by all of Martha's punches. I have used the border punches. They always make just the right touch to add simple but elegant additions to my greeting cards.

  • I love Martha, so creative and fun.I always feel inspired to make very day life more beautiful. Thanks,Sheryl

  • I have found Martha Stewart Crafts so inspiring. I have several of the tools and they are the best made and easy to use, lasting too. I can't wait to try the beading necklaces from todays show.

  • I have been using Martha glitter for a long time now... I can't speak more highly about it... or her scoring board! Love it all! Thanks for the chance to win some of these amazing tools!


  • Martha is an inspiration in all my crafting & baking. She completely inspired my 2008 wedding which I made many things for including cupcake towers, hanging carnation balls & decorative paper table coverings. I find I need to craft or bake for every occasion - nothing is compared to receiving a handmade gift!

  • Thanks for the giveaway! Loved the Craft Show today. :) By far my favorite Martha-inspired project has been making baby onesies! I watched the episode of Martha that featured the French bulldog onesies and totally fell in love with them. I've done several appliqued and painted onesies that were inspired by these that you can see on my blog at

  • I label my fabric scissors with these exact words: "Mom's Sewing Scissors - You touch, You die!!" That seems to work for the children; however
    DH isn't threatened at all. ;{ So, I am actually in need of a new set of fabric scissors - and yours are the best.
    Thank you for sharing,
    SuzanneG in NC

  • Hi Martha, my Martha moment is actually shared with my daughter Joanne. In 2009 my daughter was laid off due to cutbacks and was unemployed for about a year. She became the family "Martha" and spent the whole the entire time of her unemployment crafting. You should see the house. And she hasn't stopped she's got the bug. Well in 2010 I lost my job along with thousands when our company closed down. So sad and depressing, how am I going to find a job in this economy? Well what am I to do but craft? With all these new craft supplies and nothing but time on my hands I figure I better give it a go. So everyday after I watch your show I craft. Let's have a great craft month Martha! Thanks for all the inspiration, Anna Q

  • The craft that I enjoyed the most was the Peppermint theme she featured for christmas. I made the Peppermint Tree Picks, Peppermint garland with the white lights. I made wall scones out of large candy canes and ribbon, it was inspired by the show. I had glitter everywhere, it was so much fun.

  • I love everything Martha! I am an absolute tool freak. The tool I have used the most is the bone folder, it works for so many things. I have been a Martha fan since the 80s and have tried many crafts - a lot of wreaths and ribbon projects. Would love to win a prize of fabulous tools. Thanks for all of your terrific craft ideas, I am always inspired!

  • I am home with a migraine. But oval lucky to watch your show. I would love to win your tools. Thank you!

  • I watch Martha Stewart Show daily especially when she's doing crafts.I try to purchase as much as I can of her craft supplies but there's just so many. Awesome! Wish I had a craft room like hers. Her shows are all so inspiring. Hope to win this giveaway.

  • I do not just have one memorable show, I have several. Especially the ones that Martha has her animals involved in as well. I am a big pet person and I love all the good tips and hints that i get from Martha when she involves her pets in her shows.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft tool is the scoring board with my bone folder. My daughter and I make paper boxes for everything. We love the new magnetic punches too because now we can make window in the paper boxes. I am so inspired everyday we watch the show.

  • I used to love Martha's old catalog, “Martha by Mail”, and purchased the crepe paper flower kit. I made my eldest a fairy crown/halo using Martha's kit, and a pair of wings, for her second Halloween. I even decorated her candy pail with the crepe paper and a few flowers. Lovely memories. I still have the kit, I cherish it so.

  • REally enjoyed today's show, and love the lace necklace which I intend to share with my daughter in Bellevue, NE who also makes jewelry with wire-wrapping and semi-precious stones--she'll love this idea too. Thanks for the ideas and keep up the wonderful creativity and sharing!!

  • My most memorable Martha craft project were the beaded snowflake ornament kits you used to be able to buy from My mom and I spent a happy afternoon putting them together and I smile every year when I add them to the tree.

  • My most memorable craft was the hydrangeas made out of organza. They were adorable in a little bud vase.

  • I watch the show religiously....I love all the new products and ideas. One of my favorite is the pom poms because it could be used for any type of party.

  • My favorite martha craft was making Halloween gourds and candy trat bags for our party with my kids. My house looked great and all the kids left happy with their treats.

  • I love a good crafting hour! I do craft a lot but the last big project I did was for my sister's wedding. I hand made all the decor for the wedding shower including pinwheels and a custom banner. I was able to use the same paper and patterns to match the custom invitations I made. So much fun!

  • I loved the craft show. So many crafts out there and so little time. I consider myself a craft junkie. My passion at the moment is cards so anything that Martha can make to make my cards punch helps me. As I said so little time and so much to do. Wish I could clone myself to do all the other things to be done so I could craft my heart out.

  • Just finished a Valentines Day mobile with my two year old grandsons that I found on the site using crayon shavings and wax paper. Their parents loved it! Now looking for something easy for Easter. Keeping an eye out for wedding ideas also. Check the website often, love the ideas!

  • I would love to be a fly on the wall of the craft room. They are so talented. It would be so fun to watch the process of something being thought up and then brought to fruition. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas and tools you have come up with and shared. I cannot pick just one craft as a favorite.

  • Just finished a Valentines Day mobile with my two year old grandsons that I found using crayon shavings and wax paper. Their parents loved it! Now looking for something easy for Easter. Keeping an eye out for wedding ideas also. Check the website often, love the ideas!

  • My favorite Martha craft was definitely needle felting. Such an unusual idea!

  • I always get inspired by all the great clip art you share with us through the website. Thanks Martha and team.

  • I loved the living wreath. It was in Martha Stewart living magazine. It was made with cacti that could tolerate drier conditions. This was several years ago. What is a nicer way to welcome guests then with a living wreath?

  • The "favorites" craft tools presented on today's show were all essentials I'd love to possess. Have a few Martha Stewart items & really like her glitter for card & decoration making. Glitter makes everything elegant! If I miss a daily show, I feel like I didn't get my inspiration fix for the day. The weekends seem lacking because there's no Martha Stewart on TV.

  • There are so many wonderfully creative crafts Martha has shared with us all~ Pressing dried flowers with my two granddaughters and framing them for gifts last year was the best!

  • Martha makes lovely so easy! I remember doing decorations for my niece's first birthday - tons of pompom flowers hanging and because it was winter, I put some on dowels and used them to line the walkway to the house too! My favorite tool is the circle cutter, which is perfect for the banners I am always loving to make.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft was a cranberry inspired christmas reef. It was hours of fun to make and is a stunning peice that I can't wait to display every season. Thanks for all the tasefull and timeless ideas.

  • I love all the cool Martha Stewart paper craft items at Michaels and have used many different ones to create cards and collages. I have also used the seasonal baking containers to wrap my baked goods for holiday giving.

  • My most Martha inspired moment had to be this last weekend when we threw an English inspired tea party for my mom. I decorated with lace and pale blue ribbon and used tart recipes I found on and also crafted some cute name cards for each guest.

  • My favorite craft is the cork-backed felt coasters. The original craft project was leaf shapes. I made those and then branched out to holly leaves and berries, acorns, and summer motifs like beach ball, shells, etc. Thanks for all the fun ideas over the years!!

  • My most memorable moment was when I made giant white crepe paper roses for my dining room table centerpiece. My mother-in-law came over to visit and was so impressed...I think that says enough!

  • My favorite craft is all things jewelry making. My mother passed away from pancreatic cancer and I love memorializing her old, broken jewelry into new modern pieces.

  • My most memorable craft moment was when I had the pleasure of watching Martha live on her show as she made Halloween tutus. Martha is so at ease in each of the elements of her show whether it's crafting, cooking or interviewing that she allows the viewers to believe they too can tackle anything they set out to do.

  • My most memorable craft goes back several years and that is the coffee can luminaries. I made some for Halloween and used them to line my porch. I plan on making some more as the old ones have since rusted away or been lost.

  • Part cooking/part craft......Martha's stunning gingerbread houses during the holidays have inspired many mother/daughter sessions.

  • I love all MS crafts and have followed and enjoyed MSL
    for many years. Martha and her "crew" of specialists have provided me with inspiration from crafts to gardening to home keeping and more. I have crafted glittered fruit and pumpkins and many other things, using MS inspired ideas.

  • More, more and more crafts please. Love it all. Maybe it is time for a show entirely of crafting and sewing. Go Martha, go Martha, go Martha.

  • I like to think I'm a seasoned crafter, and many friends call me "Martha", but I learned so much from today's show.. I love the new products and the refresher course on the old ones. Unique is the word!!!! I love everything. Thank you so much for educating and re-educating us.

  • It's been a while but I loved making sweet little Valentine's out of doilies!! And about the same time I made carnation arrangements in mini heart shaped pans!

  • My best Martha-related-craft moment would have to be my first one. It was about three years ago, and my best friend and I had just graduated from high school. We wanted to do something fun to celebrate, and as we were hanging around, I realized that she had a subscription to the magazine! At first, I blew it off, but we started to look through them, we decided to make tons of crafts. All my best memories from that summer are of us running around town looking for essential oils and the prettiest papers, and it was wonderful to go to college with a bunch of decorations and knickknacks I knew we had made together.

  • Favorite? Who can pick just one.Martha's crafts are amazing!I'm a paper crafter at heart.My newest craft additions are punches. From HSN,Micheals and Hallmark Channel I can't get enough of the great designs and endless fun. Keep them coming craft team.

  • Martha, I love your show especially today the craft show. The tools you showed were wonderful. From the cutting mat, I have always used scrap boxes for cutting the mat would be a blessing. I am a retired art teacher and now doing crafts. I do scrap booking so the cutting board would be a great addition. I also do jewelry so the jewelry tools wold be a wonderful and a big help.
    Your show today was so inspiring and gave me the desire to create. Thank You

  • For years I have been making the baby travel changing pad for all the new parents (and grandparents) in my life. In fact I will be giving one to my niece (who is expecting my first great niece) this weekend. Everyone raves over them!!

  • I would have to say the paper pom poms! I'm getting ready to make them for my daughters party! Thanks.

  • Anytime I've done one of her wreath projects, I'm in awe of how nice they come out and how easy they are to do!

  • Last year for my wedding, I wanted a bright, elegant cupcake tower. I found the picture for "stacked monogram cupcakes" from MS Weddings, Winter 2003 and started gathering supplies, though I had no instructions to go with the picture. It turned out beautifully, and my husband even helped me!

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft idea was to refurbish old furniture. I had an old night stand. I washed, sanded & painted the stand in gold paint. The embellishments used were tissue-thin swirl design napkins and antique paper angels. Decoupage glue finished it. I have used this idea to create plaques and platters for gifts. Thanks for sharing your ideas Martha.

  • My brother lost his girlfriend the day there baby was born and is a single dad. I wanted to create an album for my nephew's first birthday and I could not have done it with a quickness with out the Martha Stewart cutterpede trimmer love the way it cuts paper!

  • I love the Martha Stewart line of craft tools as well as all craft tools. I also love the projects presented on Martha's program. I have got to purchase the wreath book to go along with my other collection. Keep up the good work.....

  • my favorite Martha-inspired crafts were the ones I used for my wedding! Urns filled with pumpkins, gourds and fall leaves. My sister and I had fun making glitter pumpkins as well.

  • Love the flowers. They look so real. Would be great on mini albums and on scrapbook layouts.

  • Love Martha, she inspires me everyday. One of her very early projects were these very cute felt mittens attached to clothespins then a magnet strip attached. You can create lots of different variations with different color felts and embellishments. I have been making these for years, attaching them to gifts, even decorated an entire xmas tree with them. I love that after you give them as a gift they can be stuck to the refrigerator and used to hold notes or photos. My dream job would be to work in her crafting department.

  • I crafted the cobweb Valentine (a replica of a Victorian Valentine) using a leftover swatch of suitable wrapping paper and sent it to my mom who is almost 90. She loved it and was intrigued with the way the Valentine opened up to reveal my special greeting to her.

  • I LOVE to craft, make odds and ends, and I go to art school! I super excited about this! My favorite craft on a show, has to be when martha made badges for little kids sashes, like a girl scout sash. My son is still a baby, but when he starts to learn and communicate, I have been working on making the badges to give him a "reward" I have made a badge with a potty on it, for when he potty trains, a shoe for when he learns to tie his shoe, a toy box for when he helps pick up toys, one for sharing, one for dancing etc etc etc! I can't wait to reward him when he is older! I hope he gets excited about earning a badge!

  • My favorite Martha craft experience was decorating cookies! A group of friends used Martha recipes for icing and decorated sugar cookies for Halloween.

  • Great givaway! Martha has inspired me to organize my crafting supplies. My next project is transforming the closet organizer from the Home Depot into a crafting closet organizer.

  • Making the valentines greeting card with the sugar packet :D I also liked when I heard her say about sparkle paper, so excited! Go sparkles!

  • At my wedding reception, I used wrapping paper for runners on the tables, an idea I saw on Martha Stewart Weddings. I glued floral ribbon down the sides of the runners. They looked great! Everybody was so impressed, even more so because the runners were disposable paper!

  • Martha you are one of a kind ......always great ideas , and love all your tools !!!!always

  • I tend to go off on a tangent from the craft projects presented on the show. Right now I'm making mobiles using the animal templates found on the website.

  • I love these items! I'm a busy college student, so buying crafting items and finding the time to do them can get stressful. However, as my semester is winding down I'm finding more time! I hope to make some cute stuffed animals featured on the show a few weeks ago for a friend's upcoming baby shower. And I love the idea of the wreath shown on today's show!

  • I'm amazed and inspired each time I watch the Martha Stewart show.

    The craft that has me excited and ready to run to the store is your paper punches. WOW, they are amazing and I can't wait to use them!

    Thanks for all you do, Martha and Staff!

  • I loved today's show. I belong to two clubs and love watching to get ideas for our round robin club. I have to demonstrate a project once every four months and provide all materials for that project for each member. We learn from each other and keep our creative juices flowing.

  • I loved the wired lace necklaces--quick and easy and the result is stunning!

  • As an artist, graphic designer, jewelry maker and lover of all crafts, I'm always using Martha Stewart crafting tools! My favorites right now are the many punch designs. I used them about a month ago to create baby shower invites!! :)

  • One of my most memorable martha moments was making posters for my son's 2nd birthday. I used some of the beautiful wrapping paper and adhered it to foam board. I then attached a dump truck hauling a "2" that I had drawn and colored. I hung them around the house and they looked so cool! He is almost 6 and it still hangs in his room. But, I love all the martha craft supplies! THanks!

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft were the hand sewn christmas stockings I made for my mom last christmas. She's hard to buy for, but these were perfect! Thanks!

  • My daughter’s wedding is April 2, 2011. Her fiancé loved the patterned fabric seating cards. He’s in the military and liked that they were shaped like dog tags. We are using the scrapbooking papers that we used for save-the-date bookmarks, as well as other projects that will tie everything together.

  • In the mid-nineties I made paper irises that were in the magazine. They were so fun and fresh and springy.

  • Dear Martha and Staff:

    Thanks so much for all of your craft ideas!!! I am excited to make the wire mesh necklace, how beautiful. I hope that you select me, I LOVE TO CRAFT.



  • I've recently been using Martha's hydrangea punches to create flowers on my cards, and they've turned out so beautifully I can't stop making them! I love the punches and wish I could afford to have them all!

  • More craft shows, please!!! Love the inspiration! As a cardmaker and scrapbooker, I'm always looking for ideas to use on my cards and pages, especially using the wonderful punches! What a great giveaway....thanks for the chance!!!!

  • My church hosts a Craft Bazaar every year in November to support Missionaries and I have been in charge of making ALL the wreaths for 15yrs and I would always run to my VHS videos of past Martha Stewart shows for inspiration. Thank you for a chance to win your giveaway.

  • WHOA - love love love today's craft show but am crazy about the wirelace mesh. And the wreath. And the stenciled pillow case. If the crafts were my children I would love them all the same. Between you and me - yea wirelace mesh!

  • One of my favorite Martha projects is the glittered red bird ornaments I made for my girls one Christmas.
    I also like my covered magazine boxes. Naturally, they are filled with past issues of Martha Stewart Living!

  • I love the wreaths. They are such a great way to decorate and the designs are so easy to customize to match my house.

  • I have made sooo many of your crafts and recipes. I made your rice krispies recipe for my daughter's class. I am in the process of making several tissue paper flowers for the widows in our church. I plan on doing a party with the ladies at our church and teach them how to make the tissue paper flowers and place them in the vases for the widows. Keep up the good work and great ideas.

  • It is wonderful to have these great tools for crafting! They are good quality, affordable, and readily available. And, the demos on TV make it look fun and easy. In real life, the crafts that I have done have been both. projects you can be proud of. Very professional!

  • It's difficult to pick just ONE! I love the beautiful paper flowers made from brown grocery bags.

  • I particularly enjoy the paper punches for making cards and stationery. Making my own cards is always a satisfying project, and years of Martha Stewart Living magazines have inspired my creativity.

  • I absolutely loved the demo on the different craft items to make crafting easier. I am an artist and crafter and would just love to win these items!

    Thanks Martha


  • Can you believe it is the first time I have watched...home recovering from have I survived without this show...starting with the wire mesh necklaces.

    Thank you so much!

  • Have to admit I'm home sick and happened upon Martha's program today and am so glad I did - it has inspired to start crafting again. Thanks Martha - you're still an inspiration!

  • Martha's Wedding magazine and website were a great boon for a DIY bride like me, in the days before etsy and the handmade movement really took hold!

  • My favorite,and simplest craft inspired by martha are the folded magazine Christmas "trees". They took some time to make, but very therapeutic. I didnt glitterize them, wanted them to look liek a recycled craft!

  • I can't comment on too many past shows because I've not watched TV in years. But in the past month I've started watching the Hallmark channel and just love Martha and the Pet Guy. Since watching the show, I've been taking a long look around and see so much that I can create and organize myself by reading the tips and watching the show. I've made 2011 a Handmade/Homemade Gift Giving Year. Thank you Martha and staff.

  • My most memorable project was the heart-string cards I made for Valentines with my friends. There were a lot of mistakes but also a lot of fun memories made.

  • The straw flowers! I loved it so much I ordered a straw flower maker.

  • I enjoy watching Martha everday and getting new recipes and ideas

  • My most memorable Martha Stewart craft was back with she had the baby and kids magazines, the pillowcase dresses with vintage pillow cases and chenille. I made them for my little girl, and many other little girls as gifts. My current favorite craft is the baby bloomers by Heather Ross.

  • Marth Srewart (especially the craft shows) are the best hour in my day.So much inspiration and witty reparte, not to mention fun.
    I love it!
    Rhonda Carey

  • I love to crochet, and especially enjoy all of the crochet projects that you send out! I am currently enjoying making the crocheted baby blanket with matching balls project! Thank you so much.

  • I absolutely love all of it. I recently made a felted puppet you featured on your show. Difficult but so cute when finished. Thank you. I would love to own those scissors.

  • I am constantly inspired by Matha's crafts. I especially love vintage inspired crafts in particular those for Easter, Halloween and Christmas. I made bunches of pinecone elves when I saw them in the magazine. Love, love those.

  • I just love her products, i do have alot of them one of my favorite is the 5 blade scissors i just love them they are so fun to use i have a sunday school class and we make alot of thind and the childern aways ask if i brought the "funny scissors thanks for all the Great ideas lori

  • I really had fun making Christmas cards using Martha's bird and pine branch punches, a Christmas tree stamp and ribbon. I've also used her idea of decorating the outside of vases with bamboo sticks, twigs or pussy willow branches.

  • My most favorite craft from Martha's show is making heated neck wraps filled with pearl tapioca. I've made so many to give away as gifts to friends and family and everyone has appreciated having them.
    The one I made for myself has lasted for over 5 years now.

  • First of all, I have to say I love all of your shows Martha. I just renewed my magazine subscription, can't wait for the first issue to arrive. My most memorable "Martha" inspired craft has to be card making. I love making homemade cards to send to family and friends. Although your cookie decorating ideas tickle my fancy too. Keep up the great work Martha and staff!

  • I loved the Valentines bags with the any-where punch. I went right out and purchased the punch and bags. I have 5 grandchildren, so I made each one a special bag. I stamped their names on the hearts left over from the punch. Each one was personalized and perfect. Love it!!!! Thanks.

  • My favorite was using the coffin template to make coffin shaped halloween treat favor boxes for my children's school treat favors. All of your halloween ideas are amazing! I even used the frozen ice hands from the rubber gloves in the punch bowl!

  • Best show ever!!!!
    My ultimate inspiration will have to be the Christmas wreaths.

  • My (recent) favorite is the candy bar snowman...
    My son made them for holiday gifts and gave them
    To his coaches, teachers, etc.

  • My favorite projects from Martha are ANY that involve paper! I am a graphic designer and I am starting to get involved in stationary design and have an extreme love for paper. The bone folder, the cuter, the cutting mat- all tools after my heart! I simply love it! Great show today!

  • Hard to pick one favorite craft but I love decorating for Christmas...last year Martha showed a Christmas tree out of paper with lights placed under it to show through the holes punches that could be placed on dinning table for a centerpiece.

    I love watching the shows but especially like the crafting. Not many shows on anymore for crafters. Thanks Martha!

  • Helping my Grandsons make aprons to wear when we make cookies...I even let them use my older embroidery machine to put little chef hat on the apron, one even wrote Grams helper..
    Thanks for the chance to tell about my wonderful Grandsons and for you giveaway...

  • I love the Martha Stewart punches! They are easy to use and store. I enjoy using them to make cards.

  • Got to be homemade greeting cards with photography by my husband!

  • Mine is not really a craft but a Martha inspired craft center. I used Sharkey Gray paint to marry two pieces of furniture together to create my Martha Stewart inspired crafting center.

    Go to my blog to see pictures.

  • I did in my class for kindergarden "El dia de los Muertos" we punch,cut,glitter paper to make "papel picado. Your tools made it easy!
    Love to have tools that work and can be used over and over! thanks! Elia

  • My favorite Martha-inspired craft I've tried is the ribbon Christmas card holder! ( I modified it a bit and use clothespins decorated with wrapping paper to hold my cards on. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  • Love the craft shows and all of Martha's wonderful ideas! It's fun to see all the tools and how they work. I've been crafting for ten years and Martha Stewart has the best products EVER!!! More craft shows please! I purchased a couple of the glitter sets, and rather than just one project, they have given SEVERAL of my projects a whole new dimension!! Especially my Valentines projects for my grandkids. :) Thank you so much for the chance to win such a spectacular giveaway!!! :)

  • I love Martha Stewart craft supplies for all my crafting. I like to make wreaths for our front door for each season.
    Thank you and blessings!

  • Love all the crafting! Love To sew quilts and want to try the necklace made on today's episode!

  • They say the right tool makes the job and Martha has the best! Want them all! Can't wait for the tour of the working craft room! Thanks for the wonderful insiration!

  • Well this is my very first "Blog" so I guess we all can learn new things from Martha. I really loved today's show on tools. We really are not that different than the men with their tools, now are we?

    Thanks Martha and her elves!

  • My (current) favorite (must I choose?!) craft is the terrariums made from the Edwardian garden boxes. It was inspiration I could give my brother,a nature lover, still grieving from loss of a mother and sister, as a potential business idea doing something he loves. Thank you sooooo much!

  • I have been inspired so many times creatively by Martha Stewart and her team of crafters. Some of my favorite craft projects inspired by Martha have been holiday ornaments using her glitter and glitter glue products! I love how she shared how to use a tray to capture the unused glitter to use yet again! Thanks for all the years of great inspiration, tips and of course wonderful products!!

  • I have just started watching Martha Stewart show. I have been a crafter since I was twelve years old. I have taught myself everything I know. Is is fun to wathc the crafts to see that I have already done alot of these. I still am learning new things all the time. Would love to have a chance to win the giveaway.

  • I absolutely love any type of craft and thoroughly enjoy all that are demonstrated on your shows. One craft that stands out in my mind is the show where you demonstrated how to glitter pictures. I believe one of the pictures was a winter scene and the bird was glittered red. Thanks so much for all you do to inspire.

  • What an exciting craft tools giveaway! I love watching Martha's craft episodes and find it challenging to pick a favorite. The coffee filter roses did cause me to immediately run out and buy the coffee filters. Her new scor board really looks fun. I would love to win all these wonderful tools. Thanks Martha for your awesome creativity!

  • There is absolutly no way to choose a favorite. I watch them all and get something from each craft that I use towards many many other crafts. I learn a new way of doing things all the time. Thank you Martha you are greatly appreciated!!

  • Martha always has the best ideas. Today there were so many to choose from. I do a little bit of everything. But the best was the craft furniture. But I'm sorry to say I missed the company's name. Can you provide that to me? I have one bed room that is my craft room and needless to say I've out grown it. I could use some help to organize it. Thanks so much.

  • I am trying to create a craft area within my mudroom. I do have some craft tools but I usually end up borrowing craft tools from my friends or looking at rummage sales and second hand stores. I am a mother of four teenagers and of course my money ends up going for the kids, the house, or the cars. I love to craft in my spare time and these tools would be an asset to my craft area. Thank you all for such wonderful craft ideas. You are all truly blessed with amazing talent.
    Fondly, Melissa

  • I love your show Ms. Stewart, you always have wonderful ideas on your show. I am a branch manager of a small library, and I do craft projects every Thursday with my kids. I always try to do recycable free crafts, because I do not have the funds for craft supplies, I normally buy them from thrift stores and sometimes I will get a donation. Your favorite craft tools would be a welcome asset to our programs. Since my friends know I craft I received your book Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts. I love it!!!!

  • Hi Martha , i just love your show
    i do all kinds of crafts. i just started to quilt.
    i am trying to organize my craft room. although it will never be like yours, i love it, kind of messy. But you give me inspiration every time i see your studio. i would love to have the craft tools you showed on your show , but one thing at a time. you are an inspiration to all of us crafters. have a great day. I also love your pets. i just lost my kitty after 16 yrs and it is very lonely i guess i am going to get another one. i really like to save the stray ones.

  • I Love trying new projects and when I watch your show it inspires me to want to try new things everyday
    I love your decorative hole punchers My favorite craft would be your star cards and boxes very cute and fun to do

  • My favourite craft was the purse made from a leather jacket. So many different ways to make brilliant bags- I'm still searching for the perfect jacket! Fantastic giveaway!

  • I have made dozens of Martha's crafts. I was inspired to learn to crochet and knit from the Baby Magazine and made baby booties and both of my childrens' baby afgans. But my very favorite was the wedding favors that my mother-in-law and I made for my wedding. Inspired by the oversized copper tiered wedding cake cookie cutter, we made her famous (and my husband's all time favorite) sugar cookie recipe. We made 20 dozen cookies and then I iced them using the flood icing in a decorator's bag. My mother, my bridesmaids and myself all placed each cookie in cellophane corsage bags and tied them with ribbon (robin's egg blue was even my wedding color).

    Thanks for the opportunity to win all these fabulous prizes!

  • There is no way I could pick just one craft! I have sewn, painted, cut, felted, and woodworked by way through Martha crafts for so many years. :^). This weeks crafting episode had me googling items mentioned at record speed. Marthas crafts enrich my life in so many ways. Thank you Martha!

  • I made posters for a benefit for my niece using Martha Glitter. They were absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I received so many compliments on them. I was the Martha Stewart Glitter Cheerleader that day. The Martha Products are ALL wonderful. Thanks Martha.

  • Watching Martha as she creates so many beautiful and useful items has been an inspiration for me. Plus the techniques and tips are great and everything I've tried has worked very well.

  • Wow! I can't pick just one. I'm am homemaking leader for our church and need many, many ideas. I have learned to quill and LOVE it. I have learned to make your boxes etc. etc. etc. I could go on and on. What a nice give away. I hope you pick me! Just more fun tools to share with my daughter who is following in my footsteps. Thank you

  • I enjoy the enthusiasm Martha and her guest put into the projects. I am a person who likes to always try new ways of doing things and have been inspired by all of her shows. I have taped them for many years and have taken loads of the ideas and brought them to fruition. Mostly I enjoy using my hands to create and she has inspired my own creativity. Thank you Martha!! I hope I win a nice wonderful tool.

  • Years ago during a very "challenging" time in my life, I watched a Martha Stewart show and my life hasn't been the same! Not only did that show help me smile again, but my creative juices began to flow. I look forward to each and every episode of Martha for more inspiration! Every day has a little bit of Martha in it! Baking, crafting, glittering, gardening, etc. I love them all! I try to add to my craft toolbox and just when I think I have the best tool, Martha comes out with another one! Love it!

  • As a Girl Scout Troop Leader. I needed affordable and easy crafts for the girls to be successful with. I remember making small books for Mother's Day gifts that were just the right size for the small school photos. The girls decorated them. It was great.

  • I have made many projects with Martha. When my children were young (now 31 and 29) they would suggest that I should be punished, no MARTHA for 1 week! I have stitched and glued my way through life with Martha Stewart. I will always remain her #1 fan. Thank you kindly.

  • Hello! My favorite Martha Stewart craft is making wreaths for the different holidays. It brightens my door and invites friends and family into our home. Using the bone folder and self-healing mat makes these wreaths easy to do. Try them they'll decorate your front decor.

  • My most memorable Martha inspired project would be the crepe paper roses. I had found the kits at Michaels and was so excited to make them. I was completely hooked and made them over and over again in different colors.

  • Martha I am so jealous that I was not in the audience today.All my friends always say, Okay Martha Stewart,what do you think? I loved your wedding book and used many of your ideas for our daughters wedding. Thank you for all the ideas you have shared.

  • My favorite craft ideas from Martha are anything that we can do that covers the Occupational needs of my niece and nephew. And really Martha has so MANY. My cousin and I created a blog on the weekly and monthly activities we do with the children. We are constantly researching craft ideas to use for our craft days.
    And really, we love just about all of Martha's craft ideas, especially around holidays.

  • My most memorable is luggage tags from several years ago with a little suitcase and lady and I just loved them and put them in plastic luggage tag holders and have gone on many, many travels with those with me. And I can always tell my black luggage from my Martha Stewart tags. Love them and the show. I have many ideas from the internet and the shows but those for some reason have been my favorite.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft was the really cute matchbook seed packets that I made as favors for my wedding! If I win this awesome prize pack, I can't wait to use the scoring board to make my invitations!

  • Thank you!

  • Crafting is so much easier with the Martha Stewart craft line. I loved making the diamond roses for my college class mates. They made fantastic Valentine cards! How could anyone pass up glittered paper roses?

  • I've been a crafter all my life and enjoy all the ideas I've found @ Martha Stewart! I recently retired and spend a lot of my time creating gifts for my family and friends. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

  • My favorite Martha craft is a frame project she did with Kevin Sharkey. They took plain square frames and created their own beautiful mat boards using wallpaper. Each of the frames had a picture of Martha's beautiful pets. I was inspired to do the same thing. They made creating a beautiful frame easy and affordable. I used photos of my pets in sepia and black and white in the frames. The wall paper is rose print since my home decor has a victorian flair. Keep up the great crafting ideas!!!

  • I catch the show when I can, but I really like the crafting parts. I use Martha Stewart Punches in making cards, I especially like the around the page punches to make the smallest square and then do some embroidery in the middle. I made the bookmark size last year for Mother's Day for all the ladies at church

  • One of my favorite tools is my Martha Stewart paper cutter. Use it all the time - even loaned it to a friend who was making invitations for her daugher's wedding. Easy to change from cutter to scorer which was perfect for making invitations! Would love to win the wonderful craft products demonstrated on The Martha Stewart Show today!

  • My Favorite use of Martha Stewart Crafts were for my Sister's past, present, future themed Bridal Shower. It was amazing! From the food labels and table scape to the wall decor! Fabulous!! Thanks Martha!

  • My all time fave was wedding favors for my daughter's wedding. We made the little boxes and filled them with candies.

  • Cards, cards, cards, cards, cards!! Martha's stamps, pens, markers, glitter, bone shaper, scissors, embellishments, cutting tools, punches and more more more! Everyone loves a handmade card and Martha's tools and inspirations are wonderful for them. Thanks!!

  • I love to make cards. One of my favorite things is the bone folder. The cards Martha makes give such wonderful ideas, especially for special days like Mothers' and Fathers' Days. I am very interested in the scoring board she demonstrated today! It would be a valuable tool to have! Thanks for the inspirations!

  • I am always getting great ideas from your show. I keep all kinds of supplies on hand for my 4 grandchildren (ages 4 to 9) to use when they visit. They get so excited when it is time to put something together

  • I love to watch all the great ideas on the show. My favorite craft lately was to make beautiful programs for my daughter's wedding with the wonderful paper punches from Martha Stewart Crafts.

  • Hello. How can you choose just one? I combine ideas to make something truly special. Martha's fine glitter on anything makes a great present or decoration. I love the craft shows!!!! Hope I win. I would love to add great speciality items to help me craft ans well an you do on t.v..

  • I made a memory pillow from a throw pillow from the Martha Stewart line years ago. I used photos, pearls and ribbons. Now my daughter is about to turn 1. I am designing her pillow, I hope she will treasure it for years!

  • I love using Marth Stewart paper supplies for card making. I love to give cards an unusual aspect by using the wonderful and varied paper punches. I recently made a great bunny card to send to a friend. I printed a photo of my bunny for the cover. I used an edging punch down the side. Then I used a hopping rabbit bunch inside the card. It was very cute. As a little extra I filled the card with confetti of bunnies punched from different color paper scraps. Then I also like to use contrasting color envelopes and punch the bunny on the envelope so it shows through. A nice surprise when it arrives in the mail and a huge surprise when it's opened and all the bunnies hop out of the card.

  • Martha inspires me daily with the craft of the day. I made many of the crafts and give as gifts. The most well received recently was the tooth fairy pillow I made for my 5 year old daughter. She can't wait to lose her first tooth and get a visit from the tooth fairy.

  • My favorite craft from a long time ago was making a garland with small circle stickers. I worked with my then young nephews taking the stickers off the paper and very carefully sticking two stickers together on a piece of colorful string to hang on the mantle. Such a fun project to do with my nephews when they were younger. We had stickers everywhere, on our clothes, furniture and of course of our noses.

  • What a wonderful give away! These tools are a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

  • By far the most rewarding project that I have made
    Was definitely inspired by Martha's wooden baby blocks.
    I made a precious set with the Childs name and a cute
    Coordinating scrapbook paper. They were wonderful so
    I took this idea to another level and made "prayer blocks"
    For my grandmother, for her 90th Bday. They consisted of
    Pictures of her 7 children and their families. Of course I used
    Coordinating Scrapbooking paper as well. She absolutely
    Loves them. I think they are a great idea for older folks that may
    Be suffering from alz heimers, like my grandfather did. By the
    Way my grandmothers name is Martha Jane Stewart!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • It's hard to choose a favorite craft project from Martha. Usually, I'll use one of her ideas as an inspiration and build from there. Right now, I'm loving making tissue paper flowers in different sizes. Great for decorations and I'm using it in place of bows on presents. Beautiful decorations that aren't expensive!

  • One of the most fun things I have made is the Halloween bags you show each year. I make Halloween bags each year for my grandchildren and you had one where the moon was made out of reflective tape. They all loved their bags. Love all of your projects.

  • I love ALL things Martha, even have Martha's Living on my IPAD :) The most inspiring idea that has me ready to craft are glittered eggs. I of course have Martha glitter. They will go great on my wooden Easter tree that my late grandfather made me 20 years ago.

  • Do I have to pick just one? I can watch Martha Crafts all day long...Loved the ghost candy lollipops for Halloween and the hot air balloon party decor...I can go on and on..Love M.S....

  • I love watching Martha and all the crafts and cooking segments. I think one of my favorite things to craft would be homemade cards for Thank You's and Birhtday's. They seem to mean more when they are made by hand.

  • Today's show was "awesome" and I am looking forward to making the pillow and a few necklaces. All the shows are inspiring and have been tremendously helpful to me. I find myself getting so excited telling people about all Martha's shows. Great therapy! Thanks for the opportunity at a giveaway.

  • The best thing I have ever made with Martha Stewart crafts are glitter paintings of beloved family pets - last Christmas I gifted glitter paintings to each person that has a cat in our family! It took me hours and hours to complete them, but it was well worth it. I am now an expert at blending glitter to get colors right! Amazing product.

  • Love, love, love all the crafting projects, helps work off all the pounds from the baking show items I've made.

    Thanks Martha & crew for all the project ideas, what a wonderful feeling to make beautiful pieces with your hands. I've shared your inspirations with my daughters and really enjoy watching them gain self confidence and become more creative from making several of your projects with me!

  • After having 3 sons, I was thrilled to give a new daughter-in-law a wedding shower. I made Martha's pinwheels in pink and yellow and attached them to an arbor. When the breeze blew they actually turned. Everyone was amazed! My guests received favors in Martha's paper cones. Memorable!

  • OMG, do I really have to pick one favorite..Well a most recent favorite Martha Stewart craft was with Heather and making the baby bloomers...March 28, 2011 was like any other Ohio winter day, kind of ho-hum..But after watching Heather make the bloomers, I got inspired........Even though I'm not a very good seamstress and I only have a machine that sews back and forth, no fancy stitches..I fell in love with the bloomers, it reminds me of the days when my girls were babies..Now I'm a grandma of 3 grandaughters and expecting 2 more grandchildren in the next 2 months. So my projects began, and are so stinkin easy, any one , even me can make them And they are adorable....Thanksso much for showing the bloomers...

  • My most favorite Martha Stewart craft was making the Fourth of July red, white and blue garland. It took me personally, alittle time to figure out the making of the first star, but after that it was easy. It was so nice to make a homemade decoration for the 4th of July that looked great!!

  • I remember seeing the Martha Stewart show on a Red and White Christmas. I saw how she used the Magnolia tree leaves to make beautiful wreaths out of them. My sister and I both went outside immediately to start picking up our own Magnolia tree leaves and starting ours for the house. The other project that we both loved were the ornaments that were red, pink, and white glitter that were starofoam balls made into a tree toper. We made that for our house. They were beautiful for any Christmas decorations in our home.

  • I recently made Valentine cards with a group of young girls in my Bible Study. We made the Roses are red, Violets are blue... card. It was a big hit!!

  • Martha Stewart has inspired me in my paper crafts, cooking, and gardening! (I think I am a lost cause in the home decorating - sorry, Martha.) I have always loved her special projects for the holidays. One of my most memorable moments was making spider cupcakes with my stepson one Halloween. Thanks for all the "good things" you've brought into our lives!

  • My most "Martha" inspired craft is my entire kitchen. I have used Martha's ideas and products to create a really great "Coffee Shop" style kitchen. I have made the window treatments, created wall art, and table decor all from ideas gleaned from Martha. Thanks for the inspiration and great products!

  • My favorite craft was one that I saw a number of years ago. It was the burlap covered bulletin board that did not require push pins. It was made with criss-crossed ribbon.

  • I love anything martha stewart....I am a silversmith because of her...She inspired me to be crafty...I love the creativity of her company and her employees.

  • My favorite project was the shell shaddow boxes. My daughter was given a box of shells. And that is where they sat, in the box, for two years. She now has a way to display her favorites.

  • I absolutely loved the wirelace used in the jewelry segment. I can't wait to get some and "experiment"!

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft are the wreath's I have learned to make over the years. My sister expects a new one every year!

  • I love everything that you and your staff does! I would have to say though that the coffee filter roses is my favorite. I am disabled and need to keep my mind busy so doing crafts is a great way to do that. Thank you for the creative crafts and the many other things that you and your staff does.

  • I absolutely love the huge pom pom flowers! I plan on giving my young granddaughters and neice's(?) a princess tea party this spring and how beautiful it will be with these huge flowers placed thruout the yard! I loved every moment of today's show and what wonderful tools! Hope I win,hope I win! Love the show! Love Martha and her wonderful team!

  • I made the wool cupcake pincushion, that her and Betz White made together. I just love it and use it all the time.

  • Last Halloween I had a new home and a 1 month old baby- my house was looking spooky- but not in a halloween way! My mom came to visit and brought with her Martha's Halloween mag, we did so many of the projects together having a great time and my house looked awesome!

  • I LOVE everything you do MARTHA and team..I bake, craft and entertain all the time.As of late my teenage son has his friends over every weekend.The boys are always building something. They have distroyed my craft table, scissors, and lots of other tools. I love to inspire them to create, cook and have fun. We utterly enjoy all of it but I NEED more supplies.So please help this Momma Tiger supply the boys with more tools by sending us one of your fabolous craft kits. so they can continue creating there own works of art.

  • Each summer, I keep a large pot of cat nip outside for making kitty toys. I use denim from jeans that have seen better days and embroider little eyes on them. I stuff them with cotton balls (instead of polyester fiber fill) and dried cat nip. I group 3 or 4 of them together to give as hostess gifts to cat-loving families. They are welcomed more than flowers or wine because they are a personal touch and the cats adore them! Even shy kitties will venture out from under the bed to check out their gifts, regardless if the house is full of guests!

  • I have been watching Martha for the past month. Love the arts and craft ideas: making tote from old leather jacket, baking segments, etc... I have been crafting since I was a child: Crochet taught by grandmother, embroidery taught by mother, knitting taught by Girl Scout Leader, quilting self-taught, etc.... Hoping to win craft basket to continue my ever-learning craft career. While visiting this sight discovered another project to attempt using craft items that are available in craft basket. Can't wait to get started!!!

  • All the ideas are SUCH an inspiration! If I only had more time and space.... Still, I can dream, can't I?? Keep up the fab ideas Craft Team!

  • I was so excited to see the beautiful paper pom poms on the show today. I used to make these with my sisters, then my daughters and now my grandson. I downloaded a copy of the instructions to give all of them in birthday cards this year as a little reminder of fun times. Yea!

  • I really enjoyed the ribbon wreaths that you did. I have maded several for all my friends. I enjoy watching you every day. And looking forward to the next show.

  • I'm an oldie Martha Stewart follower! A few things Martha inspired me to craft: superhero capes for friend's children, paper flowers for special events I had volunteered for, sewing projects galore, baby showers, and her decorating tips from her magazines and shows inspired me in my home and sewing and craft room!!

  • Hi Martha, Just love your show. I always get the best ideas for having the most fun with my grandchildren from your show. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for special memories that will last a lifetime.

  • I enjoyed how you made the paper flowers. I actually enjoy all of the crafts you have created and also the cooking shows.
    I am a crafter in Oregon. I do a lot of aprons, pillow cases, decorative kitchen towels and and now using an embroidery machine. I could use all of the items in this give away. Keep up the good work I watch everyday.

  • Wow. Great show today. I came on the web site to look up paper pom poms. I've been having so much fun crafting lately. My son is getting married in December and I have a few projects going on with my future Daughter in-law Emily. We are making all the center pieces for the reception ( 22 of them), we have put together really cute jingles bells for the guests instead of trowing rice at church,Emily etched snowflakes on glasses for champagne for bridal party, we are using your snowflake punch for the flower girl to drop snowflakes down the aisle at church. And I will be making the flower girl dress. I enjoy everyone of your shows, best ideas ever. If I only had more time.....

  • I love to do crafts and have all my life. I'm now retired and play all day with doing crafts. If I would have been born later I would be trying to work with Martha. Come visit and leave a comment. Laura

  • my favorite martha project is glittering everything in sight! martha glitters and glues are the best

  • Loved the entire show today. The lace wire was a favorite. Martha always shows great ideas for crafts that it is hard to pick one. I am going to make them for my girlfriends. Thanks for the great idea Martha and Kristin!

  • I loved the show today! The most memorable crafts I have been inspired to make, are my scrapbooks featuring my darling grandchildren using all of Martha's scrapbooking supplies. It's so hard to choose among them as they are all so wonderful!

  • I love to crochet; but I fell in love with the jewelry Kristen made in your show! I'm definitely going to check out that lace wire:)

  • I have just recently started looking at all of Martha's craft ideas because I have become a Daisy Girl Scout leader. :) The birthday crowns are going to be fun!!

  • What a great giveaway!!! I am especially excited about the scissors. May latest favorite craft, I love them all, was the baby bloomers. I love to sew and have high hopes of having a grand child someday. I just retired in Feb so I get to watch Martha every day now, plus I now have time to craft and sew. Thank you Martha for being such a great inspiration.

  • I love any & all of Martha's Halloween crafts & decorations! I copy her every October!

  • I use all the clip art I get on the website and in the magazine when I need something foolproof, but the one thing I have gotten the most positive response from is the Martha Stewart "drippy goo" punch on my Halloween cards. It adds that "eewww" factor that makes the holiday fun.

  • What a great segment and awesome tools. I can't wait to get some new sewing scissors just for fabric!

  • My favorite martha crafts are the "good things for kids" back when that magazine was out--we still have a copy and use it for homeschooling. We recently did Pipe Cleaner Animals!

    Sarah M

  • I saw the wire lace on today's show. I am a jewelry maker and loved that idea. Can't wait to try it.

  • Love all your crafts, I sew and make easy jewelry and do lots of other crafts and enjoy all the new ideas I get from your show, books and website. Thank you for these great ideas. Loved the wire lace necklaces, can not wait to be able to try these.

  • Martha, I love all of your tools for crafting. I'm a tool junkie so I collect and use so many of the tools you sell at Michael's. The more the better! My favorite hobby is making handmade greeting cards.

  • My all time favorite Martha Craft was the Halloween Hang Ups in the October 2008 Martha Stewart Living. Had such fun making them.Every one wanted to know where I got them!! They made our Halloween party the best ever that year! Martha's Halloween Crafts are Frightfully Good!

  • I remember watching the Martha Steart show when Martha made a childs art apron from oil cloth. I loved that idea.

  • I liked all the products that were on the show today. Is there somewhere to get everything in one place?

  • Loved the show today! One of the most memorable crafts of Martha's that created happy memories in our home was a set of wool pompon birds my then ten year old son and I made for him to give as gifts to family members. He was so proud! They turned out really well and were the start of many other projects he has enjoyed making since then. Thanks for all you do to inspire us all.

  • I've always loved how Martha Stewart makes all her crafting so simple and easy; and everything always turns out so pretty. I had a chance to catch today's show and I was blown away by the crafts scoring board. OMG! I didn't know something like that existed. I make greetings cards and I would like to turn it into a business. The scoring board will allow me to make my folds a lot easier. I also loved the xyron creative station (label maker). I've been playing with different ways to put my name on my cards. I think I'll try the laminated adhesive labels. I love all of the crafting tools that were shown today. I especially agree with Martha about labeling your scissors :) I left a pair out that I use for cutting paper, and my husband used them for cutting some cable cord (he's in computer science so he's always fiddling with cables, cords, and wire). So, needless to say I will be labeling all our our scissors. Today's show was perfect for me, I'm so glad I turned the tv on and caught today's show! Thanks a bunch!

  • I have been following Martha Stewart for many years now. But, what really did it for me was when she created the tiny box's using her new score board and her punch around the page. It so inspired me that I ran to Michaels and purchased the scoreboard and the punch products. I cound not wait to create my own boxes. Because of Martha Stewart I started my very own business several years ago but, only to have to close it because my husband took deathly ill. My dream is to one day re-open my crafts business.

  • So many projects...sewing, crafting, beading...
    At this time, I am in love with the 'around the corner' punch sets. I'm making square frames for photos with the lace punches, borders on cards and scrapbook pages with the straight punch alone. Love the 'around the corner' small flower punch...I save the scraps from the punch and put them through the xyron sticker maker. Then I have the cutest, smallest flowers to place on a card or photo layout. My own beautiful mini flower confetti.

  • I have made many of the Christmas decorations shown on the show. Thanks for aquainting me to the wirelace. Neat ideas come to mind.

  • Loved the craft show today! Such creative ideas, hard to pick just one. The wire lace today has to be a new favorite. The coffee filter wreath is now in second on my list of favorites. Your Craft Dept. is the best. Looking forward to future projects.

  • I have been watching Martha for years now. My favorites involve sewing; such as the purse organizer, hanger sachets, the dog coats and cushion covers. But my favorite craft is the bird bath hanger in my garden.

  • I love all the projects, but the jewelry segment was my favorite. I watch the show almost every day ,I am a Caregiver a Friend's Mama with Dementia. She watches some too! Love the Crafts and Gardening... Thanks, Bitsy

  • The Most inspired project I have done is a craft cupboard to hold all my goodness. This was over 15 years ago and I use it everyday. This holds everything from books on shelves to bead and floss in plastic containers, to sewing supplies behind closed doors.

  • I love Marth Stewart supplies for cards. I made a great card by printing a bunny photo on the front and using an edging punch down the side. Punch a bunny on the contrasting envelope. Fill the card with punched bunny confetti. The bunnies literally hop out of the card!

  • All things homemade for our new baby! Framed prints using decorative papers, curtains, baby clothes... it is so special to create a lovely space for her and hope that someday she will be excited to inherit all of the crafting tools I'm collecting!!

  • I love the punches she has out. I do most paper crafts. I have several punches and I am excited to try the stenciling of the pillows. She inspires me to try differant things.

  • Whether it be cooking, crafting, gardening or sewing, Martha has inspired me to take a chance on learning and trying something new. I especially enjoy making party favors for guests at our family wedding and baby showers.

  • I'm a first time viewer, recently retired and will now be ALWAYS watching. I loved the mesh jewelry and will be purchasing them to begin crafting. LOVED THE SHOW :-) ).

  • How could I select a favorite? I love so many things you teach us. After working with children at Bible School and seniors at an assisted living facility I am always looking for new ideas. Which you always have. I am off to buy your latest book. Love your show.

  • As always..... very inspiring! I want to make everything from the show.
    I always make "my version" of craft shown at Martha's show. I bake and cook too.

  • It's so hard to think of JUST ONE Martha-inspired craft! I've done so many over the years. I'm a huge fan of felt, so I guess I'd have to say I LOVED the felt trivet made to look like a slice off a log. It was so easy and, yet, so impressive!

  • I love watching Martha every morning at 10am. I am so hocked on to her show that even my two 3yr old twin boys call "Mommy, Martha is on" when they see her. I get inspired every time I watch her. She always has neat ideas, great recipes, absolutely great products that every crafter needs it is just great. The necklaces made today were stunning, also loved the wreaths
    Go MARTHA GO, good work.

  • Started watching the show now that you are on the Hallmark channel. Since I have retired I am busy with my crocheting as it is cold but come summer I will switch to embroidery/quilting. My cat, Sally and I enjoy Marc's show too. Today's show makes one want to do everything demostrated. So much to little time.

  • I loved one of her Halloween shows where she made beautiful glittered pumpkins. Her Halloween week of shows is my favorite...there are so many ideas that she demonstrates and it makes me want to try all of them. I, too, like the pumpkins where she drills holes in them & inserts lights from the bottom up.

  • Lovewd the wire lace jewelry, I have tried making some necklaces and earrings and always like to get new ideas from your show and I also loved the fake logs for the fire place. What a great present.
    Martha I love all that you share with all your viewers.

  • A Martha admirer for many years, I have loved making so many of the crafts featured in the magazine and on television. My most recent project was making a wool-felt lamb toy as a baby gift. Made from a recycled sweater, the lamb was adorable and the family was thrilled!

  • My favorite is from a while back and it was luggage tags. There little people and a suitcase. I absolutely loved them. They were in the magazine and I cut them out and I put them in clear holders. They have gone on many travels with me and I don't have to worry about my black luggage getting confused because I have my Martha Stewart tags.

  • How I am inspired by Martha Stewart, let me count the ways. Though I am basically a painter. Your templates and daily crafts inspire me to do so many other things. My favorite craft were the mushroom ornaments shown over the Christmas holiday. These I have reproduced to place in my etsy shop. I have used some of the crafts for my homemaker's group. I have taught quilling classes. I keep my favorite crafts and shows on my dvr so that I make review them regularly. Thank you so much

  • I have been out of touch with the crafting for too long. I started watching Martha Stewart again and caring about crafting. The tools in the giveaway would be a blessing to me and help me get back into my crafts. I lost my job. I will be starting a new job on Friday and I would like to start back with crafts. The show is great also.

  • I saw Martha on the Today show putting gold leaf on sugar pumpkins for serving soup in the late 80's. I've used so many of her crafting ideas, cards, napkins, wreaths, garden projects. Love her products. They are well made for the crafter.

  • My favorite Martha inspired project: sewing box. I covered an old cardboard trunk from my Grandmother with fabric, inside and out, padded the lid inside for a pin cushion and added fabric straps, velcro to hold things in place. Now I have all of my sewing tools and things in one place. Currently I am working on a felt needle case to hold all of my needles.

  • One Easter my daughter and I made sugar Easter eggs using Martha's molds. We made small and large, pink and purple ones, decorated with frosting piping, Lily of the Valley's, violets and pansies; and one open display egg that holds a small bunny. They are brought out again each Easter.

  • Dear Martha, you have always been an inspiration for me. I recently under went surgery and radiation and because of your many downloads from your site I would have gone crazy. I made holiday reindeer pins and gave them to the hospital staff. It was very satisfing to see the entire staff wearing them over the christmas holoday. Keep up the wonderful shows.

  • One of my favorite craft projects was the paper-doily wreath I went out and got everything for it except the lights. I also loved the sweater that was made with a machine. I make blankets all the time but have not mastered a sweater yet. I also want to make an apron. I love doing crafts and really like your shows. There is so much to learn and use, that I don't know yet. Keep up the great work!

  • I LOVE the scoreboard! Martha rocked out the envelopes and boxes and now so do I! THANKS MARTHA!

  • I love your Martha Stewart Living magazine and get many ideas for crafts from it. I usually work during the day and need to record your shows. I'm at home waiting for surgery and saw the stenciled pillows today and can hardly wait to try making them.

  • I love love love all of your craft segments! Have made numerous but most recently I used the "Squirrel on the Log" table favor (template) for a dinner party. All of the adults with kids were fighting over them to take home!
    Its great to learn about new tools and products used in the crafting world - Thank you!!!!

  • Hard to chose just one.I recently purchased the Scoring board.And now think "how did I live without this tool."I checked out the punched paper chain garland. I love all the punches.My brain is melting down thinking of all the ways I canuse them.

  • In 2009 I hand crafted my Christmas cards using Martha's glitters. I received many calls regarding their beauty and creativity.
    In 2010 I again sent hand crafted cards using the glitters and added border punch details. Thanks for the joy I sent and received using these special products.

  • thank you for the craft show. I was looking for something to make for christmas for some of my family the pillows are great and i have your punchs. So I am going to start looking for the right colors that will go in their houses. I will have almost all my christmas gift by summer and I will not be crazy right befor the hoildays this year.

  • I loved this craft segment!! I tvo and watch Martha Stewart everyday and this was one of my favorites:) I have The Encyclopedia of Sewing and Crafts, and have made a quilt and hand bags already! My fave was the xyron and I have always wanted a cutting mat!

  • Last year I made Easter eggs made with mens silk ties as described on the website. I couldn't believe how easy they were to make and the intricate designs were so beautiful. Others couldn't believe I made them.

  • Martha has soooo many wonderful projects it's hard to name one. Her Halloween costume made out of trash bags is one that was a success in my home. I plan to make the wire lace jewelry that was shown today.

  • My favorite craft of Martha's is a golden oldie. I have enjoyed making the buckwheat hull pillows for myselft and lots of friends. They are easy and well appreciated when recieved.

  • I truly enjoyed the Crafts Show. I wish you would have them more frequently. My greatest interest is card making, and I love the M. S. punches. My favorite are the latticed heart punch and the Punch All Over the Page punches. I wish I could afford them all.

  • Its so hard to choose one favorite craft but my favorite season on Martha Stewart is Halloween. I have to say that the Bat card where when you open it up it "flys" out at you was the start of my craft card obsession. Now I absolutely love making cards, of course using my bone folder, for every occasion and often go to for inspiration. Thank you Martha Stewart!!!
    Connie Huguet from Missoula, Montana

  • I have baked some of Martha ideas and have made some of her wedding crafts.

  • My favorite crafts are anything scrapbooking!
    are praying Mommy wins!!!

  • Today's show was so much fun!! I had to rewind and watch it again!! Around Christmas one year, Martha made what I want to call Origami Ornaments (they were wreaths) -- I love making anything with paper and had a lot of fun playing around with making some paper ornaments inspired by Martha -- It was a shame to pack them away with the Christmas ornaments, but I sure appreciate being able to enjoy them again, year after year. :)

  • My favorite showcased crafting tool from today's show: Gingher Shears. My mother allowed me to them use only under careful supervision.
    My favorite Martha craft memory: "Candy Cane Reindeer". I did a version of this with my daughter's PreK class. It was lots of fun, not too difficult for them.

  • I absolutely loved the tissue paper pom pom. Used for several parties as decorations.

  • Started watching your show again now that it it on Hallmark. I am busy with crocheting afghans & such but come summer I will be embroidering for a quilt I am making. Sally, my cat, and I enjoy Marc's show too. Today's makes on want to do everything demostrated. So mush to little time.

  • I have so many favorites it would be impossible to choose just one. One of Martha's crafts that stands out for me is the cranberry wreath. I just love it. And now after watching the show today I can't wait to make the wire lace necklace. We have just purchased a house and after 40 years I will finally have the chance to set up a dedicated craft room and can't wait to outfit and furnish it with many of Marthas products.

  • I love watching your show and wished I was there today. One of my favorite craft shows was making paper peony flowers and more ideas in using the new edgers for cards! I also loved the jewelry segment today and will try making the pearl necklace.

  • I love the Martha Show. I recently redisovered my collection of past Martha Stewart Living magazines from the late '90s and on and have been inspired by Her to Quilt and scrapbook my memories for my children while I await for my transplant. Thank You Martha Stewart and Co. you've shined some light for me through out my days.

  • hi martha,
    i am new to your show and i love it...i love to sewand make crafts.i love the pillows you had on the show to..i am getting ready to redo my bedroom and that gave me a new idea for it.....thanks so much sue willams

  • My most memorable Martha Stewart inspired craft was just this past Valentines Day, 2011. I work at a local Community College Library and was responsible for the highly visible bulletin board at the entrance. I used my new set of Martha Stewart heart punches I purchased from HSN to decorate the board. The theme was "The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands" by Robert M. Persig. It was a smashing success... even getting a "freaking awesome" from my boss!

  • I take it I cannot read instructions well so this is to say good-bye. Very good show.

  • My most memorable Marth craft is in one of her Christmas books from several years ago. She made wire candy canes and snowflakes with beads, and they were gorgeous! I remember being about 12 years old, and sitting down with my mom to make them.

  • I enjoy watching your show very much. I love watching the segments on paper crafts like the valentine's day cards and also the ones on creating your own garden pots. The goods at Michael's are fantastic!

  • The yr I made 5' Black Magic Witch from plywood using Martha's template online.I had the pleasure to speak to Martha on the phone that year. Since the show aired every Halloween I have people asking to have their picture taken with the witch. What a great memory. Thank you MSLO

  • I'm obsessed with Martha Stewart glitter! I have several colors - even the special glitter the pine cone kit. Everything should sparkle...

  • I recently saw how amazing her products are. My most memorable craft made with Martha products is a wedding page in progress. I purchased my 1st two Martha products. They are the lace scallop heart and the doily lace trim punches. Thanks!

  • How do I enter the craft hour giveaway. I would love to have all of those tools.

  • I LOVE Martha Stewart tools--especially the punches! My favorite project on today's show was using the deep edge punches to stencil on the pillow. I never thought of using them for stenciling so it was great to get an additional idea. I hope you have MANY more craft shows!

  • I love watching Martha every day with my Mom since I've been off work on disability since last June, losing my daddy in October, and my Mom diagnosed with breast cancer two weeks later! We loved the diamond shaped paper flowers! We made them in all shades of pink glitter paper! The wreaths today were cute, too! Thanks for the ideas!

  • I feel like most of my crafts in college were Martha Stewart inspired. It's hard to pick just one thing! I think my favorite things to make and give have been the hostess gifts over the years. There's just nothing that compares to the touch of elegance and care that comes from bringing a friend a thank you for having you in her home. My favorite and most well received has probably been the scented sugars idea from way back!

  • My favorite craft to date has been the glitter Christmas cards from the 2009 season. I was able to upload a family photo (my brother's beloved Casey-Doberman mix). The Martha Stewart website provided the awesome software to "convert" the photo into a portrait from which to work. I bought the Martha Stewart glitter colors from Michael's and the "rest is history". It was just so gorgeous, easy to make and very much appreciated! Thank you for making crafting a cinch!

  • I love all of Martha's sewing, embroidery and quilting shows. I have been quilting for over 30 years and also teach quilting classes, so these shows are dear to my heart.

  • Martha is always an inspiration. There isn't a show that doesn't inspire.
    I LOVE TO CRAFT!!! There isn't a craft that I didn't love. Without crafting I just don't feel alive and happy especially when the craft is completed and it is given away and just to watch the happiness on the receiver's face.
    Martha you are an inspiration, and happiness to us all that watch your show.
    Thank you so very much.
    Debbie D.

  • The yr I made 5' Black Magic Witch from plywood using Martha's template online.I had the pleasure to speak to Martha on the phone that year. Since the show aired every Halloween I have people asking to have their picture taken with the witch.Great memory. Thank you MSLO

  • Great Giveaway With Martha!There are so many fantastic products and ideas by Martha.I love them all!I really LOVE to scrapbook and everytime I walk into a craft store I never walk out without scrap-BOOK would not be complete without her in it!!!Thank You for being a part of my everyday life inspiration!

  • Halloween is a fun time at our house, so I was inspired when Martha showed us how to make a Halloween garland with Halloween stencils a couple of years ago. Now I hang up my garland every Halloween. I loved your segment on wreaths today 3/2, I have one Easter Wreath, but now I want to make another. March is my b-day month and National Crafting Month, Wow!

  • I am a senior and new to crafting. I really love seeing all the wonderful crafts made today on your program. I especially enjoyed the segment shown on jewelry making and pillow design. Since I live in a condo and don't have too much additional room to house many crafts, much of what is shown on your show would be perfect for me to do. It's my favorite program!

  • I have been always inspired by Martha's love of Halloween! I can't wait to see her newest crafts and ideas each year in her Magazine and on her show. I try to decorate to make it fun for all the children that come to the door. Thank you Martha. You have a partner in Halloween fun.

  • I have been getting inspired by Martha for about 25 years! My mom and I share the love of gardening, crafting and baking, and we love to see all the creativity that comes from this show! My favorite tools are the scrapbooking items... my friend has card-making parties and we love the edge punches, cutters, glitter and stamps. Thanks for always being an inspiration!

  • Loved, loved, loved today's segment. Very informative.
    I make grapevine wreaths from wild vines in our wooded acres. I will in the woods tomorrow and gather moss, running cedar, thanks for the tip!

  • I always share with friends that Martha Stewart taught me how to knit. As I was walking through a second-hand store in Dayton, OH, I found Martha Stewart Living mags being re-purposed. November 1997 was the issue. I still have the scarf and the issue! I have also used the magazine to teach others!!

  • I learned to quill from Martha's book. I make a quilled design around wedding invitation when received and I frame it. I give this along with a check as a wedding gift. It is so popular friends ask me to make a design for them to give. I can't wait to try the Wire Lace Mesh Ribbon.
    I am going to try it in with my quilling.

  • Martha (& her craft elves!) are such an inspiration. Recently I made tissue paper poms poms and scads of bunting from nautical charts for a sailor friend's birthday. But my fave craft is creating appliqué silhouettes of my friends’ dogs’ and ironing/sewing them onto onesies. Such cute, personalized baby gifts!

  • There are so many wonderful things I have learned from Martha, it is hard to choose just one project. A good standby that I love would be,Martha's velvet shoe bags. They are a very easy gift to make and are always appreciated.

  • I love all Martha's ideas. I always get new ideas. Some of my favorites are cake decorating, crochet, and jewelry and flower making.

  • I have been an extreme fan of the Martha Show since the beginning. I have all of her books, all of her magazines from the beginning of publication. I cook from all of her cook books and get inspired daily (as I record all of her shows) by recipes and crafts. I have a catering business in a small town in Texas and refer to Martha's website and cookbooks as a resource. I was inspired by one of her shows about giving a baby shower and nursery ideas. I am a grandmother of 3 little boys and gave vintage baby shower using some ideas from Martha. I also created some of my own ideas. Such as Diapered Strawberries. I rolled out fondant icing and cut with a zig zag pastry roller to look like the old fashioned cloth diapers and wrap that around the stawberry; then placed a diaper pin in the center. They were displayed on a white platter. They were absolutley a show stopper. I was in the audience last October and was selected to ask a question. That was a highlight for me, family and friend. People still talk about seeing me on the show. Thanks you Martha for highlighting an hour of my day.

  • Over the years I have gathered so much Inspiration from Martha, from decorating tips, cooking & baking & for sure....CRAFTS!!! I recently started making cards & scrapbooking. Until I found your scoreboard, my projects were lacking that "crispness" that Martha talks about!! Between making cards, envelopes & LO's, my life has become so much simpler & my projects, more polished!! Thank you for your amazing craft line & for a chance to win this wonderful prize pack!!

  • My stepsister and I got a Martha Stewart ornament kit one Christmas, but not being blessed with the level of Martha's crafting; we struggled making them look like the pictures. With no power and only a fire to keep us warm, we winged it. The ornaments still turned out beautiful!

  • It's so hard to pick a single favorite craft. I've done great crafts with children, made jewelry for myself and created beautiful holiday decorations! I think my favorite is the gorgeous dyed "pearl" jewelry sewn on the satin ribbon. Fabulous. Thanks to all of you for your divine inspirations. Keep up the great work!

  • Martha, you are the best! You inspire me to be the best that I can 13 yr old daughter and i love watching all your shows and we love to work on craft projects together. Our next project will be a big leather carry on bag for her upcoming DC trip with her class. Thank you again, for all that you are and all that you do!

  • Over the holidays, there was a sequined napkin ring holder in the magazine. That project is the launching / inspiration point for my NYE wedding this year. So it is and is going to be very memorable ... as I put together over 100 of those in months leading up to our wedding!

  • I saw todays segment and loved the tools you showed. then when you said your giving them away I almost fell out of my seat. My favorite craft was the coffee filter flowers. they look so real its unbelievable. I attached pens to the flowers and put them in a flower pot. they made real cute decorations.

  • Martha, you always inspire! My mom introduced me to you with a subscription to your new magazine years ago. I love your show and have admired you for years. Thanks for the opportunity to win all these wonderful crafts. It's a good thing!!

  • I love all those items and they would come in handy because my daughter and I just opened an Etsy shop I knit and she makes jewelry!!!! How exciting your show was today I believe it wasnt long enough!

  • Some of my favorite crafts came from the old MS kids and babies magazine. Oh how I miss those editions! From the themed parties to the sweet Valentines.

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks.

  • my fav crarft is a crochet curly scarf I make this with a beautiful clitter yarn. Lovely!! thank u, thank u, thank u.

  • I am drooling over the craft give away! I loved the show and the tools that each Martha Stewart employee picked as their most favorite! I don't know how you can just pick two favorites!! I would love to work for her show!! That would be a dream come true!

    Abigail Johnson of Billings, MT

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft was the coal gift box from the 2009 MSL magazine. I made it for a friend who, at times, deserves some coal(I put a nice gift inside, though). It got a great reaction, which feels so rewarding! I love putting a smile on someone's face.

  • I am a huge Martha Stewart fan and have been for many years. I look forward to all of the great ideas everyday from cooking, baking homekeeping or crafts.

    There have been so many fun and wonderful Martha craft ideas over the years. I would have to say some of my favorites would be the tissue pom poms, glittered easter eggs, the pumpkins carvings and from many years ago the Halloween masks made from the petals of silk flowers. I could go on and on but those defintely come to mind first! Thanks Martha

  • I used Martha's glitter on my husband's expensive fishing lures after a not very successful fishing trip he and my son took. The next day when we used my lures, I caught a 41" rockfish (striped bass). It almost got me on her show!!! I called it my "Martha Mojo"!

  • My favorite crafts are making Birthday and St. Valentines Day cards for my husband. I pick a "theme" from the past year; sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are sweet, but they are always unique and filled with love. I used the "pull my heartstrings" line from a recent episode but changed it be a skeet/trap shooting theme as my husband just took up the sport. Clever, if I do say so myself.

  • My favorite was when you made wreaths on the show. I could not beleive how simple they were to make and how beautiful! So now, my sister and I make seasonal wreaths for our front doors and dining room tables every year. Thank you Martha! Bonnie from Belle Plaine

  • Martha's Show today introduced me to wire lace and I can't wait to try it. I also loved the idea of making my own craft kit to give as a gift.

  • I have taken many ideas from Martha Stewart and used in my home. It is hard to choose just one!

  • I enjoy making ornaments out of old Christmas cards using ideas from Living and MS craft supplies. They are useful and not just stuffed in a drawer to be forgotten about. I put them on the tree each year.

  • Love Love Love the show today!!!! The tools are to die for. Thank you for this giveaway. My favorite Martha craft is anything glittered. I love the glitter birds, butterflies, just anything glittered. Watch out my little doggie!

  • I really like the quality of the Martha Stewart craft punches and have used them in many different ways. The most recent use was in making a Christmas corsage in honor of the cheerful corsages my mother always wore during the holidays. I glued a thin piece of birch bark to card stock. After it was dry I punched out several little birds with Martha's bird punch. I attached one of the birch bark birds to the whimsical Christmas corsage.

  • I remember walking through K-Mart in the early 90's and seeing Martha Stewart products and wondering who is Martha Stewart? I have been a fan since. My favorite craft is the jingle bell wreath, silk lotus and leather flowers that I made for gifts. Loved the stencil project on today.

  • It has to be the stone planters from several years ago made with cement and perlite! Really great on the patio, and to give to gardening friends.

  • I would like to be a crafter since I am now retired and have the time. Martha always has so many good ideas. I would like to try making decorative boxes and/or cards with the bone folder. I think this would be a lot of fun for me and possibly my little Grandsons.

  • One recent success was a Halloween wreath made with artificial greenery and spray painted black, tied with black satin ribbon. Another memorable Halloween project - glittered pumpkins. Though they turned out great, the glitter I knocked over onto floor lingered, in part, until the day I moved from that house!

  • I get so many ideas for projects that it's quite difficult to choose just one. But if i had to choose, I'd have to say it was making a sign for a friend's newborn daughter with her name all her birth information. It may never have been an actual Martha project but I sure did use all my Martha tools to accomplish the project. I just had a little girl of my own so I get to make another one! When I'm not so sleep deprived... :)

  • I would like to be a crafter since I am now retired. Martha always has so many good ideas. I would like to try making boxes and cards with the bone folder. I think this would be fun for me and my Grandsons.

  • Too many projects to account for in recalling, but one does stand out for me. I loved the cranberry wreath made with the glass beads. The glass beads made that a beautiful wreath. Your show has brought innumerable projects along the way, each fun and unique on their own. Thanks to all that bring these to fruition on the show.

  • Enjoyed today's show. So many new idea's. You've been helping me with room mother stuff, Holiday's, birthday's ect. for many year's back when we both had LONG Hair ha,ha,
    Thank you Martha for getting me through the late 80's-2011. :)

  • I made a stuffed bunny for my niece, using the pattern in the Encyclopedia of Crafts (which I had checked out of the public library and would LOVE to own - such a great resource). She adored the bunny, and I had so much fun making it!

  • Hello, my name is Milagros I immigrate from Peru 10 years ago since arrive to America I am fan number one of Martha Steward show, I made many of the projects on TV, one of them was the hard flower barrettes but first I made the crepe-paper flowers for practices. The Barrettes come so bell and I made 30 for present in a Bridal Shower for my niece, everybody loved.
    I'm making a binder with the all project I made from Martha Steward show, every one I tried.

  • Loved today's show... as with all others. Every show should inspire viewers, whether cooking, crafting, gardening -- who can choose one! I must admit that those cooking segments where the unexpected accidents happen, (live TV), are my favorite. I know you'll continue to keep up the excellent work that you deliver to us on every show. Thanks for your time Martha.

  • I loved the wire lace jewelry segment, but I try to
    watch Martha all the time, especially when there is
    craft segment.I really like making cards. Mostly
    Christmas & birthday. Love the show

  • Dear Craft Dept:
    What is the best glue to glue little light weight mirrors back to back and also the backs of little light weight mirrors to metal?
    Is hot glue the right glue?
    Thank you for your help.

  • How lovely!
    I've been a fan of Martha and inspired by the crafts you make for years.
    I actually learned to knit from an article in one of Martha's magazine years ago. I still pull it out as a reference!

  • I have been following Martha's crafts pretty much from the beginning. I love the aesthetics, but also the craftsmanship. Since I am an avid crafter, quite a few projects have been inspired by her and her staff. Hm, the most memorable one? The latest one, of course! Handquilted potholders. Lovely.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft (which it's very hard to choose just one) is the Paper Roses made with coffee filters. They turned out just as pretty as the ones made on the show!

  • I loved my Martha Stewart cake decorating set! (Decorating is crafting!) There were many memorable cakes and cupcakes! BTW, did you know you can use these tools with Play Dough and other clays?

    A pox on the troll who apropriated it!

  • I just started watching Marthas show when I retired, but I like the wreathes she made today, you could make one for every season or every month. I also like her all over the page punches I have several. suggestion make a snowflake one.I am a scrapbooker.
    thank you

  • I loved the Craft Hour. The wire lace is really cool. Can't wait to try it. Excellent giveaway. Of course I already have the Craft Encyclopedia, but it also makes a great gift.

  • My favorite project was the velvet stamped holiday wreath.

  • My most memorable craft project on Martha Stewart was Hannah Milman's use of sea glass in home decorating.

    But also after seeing MS punches last year in the show I bought 2 as Christmas gifts for a teenage girl.

  • I really enjoyed the segment where it showed how to recycle an old, leather jacket and make it into a real, stylish purse!
    It made me stop and think before donating something I no longer think I have a use for, to try to come up with a totally new purpose for the item(s)!

  • Where do I start with my favorite craft. With every show I find a new and exciting craft and tools. I love the paper crafts and punches (which I have many of), I'm looking forward to making the wreaths from todays show.

  • I love Martha Stewart crafts. My favorite creation is the Chistmas tree topper I made several years ago (with Martha's instructions, of course). It's a five pointed star, made of poster board & folded for dimension, painted black, then covered with Martha's silver glitter. It's still beautiful, I use old silver ornaments & balls for a gorgeous tree.

  • I recently have started watching Martha Stewart and have started my own crafting. I received a sewing machine for my birthday and I have loved learning to sew. My favorite project so far has been Martha's Ultrasuede Petals to add to pillows. I can't wait to try for of her crafts!

  • I'm actually new to crafting but am dying to try making the WIRELACE necklaces shown on today's show! These items would be a great "starter kit" for me.

  • I loved the segment on the little pillows made from old sweaters. Shortly after I saw the program I went to the local thrift shop to purchase as many wool sweaters as I could find! The final projects are adorable!

  • I loved the CRAFT HOUR, and would love to win the giveaway, as I am setting up my first craft room and need all these great tools. My favorite craft (so far) was the Glittered Seashells. I made several, but sent my friend who lives on the shore in North Carlina one for a Christmas ornament to thank her for a wonderful visit I had there. She loved it and it turned out so great. One of my best crafts - I love to glitter!!!

  • I have always loved crafts, but my real love is card making! I love all of Martha Stewarts crafts that involve card making! Her punches are perfect and her tools are terrific! I always come to her website for inspiration, not to mention frequent visits to Michaels for supplies!

  • The huge paper bag "flowers" have to be my favorite Martha craft. What makes a craft a "Martha" craft? Making it yourself! I loved the idea so much that my daughter, my husband and I made 60 of them for my daughter's wedding reception. The flowers were such a hit that, after the wedding, people wanted some to take home!

  • To be honest... I have not done anything 'crafty' since I got married 10-years ago. I'm too preoccupied with everyday responsibilities - work, cleaning, cooking,laundry,errands and anything else that takes priority - to have time to get creative. I would love to get inspired again. Perhaps these 'tools' will do just that.

  • I have recently starting crafting and sewing, which naturally means I've started watching Martha Stewart. My favorite project has been the ultrasuede petals to add to pillows. It is so simple and adds so much. I can't wait to work on more Martha projects.

  • I enjoy the crafting you do.Hope to see you doing more of your craft programs.I enjoyed the wire lace and I think it is cool. I hope to win your giveaway so I can try the wire lace and work with it.

  • I've always admired the talent and creativity of crafters. After watching Martha Stewart over the years I've finally (and timidly) started to attempt a few of Martha's craft ideas - a birthday card using Martha's Happy Birthday Edge Punch, and I've started a crocheted afghan. I've always been interested in jewelry making and today's show really inspired me to try beading. It really doesn't look too hard!

    Thanks, Martha, for ALL of your terrific advice and creative ideas over the years.

  • I love the Martha Stewart punches for cardmakeing but am inspired to try them for stenciling. Will be looking for the Martha Stewart Craft Encyclopedia also. Today's show was great.

  • Loved the show today!! I loved the necklaces with the wire ribbon. Thanks for this great giveaway,
    all the tools would be great to have. Crafting is a wonderful way to express yourself and have fun at the same time.

  • My favorite project was bleaching fabric to give it more personality (and a cool vintage-y look).

  • My favorite craft was done quite a while ago. It is the paper lanterns with butterflies on it. She made it for a party but I have them hanging in my bedroom. Kind of girly for my husband but I just love them!

  • Love, love, love all of the craft ideas Martha and guests demonstrate. I particularly enjoy having the fantastic tools and their various uses demonstrated in the crafting segments. Martha's products are always on my wishlists!

  • Every single craft that is shown on Martha Stewart is fabulous. I may do some of them that are shown, but they also give me ideas to expand out to do other things. My family loved getting homemade items for Christmas and for Valentine's Day. They actually thought I bought them from a store. So thankful for the shows and ideas!

  • Hard to choose just one favorite Martha Stewart craft! The website is my "go-to" source for partys, crafts and wonderful ideas. I think my favorite party craft was the Halloween party ideas and invites with the plaster paris finger- I watered down a little red craft paint and dipped the ends of the fingers in it to make it look a little creepy. Friends LOVED them and we had an amazing party using mouse silhouette cut outs, jarred specimens using vegetables and creepy snacks. Her crafts are inspiring and amazing!

  • One of my favorite Martha Stewart crafts is from a few years ago. I watched a Halloween special and fell in love with the foam bat clips and the black paper silhouettes for the outside lamp posts. I made them that year and they really transformed the house!! I still use them!

  • My favorite craft from MS was before the cricut days. I made the little cut outs of the dear, buck and fawn and trees. All by hand and sprinkled them all with MS glitter. Added fancy ribbons and they made the best little presents for family all around the country. They are still on my tree every year, I love how they twinkle with the lights.

  • my most recent favorite crafting segment was when Darcy came on and shared ideas for displaying photos and memorabilia from their vacation to Disney. I was able to use her ideas and translate them into some of my own for gifts for my three granddaughters
    I Thank You Kindly,

  • I love the holiday season. Like most I think it's a glorius time to share and be with family. My most memorable craft inspired by Martha is the wire ribbon and personalized gift wrap for presents. It makes the gifts that much more special!

  • I love to craft but it's hard to pick the most memorable, there are so many that I loved doing. I guess the one that I had the most fun doing recently was the Pinecone Elves (instructions on the Martha Stewart website). I do a cookie exchange every Christmas and I wanted to give each person something special besides the cookies so I made each guest one of the Pinecone Elves that I turned into a Christmas tree ornament. Everyone loved them, they were so adorable.

  • I enjoy Martha's pet related crafts. I especially had fun selecting pictures of my 4 dogs, bunny, and bird to make a calendar. It's so special each month to see photos of "my family" on the calendar.

  • I LOVED THIS SHOW!! Today was just up my alley with all the crafting. I have never seen the Xyron 9" Creative Station before. It looks like its something I might have to get. It would be great for scrapbooking. Keep up the great work Martha, your show ROCKS!! Peggyk

  • Wow, so inspirational. I can't wait to try the wire lace! I would love to try many of these projects or create my own using things I've never crafted with before. Thanks!

  • For Valentines Day my 23 yr old daughter and a friend spent an entire day making valentines, we used the hearts around the page and corner punch, doily punch, heart punch, glitter,and more, it was great fun, we each ended up with 20 cards and have already planned a St. Patrick Day and Easter card get-together. I never thought of myself as a glitter gal, but I love to decorate with it as well as the flocking and tiny beads. I look forward to getting the MS magazine and watch the shows for inspiration. Going to try the grapevine wreaths & wire ribbon necklaces next!

  • Awesome Giveaway!!! My favorite Martha inspired craft was when I made pretty Christmas snowflakes from the Holiday Issue and decorated my whole house with them!

  • I was quite impressed with Martha Stewart's Craft Show, not to mention the tools that were demonstrated. I can't wait to get my hands on them to begin crafting. Time I got started. The WireLace mesh looks like incredible fun along with so many others shown on the show. Love the punch stamps too.

  • I think I would have to say her fabric flowers. I feel like she started the trend with those and from them so many different variations have come about.

  • There are so many favorite craft ideas from Martha - that I can not begin to pick! I love them all. I have to say that I do love all of the wreaths that she does. I just love Martha!!!

  • Fave project is cranberry wreath & glitter holiday ornaments done with my Granddaughter. We made a whole weekend before Christmas, craft time, for gifts or decoration. She is 10 & we enjoy watching all Ms Stewarts inspiring cooking & craft projects together. Thank you so much!

  • I absolutely love watching to see the new craft ideas! There are not alot of craft shows on anymore and your show fills that void well. It is hard to pick a favorite. Today you gave a wonderful tip about soaking grapevine wreaths in water for a couple of hours so you could reshape them! I have often wanted to do that but did not know it could be done! Thanks!

  • My very favorite craft tool from Martha is the scoring board.I make a monthly family calenar & some I mail & some I email.I make the enevelope and the card calendar with the scoring board.Not to forget it also has the bone folder with it also.Everyone loves them!Thanks so much!

  • I have been a decorative artist for the past 35 years, and I have love the fact that no matter what tool, craft accessory or other art supply I need, I will always find the best quality available in the Martha Stewart line. I think my favorite tool that Martha recommended first many years ago is my bone folder. Thanks for all of the great ideas and tools!

  • My comment for this contest is really for my son Trevor, who has since he was quite young, made intricate cards, foldables, and snowflakes for us and his friends. (I've often commented he needed to get a job with Hallmark!) The tools shown on your show today were wonderful and I would love for Trevor to have a chance to use these fab items! Thanks Martha for your inspiration to us all -- even us guys!

  • Very cool tools. I think the label making cutter would help me be more organized.
    And I have always been interested in a bone folder, although, I fear i would forget to use it. True about having task specific scissors but I find that I need scissors with a locating beeper.

  • I think I have always loved Martha's quality of items. but lately I have been making cards. I use the cutter, thefolder board and most of all I LOVE the punches and have been making overffv 100 cards using them. Thank you!

  • Every December my grandma, mom, sisters and I get together for an epic day of crafting. This year we glittered birds, ornaments and cards using the Martha Stewart tinsel and iridescent glitters in shades of green, blue and silver...we had an especially beautiful Christmas tree this year. Thanks Martha!

  • You can't possibly ask us to pick one craft! They are all always jaw droppingly fab! I can say that the Martha Stewart Scoring Board is the BEST one out there! I have all of them and this one is just fantastic. It even comes with terrific little cheat sheets so you can make envelopes and boxes with just a few scores, folds and a little sticky stuff.

  • I'm getting inspired just looking at all the craft project items! Today was my day off from work and I saw the show. My daughter is very crafty and I hope it's because she was inspired by her Mom. We do get alot of ideas from Martha Stewart. One of my favorites are the poms. For her wedding we made 3 giant red poms and hung them over the cakes. Her colors were red and black. And the grooms cakes were all made by my Mom(the first line of crafter in the family).

  • Can't wait to get to the craft store (nearest one 40 miles away)to pick up the tools necessary to make the stenciled pillows. And I want to try making a couple of Spring wreaths. Fun times are ahead!

  • I love Martha Stewart crafts!! I found these felt flowers that you could make into rings barretts and pins. I work at a summer camp with kids aged 11-18 and one night I brought these out and the girls went crazt for them!! It was like a field of wild flowers by the time they were done! I had looked up the directions for the tissue paper flower on Martha's site so it was another option for them to decorate there bunks. Yay! Love the flower demos!!

  • My favorite Martha-inspired project was the sweater mittens made from old wool sweaters. I made a pair from a pink cable sweater and received many compliments on them. Thank you.

  • Believe it or not my most memorable "Martha craft" is several years old. It was a Christmas gift bag made by spray painting a brown paper bag with gold metalic spray paint. I have made several of these over the years using several different ideas for closures on the bag. Everyone loves getting a gift in one of these beautiful bags!!

  • Once upon a time, a very long time ago, I saw lovely Martha make a most beautiful creation. A box covered in white ribbons of different widths woven together and I quickly decided I must make one...or two...or three. And my beautiful boxes and I lived happily ever after.

  • What can I say except that I am addicted to your show! My mom has control of our T.V. but when it comes time for Martha Stewart to come on at 10a.m. I get the control away from her. I always look ahead for what to expect so if I need to see it again I tape it. I made a beautiful Valentine card for my husband last year that he absolutely loved thanks to a little help from you, Martha.

  • I will definitely use the idea with the freezer paper and make stencils on white napkins. I have china with a pattern and matching napkins would finish the table setting.
    Thanks for making it so simple to stencil patterns on material.

  • Love all the tools demonstrated. My favorite craft projects are cardmaking and anything using Martha's fantastic punches.

  • I am 9 years old and love watching Martha Stewart. My favorite times are making crafts with my Mom. I love your show. I really liked your show with the girls and the pajama party. That looked like fun.

  • I was so taken by the cute grapevine wreaths. I loved being shown how to soak them and then reshape them. I am going to make some little Spring wreaths for gifts and of course for myself, too.

  • I love love love me some Martha, and her craft show was amazing! I live for shows like that! Any chance for a new project and I am there! I just wish there were more hours in the day! Can't wait to get the craft book and those tools are fab!! I am for sure going to make a necklace. Thank for all the wonderful ideas!! What would we do without Martha!!

  • My most memorable project was the felt candy cane mice. I made 32 of them when my daughter was Star of the Week at her school. The mice were a big hit! Thank you!

  • I made a beautiful Valentine card for my husband last year that he absolutely loved thanks to a little help from you, Martha.

  • I think the most memorable craft idea I got from Martha wss for a halloween party at my son's school...I filled surgical gloves with water and froze them and took a mask without holes, filled it with water and froze it and then placed in a bowl of red Kool-aid...the kids loved it...I have used so many of her ideas in school, that one of the teachers bought me one of her books for Christmas. Love it...

  • One of my favorite Martha Stewart crafts is crepe Paper flowers.

  • LOVE THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW!!! Always looking for a new idea and the freezer paper idea is AWESOME! Everyone looks like they have a great time "working" in the craft dept. That place must be just full of bliss. Thank you for wonderful programming and look forward to see more.

  • I loved the bead necklaces made with the wire lace! They were beautiful! I am going to order the supplies and make one! Thank you for the jewelry crafts.

  • My favorite crafts are anything to do with paper.Rubber stamps , punches , stickers etc.Martha has the most beautiful craft supplies that always inspire me!!

  • I love watching the "Martha Stewart show" every day.
    She always inspires me to cook, bake, craft & organize. The necklaces made by Kristi today were beautiful I can not wait to make one now.
    Thank you for all the great ideas and inspirations.

  • I have a lot of "Martha" favorites,Ilove it that Martha is so very generous and every time she introduces a new product , she always gives those products to her audience members!That is very kind to all of us crafters who may not have the means of procuring such items!keep up the good work Miss Martha!!!!God Bless!!!!


  • Geez, JUST ONE?! Well MY most memorable Martha Stewart craft was my very first years ago. I was about 12 years old ( I am now 25) she aired an episode in which she created slime. I thought this woman is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Been a faithful MS viewer since. I tried it out then as a child and make it now with my children. They think I am AWESOME for making slime. Thanks Martha!

    However, the most recent Martha inspired craft I can't get enough of is the tissue Pom-Poms. I use those things at almost every party I help with. Everyone loves them!

    Hope to be one of the Lucky Winners!

  • There are so many great ideas on and I am usually trying to find something crafty to make. From gardening to sewing and papercrafts how can I choose one. I'm going to say that I really enjoy Martha's Halloween idea's. It's fun to watch the many transformations of Martha that one time of the year. Love the shrunken heads made from apples.

  • oh how do u pick a most memorable. there has been sooo many. i've kinda grown up or grown older with martha through the the more recent years i loved the halloween specials. we made the frozen liquid in the plastic gloves to freeze and float in the punch. so eerie, so cool, so simple. thanks for all the wonderful crafts and recipes, and ideas over the years.great show today!!

  • Each day I record the show on my DVD. I don't want to miss any inspiration for crafts. Several weeks ago at the end of a show, Martha showed how to make turkey nametag holders/decorations. The light bulb went on. I had saved two bushels or more of pinecones for 10 years or more. I ordered the punch and am ready to go. I will donate these to sell at the church bazar in November.

  • I absolutely adore paper crafts! Your talented craft "elves" have inspired numerous projects around my house from cardmaking with the paper punches to holiday-themed ornaments that adorn the antlers of my husband's prized mounted elk head. (I agreed to let him display the poor animal's carcass on the condition that I could decorate it seasonally, Martha-style! What a happy elk!)

  • I love it that Martha is so generous and gives away all the new products that she introduces on her show to her audience members!That is to me very kind and generous to all us crafters who may not have the financial ability to purchase such wonderful items! Keep up the good works Miss Martha ! We love all the crafty things you show us!!!!!!!God bless!!!!

  • I would have to say it's when I get to demonstrate ideas for Martha's punches, glitters and flocking at the local art store and see how excited people get. They look forward to trying the ideas on their own and even come up with more ideas to share.

  • My memorable craft was from the MS magazine from many years ago (about 18 yrs). The craft was an easter egg wreath using real hand dyed eggs with glitter and ribbon to hang them. I gave it as a gift which made me feel good and special. Thanks Martha!

  • laura hess -I love it that Martha is so generous and gives away all the new products that she introduces on her show to her audience members!That to me is very kind and generous to all us crafters who may not have the ability to purchase such wonderful items!keep up the good works Miss Martha! We love all the crafty things you show us!!!!!!!! God bless!!!!!

  • My most memorable Martha crafts are the beautiful wreaths my Mom and I did together. I have one for every holiday/season. She passed away four years ago and I'm so blessed to have these to remind me of her. They are priceless, I will pass them down to my kids.

  • Loved the craft program today! You used tools I haven't even seen and I've been crafting since 1975!
    My favorite project is the life sized plywood witch painted black holding a lantern from your magazine a few years ago. I haven't made it yet but its in my "I'm going to make this someday" folder. Sincerely, thank you for all you do for all of us.

  • I was inspired by a man making dolls out of socks. I didn't make the one he made but I figured out how to make little owls out of socks and made my grandson a mobile. Martha and staff are a wealth of inspiration!

  • Every holiday season, I host an ornament making party for neighborhood children. No matter what they create, their favorite crafting activity is applying glitter, gobs and gobs of sparkly, colorful glitter. Thanks for all your great inspiration and crafting supplies!

  • Love all of your shows and especially love to tune in when you do the craft segments... always looking for ideas for my 4-H club. Been a crafter most of my life and love art. Painting old window screens right now... I paint things like snowman, flowers, leprechauns and such on them. MARTHA WOULD BE PROUD!!

  • My most memorable craft and the one that got me started was when Martha decoupaged a tray years ago when she did the show from her Turkey Hill set. I started to decoupage everything in sight. From there I went into Scrapbooking which led (thanks to your show) into jewelry making and card making. Because of my love of crafting and sewing, my daughter got into crafting and is now in College studying to be an Illustrator. It just takes a spark from one person. Thanks Martha.

  • For my sisters baby shower, I hosted a party to make decorative baby onesies with colorful iron-ons. I printed strips of solid colors onto iron-on paper. We cut the paper into various shapes and made unique scenes on the baby clothes.

    My baby onesie craft party is linked to my name above.

  • Every holiday season, I host an ornament making party for neighborhood children. No matter what they create, their favorite crafting activity is applying glitter, gobs and gobs of sparkly, colorful glitter. Thanks for all your great inspiration and crafting supplies!

  • I love that Martha makes "mistakes" which shows everyone that she is just like everyone else , just because you are famous doesnt mean you are perfect , we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves .And i love it that she gives away all the new products that she introduces! Keep up the good works Miss Martha! God bless!!!!!!!!

  • One of my favorite craft demonstrations, or at least one of the most memorable, is from a few years ago. Martha made look-alike dolls with Laura Normandin. I got so inspired that I ran out, filled in my supplies and made dolls for my friends and family. I even knitted the sweaters and made some rustic jewelry! I still have "kits" made up for two friend who had an herb farm and gave demonstrations. They even include a demo table and floral materials. Loved the craft show today, by the way. I'm going to make necklaces soonest!

  • i have subscribed to martha stewart living for years now. the most recent thing i did was download the instructions for how to sew mitered corners and sewed 150 cloth napkins with mitered corners for my daughter's wedding. m s's instructions were very easy to follow. her website is my 'go to' for anything i need to know.

  • Wow, all those tools are amazing. I'm most excited for the jewelry pliers - I want to make the necklace from today's show. My favorite project is the beaded insects from the craft encyclopedia!!

  • Many wonderful hours have been spent on Martha's pinecone projects.My favorites were all the wreaths done on gold and glitter.Still to this day,I continue to collect pinecones,acorns,etc..My husband all ways asks,,"how many more do you NEED???..thanks for all the fun times spent crafting...

  • I love the Martha Steart punches, I have several my favorite are around the page and the lace doily punch. They really make your projects stand out. Thanks Martha for all the great products.

  • Although I've been making homemade cards since I was 9 yrs old, I don't have all these tools & could sure use them!! Loved, loved loved that woven wire today & have ideas you didn't show that I'd love to try.

    Martha, you inspire me w/ all you do & have done. (I can't belive I'm trying to deal w/ homemade puff pastry, for instance.)

  • My favorite martha craft inspired event was an cherry blossom tea party back from the days of Martha Stewart kids magazine. I based all my decor off the spread and it was so cute! It made for a perfect girly 15th birthday party!

  • My favorite Martha craft is tissue paper pom-poms. I've made these for baby showers, birthday parties, and even miniature sized ones as gift toppers. I also LOVE her photo and scrapbooking crafts. Just thinking about them makes me want to start another craft project! Yay crafting :)

  • My most memorable craft would be the most recent Martha Stewart craft! I have been making tissue paper poms in white, silver, multiple shades of pinks and greens. I helped decorate and organize a wedding reception on behalf of my Church and am making more poms for a baby shower this weekend. Thanks for all the inspiration Martha!

  • I love the Martha Steart punches, I have several my favorite are around the page and the lace doily punch. They really make your projects stand out. I also like her stamps and the bird stamps are so cute for spring. Thanks Martha for all the great products.

  • I wanted to expand my craft experience. Back in 2002, I had knee and rotator cuff surgery. I could only use my right hand. My left arm was in a sling. So I went to Martha Stewart website and purchased an embroidery kit. I was hooked. Now I would like to learn how to make jewelry and paper products... I want to say thank you in advance, also thank you for letting us have the opportunity to win these products. Times are tough, and learning something new, can lead too new possibilities...

  • I love the Martha Stewart punches, I have several my favorite are around the page and the lace doily punch. They really make your projects stand out. I also like her stamps and the bird stamps are so cute for spring. Thanks Martha for all the great products.

  • I have been inspired by many of Martha's crafts, and would LOVE to win the supplies. Two crafts that stand out in my mind are dyeing pearls and making a necklace from them, and using an apple to stamp pretty apple designs on tote bags and stationary. Thanks for all of the ideas!

  • Thank you for bringing crafting back, and with such beautiful projects that I actually WANT to make. I had a felting party and used some of the projects on your site for taking old sweaters and making fun, new useful things.

  • I really like all of your products, it is so hard to pick a special one, let me see maybe her papers, no I would maybe have to say her punches or stamps. So hard to pick. Just love the products.

  • I wish I could be a professional crafter like the women on the show today! I've tried so many of Martha's projects, I'm not sure to pick just one. Sewing and holiday specific crafts are my favorite, and it would be so fun to have the wonderful tools shown on the show today. What a great day to be stuck home sick from work so I could see the episode!

  • I hosted a pumpkin-carving party for my son's soccer team, using templates from Martha for the pumpkins. I made the witch's broom goodie bags and we made white chocolate ghots lolipops! I was Super Mom that Halloween!

  • I love the felt slippers! I've made several pairs for myself and for family members as gifts. I plan on making a few pairs in different sizes to have in our home for guests to wear, as our wood floors are sometimes too chilly for bare feet.

  • LOVED today's show! Learning about that new wire lace was so neat...I went right on the website to check it out. Another great idea was using the punches to make a stencil with freezer paper...will definitely be using that one! Fantastic show...keep them coming!

  • Crafts are an expression of love that we give to our friends and family. It says that we care to take the time to keep you in our hearts. That being said, my favorite Martha Stewart craft was a skeleton sock I made for my grandson when he was two! The look on his face was delight. It was so easy and cute. I thought it would go away at Halloween. No way! He keeps it with him at all times. Thanks Martha!

  • This show was amazing, just like every show! I always learn something new!

    I can't wait to go out and get the tools that I don't already have, and continue to craft!

  • I really enjoy watching your show! I don't know if I have just one memorable moment..I have many. Your projects inspire me to create and be creative. My favorite projects are your paper crafting projects...I have used so many of your ideas to create wonderful gifts and paper crafts that I have shared with so many people. The end results are always heart warming!

  • I love your craft days , making Jewelry is what I like the best but I dabble in all crafts. Watching your show gives me new Ideas to explore. Thanks for the inspirations.

  • Wow,
    Something I can really use, been a crafter all my life, I make dolls, purses, quilts,
    I sure could use some new tools to make my work easier.

    Friends call me Martha cause I do everything.

  • I have to narrow down the plethora of Martha crafts down to one?! Martha is a constant inspiration to me! One of my prouder craft moments was replicating the cranberry glass bead wreath that I display proudly every Christmas! The crafts department have my dream job!

  • I have not had the opportunity to watch Martha Stewart crafting shows. I have been a crafter since I was a young child. I now have the capability to DVR these shows and will be doing from this day forward. Since being home from work sick I am watching the show today and especially love the jewelry making section with the mesh wire...How awesome is that product!!! I would love to be one of the recipients of the craft tool baskets mentioned on Martha's show. Keep up the good work of helping the crafters of this country to ever expand our knowledge. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • My favorite Martha craft was the Sharkey Birthday Card. I made it for my grandson who lives in Alaska, I'm in Oregon, so I didn't get to see him open it. I was told that when he made the leg go up he fell on the floor because he was laughing so hard. I used yellow glitter glue on the "PEE" part. It just added another dimension. Keep the great ideas coming! GREAT crafting Elves you have there, Martha.

  • My boyfriend and I eat lunch together while watching the show. I have so many favorite crafts, however my new favorite craft is the fresh water pearl necklace. I always find out about fabulous products on Martha! Thank you Martha and staff for the great ideas.

  • I have just recently started watching Martha's program. She has inspired me for years with table decorations from her magazines. Besides decorations I have been inspired by recipes, home decorating and all her organizational ideas!!!

  • Love and need your favorite tools!! I am working at home and spending lots of time crafting with my daughters. We love the process and creativity involved in various projects as well as sharing our creations with friends and family.

  • My favorite Martha craft is the "Tooth Bear". They are so much fun and easy to make. My kids have loved them over the years, always excited to see what the tooth fairy would bring for them. It is one of the most "timeless" crafts from Martha. Thanks for the memories.

  • I love the ideas that your craft team comes up with in their making of greeting cards. I just don't get much of an opportunity to go to Michael's Craft Store to check out Martha's line for cardmaking items. I enjoy giving and receiving things that someone has put time and thought into. It shows the person really cares. You and your team are very inspirational to me. Thank you, Gloria from Maine

  • My all time favorite was the hollowed out lemons made into candles! I picked lemons and limes this Christmas and made a center piece adding fresh cranberries and pine branches. It was the hit of the party!

    Keep Crafting Martha!

  • I loved the episode where Martha showed how to freeze sheets of ice on her cookie sheets and use berries and twigs to spell NOEL in the ice to stand in the yard as a beautiful ice sulpture! It looked amazing illuminated in my Ohio yard in the winter! Its one of the very few crafts that is completely FREE!

  • Gee, I love, love, love the paper flowers I made once! On the show today, the craft I enjoyed the most was the laminatiting machine. I see a lot of great projectts with that wonnderful tool! Love you Marha!

  • My most memorable Martha craft was a carved pumpkin from an early edition of her magazine. It took me forever to do, but looked beautiful! I lived in Alaska at the time, so I put the pumpkin outside on the deck (where it froze solid). This way I was able to enjoy it for several months!

  • My ultimate Martha inspired craft was for my son's first birthday party invitation. I watched the show that created dog cards that moved. I loved the idea so much that I used it for Tucker's invitation. I put a full picture of him on the front and made his head move back and forth. Everyone loved it! Since I made it using the amazing Martha Stewart collection, I was done in no time. It is hard to beat that adorable card!

  • Being home sick from work today, I fell in love with the wire mesh jewelry segment...How awesome is that??? I will be using my DVR to record all future craft shows. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

  • I used Martha Stewart glitters to embellish all the 4' x 8' custom artwork panels I had made for my last company. They were used to cover several stage risers for a conference and the stage lighting caught the glitter perfectly. It looked so amazing that I couldn't throw them out when the show was over and ended up reusing the panels again as stage backdrops for a weekly event for several more months. Thanks for making such incredible glitter colors. My design projects always look better with Martha Stewart embellishments.

  • My most memorable Martha craft was recently when she had a gentleman showing how to make a flower out of fabric where he singed the edges of the fabric to make it look like petals.

  • My favorite and most used craft project is the Fabric Boxes. I make and give them as Christmas gifts every year. I found it was a good way to use up the extra Christmas themed fabric I have on hand.

    Thank you Martha for being an inspiration and thank you to your craft department for giving us so many new ideas.

  • my favorite martha craft is making toys out of wool sweaters. they are so cute and they are all unique.

  • It's difficult to choose one craft. The paper poms are great for parties. The wreaths are fun to make. I think my favorite crafts are anything with paper though.

  • The most memorable idea I got from Martha Stewart would be the decorative photo plate I made for a friend for her birthday. Such a simple craft but made such an elegant and unique gift. Thank you Martha (and team) for all the great ideas you have for all of us crafters!

  • I am fairly new to Martha and her crafts, but have loved making paper snow flakes for Christmas, with glitter added of course. They look great against my windows with the Christmas lights behind them!

  • I loved the mushroom christmas tree ornaments! my all time favorite Martha craft

  • Thank you for all of the wonderful ideas and giveaways. My Martha inspired craft is knitting a lot of the "Knitted Catnip Delight" cat toys without the catnip and making them into a Valentine wreath.

  • My favorite craft idea from the Martha Stewart show has been the paper pom poms. It was a great family project. They turned out so beautiful that they are now on display in our craft room. Thank you for sharing your great ideas with us!

  • Great Great show today! My favorite craft has been the Christmas ornament "Snow Balls" . I made and gave them as gifts last Christmas. I also tried them using colored cording then glittered them in a matching color. My next project comes from seeing the Citrus show. The stool tops. I love to paint wooden shapes and want to paint circles to look like slices of fruit then make them into magnets! Thank You for all the inspiration !!! Would LOVE to win the giveaway goodies !!! Eve

  • For my June 2009 garden wedding, I made about 200 tissue paper carnations from the Martha Stewart Weddings website, to use as napkin rings. I made them in white, light pink, and dark pink, and attached light green ribbon. They added a beautiful finishing touch to the reception!

  • I have loved the glitter projects, and the ability to take my own photo and turn it into a portrait. My cat has never looked cuter! I made another version with woodworking - intarsia.
    Thanks for all the awesome clip art too!

  • I am a licensed daycare provider and I am always looking for cute craft ideas for the kids. Last fall Martha showed how to make a pumpkin out of strips of paper. The kids were so proud of their pumpkins. I Love Your Show!

  • My favorite craft project thus far were the pom-poms. I made my first one following the directions. I then made several more and sprayed a waterproofing spray. I took them to the cemetery and placed them on family stones. So cute! Please submit my entry for the craft giveaways. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • GLITTER, FABRIC, & PAINT - Who can choose just one??? Thanks Martha and Everyone for all the great tips, fun projects, and continuous inspiration! Go Team!

  • just made a Valentines Day project with my two year old grandsons using crayon shavings and wax paper. Their parents loved it! now looking for an easy Easter project. I check the website for all kinds of ideas with a ton of birthdays and a wedding. Always find something!

  • I have been an avid crafter over the years. Most of my crafting projects were gifts to family and friends. I stopped crafting while going through a very stressful last couple of years and a cross country move. I watched today's show and I'm inspired once again to get back to creating and crafting. All of Martha's projects are inspiring. There have been several of Martha's projects that I've loved. I have to say beading projects are my fave and I am chomping at the bit to try my hand at the jewelry on your show today!!!

  • My favorite Martha craft after reading all of your books and absorbing all of your shows for at least 15 years has to be the day you made the hot air balloons! What a fun idea for kids parties and is "so Martha"!

  • My best crafting moment was when i discovered martha stewart in general, the show the crafts and all the great ideas, especially the scrapbook supplies, talk about making great scrapbook pages, all i can say is bravo someone thinks just like i do..

  • I made tissue paper pom poms to hang from the ceiling for our neighborhood's cookies and cocoa party this past Christmas. And I used Martha's cookie recipes for all the cookies!

  • I go back a long way with Martha and her classic Pies and Tarts Cookbook. As a young bride preparing
    dinner for my New In-laws for the first time, I truly impressed my Mother-in-Law with one of Martha's excellent pies. I think that won over my Mother-in-Law. Forty-three years later I still give a big Thanks to Martha.

  • My favorite craft project thus far were the pom-poms. I made my first one following the directions. I then made several more and sprayed a waterproofing spray. I took them to the cemetery and placed them on family stones. So cute! Please submit my entry for the craft giveaways.

  • I found Martha's instructions for Paper Pointsettias at Michaels a few years back. These are fun, easy, and popular. The "pointsettia" can be used for different flowers by changing the color of paper. Layering, crimping, and curling the petals gives a new dimension to each flower.

  • Scrapbooking for sure! Love the punches, stamps, glitter, embossing. Creating keepsakes for others is such a joy!

  • One of my most memorable Martha crafts was the little glitter houses I crafted from chipboard for a Christmas display.I set them up with some little bottle brush pine trees, little deer figurines, etc.
    My grandchildren were enchanted. Thanks Martha!

  • I have dabbled in many types of crafts, including jewelry making, so I was intrigued with the wirelace shown on the program of March 2, 2011. I discovered that there are many useful tools that would make my efforts simplier. I will be checking out Michael's for these tools. Obviously I would love to win them.

  • Hello everyone! I keep up with Martha's excellance by reading Living magazine and viewing the website's great instructions and new ideas. My favorite craft was the ducky-baby bath towell project many years ago. Mine turned out great! Thanks Martha! ~Debra, Grand Rapids, MI.

  • My favorite craft project thus far were the pom-poms. I made my first one following the directions. I then made several more and sprayed a waterproofing spray. I took them to the cemetery and placed them on family stones. So cute! Please submit my entry for the craft giveaways. Thanks for the inspiration

  • My daughter's bridal shower was decorated so beautifully thanks to Martha! We decorated the entire hall with the tissue paper pompoms which were fuschia and pale pink. We strung them from the ceiling with fishing line. This has to be my most memorable Martha inspired craft.

  • I made scarves last year out of pieces of solid wool with felted designs. I gave them to all of my friends who live in other cities and they tell me they all wear them!

  • I loved the stenciling with the pillows. It gave me an idea using steam and seam paper and using punches and fabrics instead of paint. I love the show!!!

  • My favorite craft is the shaved crayons on wax paper..the one where you iron the two together. My 5 year old and I spent DAYS shaving crayons for Valentine's Day window decorations. We strung them together and gave many as gifts, as well.

  • My all time favorite craft is the glittered pumpkins. Oh, all Of the Martha Stewart glitter is so much fun to use!

  • As a result of being a Martha devotee, I felt confident making the boutonniere's for the groom's men at my daughter's wedding this past summer. They were so life like, no one noticed they were artificial! (BTW, my favorite tool is also the bone folder.)

  • My favorite Martha-inspired craft were shell candles which inspired me to giveaway as favors at my Seaside themed wedding. I managed to save a lot of money as all shells were picked by me and my husband on OBX beaches.
    Thank You Martha!

  • My most memorable Martha crafting experience happened when my mother and I made the felt fortune cookies for Valentine's Day a couple of years ago. My mom was so surprised at easy this craft was, and how much our looked like the ones in the picture!

  • Martha always inspires me - she has a classy way of making everything perfect. One creation that I tried and this goes back many years, it was the one where you print fern plants onto fabric by hammering them. They turned out exceptional! Thanks for the chance to win some sweet prizes.

  • I always felt Martha was just too uppity for me.Craft shows have disapeared from my stations. Starving for a craft show I record Martha's show everyday. I was so supprised to find out she too likes to get all the batter out of the bowl,likes natural items,and is just a delight to watch. My favorite show is todays, Since I am a new viewer. The wax paper for stenciling is a great idea. Love the tip to keep stenciles from clogging.

  • I have had a daycare in my home for the past 20 years. I am always checking the Martha Stewart wedsite for inspiring crafts to plan for the children. The craft I treasure the most is the cape pattern. The children love the capes I have made. They play such a big part in their play.

  • Believe it or not, one of my favorite 'Martha' inspired projects came from a tabloid describing her daughter's dorm room as a 'nunnery...' Classic white...crisp, clean, refreshing, and open to allowing the accents to take center stage!

  • My favorite craft project thus far were the pom-poms. I made my first one following the directions. I then made several more using netting and sprayed a waterproofing spray. I took them to the cemetery and placed them on family stones. So cute! Please submit my entry for the craft giveaways.

  • I love your craft segments!!! I wish I could live in your t.v. studio. All your craft tools are so handy and makes every project turn out perfect.

  • Everything Martha does I LOVE but I really loved todays show.Would love to try those Pearl necklaces.I can't get enough of Martha sometimes I wish I worked nights to be able to watch your show on a regular basis.

  • approved

  • I can't even count how many of Martha's crafts and craft product have inspired me in my crafting! There are way too many to count, but I think the most memorable are the DIY halloween costumes.

  • I LOVE everything Martha Stewart! If I need a new craft tool I always check for Martha brand first. The bone tool is one of my favorite. Her new craft book is first on my wish list.

  • I love making the tissue paper pom poms... I just love them... I also loved the beaded initials ( a Christmas issue a few years ago) and another favorite ...were the origami wreaths.. I made those by the dozens, I add them to Christmas gifts... always well received. I also loved the embossed velvet bookmarks... so beautiful. Thanks for that inspiration Martha... and thousands of other projects. As I look around my craft room.. I see your influence everywhere.

  • What to do with all those sea shells that I collect every year at the beach in Montauk?? Martha demonstrated an ombre technique using glitter. I now have a Christmas tree in my bathroom decorated with these beautiful glittery shells. Thanks Martha!

  • I just love this giveaway. My favorite Martha Stewart craft moment is when she made frozen hands for Halloween out of medical gloves. I made it myself for my Halloween party. It was a hit. I just love all her stuff.

  • I havewatched Martha's show from the very beginning. My best project was the druks beads wreath, I only made it a few years ago when I could afford the beads. Thanks for a great heirloom and one that gets lots of complements.

  • I love the baby quilt, using masking tape. Have made it a few time. what a great baby gift idea. you go girl:)

  • I made a tote bag with a silhouette of my chihuahua Poncho on it using the Steam-A-Seam 2. Everyone would recognize that it was Poncho and now that he is gone, I love being reminded of him when I use the bag. Also loved the silk tie dyed Easter eggs!

  • My favorite Martha craft are the little holiday paper houses from a few years ago. I have happy memories of a cold winter afternoon making Christmas houses with my son.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart Craft is the painted oyster shell made into a dish for small trinkets or jewels. What a sweet and 'green' idea. I live near the shore and love searching for sea glass, shells and fossils along the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. This craft is right up my alley. Thanks for the great idea!

  • I have just discovered the Martha Stewart show !! I will watch as often as I can from now on. I love to do crafts of all kinds. When my daughter moved out I changed her room into my craft room. Now when the grandkids come to see me, the first place they head for is the craft room. We do miniatures, paint, scrapbook and all kinds of things. I'm sure the Martha Stewart show will inspire us for some fun times.

  • 9 months pregnant (late & counting), I made tweed bunnies & rag dolls for my impending arrival. Every time I look at those projects now I am reminded of a different time with so many unknowns.

  • No one specific craft project but what inspires me the most is how Martha makes crafting acceptable and fun. Crafters no longer have to make excuses for having this creative outlet that can turn out objects that are beautifully useful or usefully beautiful.

  • I love vegetable gardening and grow everything organic. One of the best craft ideas I got from Martha was the easy construction for making mason bee houses with bamboo. What a fablous idea and great for the garden. Thank you Martha.

  • Making valentines with my first grader for his class using Martha's beautiful glitters and punches.

  • These are some amazing tools! I desperately need a new paper cutter, the one I have is about 20 years old (the kind with a long blade-arm you slice down... It's amazing I have not hurt myself, o dear!).

  • Love all your crafts shows!!
    Please more.
    From Pa.

  • For my son's 3rd Birthday, I used the Martha Stewart circle cutter to make awesome personalized decorations for his construction-themed party! Thank you for offering such an awesome giveaway!

  • I enjoy all Martha's craft tools I own many. I am collecting the punches. They work so well. I dvr the show everyday so I can sit and relax and watch one of the imformative show on.

  • Hi!! Although I love EVERYTHING Martha does (I record the show everyday).... my favorite Martha inspired craft is the easy duvet cover! I have been looking for one that I love for a while and they were all so expensive, since that episode Martha has inspired me to buy a sewing machine and not only have I made my very own duvet but many other sewing crafts!!

  • I love her Easter egg ideas. I get crazier and crazier every year with them. I will spend hours on a single egg.

  • There are so many craft projects I really enjoyed through the years. Not to mention the baking segments. I first recall the meringue snowman. So cute!
    I think one of my favorites was the red glass beaded wreath. That project just blew me away! It was gorgeous! Many of the sewing crafts have inspired me to create my own patterns. I have recently made a hooded shirt, out of one of my own old shirts, for my daughter and using scraps to make a green fleece hat decorated with a black-eyed susan flower. I just enjoy being creative and always have. Thank you for giving me inspiration through the years! Also, having a show I can just enjoy watching, to relax, get inspiration from and have a cup of coffee.

  • My most favorite project is one my mom gave me. She made the paper pleated Christmas trees. I take it out ever year when I decorate.

  • Watching your segments on scraping has inspired me to keep memories of cruising alive and fun ...I have one comment about today's program...I thought it quite wasteful to use rolls of the corrugated paper when wrapping cardboard containers, paper towel cores, etc. would be much more cost effective. But that's my generation speaking, I'm 78 years young!

  • I made the coffee filter roses. Too cool!!! I absolutley love everything that is Martha. I just ordered 6 more of her large punches to add to my growing collection!

  • Sorry just found how to enter. I have been following for many years and people in my circle always are teasing me by calling me Martha Stewart. I try to always make things as perfect as Martha. I love crafting and scrapbooking. I just ordered the scoreboard yesterday. Can't wait...

  • Although ephemeral the crayon hearts craft warms my heart. It was inexpensive and easily executed. Thankfully since my inventive 19 month old delighted in making stools of odd household objects to tear them down. She hoarded the hearts, repeatedly calling them pretty. I'm still finding hearts stashed in odd spots.

  • I have a small and cherished collection of Martha's craft tools. It would be so lovely to add these!

  • My favorite Martha Stewart project was the ideas with ROC paper scissors' Rosa Clifford. I just love the MS punches especially the deep edge ones. They are so versatile!

  • Segments on scrapbooking has inspired me to keep memories of cruising alive and fun ...about today's program...I thought it quite wasteful to use rolls of the corrugated paper when wrapping cardboard containers, paper towel cores, etc. would be much more cost effective. It's the crafter in me speaking, sorry!

  • My most memorable Martha craft was learning how to quill to make super fancy valentines. Everyone loved them! :)

  • I've been using Martha's tools, kits, and craft materials for many years. I give homemade ornaments as gifts for Christmas, and have used her craft kits and ideas from her books and shows. My first was probably a kit I purchased years ago from her catalog. It was for Snowflake ornaments made with wire frames and crystal beads. After creating those ornaments, I used the idea as a springboard to creating designs of my own using Swarovski crystals and wire. Since then I have purchased more books and collected and used her tools and materials (many of them purchased at Walmart or Michaels, because I was not active online except at work). I have used her ideas as inspiration for ornaments of felt, fabric, clay, dough, quilled and folded papers, beads, pressed flowers, other natural materials gathered from trees, fields and gardens, and too may other materials for me to remember them all. I love the fact that Martha is on the Hallmark Channel every day. I often watch shows more than once to catch details. I have started using the website, and already have a huge list of future projects selected. One I found especially beautiful this Christmas was the Borax Crystal Snowflakes. They almost look like crystal, with white Christmas tree lights shining through them. Next year I will probably do something with the Mushrooms ornaments that were featured on the show you did before your craft sale. I wish I lived on the East Coast, so that I could attend it!!!

  • Martha has this party invitation card where she uses the double-edge border punch, put 3 of them vertically on the cover and with a pop-up sentiment. That inspired me and my husband, and we modified that to become our wedding invitation. We handmade all 100 invitations ourselves.

  • My most memorable Martha craft moment would be the christmas tree made out of ribbon. It was on the air this past Christmas and Blythe Danner was Martha's guest. They made trees with velvet ribbons. I created 2 for our family Christmas luncheon. They were the center pieces and were a hit!

  • I have watched Martha's craft shows for many years and always learn something! My favorites are the papercrafting segments. A few years ago she did a show on decorating papers with inks and water - beautiful! I have many of her punches - very good quality tools!
    thanks Martha!

  • love your craft shows! Hope there will be many more..wouldn't it be awesome to have a channel just for craft shows!!

  • My absolute FAVORITE Martha Stewart craft is her flowers! From the coffee filter roses to the little flowers she designs to put on cards, I am always in awe of how amazing they turn out and I LOVE making them! Thank you Martha for sharing these crafts and other amazing ones with the world!

  • One of my favorite craft demonstrations--at least one of the most memorable--is from a few years ago. Martha made look-alike dolls with Laura Normandin. I got inspired, filled in my supplies and made dolls for my friends and family. I knitted their sweaters, made some rustic jewelry and put them in context! I still have "kits" made up for two friends who gave floral and other demonstrations. Plans include a demo table and floral materials. I also loved the necklace lesson today (Mar 2) and will make one soon!

  • I loved the tissue paper pom-poms to hang from the ceiling that it inspired me to create them to hang in my classroom. It brings it alive and the students loved the new addition!

  • Martha inspired me to make my greeting cards. The cost of a card now a days is crazy so I decided one bottle of Martha's glitter and the appropriate punch could out do any I could buy in the store.

  • My favorite craft is the printing of your favorite pet (my dog) on the computer in black and white, then cutting and pasting it on colored paper. It came out so cute!

  • Our daughter's wedding was one big Martha craft project! Those were the details that made it special!

  • I have made many things from Marthas' ideas but my all time favorite is the goose neck gourds covered in white paint mixed with sand. They are so beautiful and I make them every year. People always ask me where did I get them. They are probably the easiest of all the crafts too. I love Martha, her show and especially Martha Bakes, I have a collection of her cook books and to win a gift from her would make my YEAR!!!

  • I love to make the hanger sachets for gifts with the lavender from our garden. What I like about this project is that they are easy to make and people like receiving them, even guys!

  • My favorite craft tip by Martha is her perfect bow! I always tie my bows her way since seeing her demonstrate it on Oprah years ago!

  • My favorite MS craft was my first MS craft -and Hossana's! I went out and bought satin and velvet ribbon and made tons of poinsettias to make a wreath for our 400 square foot apartment when we first got married. I felt like a loving wife making our first Christmas in our tiny home feel elegant and beautiful. I still have some of the flowers that I put on the Christmas tree every year. Thank you for the start of a loving marriage and home.

  • This show inspired me to re-create my craft room. The new craft furniture was beautiful and very functional. I've been collecting Martha's craft items for years, and just yesterday bought one of her punches. Now I know what I am going to do with it..those pillows were gorgeous! My daugter is getting married next year, and all these tools would sure come in handy for all the crafting I'll be doing! Keep up the good work!

  • I've used Martha's kits, and materials for years. I make Christmas ornaments. My first kit (from her catalog) was wire and crystal Snowflakes. I've borrowed her ideas for felt, fabric, clay, dough, paper, beads,etc. Loved the Borax Crystal Snowflakes and the Mushrooms!

  • I have a few, but I remember walking home from college one day and it was raining so terrible I decided to just wait in bookstore for a few hours. I spent them reading MS’s encyclopedia of crafts and it was a great night.

  • Martha takes the guesswork out of crafting!

  • I love crafting using Martha Stewart products and project ideas. This past Christmas, I did a project making homemade Christmas ornaments (using patterns from website) for a charity Christmas Tree auction and had kids from a local Juvenile Detention Center help with making the paper ornaments and stringing acorns and popcorn then decorating with Martha Stewart glitter.

  • I used Martha Stewart craft paper to cover the drawer faces of a set of wooden drawers. It really brightens up the room and I love how I can change the order of colors & prints around.

  • The pearl and silk ribbon necklaces - they took me a while to master but they're beautiful!

  • My first inspiration from Martha was in 1988 when a good friend and I wanted to start a catering business and used many of her recipes from "Martha Stewart Hours d'Oeuvres". I then started watching her and all her craft and decorating ideas and the rest is history.

  • I adored making the tissue paper pompoms. Simply but they such a wow impression. When shopping in a craft store, I always seek out all things Martha Stewart. Thanks so much for making crafting so fun and so easy even for those of us who need inspiration. Your craft products are first class, great quality and easy to use.

  • I've made quite a few Martha-inspired crafts over the years but my favorite are the ribbon candy ornaments I made about ten years ago and enjoy each year on my Christmas tree.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft is the tissue paper pom-poms that I did for my friends bridal shower.

  • I'm a art history major and so that means I have to spend most of my time studying, which while very interesting can become quite tiring. The best way for me to unwind is to craft so this package would mean so much to my stress ridden world.

  • For my niece's bridal shower we used a couple of Martha's crafts for inspiration. We made the triangle picture frames and used pics of the bride and groom using pictures of them at the same age but different stages in their life from baby to engagement picture for centerpieces at each table with battery candle in them. Then for the favors for each person we made the jelly jar sewing kits.

  • Making toy mice for the cats out of old menswear suit. Good way to recycle old clothes and entertain the cats!

  • I really enjoy the Halloween projects. The templates are really professional and easy to download.I look forward to going to Michael's to browse the Martha Stewart craft tools-- they never disappoint.I have many of them and would love to expand my collection!

  • I love making the paper medalions that I have seen on the Martha Stewart show, HSN and the website. I make them in different sizes and my favorite is to stack diffent sizes and display as decorations in my craft room. I was excited to hear about the craft room furniture line on today's show. My new favorite product is the punch anywhere on the page. I have the scalloped square and tile punch. What an ingenious idea. I am using them to punch a window in the front of a treat box for my employees for St. Patrick's Day. Keep the great projects and ideas coming. I love to come home after a long day of work and unwind by watching that day's Martha Stewart show. Thank goodness for DVR.

  • If I'm working, I record all of Martha Stewart episodes, my favorite being the Christmas specials that have been on for 20 something years. My favorite craft to date has to be making wreaths at Christmas. Pinecone, grapevine, Christmas balls, you name it, I love making wreaths. I try and buy one Martha Stewart took a week with my Michaels coupon that is provided through the newspaper. I don't have a lot of money, but I do love her quality tools. I wish I could win this contest. The one goo thing about her crafts is that you don't really need all the fancy tools to complete the projects, but they certainly help. I am a director of a not for profit camp in the summer and these tools surely would help. Thank you.

  • I love Marthas' garden ideas. I have used her ideas to help me plan and plant my gardens. I loved the tips the other day about the various stones used in her gardens. It has inspired me to start designing a new garden for this year.

  • No way I can even begin to pick one!!!!Every time I make one of Martha's crafts.. i think it'll be my favorite one.... until the next one comes along.. and that becomes my favorite one!!!

  • I adore making the tissue paper pompoms. Simple but they make such a wow impression. When shopping in a craft store, I always seek out all things Martha Stewart. Thanks so much for making crafting so fun even for those of us who are challenged. Your craft products are first class, super quality and easy to use.

  • Wow, how do I pick just one favorite project? I did really enjoy using a rubber stamp and an iron on a piece of velvet. It was so fun to see the image appear on the velvet, felt like magic.

  • My favorite craft moment was watching Amy Sedaris and Martha make that giant cheese ball. I tried to make one at home but it came out a little wonky. Still yummy:)

  • I enjoyed making the crystal heart necklace 2 years ago for friends. I also taught my grandaughters how to make them. It was a fun necklace to wear for Valentines day. I also made them in red, white and blue for Memorial Day and July 4th.

  • Ilike your craft days. I make Jewelry but I also sew, crochet, knit and other crafts that interest me. I watch your show as often as I can to get some inspiration, Thanks so much

  • I have the case of the empty nest syndrome because my children ran off to college. Because of watching Martha Stewart "almost" everyday. Martha has gave me the desire to pick up crafting again. I am in the middle of sewing curtains and making new throw pillows. And organizing my pictures to start up my scrapbooking. I have found out thru Martha that the right tools make the fun goes easier.

  • Hi ! I can't pick just one craft moment. I love most everything Martha does - and I love seeing her crafting even if things don't go exactly as planned. I love those huge paper flowers ! Beautiful.

    And todays show was the BEST !! A whole hour of crafting ! woo hoo ! Thanks !

  • This is a craft I have made every year since I saw it on Martha's show. I love the Easter eggs that are dyed using men's silk ties! I bought silk ties from the thrift store, some had characters on them, some paisley and other designs. They were the coolest looking eggs ever! When I gave them to family at Easter,they acted as if I just gave them gold! I think my favorite egg had Snoopy on it. :) You guys are really amazing!!

  • I never considered crafting until I discovered Martha Stewart in 1997 when I had my first child. Rather than being bored at home all day, I subscribed to Martha's magazine, watched her show, & began crafting & sewing. I have since passed on the love of crafting, sewing, & baking to my daughters, who are now 14 & 12. Thank you Martha Stewart!!!

  • Watching Martha do the scrapbooking projects is my favorite craft. Ten high school friends and I did a memory book. Every month we mailed a completed page. After 10 months we each had a book (a page from everyone). It was a wonderful experience.

  • We have made sooo many crafts inspired directly and indirectly by Martha. I have a few copies of MS Kids (they must be ten years old) that I am so glad I saved until I had children. We've made so many of Martha's kid-friendly projects together - pom-pom animals, invitations/thank you notes, tissue paper flowers, jingle bells wreaths. I think my favorite Martha crafts are the felted ones. We would love to have these tools to add to our arsenal! Thank you!

  • I made the most wonderful cut out paper designs, winter scenes, one with a skater. I framed them and they were part of my granddaughters (all homemade Christmas) thanks for the great ideas.

  • Love all the craft ideas on Martha's show. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project was the Papier-Mache Hot Air Balloon. I would like to do this project for my grand kids. Their ages are 6 and 2. I've watched you for a long time. I even watch your specials. To be honest I love crafting, but I don't own any tools. Most of my crafts are things you have to free hand. It would be an honor to own the craft tool kit.

  • Maybe not a craft so much as the craft storage, converting an old armoire into storage for all my craft supplies. Including putting a pin board on the inside door, and a pull out desk on the bottom shelf.

  • Love all the craft indeas on Martha's show. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I always look forward to the Christmas craft ideas every year. I especially loved the christmas ball wreath. It was a lot of fun to make.

  • My most memorable craft was making decoupage plates for my 13th birthday party. They were inspired by the map trays Ben Busko did. Only we used small flower pictures and used tissue paper for the background. They are soooo pretty. My Mom and I love watching your show.

  • Martha & Darcy Miller have me hooked on SCRAPBOXING !!! I have a whole living room wall covered -----from locks of my babies hair with before & after pics, to their high school sports photo's with medals. I could go on !
    SCRAPBOXING allows me to keep my pics and 3d items !! THANKS for this GREAT Idea !!

  • My favorite Martha Craft is the wrap-around envelope labels teplate that I found on her website. I used the templates to create the envelope labels for my handmade wedding invites. They were beautiful!

  • Making things by hand has been a way of life for me since playing in my Grandfather's basement with his tools and materials. Sewing and knitting was taught early by my Mother and have seen me through my childrens' days; making clothes, quilts, toys, masks, or party favors and gifts. Cooking was Grandma, so whether it's cakes, cupcakes, holiday cookies or just decorating for parties, Martha has always inspired while bringing back the need for one of a kind handmade items, and the gift of love they provide. Now her products are much needed items for the arsenal of tools. I LOVE the paper punches, bone folder, and the glitter colors, to name only a few. I've been taking jewelry classes and have found the variety of pliers most important as well. Thank you Martha for keeping the art of home-crafting alive for our future generation of young women.

  • I would love to get a gift set!

  • Thanks to, I always find the perfect craft idea to share with my sweet nieces for "crafting with Aunt Mo" sessions. Love your products and ideas.

  • My favorite craft project has to be the "Family Recipe DVDs". With genealogy being a favorite past time this will only add to my treasures. I always enjoyed watching you cook/bake with your Mother and I am sure I will my family also. Thanks

  • Of course just about ALL of Martha's craft projects are my most memorable... I have learned so much. I have become a crafter in all mediums because I end up trying just about all of them! ;) But, MOST memorable would have to be paper marbling, which I incorporated with my other fave faux bois paper technique. Even though, it's two crafts projects, its really only one for me since I put them together, right? ;) I LOVE ALL THINGS MARTHA, and all of these tools would just about make me a craft Diva, hopefully like Martha and her craft team... OR I CAN HOPE, right? (Fingers, toes, eyes, and ears crossed) I sure could use a win in my life!

  • I have made MANY MS crafts in my day. This is not the most time consuming of projects, but I loved the map hangers so much I designed my entire 1/2 bath around them. I'd be honored if you checked it out here:

  • I loved the heart sticker charm bracelet that was featured around Valentine's Day. What a brilliant idea! My daughter and I modified it for one of her friend's birthday gifts. Adorable!

  • It's so hard to pick just one project from all the fabulous ideas posted on or demonstrated on her show. I LOVE so many of them and know that anything that Martha puts her name on is going to be top quality!!!! I love doing any of the papercrafting ideas that she has and have made several cards and other crafts featured on this website using the clipart!!!!

  • As a youngster, I was forever tinkering with craft ideas, making my own 3-D greeting cards, doing all kinds of needle crafts and beading items, wire jewelry and even embellished collars and dickies (when they were in style). Then I mostly abandoned this pastime as career and family became of utmost importance.

    Now I find that I have time on my hands and have recently joined a group which donates time and items to soldiers, children in hospitals, abused women
    homeless people and others in need.
    I have been knitting hats for soldiers and homeless people and making stuffed animals, some my own patterns of stuffed animals and sew-less cozy blankets.

    I would love to have these tools to continue with these and other crafts.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project was: I made the pipe cleaner rose rings for a womens retreat that Darcy made on the show last year and they were a hit! To my surprise my boyfriend and son made me a bouquet of red long stem pipe cleaner roses for Valentine's Day. I guess they watch Martha too!

  • We just love Martha! My 7yr old and I try to craft daily and I always manage to get in two episodes of MSL on Hallmark!

  • my favorite martha crafts is anything that has to do with GLITTER. Especially those glitter skulls from a few Halloweens ago!

  • Be still my heart!!! Yet again another marvelous opportunity from Martha and her show. THANK YOU TONS

  • I seriously loved those paper-punch edged paper chains. I'm thinking of making them for my wedding!

  • There are so many things but most of all are the easter eggs made with clay and the tissue paper flowers. I remember making them and haveing them everywhere.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart show is any show that uses her craft tools/punches and paper. I still get excited when I see a new tool or punch and want to go out and buy them right away.

    The shows are very enjoyable and informative.

  • From: Madge Van Tassle | 3/2/11 at 9:26 pm

    Be still my heart!!! Yet again another marvelous opportunity from Martha and her show. THANK YOU TONS I HOPE THAT ITS ME I WOULD BE GRATEFUL!

  • Since Martha began producing craft products my most exciting projects involve using all the wonderful glitter colors. It began when the Glitter Lady came on the program with ideas of all things made better with glitter. Keep the ideas and inspirations coming!

  • My favorite Martha Inspired Crafts are ones using her branded punches. The butterfly punches are my favorite, and they make everything just pop!! I love using the punched butterflies in a mosaic style with a pin through them so they can still flutter in the breeze on a styrofoam backdrop.

  • I love to craft and I am hoping to share this with my youngest daughter and these tools would come in handy.




    Need I say more?

    I cherish my Bone Folder, but I would

    love one more!

  • Loved Professor Figgy's pipe cleaner snowflakes. So easy & not expensive. Thanks


  • Love crafts! Snowflake pipe cleaners.

  • Love crafting & cooking. Would love to have all these tools.

  • I have been watching and crafting and baking and admiring Martha for many years. My most memorable MS craft has to be the cranberry wreath I made for Christmas many years ago.I worked for hours on the wreath and it was so beautiful when it was done. I was so proud of it and hung it on the wall in my living room. During the night I was awakened to a loud crashing sound only to discover that the wreath had fallen off the wall and crashed to the floor and was broken in several places not to mention cranberries all over the place. My sweet husband felt so bad for me that he managed to glue it back together the next day and we were able to enjoy it during the holiday season!

  • I really enjoy your show. I have gotten many crafting projects from this site. One of my favorites is decorating picture frames. I have done several and given as gifts. Everyone really likes the personal touches, I put on them..

  • Love crafting & cooking. Would love to have all these tools. Martha has great crafters.

  • Loved the recent ROPE BOOKENDS you guys made recently - i'll be making those with my sister soon! They are gorgeous.

  • Martha has been the inspiration for much of my crafting but I'm really so thankful for having been turned onto Sashiko stitching from her Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts!

  • Love crafts! The pipe cleaner snowflakes are great. Love all the cooking and crafts.

  • Favorite?!, since I have to pick a favorite craft, it would be ALL of Martha's scrapbooking notions and ideas. I make special pages for all of my nieces and nephews teachers as gifts. Martha's craft corner at my local craft store is my first stop when I arrive there. Keep the great tools and ideas coming.

  • I love Martha crafts. The Pinup Wreath was so great that it has not come down from chirstmas. We but thank you cards and other holiday cars on it. I love this wreath!!!

  • Many years ago Martha showed how to make a baby changing pad using a hand towel. Anyone who had a baby for years to come recived one with the pockets filled with products for babies on the go! My latest craft love is decorative painting so please more...

  • I love to make handmade greeting cards and decorated gift bags. I love my Martha Stewart punches. They allow me to be creative. Seeing others delight in my handmade items gives me pleasure. I enjoy giving to others.

  • I think one of the most inspirational for me was the ombre dyeing technique that was done on the silk scarves. So bright and cheery and bring life to any outfit.

  • My favorite Martha-Inspired craft project was when I came home for Christmas to my parents' house in 1996, and my mom and I bonded one long night, and we made the cranberry-studded wreaths. I still have a picture of me with the wreath I made, somewhere....

  • Love crafts. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  • Martha Stewart's crafting projects have inspired me to create things with yarn, paint, fabric, thread, paper, food, and plants. MS Living magazine, TV show, and craft blog has given legitimacy to something that was once viewed as only a hobby or a way to pass the time. Martha Stewart has paved the way for "regular" people to become artists and artisans of their beloved crafts.
    My favorite Martha Stewart craft ideas are those involving babies and baby items. I loved the simple woven squares turned into baby shoes and have made these by knitting squares instead of weaving them. They are the most darling newborn shoes and my baby girl wore them with her "going home" outfit when leaving the hospital.
    Thanks for the ideas and the contest!

  • To pick just one favorite craft would be like piciking just one favorite spice to cook with! I keep all of my favorite crafts that have been shown in Martha Stewart Living and on the website in a big notebook. So I can always go back and refresh my memory on different crafts for differnt seasons! I do however love making christmas wreaths. I love making them for not only for my home but for friends and family! That way they have a door hanging wreath that is not only personalized for their famiy but matches the home decor for the season!

  • I am a 13 year old beginning crafter. My favorite Martha Stewart craft was one that I found online. It is the toadstools. The poisonous mushroom inspired seats are so cute, and I hope to make one for my desk in my room. I also get so inspired by the lovely crafts in the LIVING magazine, and I would be so excited to craft all of the great crafts in the magazine with these tools.

  • I can't wait to make the necklace featured today!
    It looks so professional& gorgeous.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project was black mice I cut out from a template that was featured on a Halloween segment that I decided to make. The next day, my mice all cut out were strategically placed up two stories of stairs leading up to my office on the third floor. The screeches I heard as people screamed and realized they were cutouts and not real were worth the time I put into making them!

  • I save all my Martha Stewart Magazines and go to them for inspiration when planning holidays, parties and events. One year for a calendar party at our children's school. My sister and I hosted a teenager's table with an Abercrombie theme, the prize was a gift card to the store. I created a table cloth by using the pages of an Abercrombie catalog. I sewed them together on the sewing machine. It was one of my favorite paper crafts! The teenagers were impressed!

  • As a youngster, I was forever tinkering with craft ideas making my own 3D greeting cards, working on all kinds of needlecraft kits and beading projects, wire jewelry by hand and using a jig, and even embellished collars and dickies (remember those?) Then I mostly abandoned these gratifying pastimes as career and family became of utmost importance.

    During those years, I missed creating pretty and useful items with my hands. Now I find that I have time and have in the last year joined a non-denominational charity called Mitzvah Circle Foundation (MitzvahCircle.Org,) and have donated time and projects there, mostly knitting hats for soldiers, cozy blankets for children, etc.

    I very recently discovered your craft programs. Previously for another organization, I made stuffed toys, some using my own animal patterns and fleece blankets which require no sewing.

    Now through your program I can also supply items for hospitalized children who, through Mitzvah Circle, are given little boxes filled with toys, crafts to make and crafted items appropriate for their age. I am craving the creative aspect your projects provide.

    Your tools will help me greatly with this endeavor.

  • I love the Martha's glitter. I use it on cards inspired by her kits and website.

  • My most memorable crafting moment was making 300 various size paper poms to hang at a friends bridal shower. The impact of them all was outstanding and made up for my cramped hands!

  • Always inspired with your Halloween decorations and crafts. You can never have enough craft supplies, never. Love the craft room furniture.

  • I have made many of Martha's crafts throughout the years. The latest, and therefore most memorable, I made for my daughters new apartment. I made the fabric covered cookie sheet. It turned out beautifully and matches the throw pillows she and I made. I love making all the different crafts.

  • My favorite Martha crafts are her Halloween costumes. Although I haven't made any yet (due to a lack of kids and Halloween parties), I have many tucked away in my "someday" file.

  • there are just way too many great craft projects to pick just one. martha is my go to when i'm looking for something new to do. the latest project i did was the decoupaged glass trays. i used old maps and they came out super cute!

  • I can't think of just one project in particular because I am always so inspired by martha. She has soooo many wonderful ideas and is sooo talented. Thanks so much for keeping me inspired and kepping my creativeness going!

  • I (like everyone else) made the tissue paper pom poms for my wedding. I also made metallic ones for a new year's party and they were a hit! I still keep some up around the house to make every day feel a little special. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration!

  • My memorable craft will have to be the basket gifts shown today. I am moving shortly and have been looking for something special for my crafting buddies. I have searched the MS website all day for crafts. There are so many great crafts, it is hard to choose. I plan to make a basket for each with instructions, supplies for a craft each would enjoy. I will individualize by choosing different crafts that fit each personality. I am making my list and will be at Michael's when it opens tomorrow. LOL

  • My favorite craft project has been making handmade cards!

  • I have made many of Martha's crafts throughout the years. The latest, and therefore the most memorable, I made for my daughters new apartment, I made the fabric covered cookie sheet. It turned out beautifully and matches the throw pillows she and I made. I love making all the different crafts.

  • Making personalized greeting cards for friend and family birthdays, anniversaries, get well cards, etc.

  • Martha has inspired many of my crafts over the years, but one that is coming to mind right now is the cone-shaped trees made out of magazines.

  • Greetings Martha & staff! My favorite Martha-inspired project was the children's quilts from a show last season. Simple and elegant, I have made them for my nephews as well as to give away at baby showers. They've always been well-received; it makes a big difference to give something handmade!

  • Oh, I have so many Martha-inspired, favorite craftsI One of my all time favorites is the cranberry wreath. I love the pop of color it adds to my front door at Christmas time.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft would have be the paper flowers. The dying and drying technique was so cool. It was amazing to see how realistic they turned out. We had a girls rainy crafting day with lots of giggles. Thank you for continuing to provide such great ideas.

  • I fell in love with last year's Halloween issue, and my favorite has got to be the jellyfish. I was too late to do it in 2010, but 2011, look out! I have the umbrella and the bubble wrap in the wings, waiting. Way Too Cool!

  • Really loved the Craft Hour show. The tools are wonderful! I'm looking forward to the making the egg shaped grape vine wreath and the stenciled pillow.
    I record all the shows including Martha Bakes so my nine year old daughter and I can watch them together later.

  • I am a knitter and loved the knitting projects and easy directions. it actually helped me teach a child which was great fun. i also love Hosanna's flowers. When she was a student at SLC she worked for me and it gives me such a thrill to use her projects

  • My most recent Martha inspired crafts were handmade Valentine's Day and Anniversary cards for my boyfriend.

  • What a great giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win these great crafting tools.

  • The daisy birthday party and daisy inspired wedding still stick in my head to this day.

    My favorite craft used was from the daisy wedding---the small purses that were made for either the bride and/or bridesmaids. With the help of my neighbor/landlady, we created similar purses for each of my bridesmaids to have ( it contained their jewelry gifts) with the colors of our wedding, and included a matching flower.

  • I love a lot of the jewelry making segments. Always creative and inventive ideas. Thank you

  • Wow what craft have I made that is NOT inspired by something I have seen Martha do or on her show! I love anything paper related! Love this giveaway!!!!

  • My favorite holiday is Halloween, I have been decorating my house and pumpkins with the numerous craft projects and ideas in Martha's mag for years. I get great responses from trick a treaters and it is so much fun that I don't want to take it down after Halloween. I have collected all of Martha's mags for years, refer back to them all the time. I've loved, loved, loved them for years. Would love these tools even more. thanks.

  • My first child was born 9 years ago and she inspired me to make baby items for my baby, the crochet blanket, train and balls among other things. I'm always inspired by her.

  • Martha inspires me to do all kinds of crafts. The teams that designs new creative ways of doing punching is a favorite of late. Magnetic punches are the greatest!

  • I love the show today what great ideas love watching your show favorite craft item is your scissors with the extra blade i have them and i use them alot.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft is the Instant Antique Candle Holders. Also a craft I would love to learn more about is Tatting. I've always turn to Martha or people she brings on the show for the best craft techniques. I have not seen any tatting yet. Hope to see it on the show or in a book.

  • I feel so inspired everytime I watch a Martha Stewart Craft program. I want to remodel, I want to do so many craft projects and show my grandchildren so many craft things that are easy to do. She makes every thing look easy and like you can actually do those things yourself. She is such an inspiration to all. I love every project she does. Especially anything to do with entertaining which I think is such a lost art. I try to show that to my daughters and grandchildren. It is so important to entertain with pride and to do it properly.

  • There's so much to choose from. Right now I am trying to make Christmas Cards using the craft punches and bits and pieces from my quilting projects. Who knows what's next? I'd love to have some of the tools.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired moment was making her Balloon Farm Animals with my 3 year old daughter. I really love that Martha includes projects for kids in her craft line.

  • I use Martha's craft products all the time. I make my own card for all ococcasions and I always refer to Martha's web site for ideas. The punches are wonderful and I use the flower embllishments a lot. It would be a wonderful to add these products to my craft room.

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft is the duvet and pillows I painted with fabric paint and lace for my little girls nursery. It was just the right mix a girly touch without going overboard!

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft was the felt oak leaf wreath. It was slow to cut out all of the leaves but the finished item was lovely.

  • I get so many great ideas for crafts from your show and the website. It is so exciting seeing new crafts and tools, supplies, etc. on your show and step by step instructions. You make it look so fun and easy!! Keep the ideas coming.

  • I am inspired by anything Martha does. I love how she sets a table and any craft items she does for kids. I love to help make craft items with my grandchildren for holidays. She has inspired many of them at our house. Turkeys at thanksgiving and ghosts for halloween. She's a wonder!!!

  • I loved the lace stenciled pillow that was demonstrated on today's hour-long craft show. I love using Martha's edge punches (I think they are the best quality out there)and I love to sew. This technique combines the two crafts and the outcome is beautiful. I learned something new about using freezer paper too! Thank you, Martha and Craft Team!

  • I used the Martha Stewart stamps and made several different cards. I also have made many different Thanksgiving paper crafts using the Martha Stewart glitter, stamps, and decorative punches. I had several complements and was very pleased with each craft and all the cards I have made. I also used the Spring vellum flowers that come in a package and embelished different paper crafts. I really enjoy crafting and have for the past ten years.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart inspired project would have to be the heart and lollipop valentines. I was in charge of hosting activity days for the girls in my church ages 8-11. I was trying to think of a unique valentine the girls could share with others, and spread the love around! This was such an easy project to make, and they had a blast working together to make and then share the valentines with someone they love. It was great!

  • One show had Martha and Nathan Lane creating something- I don't even remember what it was because I was laughing so hard, I nearly had an accident. Now those are the most memorable ones that keep me coming back and is the reason my craft room looks like a mini "Martha Stewart Crafts" Shrine! Keep it up you guys because if you don't your minds will explode from craft neglect.:)

  • Requests keep coming year after year for the sm. felt shaped mouse with candy cane. I have even embroidered and beaded them to true mousey gaudiness.
    Thank you for all the new ideas. I agree with Martha, I can only dream of a job in your craft lab.

  • What a fantastic craft show today. I enjoyed watching the segment on the jewelry and the favorite tools of the craft staff. I already own some MS tools like the score board and love them. I would love to win some more tools to add to my very own craft room I am starting in my home. I am so thrilled that Martha has come out with an affordable craft furniture line the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Keep it coming Martha.

  • Crafts are my favorite part of the show. I enjoy seeing new tools. paper flowers, anything new for holidays and cards. My favorite craft was making easter eggs by wrapping them in fabric and then boiling them to transfer the pattern to the eggs. They were elequent and very unique...although I did crack the liner of my crock pot to use a glass pan. I'd love to win these tools! Thanks for the chance.
    I really enjoy Martha and can't wait to hear all about her new grandbaby. Congrats to all!

  • I love when Martha does paper crafting..especially with punches. My favorite punches are the crab and seahorse. They make a great addition to my summertime cards and scrapbook pages.

  • I did pom poms for a big family dinner- started out great but the last two looked more like tissue paper cacti than fluffy goodness.

  • I have been with Martha from day one. My two sons (who are now married with families of their own) knew not to disturb Mom while Martha’s show was on the television. I learned how to cook, garden and craft with Martha. I can’t give just one favorite craft project because they all were fun. The most inspiring projects were making anything using things from around the house. Living on a budget but still being able to come up with beautiful handmade things was awesome. My boys thought I was amazing! My secret was doing something from my “Martha Projects”. I’m still adding to my “Martha Projects”.

  • I dvr Martha everyday and watch when I come home from work. I think her show is great. I am a beginner crafter and could use lots of new tools. I plan to purchase the book for great ideas for me start crafting!

  • i used martha stewart stickers - 3d strawberry stickers for a card and they turned out great.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project was the No-Sew Tote Bag. It was so easy to do and the results were great. I hosted a craft group at my home and I did all the prep work and then we all stapled and duct taped our projects. Each person had a different fabric that they picked from the prepped pieces and we had a blast putting them together. It was a fun project to do together while we all visited that evening. Thanks Martha.

  • My favorite Martha craft are the tissue paper pom-poms. I've made them for several parties and they're always such a hit!

  • One of MANY favorite craft projects were the paper mache' acorn lanterns that Martha made a few years ago! I had them out on my porch for two years before some nasty birds decided to peck them apart! I guess they liked them as much as i did!!

  • My most memorable Martha Stewart craft was making the accordion folded paper medallions. I've made Halloween wands, Christmas birthday wands, and toppers for diaper cakes and decorations to hang over the food table at a baby shower. They were a big hit at each event. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  • What a great giveway! These are such versatile tools that would be a delight for any crafter such as myself. ;0) I am always inspired by Martha whether it be a craft, home decor or gardening ideas but if I have to pick only one it would be her tips for floral arrangments.

  • What an amazing giveaway. I instantly fell in love with the chunky wool cream & aqua mohair scarf from the Holiday 2006 issue. That article taught me how to knit... and I still knit to this day! Thanks!

  • i could never pick just one craft that martha does i love them all.

  • I tore a large hole in my favorite pair of jeans, I am loving the jean crafts section! Specifically the tote bag, who couldn't use another eco-friendly shopping bag? Love it!

  • I don't know why this is my most memorable MS craft moment because at the time time, I did not knit nor did I know what Martha was talking about. BUT I remember the episode she brought a guest on the show to talk about knitting gauges and how to keep them organized and store them. Now I think back to that episode regularly because I hate making gauges and when I do, I DO NOT want to get rid of them or toss them. I haven't gotten to making cards for each one with specific information (needle size, yarn, etc.) but I will one of these days. :)

  • I have been inspired by many things I have seen "Martha" doing over the years.

    I have really liked the station that she has put together with the wrapping paper and such. That has inspired me to transform an entertainment center that I have held on to thinking that I could do something with it. I will be using some baskets on the shelves. In other spots I will be putting some tubs I have with arts & crafts supplies. I am looking forward to the completion of this fun project.

  • My Martha Stewart inspired craft project was a mouse toy that was intended for my cats but ended up being for my dog. I used the templates on the MS website to sew a mouse shape, stuffed it with poly-fil but no catnip because my kitties don't care for it, and gave it to them to play with. My cats didn't like it but my little dog loved it! It was one of my very first sewing projects.

  • what a great show today!!! so inspiring! i have to say my favorite craft moments usually come from enjoying monthly reads of the martha stewart weddings magazine. love all the great diy tips for special events. i've been waiting for a reason to create some monogramed party crackers!!

  • I am disabled and my family and friends are in the process of making a spare room in my house into a craft room for me. I have kept a folder of the many tips for assembling a craft room that I have seen on the show, which I watch 2 hours a day! I can hardly wait!

  • I am in the process of turning my spare room into a craft room. I have kept a folder of tips that I have seen on the MS show and I can hardly wait for my room to be finished!

  • My favorite...let's see. When the glitter line became available at Michaels My home became a glitter metropolis. Learning how to use glitter on my pumpkins and winter squash turned my front entry and deck into a vision on loveliness. Equally as beautiful in daylight with sun catching them and in the evening with lights and candles. Thank you for making your products available through local stores. Dare I start on Easter Eggs?

  • I would have to say my "most Martha-inspired" craft project would be my craft room. It's a multi-purpose space full of well intentioned organization. Have tried to have keep things neat & orderly in typical Martha-fashion, but creativity seems to breed chaos. Almost everything does have it's place, though...that is..until some new craft tools or books come along, which don't have a designated "home"...fortunately, I can work through the mess!

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft I ever made was a "Happy Birthday" sign with letter stencils, different colors of cardboard, ribbon, and of course glitter.

  • My most memorable Martha craft is a pinecone wreath where you bake the pinecones and the sap gives them a glossy finish. My dad collected all the pinecones. Can't wait to try some crafts from today's show!

  • I couldn't get enough of this episode! Absolutely loved all the crafts mostly the tools.

  • Aloha! My son turned 5 last October and wanted a Harry Potter themed party. I saw the show where Martha made the Flyaway Favor bags, and thought they would make perfect goodie bags for his guests and suited the theme. Needless to say, they were a HIT! Thanks for the chance to win these wonderful tools! :)

  • Over the course of time I enjoyed making the sewing kits out of the ball jars with the tops covered in fabric for pin-cushions. They were useful and they became good gifts that I could make with the kids for them to give away.

  • I really liked on todays show how martha made the wreath out of twigs, moss and then decorated it with two little lambs. It inspired me to decorate my house with that decor as well,I love watching martha everyday!!!

  • She inspires me every day. I can't pick a particular project, but I love love love her holiday projects like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! As a bridal headpiece designer, I am inspired from her wedding magazine as well. Not only show pretty images but also give great ideas with simple and easy stuff ;)

  • One of my favorite Martha crafts is one that my grandaughter and I did together. we cut paper flowers and hot glued them to a small tree branch and added a pretty little bird they are adorable. I would love to have the craft giveaway I need them all,thank you very much.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft idea was this past Christmas ornament ideas from the Radio City Rockettes decoration ideas! I really enjoyed today's show.

  • I loved this show and all the craft tools. My favorite MS craft is always the next one I discover!! I adore the holiday crafts, especially Halloween ideas which are so fun and dramatic! The wire mesh necklace on today's show was so unique and I can't wait to try it! Thanks so much!

  • I watched Martha's craft show today for the first time. I really love the projects, as I love to craft. I am especially interested in the pillows made using freezer paper and the jewlery made using and the jewlery made using wire lace. I plan to try both patterns. I will also be watching future shows. Thank you Martha.

  • I made Martha’s jingle bell wreath . . . and couldn’t stop. Smaller wire with smaller bells became napkin rings; medium bells became door knob decorations - which then morphed into musical instruments for my grand-kids Christmas programs and for caroling to Hospice patients. All sizes, all colors - ring my bells!

  • The year was 1990, I purchased the Martha Stewart Christmas book. My daughter then five years old helped me collect pine cones and we painted them gold, we also made our Christmas wrapping paper that year. This was the begining of many memorable years of crafting with my daughters. I have been a MS Living subscriber since the third issue Summer of 1991.

  • My most remembered Martha craft project was a living plant wreath. The plants I used were creeping phlox, wave petunias and verbena. It was beautiful. I have never received so many "oh how pretty" on any of my flowers before. Thanks for all your shows. I enjoy and learn from each one.

  • A few years ago, Martha Stewart Living magazine had instructions for making a little book with envelopes for pages. I made several of them and gave them away as gifts. I only regret that I didn't make one for myself or save the instructions to do more of them.

  • My most recent memorable Martha-inspired project happened this Valentine's Day. I wanted to make something different for my three granddaughters, Abigail 8, Sophia 5 and JoJo 1. I made the Valentine's Day Heart Garland and they loved it. It was easy and turned out so very cute. So many original kids Valentine's Day projects also made four other ones.

  • My Martha Stewart Ah HA! craft moment came when I was watching HSN. They featured her beautiful paper punches. I bought the two specials and I have not stopped buying them since! I just love the quality of the punches. They give my cards that special touch. I think my favorite one is the Monarch Butterfly. It cuts like lace!
    Needless to say I also bought the glitters, the papers, the glues, the scissors, the pens, the markers, the inks, the ribbons... etc, etc, etc.
    I love Martha Stewart and all her products!

  • My most favorite craft on Martha Stewart was when she did the glitter little pumpkins and gords.... They were a beautiful holiday centerpiece. Loved sharing Martha's idea's with my crafty girlfriends. We all have Martha's books, crafting, cooking, entertaining ect..... Thank You Martha for sharing your talents....

  • Loved todays show. I really liked the stenciled pillow covers, though I bet they would make great custom bandanas. My favorite part was how excited my husband got with the idea of making jewelry with the wirelace, as he tumbles his own stones and wants to give it a try.

  • Loved the show today! I can't get enough of the crafting!! There arn't enough hours in the day! All those tools look amazing, for sure need them all! What would we do without Martha!?!

  • I was totally inspired by a project that Martha did on her show a while ago where she created some dogwood branches by attaching some hand cut paper flowers to some branches. I went out and 'hunted' for the perfect branches so that I could re-create one for myself.....with my Martha Stewart scissors, of course. ;)

    I also just love her glitter and recently made a 'DIVA' card with the letters completely covered in Martha Stewart glitter. So fun!!

  • I love arts and crafts and often work with children to create something new and inspiring! We had a knitting class and we learned to make pom poms!

  • I am not sure when i seen it but it was a shop Martha did about dying easter eggs and the lady used old silk ties to dye easter eggs I never got all the info on how to do it but it was so cool the egg had the design from the tie. Actually i love to watch Martha every week day.

  • I don't get a chance to watch the show much so I have to comment on the show today. I loved the WireLace Mesh Ribbon I have never seen anything like that. That will be going on my 'Must Get List'. I've heard about freezer paper stencils but I've never seen it done with punches the ones I've seen were of peoples faces. The pillows were beautiful. Great show I'm glad my Tivo picked it up.

  • My most memorable project (I'm so upset I didn't get it into the ReMarthable contest) is a floral lollipop arrangement I made for my mother's cousin's 70th birthday. It contained 70 lollipops individually wrapped with silk flowers made to look like a floral arrangement.

  • my favorite martha inspired craft(s) was done for this past valentine's day. i made the chocolate cherry chunk cookies from the living mag (feb issue) and instead of the cherry tags for the cookie bags, i made big colored paper heart tags tied with natural twine. also, made valentine cards using the martha punches. they were so lovely to create and the tools made it easy to do the job well. the all around the page punch and edge punches are amazing! having a 15 month old daughter makes crafting so much more fun and something i want to do well so i can teach her how to do it.
    i know we'll cherish those moments of crafting and creating together.

  • i love the coffee filter wreaths.

  • I am a paper crafter at heart, but I love seeing ALL the different crafts that Martha showcases on the program. (Would love to see MORE!)

    Martha's punches and scoring board are fantastic and I have been a little rosette and doily crazy lately! These tools just make it easy and fun to create beautiful things. I'm going to try punching freezer paper with copy paper next (something I saw on today's show!)
    Thanks for sharing all you do!

  • Martha has been inspiring me for so long, I can't really delineate which crafts were specifically hers and which I "Martha-fied" by adding a Martha tip or tool to any craft I see.

    The most memorable is one we laugh about every Easter when we tried, but failed to make our own peeps candies. The man at the photo mart wanted to toss the pictures as misprints and we all jumped at him and yelled, NO that is what they looked like.

  • There are too many to pick 1 favorite project! After "the crafting hour" show I wanted to learn to make jewlery but, I'm going to have to say the birthday party projects are my fave! With my 4 yr old daughter & 8 month old son, our family is growing! Which means lots of parties are to be had! Thank you Martha for inspiring me in most all my crafting endeavors! Hope I have a chance to win!

  • My mother threw me a surprise bridal shower complete with martha stewart pom poms and decor in a tea party theme! I imagined her making bunches of these and then trying to hide them in my father's office. It was wonderful after hours of hand punching 300 invites (using MS stationary and punches).

  • One of my favorite Martha Crafts was making the jar of eyeballs ( radish ice cubes with green olives with pimentos) for a church Halloween haunted house. We used the whole mad scientist lab Martha used one year.

  • My best friend and I are in the process of making hundreds of Martha's crepe paper flowers for her upcoming wedding. It's not the fanciest or most complicated project I've done, but we are having so much fun reminiscing and reconnecting that it's easily the most special and rewarding craft project I've ever been involved with!

  • Whenever I need to do a craft my first place to get ideas is at

  • I love doing a lot of different kinds of crafts, sewing, scrapbooking, working with polymer clay, beading jewelry. What Martha has taught me is you need the right tool to do the job well. Martha Stewarts line of tools are so helpful in accomplishing many of these crafts,nad in doing them well and efficiently.

  • Last year (2010) Martha made glitter Christmas balls and ornaments. So up until Christmas Eve I glittered balls mini tree flowers and other ornaments to put on our tree. I'm still cleaning up glitter. It was beautiful and my family loved it. Thanks.

  • One of my favorite and memorable inspirations was from the Martha Stewart Show where she and Jennifer Murphy crafted Easter bunnies out of pom poms. They turned out so cute! I'll make them every year!

  • My Sister-in-law will not allow my 4 year old niece to wear nail polish even though she repeatedly begs. So one day while I was crafting with Martha Stewart's amazing scrumshus glitters I got the idea to paint my niece's fingernails with glitter. First, I thinned white glue with water. Then using a paint brush, I painted a thin layer of the conoction on her nails. FInally I dusted each nail with glitter over MS Glitter Trays so I wouldn't waste any of MS' premium glitter. Thanks Martha for your products.

  • I love to create all kinds of crafts. My kitty is always entertained and wants to participate when I scrapbook, make cards, or make decorations. One of my favorite Martha crafts was for my kitty. I made Walter some homemade cat toys after watching Martha create them herself!

  • My favorite Martha's craft is Ombre Glittered Seashell Ornaments and they turn out so beautifully.
    I just have very few Martha's craft tools, if I had the money I would love own several of your decorative punches. I'm wishing very hard and my fingers are cross to win these prizes.

  • One of my favorite things to make are Easter eggs! Martha always has such fab ideas each year for eggs. I look forward to it every year!

  • I have collected Martha's items for a number of years. I really doubt that there is enough time to use them all but I may die trying.. and what a way to go


  • My most memorable Martha Craft was the photo Postcard stamp template that was posted for DIY Weddings. I used this stamp to create my Christmas card this year... My husband and I were married last January in East Tennessee, the only weekend it snowed! Our pictures were taken in the botanical gardens, and the snow was the perfect accessory to the shoot. The photographs were perfect to use for our Christmas cards this year, and it's one we'll remember forever as it was our first holiday together as a married couple. :)

  • Ahhhh the wreaths - something for every time, every reason, every whim, every level of creativity.

  • One of my favorite Martha Stewart inspired crafts was a Christmas ornament. By taking a styrofoam ball, walnuts, gold spray paint, greenery and ribbon, Voila! I love how Martha and her staff manage to take every day items and turn them into unique and beautiful additions to your life.

  • Years ago Martha made a baby's changing pad using a terry hand cloth and fabric. There were pockets for supplies and it folded and tied for the Mom and baby on the go. I made them as gifts and sold them in craft shows.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired project was a recent one. For my Christmas gift mix, I made the gift bags using a modified version of Martha's candy cane rickrack gift bags. They were so cute!

  • I can't thank Martha enough for all the great ideas she and her staff create. for Christmass 2010, I was trying to find something simple and fun but that looked great! I found on your web site the deer stincile for candles,were u glue and glitter, great fun and great gifts!

  • I discovered and used Martha's Scoring Board to make a paper medallion (inspired by one of your posts) for
    130 valentine cards. The board is so well thought out....I could not have done it without you, Martha!

    Please pick me! I am an elementary school art teacher and introduce your products to my students all the time as they really make crafting easier.

  • Hi Martha,
    I am getting some excellent ideas of crafts for a fundraiser that I am having to raise money for my son and daughter to go to Summer camp this year. They both are special need children and the cost keeps rising but, all year long this camp is what they live for. I LOVE all the crafting ideas and tips.You make it so easy for the average person to construct such beautiful and professional looking items! Martha is my go-to website for ALL my needs! Thank you Martha,
    Anita Hall

  • Watched the show and I love your enthusiasm, with the different crafts. This giveaway is amazing. the audiance loved it. All of my Martha Stewart scrapbooking supplies are well used in making my son's military memories in Special Forces documented for all his years to come. I've never had a Xyron machine. Just couldn't handle the cost. thank you for the chance to win one.

  • I was totally enamored with the glittered pumpkins Martha created several years ago. I was delighted to receive her 24 color glitter collection as a gift and have decorated pumpkins, squashes and gourds ever since.

  • My most memorable Martha craft was the towel apron that I made for my sister when she was having her first baby. I love that is something she still uses, my niece is 4 today! And something that is homemade.

  • LOVE your craft products. I have so many of your punches and glitter. While papercrafts are my top craft, I can't wait to try the wire lace jewlery!

  • I just finished decoupaging my desk at work with wrapping paper and patterned tissue paper; it came out great. Then, I went home and watched the Craft Show which I had recorded on my DVR. It was fantastic! Some things I was familiar with, but there were all sorts of new and different ideas- LOVED it!! Great job everyone! Btw, are you guys hiring in the crafts department? :)

  • I love these craft tools! I hope to win them! Great show!

  • This was the show I've been waiting for - I couldn't wait to get home and watch it - since I DVR it.
    Anyway, I guess my favorite projects include glitter and Martha's love of glitter. I was able to play with lots of glitter last year when my son got married. There were months where I constantly had glitter on my face and around the house. Jack, our dog, even had glitter on his beard. I would LOVE to have all these "toys" being given away!!

  • Years ago, I watched Martha make one of the most fun projects, concrete stepping stones. My husband and I followed the instructions and made several. One of my favorites is one we had our niece and nephew make. They added handprints, signatures and a date. They are grown now, so this momento is precious to us. This is much better than trying to cut out and save handprints from an old sidewalk or step. Much fun!

  • My most memorable craft were the beautiful glittery ornaments she made. They were so pretty! Thanks for a chance to win!

  • hi,
    We have a cabin in Maine and love anything Maine.When it came time to plan a reheasal dinner for my daughter-in-law and son we went with a lobster theme. My daughter and i made Martha's lobster invitations and lobster place cards.Thanks for all the wonderful ideas we have used over the years.

  • The most recent craft that we did was to take our old faded Christmas Bulbs and give them new life. We used the technique that Martha used on her show. They turned out so nice that we will put up an 3rd tree in our house at Christmas.

  • I am INSPIRED by Martha and Team everyday! I am a avid viewer. I record Martha @ home on my HD DVR. This way I can watch it and rewind as I go. I do not have very many crafting tools and this is a great opportunity I couldn't ignore. (Crossing my fingers) THANK YOU MARTHA and TEAM!!!

  • Our family had a family reunion dec and through the posting of everyones pictures I made a scrapebook for each family by coping the pages and will be giving as gifts next Xmas.

  • I have one thing to say about Martha Stewart craft supplies and tools: QUALITY!!! Oh wait, and also FUN!

  • My most memorable craft has to be the Christmas Village made like the one I remember from childhood that my Mom would let each of us kids take one by one till they were all put out on cotten batting making the best display, I would play like there were tiny people that would come to life when we went to bed. Sadly they were lost in one of our moves. So I had to make some of Martha's little village with Martha's Glitter of course. Please keep up the wonderful work you all do,From a friend for many years, Lila

  • This is a fab giveaway. Martha has so many wonderful Ideas but I would say the one I have like recently was the big candy heart made in Feburary. I loved the idea and made my husband one with all his favorites in it.

  • My most memorable craft so far that I have made is the diamond paper flowers. They are so different and turned out so pretty. I made some for my son's teacher for Valentine's day. She loved them.... =)

  • I have been watching Martha since I saw her first Thanksgiving show in the 90's? I have been hooked ever since. When a new craft comes on I get that "quickened" feeling of excitement (like a kid feels at Christmas) thank you for the 20 plus yrs of creative joy.

  • Hi, I am limited on how much on can spend at any given time, (please don't post this, I make about 35,000 a year) and you have lots of craft ideas that stay within my budget, for birthday parties, family gatherings and when I but something it has to be quality as well as quantity, I have some of your things little by little, I craft with beads, paper, sew, crochet and you have great ideas that are very affordable, but most of all for the ideas I have done are fun, some are elegant and always make it look like I spent a fortune. I watch you show and surf your site whenever I need an idea. Thanks Martha!

  • One of my favorite crafts was where Martha made a party centerpiece out of paper cups and paper plates. It was made to match the party theme.

  • I record the MS show every day and watch it the next morning while I drink my coffee before going to work. The show inspires me to look aroundand see whatI can do with my home, office and granddaughter. I want her to be "crafty" and enjoy making things for herself, her home and her family. Thank you for your inspirations and instructions.

  • I have to say that my favorite Martha crafting ideas are the ones with the glitter. I love the all over glitter of the birds and other shapes.

  • The list is endless of Martha-inspired projects that roll off my fingertips. One of the most recent would be creating a heritage scrapbook for my mother of all of her old photos of her and my father's ancestors. It is gorgeous and was such a joy to capture it all into one treasured album. Thank you for the inspiration....

  • I love all of Martha's ideas and use several during each holiday. I also craft Martha's ideas with my granddaughters.

  • Scrapbooking projects!!!!Love your show.

  • Made half-height no-flounce cafe curtain panels for our kitchen after seeing similar ones made from crisp dishtowels in a several-years-old issue of MSL -- they look great!

  • I love to sew. My favorite Martha sewing project is Heather Ross' smocked sundress. I really like the video on the website.

  • I anxiously wait for the easter egg decorating ideas. They are my favorite.

  • So my favorite "craft" is quite old and may not technically be a craft. I hope that's okay :)

    When I was 16, Martha did a show where she made her white chocolate bouche de noel ("birch de noel"). I decided to make this for xmas. I started early in the morning so I didn't get in folks way when it came to make dinner... it took me 12 hours and I got repeatedly kicked out of the kitchen so dinner could be made :)

  • I loved the tublar wire ribbon necklace. It was so easy and beautiful. What I like best about the show is how Martha is always so good at everything and excited about all the new crafts. I wish I was you, Martha, on all craft days.

  • I hope they pick me!!! What a list!

  • I learned to knit from an article in MSL! I made a simple scarf and a hat from that article and still love to knit.

  • I get inspired by just about everything I see on the show. Can never wait to see what is new that I can try but since I'm still surrounded by them, the borax snowflakes project seems to have taken over my house. ^-^ After watching the segment on the show and looking the how to up on the site I have begged containers from every store and deli in town. Snowflake "suncatchers" (had to add that so I can keep them up year round) in every color hang from my windows. Started experimenting with different designs so now the crystal snow storm has been joined by dolphins, cats, hearts, shamrocks...just about any shape I can bend pipe cleaners into. My friends think I'm gone crazy but guess what will be decorating their presents next Christmas.

  • Wow! What a wonderful giveway. I have so many favorties of Martha's crafting but I will choose the paper pom pom decorations. I hope I win. :)

  • I love to do scrapbooking so I have a few punches to use in making birthday cards and album pages to later share with family members. Love all the ideas on your show and website!

  • The entire show is inspiring but borax snowflakes seem to have taken over my home. Snowflakes in every color hang from my windows. Started experimenting with different designs so now the crystal snowstorm has been joined by dolphins, cats, hearts, shamrocks... any shape I can bend pipe cleaners into. THANKS!

  • I have many crafts that I have done...but I made a Hannah Christmas card that was so beautiful to put my familys christmas picture in it...I see it on MY MOM IN LAWS refrigerator every visit I make. The card is over 10 yrs old. Brings GOOD MEMORIES..I used the bone folder. Thanks Hannah and Martha

  • Martha inspired me to make a large poster picture display for my grandmother's 90th B-day party, an MS PowerPoint presentation, & I scanned & printed old photos for the table decoration. I have watched since Martha showed how to remove a dried mustard stain from leather w/a baby wipe. I don't have the luxury of a DVR, but watch every chance I get and always try to catch reruns too! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE MARTHA & HER STAFF! (my husband watches sometimes too--especially the travel sections)

  • I have made the large paper pom pom yellow flowers and keep using them to decorate my house for Spring..for Baby showers for Wedding showers..The craft that keeps on giving...Thanks

  • Martha's website (and the craft dept. in particular) were my saving grace during my DIY wedding. I used the doily edge craft punch for my invites, the rickrack ribbon boutinerres for my groom, the printable lace images for candle holders on my reception tables... the list goes on! Now that I am married, I want to focus more on crafts for other people. These tools would be great for me to use turning out all the thank you presents for friends and family that made the trip to the wedding! Fingers crossed!

  • How can anyone pick just one craft, but I think it was the segment on punches and stenciling on the show that I really am going to try one day soon. Beautiful!

  • I have some of Martha's (Home Depot) paint swatches taped to our front door, thinking about a new (bright!) color for it.

  • How can anyone pick just one craft, but I think it was the segment on punches and stenciling on the craft show that I really am going to try one day soon. Beautiful!!!

  • I have watched and read Martha for years. I have a few favorites from the past but my all time favorite occurred this year during the holiday season. I am totally in love with crafting her "Felted Sheep." They were adoracble dressed up for the holidays and I'm planning on making some in Easter colors for the upcoming holiday. Thanks Martha. They certainly were "A Good Thing!"

  • My daughters and I have been inspired by Martha Stewart for sometime and when it came to decorating and getting ready for my older daughters wedding we turned to Martha for ideas. I made the ribbon flower bouquet and boutonnieres among many other items. We love your products, magazine and website. Thank you to all the designers for their inspiration.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft are the tissue paper pom-poms. I made about 30 of them for my daughter's first birthday party and hung them outside in the garden. It was so beautiful. Everyone thought it made the party just magical. I even kept a few of them to hang in her bedroom. They are just so fun and very easy to make!

  • Martha has inspired me to change the look of any room just by using a little paint and your imagination!

  • My most memorable Martha inspired craft was making a ribbon-poinsettia wreath, I saw either in the magazine or on her show, to decorate my home for Christmas. It was one of the first craft projects where I specifically went out the next day to buy all of the supplies for the project. Thanks so much for all the great projects you come up with!

  • So much of what I have done over the years, including in my business, has been inspiredby craft projects I saw on Martha's tv show. Recently, however, I discovered Martha's punches at Michael's and invented a fun way to use these tools in the eco-friendly packaging for my eco-fashion and accessories. I use the edge punches along both sides of strips of tissue paper (recycled content, of course) and this makes a lovely lacey strip to wrap around the package in place of ribbon. I make my own paper from junk mail, and this paper is used for the thank you note that goes onto every package. Along the top of the thank you note, I use the ribbon threader edge punch and weave in a thin piece of the slevege edge of the fabric from which the enclosed garment is made. It's a fun little preview, it uses up fabric scraps, and it looks lovely! So thanks to Martha, I now have beautiful packaging to help impress my customers! Now if I could just win a few more fab tools for all my crafting delights...

  • I am an avid crafter, quilter, crocheter. So when my granddaughter expressed an interest in scrapbooking, I started searching Michael's for tools. When I saw what Martha Stewart had to offer, I knew that's where I would start because I trust her products inplicitly! It was so gratifying to watch my granddaughter srart her own crafting career!

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft is the tissue pom-poms. I made them for my sister-in-law's wedding shower!

  • For my sisters baby shower, I hosted a party to make decorative baby bodysuits with colorful iron-ons. I printed strips of solid colors onto iron-on paper. We cut the paper into various shapes and made unique scenes on the baby clothes.

    My BABY ONESIE CRAFT PARTY is linked to my name above.

  • Hmmmmm...I'm not sure what to choose. I love all of her fall related crafts since that's my favorite season. I also love her use of some of my favorite colors, blue and brown, in many of her crafts.

  • I needed to make some new curtains for our family room, so I went to the Martha Stewart website and found the "Button Up Window Shade". They were so easy to make, the instructions were great, and I absolutely love them! If you're looking for an easy, attractive window covering, give these a try.

  • Wow, so many to choose from! I have to say that I make tissue paper pom-poms for most of the parties I throw. They make it so festive! I do miss the Martha tissue that used to be sold in rolls, it's the best and my stash is dwindling! (hint hint Martha!)

  • Be still my heart, indeed! The most enduring inspiration are the creative wrapping and packaging ideas for gifts. Martha and magazine/blog staff encourage me to use unconventional materials and styles to really bring an extra level of care to gifts that is apparent even before opening.

  • My favorite Martha inspired "craft" has been some of her delicious dishes she has cooked!

  • I love everything Martha. She is so blessed to have her talent and the funds to really showcase her creativity.
    It's a joke at my house that I'm a Martha wannabe. If I jump when I garden because a Palmetto Bug surprises me, I hear "I bet Martha wouldn't get scared!"
    I made Martha heart and lips cookies with pink frosting for Valentines Day, "Oh look, Martha's been here."
    I have shelves of her books, and a looseleaf notebook full of projects I've printed out from the website.
    I made the wool hot water bottle covers for my son and S.O. "Look what Martha gave us for Christmas!"
    I can't pick, I love everything Martha!

  • My favorite Martha inspired crafts are the Halloween decorations. I make sure to be signed up for the emails each year to see what new wonderful things to make. I love the glitter pumpkins and silouhette tissue paper lanters. They are both so simple yet make a big impact. Oh! and the creepy rat silhouette cutouts for the stairs! Brilliant!

  • My favorite Martha craft moment was when Larry Moss appeared on the show for a Halloween episode. Her delight at the balloon creations was so fun to watch!

  • My most memorable craft project was the Halloween graveyard done with the picket fence end punch. It stuck so well in my mind that months later, I finally gave in and purchased the punch. Now I use it to make greeting cards, gift boxes, and stationary.
    The scoring board would come in most handy!

  • Martha Stewart books, products and her show have inspired and taught me so much and given me the resources/references to enjoy crafting to the ultimate.My passion is scrap booking but I love other crafts as well. I can never get enough of her products! When I create something and someone call me Martha Stewart I know I hit my mark in the best possible way! Martha thanks for all your inspiration and guidance! Please keep crafting and cooking!

    Rita D'Uva

  • I was so inspired by all the shell crafts! My Mom is 81 years old now and and we spent several wonderful days together creating tissue box covers with beautiful shell designs. Thanks for always enouraging me to try something new.

  • Hi All,

    I don't have just one favorite craft project. I love anything jewelry but I thought the dyed pearl project was amazing.
    I have used WireLace before and it is amazing to work with. So I can't wait to see the WireLace jewelry craft project online since it is not shown in my area.

  • At this moment I am watching the craft hour show and am inspired by the beautiful paper pom-poms. I think they will be a perfect decoration for my daughters 6th birthday party next week.

  • Some of the craft tools are also favorites of mine, although I have not tried your cutter yet...looking forward to it!!!

  • I have come to Martha Stewart's site MANY times for craft related projects. I practically LIVED here when I was getting ready for my wedding in 2007. However, my favorite project was making the SO SIMPLE birthday banner for my husbands birthday one year! He Loved it! Thank you!

  • Great jewelry ideas on this show. loved the favorite tool segment.

  • My husband and I made handmade felt ornaments and garland for our Christmas tree this year. It was definitely Martha-inspired, and will be remembered for years to come!

  • I love crafting and baking...I love Martha's show!My most recent favorite craft project inspired by Martha is the duvet cover I made for my toddler. Next I think I will try the wire mesh!

  • My most memorable crafts inspired by Martha are the cards I've been making in the last year. I love using my Martha Stewart punches on them and being able to personalize the cards for each person.

  • The most memorable was a project on making wire letters. I love being able to make monograms or short inspirational words out of wire and using them in a variety of ways--on gift wrap or in jewelry.

  • Wiht spring on the way, soon I hope! I am looking forward to making the tissue paper pom poms, something to get me through the last month of winter weather.

  • There is so much information on the Internet, that coming to one website ( is a releif! To find the information you are looking for all in one place is wonderful, thank-you Martha!

  • I would have to say the cranberry wreath from years and years ago... it came out pretty good - once I got the hang of sticking the berries on the toothpick... can't tell you how many berries were ruined and how many times I poked myself with the sharp end of the toothpick... but it was beautiful in the end!

  • I made my little bother a scrapbook for his high school graduation gift. I saw several of Martha's scrapbook ideas and decided to do an entire book for him of all his high school memories. I had so much fun making it and I am glad he now has something to hold onto.

  • I love all the flower tutorials and can't pick just one. They're such a great way to bring color in without spending tons of money on the real thing!

  • I have enjoyed your shows and magazines for many years. My husband and I both are disabled and the only income we receive is SS Disability, our youngest daughter and her 6 yr. old daughter lives with us. There is no money left over to buy crafting tools, but I still love to craft. I would really enjoy all the items in this giveaway. My favorite crafts at this time is the Halloween. I have cut out mice, etc. until my hands are numb. I love all of you, keep crafting.

  • I would have to say that my favorite Martha Stewart moment was when she made the duvet cover. It costs an absolute arm and leg to get one that doesn't break the bank. Your giveaway is just awesome and I could use every thing that you're giving away.

    Hugs XX

  • My most treasured memory with a Martha-inspired craft was when my Mom was returning home from a months-long hospital stay and more than a few scrapes with death - she's okay now, though! (:
    I had spent hours decorating our house to welcome her home. I used all my favorite Martha edge punches, colored paper, and of course some Martha Stewart glitter!! to make paper garlands and banners and other decorations and the look on her face when she came back to her decorated home sweet home was totally worth it! I will never forget how happy we all were that day, and the inspiration I got from some of my Martha Stewart supplies just really set the stage for such a joyous day! (:

  • My most inspiring craft moment was the catalyst of teaching myself to sew. Little by little, I have created children's clothes, aprons, pillows and curtains.

  • OMG! Me and mt 2yr old love to craft together. I'm always on the lookout for toddler friendly crafts. Especially ones that can incorporate a personal touch, like a hand print or her own art.
    We sit and watch the Martha Sterwart show daily.
    We love you Martha, your an inspiration to us all. Thank you!

  • Love crafts. These tools would be great to have so I can expand my craft making. Loved the Pipe Cleaner snowflakes.

  • I would appreciate being selected for your giveaway. The glittered Christmas ornaments and fruit were amazing. I am in need of more lip balm and I am about to go and get materials for the recipe shown on the website. I can't wait to try it. You are an inspiration.

  • I love Martha Stewart crafts and all her products! Recently I just made all my own graduation announcements using some of her ribbon, punches, and stamps!

  • I love the furniture! It looks like an organization dream. My beads and tools are screaming for their own desk and drawers.

  • My 11yr daughter, my mom and I love to decorate boxes ,cards, and pumpkins with Martha Stewart glitter. The more bling the more my daughter likes it.

  • Tiny glitter pumpkins! Adorable and so much fun.

  • I made the coffee filter wreath this winter. It was gorgeous, easy and I already had the supplies!

  • Ohhh how exciting! I LOVE all of these tools!! Pick me, pick me! :D Thanks so much for the great opportunity.

  • What a wonderful place to catch up on different crafts and new products!

  • Envelopes for gift cards. I can't wait to make some with my martha stewart scoring board.

  • My favorite craft was beading initial-shaped wire. These beaded letters could be Christmas ornaments or gift adornments, etc.

  • Love watchting the segments on carving pumpkins. the office building where I used to work had pumpkin carving contests every year. The skills and techniques I learned on Martha Stewarts shows helped to make our jack o lanterns winners!

  • Watching this Craft Show special made me realize that I for sure made the right choice by going to school for design AND right around the corner at FIT!! My goal is to be able to work in the craft department! I hope I win all these great craft tools to help through my design classes!

  • Fan from first book to first tv show. Have every book and magazine. Lots of years and references. Years ago she did wooden cake stand that spiraled like a plant stand. I did it for our daughter's wedding only used it for hor'dorves. Then added all the beach wedding ideas in wedding issues. A true martha wedding at quite a savings. Many wedding & baby showers used cookie cutter. Have Noah Arc, dogs, flowers snow flakes. Now sugar cookie tradition at all events. EVERYONE IMPRESSED and call me Martha.

  • Great show! I love all the favorite craft tool suggestions. I love all the paper crafts you can create with Martha's punches, especially the new ones where you can punch all over the page.

  • Hello!
    I am sharing my one of my most memorable Martha-inspired craft project, while entering for a chance to win today's craft tools.
    I am always inspired when I see Martha using moss in any of her shows. It makes me want to run right outside in my oak tree woods and start looking for some pieces of moss, whether we are making the wreaths like today or the mini terrarians or indoor gardens. When Martha uses moss it really gets me inspired :) I will never forget the time Martha was in the woods (unsure where) out collecting stag moss ferns. Love you Martha !

  • Vintage crafts that Martha shows are my fav! I lOve knowing how to recreate what was made in the past. Best favorite is a feather the nostalgia!

  • The Happy Birthday Cups and game created by Martha just got my brain bubbling... wonderful idea for a childs party... Our Grand is truning 4 in MaY and we will be stringing decorated cups and creating paper packages that will match... Thank you for such a wonderful idea. I watch the shows over and over and each time I learn or get a new idea keeps my brain working !

  • I was so excited watching today's craft show. Loved all the various tools used by the craft dept. folks. Very creative indeed. The wire lace is such an amazing product! Gotta go watch the rest of the show now! Cheers.

  • Love crafting and watching the show.

  • Absolutely loved the Craft Show! Being a Martha fan, I have done everything from making glittered eggs to making paper crafts to making pillows but the most memorable I would have to say is the tooth fairy pillow. I made the pillow for my daughter and cannot wait till she gets to use it! Looking forward to making more MS crafts!

  • I just started watching the martha steward show, I never really knew there was something like that on the tv. I love it. It would be great to be able to win all of those great prizes. So I can design alot of cool projects.
    Thanks to everyone

  • What a fabulous giveaway! I personally love all of Martha's scrapbook and paper crafting ideas-especially ones that involve glitter! I can't ever wait to see what new items she has for each season, especially Halloween!

  • I love to make jewelry and I just loved the wire laced beaded necklaces. I have also been inspired to re decorate my craft room. Such great ideas.

  • I've done so many Martha crafts over the years it's hard to pick my favorite. I just received the scoring board as a birthday gift and I am having a blast making all kinds of boxes and pleated badges!

  • What a wonderful giveaway! I design stationery using my photography & with the new year, I am changing it up to add more colors & patterns. This would be so great to get me started! And with my first little baby boy on his way, I would love to include him in the entire process! Good luck to all of us!!

  • I'm an art teacher and personal crafter,these tools are essentials that I need in my classroom and at home. I really enjoy watching and gathering new ideas to inspire myself and my students. Art is a positive and crutial part of my life and helps my students build their self esteem and make positive choices. I would love to win a set of these awesome tools!

  • As a foster parent for newborns awaiting adoption, I love any and all of the baby projects! I would be over the moon if I won! Thanks!

  • I would love to receive these wonderful crafting tools to help me make beautiful crafts for my family and friends :)

  • My most memorable craft was using Martha's punches last year to make valentines for my children's classes. The hearts around the entire card was simply adorable! Adding the beautiful glitters that martha makes was the boys' favorite part!

  • My favorite craft was Marthas paper flower craft. They looked like poppies but will never wilt. I also loved the show that innoculated logs with mushrooms. My daughter and I love any craft that has to do with gardening especially if we can bring some of the garden into the house in the winter.

  • I have started to teach myself the very difficult craft of tatting. My lovely childhood neighbor, who recently died at age 99, serves as my inspiration. Nobody I know has ever heard of tatting, let alone willing to take on the task of learning!

  • I have only started crafting, because of Marth Stewart, I can only say thank you so very much for being you. Debbie Schrupp Beloit,Wi

  • I so enjoyed making the blue and silver glass ball wreath for my door.

  • Thank u for the inspiration! I have been a crater since childhood and enjoy many reminders and new ideas!

  • It has been a while, but you once shared with us some techniques on painting fabric. It has been a few years, but it is still very vivid in mind as something I want to do someday. I love art and doing crafts with my little girl! Your show is awesome! These craft tools will be so much fun to share with my little jenna... and she better not use those fabric scissors on paper! LOL!

  • I loved the homemade snow globes. Thanks for sharing with us. They are so cute. :)

  • Several years ago I made several Ohio Buckeye door hangings as gifts for family members in Ohio. I used buckeyes from my in-laws yard and topped them with scarlet and gray bows; Ohio State University school colors. These were fun to make and a great change from a traditional round wreath.

  • I love all of Martha's ideas and shows. The jewelery on today's shows is so cool. I've never made any but might give this one a try.

  • I love all the crafting it feels like her old show!!!!

  • I absolutely love the WireLace mesh ribbon! There are so many ways to use it and I thought the necklace made with WireLace on the show today was beautiful. My favorite craft is card making--who doesn't love a personal touch to a thoughtful letter or card?!

  • I used the Little Red Ridinghood & Big Bad Wolf costume patterns to make adorable Halloween costumes for me and my boyfriend. It was the first thing I had sewn; everyone loved them and it was great bonding time for the two of us!

  • I followed Martha's advice for making napkins using ferns from nature for the design. Buy white linen or cotten napkins and fold in half. Put a fern leaf in the fold and using a mallet pounds the fern to transfer it color and design to the napkin.

  • I love doing several crafts, from quilting to decorating wine bottles and making my own cards. These tools would be so helpful to me. I am inspired to try new things by watching your show.

  • My most memorable Martha craft was the large twine Easter eggs made with white cotton twine, glue, glitter and a balloon. I had my children at church make these string eggs at church one Sunday, let them dry for the week and the kids had loads of fun popping the balloons the next Sunday. Great craft. These tools would be great to help in my church class.

  • One of my favorite crafts is wool felting! It is SO beautiful, and I had never tried it until Martha featured it in one of her magazines!

  • Love today's show. I do all types of crafting, but my most memorable are probably the invitations I send for my annual theme 4th of July party. I first head to the store to get inspiration from the newest Martha products and am always pleased with what I find. How exciting it would be to have all of these awesome tools.

  • I am a brand new Martha listener. I watched in awe as Martha and her guest made these beautiful gold necklaces today (3/3/11) on her show. I've got to try it.

  • I really love the Halloween show. The pumpkin carvings are always amazing. I was inspired to carve a pumpkin with the trail map of a local ski area using a dremel tool.

  • I was recently inspired by the Valentine's Day shows. One show had a segment on making cards. My daughter missed giving cards to her classmates last year due to the "snowpocalypse". This year, we decided to make make cards for her 30 classmates. We used the Martha Stewart's heart border punch and stickers. We wove a Valentine's Day themed pencil into the holes created by the punch. It was a fun and easy card for me and my 4-year old daughter to make.

  • My favorite Martha craft can you narrow down to one favorite ??? One has to be the Easter egg decorating or pumpkin carving or cake decorating. Sugar mold eggs. See I really NEED these tools !!!! Keep up the good work Martha and team!!!!

  • Picking just one favorite is going to be hard. I loved the way my built-ins sparkled with my glittered gourds and pumpkins in the fall, but I also loved the rainbow cake for my 3 year old niece's Wizard of Oz birthday party. Now if I can just figure out how to glitter an edible cake...

  • My most memorable Martha Stewart crafting project was the vacation shadow boxes I've made of my various travels. They have inspired me to create themed shadow boxes like my bakery themed box I have displayed in the kitchen.

  • This show has been such an inspiration and fun! I've always wanted to do so many crafts, including jewelry, and this show has helped me to just do it! Winning these prizes would set me off in the right direction. What a way to start the day!

  • I love your many crafts but especially your paper crafts using the bone tool. I often need to create personalized cards and place cards. I also love to laminate labels and create magnetic baked business cards.

  • Thank you so much for the show devoted to crafts.
    I love crafting and am very excited to try the lace mesh jewelry project. What a great price on those pearls too.
    I really miss the craft-only based shows of 6-10 years ago.Thank you for the inspiration today.

  • I especially liked the Xyron 9" Creative Station but all the tools were awesome and would be great for any crafter.

  • I made several Ohio Buckeye door hangings, from Great American Wreath, for family members in Ohio. These were fun to make and a great change from a traditional round wreath.

  • I have been watching Martha for years. I love all her crafts and have learned many new and wonderful ideas. I love her glitter. I have used it to glitter Easter eggs. I also love her punch around the page punches. I use them all the time when making cards.

  • always love martha's sewing projects!

  • How can a crafty person pick just one of Martha's crafts? Answer - Just like potatoe chips, you can't just have one. Martha's crafts always inspire me. I love doing crafts and getting gadgets that help me make them better.

  • Hi Martha,
    I have to say that I love all crafts. I enjoy making the flowers you have made on the show and I love trying new and exciting sewing projects. When I get inspired by your crafts my mind starts to wonder on how else I can expand on your creations.
    I make a lot of greeting cards for family only. Our family seems disappointed when a purchased card comes instead of the homemade. But I love it all.
    I hope I win so I can continue to be crafty. Your whole show offers so much that it's hard to choose.

  • I have two children, 1 & 3 yrs. old. And although I feel very busy between helping my husband run his business and taking care of house & home, I still manage to try and squeeze some crafts into everyday life. Whether with the children or by myself at night. My favorite inspired craft so far is the STAMPING. I've had fun purchasing your stamps and glitters at Michael's and making homemade "thank you" notes, Birthday cards, or even embellishing my children's clothing. It's a lot of fun! Thank you Martha :)

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft is anything Scrap booking. I was watching an older show of hers and she was teaching some scrap book ideas, after that i was hooked. I really got into it when i had my daughter, now i make a scrap book for each year of her life, and 99% of my supplies are Martha Stewart!! I know her products are gunna work and make my pages look FABULOUS!
    IF you dont scrap book you really need too because you would be surprised what your imagination and Martha scrap book products can produce!
    Also, i have made the ice hand from a Halloween episode, and a glitter yarn ball ornament. They will make you Christmas tree POP, or in a glass jar for your table!
    You can never go wrong with a Martha Stewart inspired craft!

  • Papermaking is my favorite craft! I make several sheets a day, with the goal of making it through the mountains of colored flyers I constantly get from my daughters. Martha has had some great tips on this craft that were very helpful, now I know how to add personality to them.

  • I love the easy felt tissue holders. So easy to make and loved by the people you give it to. Brings out your creativity in using different materials and stencils to personalize.

  • My favorite craft is jewelry making! I have tried many of the projects from the show and the magazines. My absolute favorite is using jump rings for braclets. I am now addicted to rings. I just saw today's show and the scoring board is awesome!

  • Martha Stewart is fabulous, every program is an inspiration. I've tried many, but the paper flowers were wonderful. I've used them for many seasons and celebrations. Thank you, Martha and staff!!

  • LOVE making snowglobes with my family from one of Martha's older Christmas books!

  • Wonderful craft show! I LOVE the wire lace necklaces. My favorite craft is the coffee filter flowers. I'm going to revisit that and make some this weekend for my children's teachers.

  • You are the all time best Martha! I swear by Martha everyday. I have been your fan for the past 20 years.
    You are one in a Million! You have solved more problems for me than I could EVER count!
    Thanks for being you


  • My five year old daughter and I made a pettiskirt recently, this is by far my favorite idea from Martha and my daughter loves it, I can't get her out of it!!

  • I enjoy watching Martha's Craft show. There are so many neat ideas that inspire me. I am presently collecting ideas for homemade Christmas gifts. I enjoy searching Martha's web-site. Her program and web-site is so informative with great ideas.
    Thanks for all the ways that you inspire us to be creative.

  • Your website is my go to spot for crafting and cooking when I need an idea I know just where to go I live in a very rural area with no craft stores at my disposal so I enjoy your program so much to get ideas and lists so when I go shopping I know what I need the Last item I bought because of your show was little bottles to help with decorating cookies with my grandchildren

  • I loved today's show on crafting. I especially loved the adorable wreaths. I'm known for my wreaths and I can't wait to try making one the shaped grapevine wreaths for myself. Keep the wonderful ideas coming.!!!

  • Well, of course, its all about the pumpkins! I have painted them, glittered them, stacked them, carved them, oh my! I have bought white ones, green ones, brown ones, nubby ones, heirloom ones, little ones! Anything Martha does with a pumpkin...hey, I'm there!

  • My 5 year old and I recently made the Sticker Charm/Valentine Bracelets and went on to make rings as well. I think I found this idea on your website. My daughter was so proud of her self made flare! Thanks for the great idea:)

  • My most memorable moment was watching Martha put her beautiful glitters on small feathered birds for Christmas. Loved the glitters so much that it was my favorite gift I received for Christmas. Since then I have glittered everything I can get my hands on. Martha's glitters are fabulous!

  • Hi Martha,
    Well one of my favorite shows was when you used your glorious glitter. I immediately went to my local craft store and bought some. Thanks for the magic.

  • It's so hard to choose a favorite craft or tool. I watch daily and visit Michael's often. I think that I like the punches the most. You can make any ordinary piece of paper or fabric into something amazing. Martha and her staff ROCKS!

  • I just love all these tools!!! So much fun!!! The score board is just too much!!!!

  • My favorite tool is the bone folder , which I use to make little boxes from greeting cards, and envelopes from wallpaper sample books. Today I learned to put a lable directly on my favorite scissors, because I am my own worst culprit, for using the fabric ones, on paper for just a little "snip" from time to time.

  • My favorite is the bone folder and crease board. Used it at a From our Hearts event (we make handmade cards to send to soldiers in Afganistan) and it was great. Sure would like to have one in my craft room. I folded 200 card bases in less then a hour, fantastic.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart Crafts are almost all birthday party ideas :) I'm in the process of planning my baby girls very first birthday, and I want it to be super special, so I've been browsing and putting together ideas for awhile now!!

    I love the cupcakes, I love the tissue paper pop-pom flower thingys, I love it all :)

    There was also an issue of her magazine awhile back on how to make your own patio planters, and I made a couple of them... That was a big favorite too!!

  • Over the holiday season, I was very inspired by a project Martha did that involved creating a live mirror frame using a variety of evergreens. For our holiday open house party, I found a 14" diameter, 6" high cutting from a downed tre stump. I placed this on a lazy susan, and decorated it with ceramic snowmen, several different sized pillar candles, a holiday mix of pine cones, drief orange slices, etc., and evergreens clippings from our woods. Thanks, Martha for the inspiration!

  • Wow!! What an exciting giveaway!! It's hard to know my favorite Martha Stewart craft. Lately, my daughter and I have been making greeting cards using the great craft punches. Our Halloween party looked great thanks to the Halloween punches and stickers, too! The kids loved it!

  • I have to confess that this is the first time I have watched and I absolutely love that wire lace necklace, it's stunning! I am subscribing to the blog and will put the show on my DVR list!

  • That Craft Box is so do we get one?

  • I'm a nurse, and my favorite is I make your receipes, esp cookies and decorate, to take to my patients, they call me Nurse Martha, because I'm so crafty, but I use your ideas also christmas ornaments, thanks for being there for us love ya

  • My favorite Martha Stewart shows are always her halloween specials. I always love doing all of her pumpkins with paint and glitter, it's so much fun! I also love all of her sewing projects, making pillows and dresses out of my husbands old button up shirts.

  • My 12yr old daughter and I love to make crafts.We have learned so much about new products and ideas that expand our crafting skills. Martha is the best place to start our projects!!

  • I love making my own greeting cards and when I saw the punch anywhere on the page punches on the show I just had to have them. I live 2 hours from the nearest Michaels so I called my Mom who lives near the store and had her pick them up for me. I was so excited when I finally got to town to get them. THEY ARE WONDERFUL. Thank you for the chance to win your crafting tool giveaway. I am also in love with all the great Martha glitters.

  • Awesome giveaway! My favorite Martha Stewart craft are the glittered bird ornaments I made for the Christmas tree last year. I love making Christmas ornaments, and I look to Martha for inspiration every year! I found the base birds at the Dollar Store (2 for $1) and used photos to select the right color Martha Stewart glitter to make realistic looking birds. They were stunning! This Christmas, I'll make sets of 6 as gifts for friends and family. Thanks Martha!

  • I love all the crafts, gardening and cooking tips, one of my favorites was the crystal heart pendant. I made one for all of my friends.

  • I Love crafts! I learn new craft ideas every single time I go on the net, can not get enough of being creative

  • I love ALL Martha Crafts and projects, but making a rose from wire-edged ribbon was inspiring. I embellish gifts and my friends were really amazed, I had a hard time convincing them these cards were NOT purchased. I made them and with a couple of your punches - I've actually had people offer to pay me to make cards for special occasions. Thanks Martha
    P.S. I think I should win NOT because I am terminally ill - (Happy spirit / Happy life) I should win because I am your biggest fan when I was on the aids and oncology ward and still am at home. Gary Allen Lauver Gladstone's chapter - Thank you for what you do to enhance the world.

  • I have so many great Martha inspired craft memories. From cotton ball bunnies, ceramic coasters, decorative baby onesies. The list goes on and on. My favorite so far are paper and cards. It's so nice to see the beautiful cards I have made displayed in friend's and family's homes. But by far, my favorite Martha crafts are yet to come, those would be the ones I'll make in the future with my baby daughter! I can't wait to introduce her to the world of Martha Stewart!

  • It's ALL Good! Martha - Thanks to you and you fabulous team for the many inspirational ideas! My favorite project used templates to paint pastel, elegant wooden birdhouses. The houses were sold at the annual holiday band booster's bazaar at my daughter's school.

  • There are to many crafts that I love that has come from "Martha Stewart" either magazines, shows or on-line that I've gotten ideas to do. I love crafting and expressing myself through different mediums. Would love to win all the wonderful crafting tools. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas through the years. :) )

  • I was inspired by this sock skeleton craft (link below) to put my husband's lone tube socks to use.
    My take on the project:
    I dyed the socks with strong tea, to give them an antique look and to be flesh tone. Then I cut and sewed 2 to look like cats, and one to look like a doll (with skin, not bones) for my 3 daughters.
    I used misc buttons, yarn and beads for faces and hair.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • In the last year my mom (84) has started making greeting cards. Her eye sight isn't very good. She has a large lighted magnifier. She has several tools but with this give away she could make so many beautiful cards. She really likes to send special cards to shut-in's.

  • I don't think I could think of just "ONE" Martha Stewart craft that I have used and LOVE!!! I have hanging file folders of "Martha Stewart Crafts/Recipes" by my computer for quick references!!! If I had to pick just one it would be the Halloween crafts - I've used the "clothepin bats" to hang around my house and to put on packages for "fall Birthdays"

  • My favorite craft was the cat nip toys!
    I enjoy every one of Maratha's crafts and recipes, I even get my daughter to print out some of the recipes!
    I love Martha so much and she is a part of my daily life! I make time to watch her show everyday!

  • My most memorable project was making the super hero capes out of towels. We did a similar project for our green awareness assembly at our school for out Super Earth Heros Bruce Reduce and Michael Recycle!

  • The only womans show I can get my husband to watch. He says,"She teaches us the right way to do things!" Crafts included. "She is neat and organized." Mark those tools if you want others to use them porperly." (Sizzors) Plus he enjoys your quick whit and your good looks!!! Thanks for a great show!!

  • I love Martha and watch her shows religiously. I also try to use her suggestions and ideas in all I do. I have printed out sooooo many of her craft projects, now I need to find the time to do them..Thanks Martha!

  • i would love to win these amazing tools! with a new house and a new baby (Paloma is 2 months old) i am craft machine! i love the show, it is so inspiring! one of my favorites project was the petit collage with the owl, the elephant and the doggie. i have been making them with fabrics too, and they are adorable!

  • It's ALL Good! Martha - Thanks to you and your fabulous team for the many inspirational ideas! My favorite project used templates to paint pastel, elegant wooden birdhouses. The houses were sold at the annual holiday band booster's bazaar at my daughter's school.

  • There are so many things I would like to have but right now my favorite is the different glitters that my five year old granddaughter and I use together!
    She loves crafts and I will enjoy encouraging her even more with your quality products as she gets older! Thank you so much!

  • Martha Stewart card making tools -- the scoreboard, the "old" circle cutter, the punches -- all of these and more have enabled me to develop cards for friends and loved ones. these tools help all the card makers out there to make such beautiful cards -- and the pressure is on to make each new card even better then the last. So, your challenge is to continue to make new card making tools to take all of us card makers to a new level. thank you Martha and staff.

  • I'm a nurse and use lots of your crafts, to give to my Patients, they call me Nurse Martha becauseI craft christmas presents, cookies etc, and there from Martha, thanks

  • I always turn to for inspiration in any craft project I take on, especially holiday-themed ones. Some of my favorites are the Christmas ornaments I've made over the years. I love giving them as gifts too.

  • One of my favorite craft episodes was the making of the cardboard village at Christmas. I still have a cardboard house from the 50's my mother put out every christmas. And adding Glitter to greeting cards is my signature and a must always.

  • My favorite Martha craft was making a scrapbook. It was very fulfilling....not only did I get to feel like an artist decorating the cover, but when searching for family photos and appropriate documents for my new scrapbook, I found some important letters of mine that were long lost.

  • I have made many things using Martha's ideas. I have been reading her magazines since the early 90's and have most of her books. My very favorite item that I made was a costume for my daughter Sadie's first Halloween in 2001. She was a " Pea in a Pod". Everyone loved it! Thanks Martha!

  • My most memorable item would be the invitations that I made for a friend's wedding. I was inspired by some ideas on the website and purchased some Martha Stewart items to use in the project and they turned out great! The bride got many compliments on her invitations.

  • thank you

  • I was actually inspired to redo a Christmas wreath I had when I was browsing through my Martha Living magazine. I absolutely LOVE the ideas that I find through this site (and magazine)! Great giveaway!

  • My favorite are the jewelry making ideas and quilting shows. I love to quilt, make home made crafts and cook. I have been laid off from work since June of last year and all the ideas on the show inspire me to make all my gifts.

  • Numerous projects over the years. But, hands down, when I transformed my home for Halloween with such as the bats, owls, draping the furniture and windows, the shadow on the stairs, the fence made of streamers and the mice I was the envy of all! Thank you all so much!

  • Picking just one show is too hard for me. I tend to connect every craft I make with something Martha Stewart has crafted or suggested on her show. Some of my friends call me the black Martha, because I always want to craft itstead of buying it.But my recent favor show was the making of the wooden paddle. I can't say I'll be making one anytime soon. I don't have a boat or canoe. But the craftsmanship was wonderful! I hope I win the giveaway! It would just take my crafting places I can only dream about! Be in touch.

  • Martha inspired me to start embossing my own cards and gift tags years ago! They were such a hit on my Xmas packages the first year I made them! She was the first person I ever saw recommend the bone folder and it became one of my favorite tools, now having gone through several over the years. Over time I have used ideas from Martha for many gifts, but have also brought many of the ideas to my Scout troops and into school and church classrooms for the children to make some fantastic crafts. I love sharing crafting with children and seeing the looks on their faces when they see what beautiful things they can produce! I'll be looking through the website for ideas to take in to the school for St. Patrick's Day soon!

  • My favorite things I have done because of inspration from Martha Stewart Crafts was scrapbook pages I made for my best friend. Her son was premature and I made her a small scrapbook with photos and momentos from his time in the NICU. I used several Martha Stewert items/tools in the making of the book.

  • Love the paper poufs! I'm going to decorate the baby room with some of them! I also love the scoring board Martha picked!

  • My favorite craft item is Martha's glitter. I work with gemstones and LOVE that the beautiful colors are named after gemstones. My favorite craft is making wrapping paper out of wax paper, with glitter sandwiched in between and then ironed. I wrapped homemade soaps in them and then used a sticker with the type of soap written on it to close the package.

  • I love the scoring board Martha picked too! All the tools are great - great job craft dept!

  • I always come away with several great ideas & projects from Martha's Show & .com. It is such a joy to spend time crafting with the "Queen" of Crafting, she is the one that brought simple & complicated projects; everything back into to vogue. Thanks Martha!!

  • I have been searching for a professional stapler. Our hangtags are so very professional looking and the staple I used looked cheap. THIS ONE ROCKS!
    Zenith Plier Stapler 548/E (I am ordering mine today)

    Thanks for the solution....


  • I have made wedding favors, dog coats, dish flower gardens, cards, purses and many other items from the web site.

  • I recently retired and have not seen this show until my mother found it 2 weeks ago. We have been enjoying watching the shows and everything that is being shown. I hope to be able to do some of the projects in the future.

  • Just retired and love all the crafts on the show. I love to learn all new things that happens on this show. Will be trying the necklace for sure.

  • It's so hard to choose a favorite craft or tool. I watch Martha daily and love especially love the animal segments...but, as far crafting. I love the punches, they can be used on paper and fabrics to make ordinary pieces amazing. Martha and her staff ROCKS!

  • My most recent inspired craft project was the "Happy Birthday" cup game. I used the alphabet template to create a personalized happy birthday sign for my two daughters who turn 6 and 7 this month. I'm constantly browsing for ideas and inspiration from your website. Love the templates. Thank you!

  • I'm so thankful for her show! I love anything to do with crafts. My mom & I thoroughly enjoy photography & editing pictures with PhotoImpact Pro. I love making my own personalized cards. Scrapbooking is my number 1 passion though. I can't recall any particular craft of hers, I enjoy them all.

  • Seems I overstepped my word count in my original post. Another of my favorites from Martha was Wreathes! I especially love the Cranberry wreath for Christmas! The red is just spectacular!

  • My most memorable Marth-inspired craft project is........watching the show. Every show I watched I get that excited crafty feeling again. Weather I color with one of my five daughters or get out that forgotten craft project. I feel like I got a craft project done that day. Thanks Martha for all your crafty ideas.

  • I love the paper punching products. My scrapbooks and homemade cards look so much more professional!

  • I am inspired by all of Martha's crafts. I really love the sewing crafts. I have been sewing for many years and always enjoy a new sewing project. Thank you Martha for your great projects.

  • I have learned so many wonderful craft ideas that have allowed me to create great things that I would never have thought of and has allowed me to give thoughtful and beautiful gifts to family and friends. I have also gotten many new craft products to both give and recommend to all my crafting family and friends.

    Thank you for adding beauty and enjoyment to my life.

    Deanne Piralov

  • I know that no one is going to read this comment because of the thousands of comments that are listed but I wish to have been in the audience and received all the gifts that all the audience received. I know - wishful thinking. Didn't get to see the entire show but saw the stenciled pillows and how simple yet elegant they were to make.

  • I enjoyed making the some of the Christmas ornaments from this seasons show...I think I would really like to try using the lace that I saw on todays show.

  • I loved watching todays show about all the favorite crafting tools. I loved making the red, white and blue star garland. Everything is great!

  • I am addicted to the Hallmark channel since Martha Stewart is on everyday! It is so good to be able to get so many ideas for crafting and cooking. I made several of the Christmas ornaments for gifts this year and they caused quite a stir. It is also great that I am now able to find Martha Stewart products in our craft stores. Thank you Martha for all you give.

  • My favorite has been the Christmas trees out of card stock....have used them as a center-piece for our annual church Christmas tea. I have used many of your ideas for my senior craft group at the church...and thank you for keeping us going.

  • Hi Martha,
    I love watching your show!!(ILSTNED)I Learn Something New Everyday, Thank You!! You Always Share Great Recipes, Awesome Books, Amazing New Ideas
    and New Products!! I appreciate the fact you also
    share where we can buy the new products at!!
    You have Wonderful Guest on your show!!
    **Please Keep Inspiring your Viewers Like Me**
    ***Thank You***

  • This is the best show ever! I have recently retired and am very excited to start pursuing my interest in beading and jewelry making, so I really loved the information on materials such as the wire lace and the Beadsmith tools. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas!I love your show!

  • My favorite Martha inspired project was Martha's Santa bread turned into a crafts project by adding salt to the batter (makes it inedible) and drying in a low oven. After cooling it can be polyurethaned and hung as a decoration. Lasts years.

  • It is hard to pick a favorite. Todays jewelry making inspired me. I love all of the shows. Martha, keep up the good work - you are great and an inspiration.

  • Hi Martha!Loved the mesh necklace filled with beads or pearls, can't wait to try it. Watch you all the time & love your show. Thanks to you & your staff for all your creative ideas, they give me alot of inspiration. Jeanne from Pa.

  • I work with lil people everyday and found marthas crafts are fun and easy for me to assist with the lil people, and the parents just love them..Thanks Mrs. Stewart.

  • One of my favorite Ideas I got from Martha Stewart was Painted Pots. I am a Girl Scout leader and the troop was working on their Bronze Award and they were making a garden for the their school. After seeing the Painted Pots I thought that was a great idea for each of the girl to personalize the garden with their Troop number and paint it any way they wanted. They all had a great time and really felt proud of what they had done. I would like to thank you Martha for many great ideas that not only help me but to pass on to the younger generation.

  • I love Martha's reversible handbag. So cute and versatile!

  • Most of my crafting these days revolves around my 4 year old son who loves watching Martha Stewart with me every afternoon. It melts my heart when he says her name or "It's a good thing". Going to the craft store is as fun as Chuck-E-Cheese for him and he looks for Martha's name when we are gathering supplies. We do alot of Martha's scrapbooking ideas and he loves helping me use the paper punches. Our valentines were great this year thanks to Martha. It would be a treat for him to get something in the mail from you guys. Thanks for the memories me and my son will cherish.

  • My church was having a large Women's Retreat Banquet with Spa services and the whole nine yards a few years ago, and they put me in charge of the decor. It was a formal event, and I had limited funds, so I had to get creative. I used a Martha Weddings book, and was able to have beautiful orchids, with painted pots, floating cangles, sachets of lavender in the trees, chair bows, and everyone agreed that it was the most beautiful and serene setting. I did great on the budget, had a blast, and everyone was quite impressed that the youngest girl present, was so crafty and budget savy! Thanks Martha:)

  • I have enjoyed the Martha Stewart Living Mag. for years, but due to my work schedule was unalbe to watch your show. More recently I have gotten a DVR and now record you show and watch it at night when I get home!!! Enjoy watching step by step craft projects-and I tried Valentine Bags with the great new punch!Who doesn't like getting a pretty little bag filled with treats. Looking forward to tring more craft projects, PS Just recieved my April Issue can hardly wait to see all the spring ideas!

  • I loved making pinwheels with my two sons. After I printed the templates, we had a great time making the pinwheels and setting them up in the yard to gently twirl in the breeze. They made great decorations and toys for the boys!

  • My favorite craft from the show was a Halloween inspired witch. I copied the stencil and enlarged it to fit my bay window with help from my son. We had fun while doing this project together. Love the crafts. Keep them coming.

  • love your scoring board and bone folder,as two of my favorte tools but there's so many my whole family hooked too.

  • I love the paper flowers.They looked like they would be a challenge but they turned out beautiful.My daughters baby shower was beautiful because of them. I'm trying to add to my crafting supplies but it takes so long on minimum income.You are the best!!

  • My wife wanted curtains for our new house, but it was not in the budget to do so, so after researching the project at hand, I made her the perfect curtains for our home. Martha's website was such a valuable tool, and my wife was so pleased with her surprise. Thanks Martha.

  • Hi I am Christine and I am a life long craft-aholic! LOL I am a HUGE fan of Martha, her books and MSL, I especially love her passion for all things beautiful, and made with ease!
    I was given a subscription for Martha Stewart Living Magazine for my birthday a few years back and read every issue FRONT to BACK to this day every time I get one!
    I would have to say my most memorable Martha-inspired craft project would have to be the one called "Bottle Beauty". It was featured in the MSL magazine and it was so simple and easy to do. It's taking vase's, bottles etc and coating their interiors with glass enamel.
    The reason I think it may have been so memorable to be because I had just moved into my first apartment at the time and trying to decorate on a budget. I would see so many pretty accent pieces at pottery barn etc but did not want to spend the money so I took matters in to my own hands after seeing Martha's article and I must say it worked out great. I still get asked where did they come from till this!
    Even though this might not have been one of the most fancy of Martha inspired crafts I made I just always remember it because it was something that I saw in a store and wanted but with the help of Martha she inspired me to make it on my own for a lot less! Thanks Martha!

  • I want to say I really enjoyed your crafting show. I have just started crafting. I am making cards and expanding into jewelry and sewing. I have a many sisters that do crafts and have for years, this is new to me. Your show today gave alot of good ideas. I picked up crafting when I was laid off, it helps me to relax and the finish proguct gives a feel of accomplisment. Which is great to have when you are having a hard time gettin employment.

    Thank you

  • i love your show ,you alway have something new or diffent on it. I have done many craft over the year cakes,sewing,crocheting and kniting for my children. Now the grandchilds I hope to make many more for them. Thank you for your great projects.

  • I LOVE Martha's crafts!!! I am putting together an Easter party and wanted to find new ways to dye and decorate eggs. After checking out, I am more than prepared! I am also "dying" to try out the wire lace that was on the show today! ;)

  • Martha inspires me to try to do everything and do it right! I love the products, especially the punches. Her "encyclopedia" is such a wealth of knowledge. I've done many of the projects and they all turned out great. I wish she showed more crafting on her show. We love Martha!

  • My favorite Martha Stewart is labeling the scissors, now husband will not get my cloth scissors for his projects, I labeled a pair just for him! Please keep the craft projects and ideas coming. Any chance that you might create a crafting channel?

  • I loved making and giving the Heartstrings Valentines. Using vintage hearts and cupids paper for the heart I inserted a message printed on a white heart with decorative edges. Under vellum I enclosed it all in a custom envelope with M/S bandanna paisley paper. So beautiful. Great fun!
    Thank you!

  • I love to watch the Martha Stewart shows. The crafts she shows us are always fun. I never miss a show. I record it everyday and watch the next day. I know your craft employees have the best job every. Keep showing us new ideas. Your products are quality and reasonable.

  • My favorite is Martha's beautiful papercrafting for stationery, note cards and greeting cards. Is there anything better than making something with your own two hands that will bring a smile, comfort, a chuckle, understanding or encouragement to someone who needs any or all of those? It just doesn't get any better than that and MSC constantly creates products and ideas for all of us crafters. Thank you, MSC!

  • I have enjoyed watching and learning from Martha for years. She has always been an inspiration to me and I have learned many many thing from Martha and her great staff of crafters. It would be extremely hard to pin point just one craft that she has inspired me to create. Thanks Martha for all your great ideas that make us look good at what we do.

  • I have started collecting, drying and pressing plants to use for botanical calendars. This project is described on p. 72-73 of Martha's Encyclopedia of Crafts. I am excited about using my calligraphy skills with the template provided to create special Christmas gifts this year.

  • My favorite Martha project started with the show on glittering birds with Hannah. I glittered angel planters for my dining room. Angels are the theme for my dining room. I couldn't find any planters in the colors I wanted for my room. Glitter on angels makes them even more special.

  • Martha, my “go-to Gal”, has been influencing me for nearly 28 years (young bride to newly-minted Grandmother!), inspiring memorable gifts, celebrations and decorations,beginning with cake decorating and everything in-between. Now I'm ga-ga over your paper crafting line. Today's stencil/freezer paper technique would make beautiful “trim” on children’s clothing! Quicker and easier for older eyes and hands! How inventive - adding even more value to my paper punches!

  • My fave Martha project was a care package envelope. I made it for my boyfriend who lives quite a while away to remind him how he's in my thoughts everyday.

  • I go home everyday for lunch and watch Martha. Love it. It so encourages me to get moving and do stuff. I loved the pom poms on this show. On Wednesday nights I teach 5th grade girls. We're going to make pom poms to decorate of beige room.

  • My most memorable Martha projects:I just love the paper punches. I make my own cards and use the many punches for the cards ,envelopes,& bags when giving gifts for all occasions.
    The "punch anywhere" has captured me and inspired me to do so many fun projects. My friends can't wait to receive my next project. I so enjoy watching Martha craft and look forward to the Hallmark Channel each morning.

  • Love all the punches. I love paper crafts, so beautiful, and inexpensive.

  • I glitteered angel planters after watching Hannah and Martha glitter birds on a show. It made them exactly what I wanted.

  • I glittered angel planters after watching Hannah and Martha glitter birds on a show. It made them really special

  • I loved the empty picture frames wall collage so much that every time I hit a yard sale or thrift store I'm looking for more amazing frames! See the Website link to view a photo of my wall on flickr.

  • I LOVE Martha and all her Idead,I love to do scrapbooking cooking baking painting and drcorete my house Thans Martha.

  • My Martha project was based on the show that made tissue paper flowers. I bleached, cut and created fabuloous tissue paper flowers for Valentine's Day. I was amazed that I could actually accomplish this project. That is a testament to the creativity and ease of instructions given on the show. Thanks, Martha!

  • Two years ago my daughter and I used Martha Stewart stamps to creat our family's Christmas cards. The best thing about crafting is the quality time and priceless memories that are created with my daughters.

  • I have watched Martha for many many years! Everyone calls me the Mexican Martha, because all my baked goods and crafts come from Martha's ideas!!! I Love to use glitter/sprinkles on everything! It makes everything look great when you use the Martha Stewart quality products, there are no surprises!!! And thats what I love!!!!

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the Craft Hour. In the process of setting up a craft room, and will be ordering the great craft table and wrapping center. Crocheting is my favorite craft,and will be starting sewing projects, the stenciled pillows are my next challenge
    Martha S Living, Everyday Food, Martha Bakes & Mad Hungry are on my DVR schedule.Thanks for the great ideas and inspirations.

  • I wanted to make the cranberry wreath that was on the cover of the magazine about 15 years ago(!). However, the process of pinning each cranberry to the wreath form sounded too tedious to me, so I tried using a hot glue gun. Let's just say that instead of jingle bells, I had the tap-tap-tap of cranberries falling off the wreath that holiday season. Memorable indeed, and lesson learned: follow the directions!

  • I am so inspired. My graddaughter & I made the cranberry wreath & glitter ornaments. Am so excited to see the episode of the Martha Stewart Craft building. Am teaching my graddaughter sewing, crafting & cooking, she's 10, and what a wonderful way to get her started correctly. Thank you Ms Stewart & to all the Staff for making our days a bit brighter.

  • I am inspired every time I watch Martha!! Recently, I turned a used computer desk into a craft storage/work station! Now all of my supplies are within reach, I have a work surface and I can craft whenever the inspiration hits me! I hear my tools calling me now!

  • My most memorable Martha projects: I just love the paper punches.I make my own cards, envelopes & bags
    when giving gifts for all occasions.
    The "punch anywhere" punch has captured me and inspired me to do so many fun projects.
    My friends can't wait to receive my next projects.
    I so enjoy watching Martha craft and look forward to the Hallmark Channel each morning when i come home from work.
    Go Martha go!!!Love crafting with you!


  • My favorite Martha Stewart Craft was in Martha Stewart Living Christmas 2009. They were beautiful felt wool blankets with star and snowflake shapes cut to show another color underneath. They were so beautiful. I wanted to make them for my whole family! I love all the craft ideas in the magazine and on her show. I recently lost my job so being able to make stuff at home and save money is very appealing right now.
    I also love the beautiful necklaces they made on the craft show!! What a great way to make upscale looking jewelery for low prices!
    Thanks for all your great ideas!

  • Every year, I always look to Martha for new ways to decorate Easter eggs. Last year we masked the eggs and made some beautiful color combinations and designs. It was a good way to take a break from studying!

  • My favorite project was with the sea shells and decorating them with glitter to make them come alive with color!!!

  • There have been so many memorable craft projects that you've shown over the last year that it's hard to pick one. One of the recent projects that was of great interest to me, since I have a 7 year old great niece who is learning to sew, was the sweater puppets.

    The sweater puppet project was also an excellent tool to teach children and adults how to recycle sweaters into a new medium. The project is fairly simple and is something that is great for my great niece to create with minimal supervision and creating fantastic hand puppets for her friends or even to give away to those less fortunate while helping her to become a better sewer.

    Thanks so much for the segment from Cate and Levi and the templates for creating the puppets.

  • Pick just one?? Glitter pumpkins was a favorite for the fall...I make all my own greeting cards including all my Christmas cards (Whew! That's a project that takes planning and lots of time management to make that mailing deadline.). There are so many craft ideas I can bring into my card making. For Valentine's Day this year, I got inspired by the vintage valentine ideas...oh so many craft ideas, yet so little time. I enjoy recording Martha and when I'm not traveling for my job -- I enjoy watching them as I work in my home office (shhhhh -- don't tell my boss!).

  • My favorite project was making the glitter decorated balls for Christmas. It was a project that can be used for different times throughout the year, depending on the colors you use.

  • Martha, I Love the way you inspire creative thinking with your craft projects. A great example of this was on your craft show today. You used your punches to make stencils, transfering the design onto fabric with paint...this makes me think of making stencils to emboss on cards,on parchment paper,on so many items with your punches. Then I think of beading on the stenciled pillow using your punches as a pattern for the beads.....Ideas just grow ffom your one craft's endless.Thank you for bringing out the creative juices. I would be thrilled to win your book and additional craft supplies. Thank you.

  • I love the versatility of the MS punches and the templates you so graciously put online for us to use; particularly the ones last and this week creating floral designs on pillows and curtains. Such a wonderful way to customize plain fabrics. Thanks so much!

  • I love the holiday and seasonal crafts. I'm still making crocheted snowflakes for next years Christmas tree. I love the soft cotton lounge pants I've made from your pattern, too, so comfy! I've been pressing flowers for years, after watching a show from long ago. I love how I can just enjoy watching these craft segments now, knowing I can get the directions later online. Years ago I had to scribble out the directions as we watched the show, but still managed to make some neat things anyway.

    So many crafts, so little time!

  • I recently made the Knitted Catnip Delight toys for a friend who's cat passed away. She has 2 other cats and I thought the heart shape would be a nice way to remember the cat, while the catnip inside would give the other cats something nice to play with. I am so inspired by the crafts Martha makes! I want to make them all :) Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  • Dear Martha, I enjoy your shows, I liked the one today on thejewlery and the wreaths. I'am an amauter crafter, but like doing it so much. I would love to win the tools, because my husband sometimes has my tools in his tool box. This way I will have what I need to do the craft that I want to do, since some of those tools cost money. As of right now I can';t work, I can do something with my hands, Also trying to start a small business to earn money to help my husband with bills. So I pray you will pick me. Keep up the good work, God bless you and your show.

  • The perfect selection of most-desired tools. And my favorite ptoject? Since the dawn of digital cameras and computer photo storage my husband has been missing seeing photos in an album. So my favorite Martha project was an accordion fold photo album which I made with additional pages and then covered the album cover with a map of Paris, which seemed appropriate since there were a lot of travel photos in the album. The whole project was tied up with ribbon, and it was a project that turned out just perfectly without any snags or errors. It looked fabulous.

  • I like to manipulate paper and the variety of punches has opened up more possibilities. Favorite projects? Cards and stationery enhancements,plus the posie projects , etc. , etc. , etc. !

  • Years ago, I planned my office holiday party. I wanted to make the invites unique - so of course I turned to Martha! I ended up making 45 beaded snowflake ornaments with tags that indicated the party information. I placed them in everyone's office mailbox - it was a huge hit and set the tone for a festive time! I 'heart' Martha + crew!

  • Is baking a craft? I sure feel crafty when I am decorating cupcakes using Martha Stewart baking supplies for making delightful cupcakes for children's birthday parties.

  • Martha, I love to learn new craft idea's from watching your show, like today's show! As usual, I saw something today that I didn't have(paper folding board)just have to have. The bad thing is my husband does not agree. Thanks to you an your crew, keep up the good work

  • loved the show on crafting i am a new jewelery maker and really liked the wirelace necklaces. also just wanted to say thanks i work at an afterschool program and frequent your site for inspiration for fun things to do with the kids. thanks for always making the instructions easy to follow for all.-c

  • In one way or another Martha has been at every party, family celebration,and weeknight meals since the mid 1980's when my children were born. Making Iced Easter Cookies, coloring eggs using onion skins and learning how to force spring branches for decoration. She is responsible for many cherished memories.

  • I recently made the pop-up gift topper featured on this website to adorn a good friend's wedding gift. I painstakingly cut out "CONGRATULATIONS" "JIM AND SUELYNN." My friend was so thrilled and touched that she diplays the topper in her home. I have bookmarked a few other craft ideas (the double punch garland is so fab!)... so many projects, so little time!

  • It's quite hard to choose a favorite! One of the most memorable was the simple canning jar candle holders I made with my sister. We painted them with glass paint and they looked great for a summer centerpiece!

  • Hello, My favorite shows are the crafting shows that Martha has. I LOVE THEM. I lost my daughter and how I try to fill up my days are with watching Martha everyday and learning so much about the different craft techniques and also gardening, cooking etc. I love creating and it's so peaceful doing them, very calming and I love giving away the things that I make to my friends and they enjoy getting them, lol. Thank you so much to Martha and all her staff for showing us how to create. Also, working in my flower gardens is another way to relax and enjoy all the beauty and colors. WE have a huge yard and I enjoy it all thru the summer. I'm so thankful and grateful for all I learn from the Martha Steward Shows, Hugs, Deborah

  • I made a tissue paper flower as a topper for a bridal shower gift. I love it when people say, "Did you MAKE this?" and they don't know how easy it was.

  • What a great giveaway! I have many favorite craft projects but my favorite has to be the place card wreath I recently made for my brother's wedding. We cut all of the place cards in the shape of leaves and attached them to a beautiful manzanita wreath.

  • What a great giveaway! I enjoyed making the Pom-Poms for my daughter's birthday and I have also enjoyed embellishing cards and stationary!

  • My most memorable Martha project was when I decorated for the 2010 Librarian Appreciation Luncheon (D.B., CA) using the giant crepe paper roes. I knew how to make crepe paper flowers from years past, but your show helped me vastly improve my techniques and tools! I LOVE your show!!!!

  • Sewing with Vintage Materials is my very my Martha inspired craft. The latest sunprint article gives me new inspiration!! Oh how I would love & use all of these supplies.

  • i love this show! i love all the paper flower ideas! so gotta try it! love love love crafty-ness

  • Martha's crafts saved my Christmas! Well, helped save my outfit for a last minute Christmas party! I met someone who I was talking to about a job and they invited me to their Xmas party. I had just moved and all of my fancy jewelry was still packed in boxes... but the Xmas decorations were not! I had just seen necklaces and rings in the magazine made out of ornaments. So, I whipped out my magazine and some small sparkly ornaments and made some fantastic accessories! Everyone at the party noticed and LOVED them!

  • My most "Mart-riffic" craft? It has to be the paper Nutcracker ornaments from the December 2001 Christmas issue (a classic). I came home from college for Thanksgiving break and announced to my mom that I wanted to make five sets--one for her, one for me, and one for each of the three girlfriends with whom I was attending a Nutcracker production. Good thing I had an entire week off for Thanksgiving!

  • I'm looking forward to making pipe cleaner creatures and a Christmas Village with my son. I've made some felt flowers from a Martha Kit that I made into barettes for some of his friends that were HUGE hits.

  • My favorite memorable Martha-inspired craft project, is the snowball ballon ornament from the 2010 season. Operating on a budget and my oldest son living in New York, my other 5 boys and myself made these beautiful (on TV!)ornaments for a touch of family to give our absent son.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft would have to be from Halloween.While I can't choose just one, I've used multiple ideas from the website and the Living magazine to decorate my home every year. I always get the best comments thanks to!

  • I watched your Crafts Dept show today (I had recorded it since I don't like missing one show) and LOVED the wirelace segment. I just started dabbling with jewelry making, and the ones you showed were beautiful necklaces!!
    I would love all your fabulous tools since my electrician husband let me use his!! :o )
    Thanks for all your inspirational crafts. I especially love the HALLOWEEN shows every year!

  • I make a living making and selling crafty items. Martha Stewart is always a great resource and source of inspriration.

  • I've always been a fan of Martha's cooking, crafting and way of life. I love working with beach glass from Lake Michigan and she showed me the wonderful idea of making a sun catcher with it beach glass and branches. Thank you, Martha!

  • Would be so nice to have these tools to help with crafting. Thankya

  • My favorite craft I've gotten on the website was magazine Christmas tree. I love creating things for the holidays, and this was both simple and beautiful! I didn't even have to paint it and got complements from friends and guests.

  • My most memorable and very first Martha Stewart craft was the Christmas wreath made from fresh cranberries! It took me forever! But it was so gorgeous and it really set the tone for future crafts! That's what I love about Martha Stewart - she incorporates the art and fun of crafting with sophistication, style and even purpose! Love you Martha!

  • It is so hard to choose just one memorable Martha-inspired craft project! However, I absolutely love the tissue paper pom-poms! From a child’s birthday party to a wedding, the tissue paper pom-poms make a great addition to ANY event! Martha – Thank you for ALL your inspirations!

  • Loved all the products! Would really love to use them for crafting with my son and daughter. Fav craft was the coffee filter roses, but love just about everything on Martha Stewart.

  • I made the coffee filter roses for my wedding and they were an amazing addition. This was by far the most memorable because now I have them to remember my wedding day forever!

  • Thank you Martha for being an inspiration to my life. I hope you have a great week.

  • I most remember a gift wrapping segment. I am a terrible wrapper, and this showed me that I can do this! I love being able to use the ideas as a springboard to my own ideas!

  • Love all Martha Stewart craft ideas-would love to win these tools so I can try some new crafts.

  • Today's show is awesome!! Love the crafts and would love to win the giveaway!

  • My favorite crafts are connected with fabrics, but the lace necklaces were intriguing. My 3 older granddaughters like to come and do fabric crafts with me so the supplies if I won would be a treat. Like your shows and are repeated so I can see them again. Thanks

  • I love watching Martha decorate with Martha Stewart Glitter. Whether she is creating a beautiful card, a gorgeous Easter egg, a pumpkin, or simple glass balls, the transformation is always exquisite. I particularly love how enthusiastic Martha becomes when she creates, and how infectious that enthusiasm is. Truly an inspiration for us all!

    Linda Rieschel

  • I have many of Martha's craft books and have made many projects. My favorite are Martha's wreaths that I make for all holidays and also give away to family and friends. Thank you Martha.

  • Wow, so many great ideas were inspired by Martha! My favorite was when I had a Halloween party, and borrowed her idea about glowing balloons by inserting a glow stick into the balloons, and drawing on them to make them look like ghosts!

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project was when I invited six of my friends to come over and we made the and make fingerless mittens from old sweaters !!

  • I loved the tabletop tinsel Christmas tree. The metallic tinsel was very festive.

  • I wasn't into crafts before but after watching several of your craft shows, your craft shows inspired me to do crafting. I love wrapping gifts now and repairing my own jewelry. At times I end up developing new pieces of jewelry.

  • OMGosh!!! These products are equally amazing as they are inspiring. I am a HUGE fan of the Martha Stewart Show, publications, DIY video clips and so forth. Currently my latest fascination from the Martha Stewart line are the AWESOME hole punches...WOW! I use them for scrapbooking, note making, spruce up lunch sacks and so on. I would be truly grateful if I were to win these featured products... If not, at least I have a great wish list for me to purchase and collect these great tools. Thank you.

  • Love everything Martha Stewart. Several years ago, I used the cheesecloth ghosts at Haloween. They were so cute and a real hit. I loved your craft show, will definately be doing the wire lace necklace.
    My monther-in-law, who recently passed away at the age of 94, gave me a several yards long strand of small pearls that she had made. She did not know what to do with them, and neither did I. The wire lace will turn them into a wonderful necklace and a treasured keepsake for me. Thank you so much for the idea.

  • I loved the full hour of crafts. I have recently taken up cardmaking. I am not as adept at intricate designs and cutting as some of my friends. I absolutely love the Martha Stewart circle cutter. It creates such perfect circles (much better than my hand cutting). I am also amazed at the patterns a novice like me can create using edge and corner punches. I would love to expand my stash with the tools shown today.

  • loved the "Patriotic Fans for Independence Day"...made it with black & white stripped washi paper for party favor bags at joni's annual johnny depp birthday party. kept everyone cool while looking at the HOT man.

  • Last Easter we gathered the kids together and made Martha's glitter easter eggs using her spectacular glitter. It shines and sparkles the way no other brand of glitter could. The eggs were carefully packed away and will brighten our Easter table again for years to come. Thanks Martha!

  • I have the pleasure of coming home for my lunch every day for work. The highlight of my lunch break is watching Martha's show. I LOVE all the craft ideas that she incorporates. So inspiring! :) Hopefully SOME day, I'll be able to try some of the ideas out.

  • I have to say, my guilty pleasure is watching Martha.Everyone loves my decor at Halloween.My favorite?Where do I begin?I guess cause I love every project,my favorites are the spider egg sacs and the trick or treat candy bowl with effective glove that scares even the bravest trick or treated.That is just what I could fit in!I lobe the magazine,her show and anything she creates!I would love to win the craft giveaway to share with my nieces to learn to be creative!Passing in on! Thanks,Celeste

  • My life revolves around crafts of all kinds-- I would not be happy if I were not able to create something. I started crafting with my grandmother --she would save plastic bottles and other throw away items to create bottle dolls-- it was so fun -- now these crafts are considered GREEN crafts-- back then(40 years ago) we just thought it was fun!!

  • I have loved all of Martha papercrafting ideas. My favorite craft/tool are all the punches, inks, stamps and paper. I love all the crafts that have to do with using these tools. Her glitter is beautiful. The punches are amazing and like nothing else out on the market.

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft was a Memo board with cris cross ribons for my new born daugthers room. We still use it to display photo's, special ribbons and mementos.
    Love it, love it, love it!

  • I am in the process of doing an entire robot themed birthday party for my 3yo son. I am using the circle cutter and square punch to create stickers and robots for several of the favors/decorations!!

  • For Valentines we taught our church sisters how to make the glittered flowers. Everyone loved how easy it was. They made bouquets at home with their families. It was a hit!

  • This giveaway is screaming my name !! My most memorable Martha Stewart craft was hands down, the wreath made of coffee filters ! It was so easy to make and so inexpensive. But my most favorite part was seeing the expressions on my family's face when I told them it was made from coffee filters !! I added Martha's coarse glitter along with some glass ornaments and it was amazing! Love the all cratfs show !! Thank you for the giveaway !!

  • My most memorable show was the halloween costume skeleton design.Then I saw the wood working and carving show and went crazy and watched it 3 times. I also make jewelery and the wire lace and beads gave me an exciting new idea. I live for the show everyday.

  • My favorite Martha craft-- there are so many-- but my favorites involve the paper crafts around the holidays -- Right now I am making my friends the Shamrock Boutonierre-- so cute--

  • Halloween crafts are always my favortie but I am looking forward to more Spring/Easter ideas.
    The Circle cutter and the punch anywhere punches are brillant. I "tape" Martha so I dont miss any of the shows and the great ideas

  • Inspired by Martha, I gilded a few pears and apples to breathe life into an old holiday wreath. It's so lovely that I still have it hanging up!

  • At age 72, retired and rather new to crafting I have enjoyed working on several wreath projects. Martha Stewart Glitter is the best, your scrapbook tools and supplies (yes, I am a scrapper) are without question the best. Thanks for thinking of us seniors on a regular basis.

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft was making a glittered bird-ornament for my mom for Christmas a couple years ago. I had never really been a glitter-girl before that - and now I ADORE glitter!!!

  • My favorite/most memorable craft was probably the tissue paper pom poms. My sister loves them and I used them for her baby shower. So pretty!

  • I have enjoyed doing Martha crafts for years, pom pom yarn turkeys and mini pilgrim hats, marble dyed Easter eggs and so many other very inspiring fun projects. There are so many more projects I have yet to get to, but I will thanks to her wonderful craft products!

  • I used one of my favorite craft ideas for my son's school fundraiser. I had all the kids in third grade design and color some plain white greeting cards. Then I made a Paper Tray that I saw on Martha's show. To assemble the cards in a nice way for the Silent Auction, I wrapped them in ribbon and set them in the Paper Trays with envelopes, pens, and stamps. They were a huge hit and all of them were auctioned off!!

  • My favorite Martha craft is the envelope bunny treatbags! I made these with my daughter's first grade class. They were a WONDERFUL, functional craft! They served as our take-home treat bags, each was a unique creation! One made by an all-boy little guy had red eyes and fangs!

  • I really liked your festive star garland of red, white and blue stars made from cardstock. My adult daughter was here visiting from out of state,and we had a great time together making many stars for a long garland. We used the garland for our fourth of July barbecue last Summer.

  • I have always found inspiration from Martha's crafts and now use the ideas for projects with my grandchildren. Most resently we glittered faux fruit at Christmas and made a variety of valentines including the heart that folded into an envelope. Sharing these with them is like creating all over again.

  • My most favorite Martha Stewart projects were those that decorated Easter eggs. With my Kindergarten class, using tissue paper, we decoupaged eggs, used polymer clay to covered eggs with Milliflori designs, and then we tie dyed eggs with onion skins. So much fun, so little time!

  • I liked the paper flowers. It was like the flowers I had on my wedding car and I wanted to make them for my son because they didn't have much money. My other son lives in Grapevine so I plan to make a grapevine wreath for them for Easter.

  • Okay, so my favorite Martha inspired creation so far has got to be a glitter 'painting' I made of an American Kestrel. The volunteer coordinator at our non-profit organization was retiring and I was asked to create something we could give to her that would let her know just how thankful we were for the amazing work she had done for us. Having been with the organization less than a year, I didn't know her that well personally; however, I did know that she was an avid bird watcher and that the American Kestrel was her favorite. (Funny, but she reminded me of the Kestrel) I started out by making a fabric 'painting' of the Kestrel and was about halfway finished when I happened across Martha's online project - Glitter Painting. It just blew me away and I decided right then and there to create an American Kestrel glitter painting! Martha offers so many colors of glitter with just the right amount of 'bling' that I knew I couldn't go wrong. Well I have to say that I outdid myself, because the Kestrel painting turned out beautifully and Teri was absolutely awestruck by it (as well as everyone else who saw it). I plan on making another 'glitter painting' in the near future - right after I find a subject worthy of the medium.....

  • Love the scoring board! I've been working on making 1,000 origami cranes and that would speed up the process,

  • I love all of the crafts from The Martha Show. They're so inspiring. I like to do the actual crafts and adapt parts of some crafts to create other projects. One of my favorites is the polar fleece hat. I've made many of these and they're perfect and easy!

  • Many years ago I saw Martha make a twig wreath out of red colored trimmings from her garden. She wired small bundles first, and then wired them into a wreath shape. I had soooo many compliements from everyone who saw it. I think now I will do another one, and update it with her wonderful glitter and the little animals and moss....a fusion of an old and new idea!

  • I liked the paper flowers. They reminded me of the flowers I had on my wedding car back in the 60's. I made some for my son since they couldn't afford much. I'm making 1 or 2 grapevine wreaths for my other son since they live in Grapevine, Tx.

  • I am such a fan of the Martha Stewart craft line of products. Love the furniture. Thanks for making quality items and showing us other great products.

  • I enjoy everyday to watch Martha Stewart. I Love to Cook and make crafts at home for my family. And I get wonderfl Ideas from Martha. My husband says" Is this meal and/or Desert from Martha today?" Of Course. My Best was When I gave my daughter-n-Law her First Baby Shower. I made the Coursages(Mom to Be,Both Grandma's,Gr-Grandmother, Cake(Baby Buggy), Homemade Decoration, and The Baby Shower Thank you gifts. All in Pink/Purple/Yellow/Green. What a wonderful Time:)) Thank you Martha for All you share to us. Thank you

  • I have gleaned so many great craft ideas from Martha! I love her handmade journals, all the glitter crafts, and the paper clay-cookie mold Christmas ornaments, just to name a few.

  • correct email. I enjoy everyday to watch Martha Stewart. I Love to Cook and make crafts at home for my family. And I get wonderfl Ideas from Martha. My husband says" Is this meal and/or Desert from Martha today?" Of Course. My Best was When I gave my daughter-n-Law her First Baby Shower. I made the Coursages(Mom to Be,Both Grandma's,Gr-Grandmother, Cake(Baby Buggy), Homemade Decoration, and The Baby Shower Thank you gifts. All in Pink/Purple/Yellow/Green. What a wonderful Time:)) Thank you Martha for All you share to us. Thank you

  • Love your scoring board,bone folder,these are just two of my favorite tools but so many more. got my family hook too.

  • Where do I start? i'll go with my go to baby shower gift. I make the flower bouquet out of booties, onesies, tee shirts rolled and made to look like flowers with floral tape. Into a lttle flower pot with a few flowers, real or hand made. I learned about it on The Martha Stewart Show!

  • Hi Crafts dept./Martha
    The show on 5/16/10 with Amanada Seyfried I enjoyed a lot with crafting the leather flowers. I have limited income so I use and recyled an old purse of mine. It turned out ok, but the use of "new" leather would have been much better.
    Thanks and keep the crafts projects coming.

  • Love your scoring board,bone folder,these are just two of my favorite tools but so many more. got my family hooked too.

  • I once used Martha's recipe for dipping branches into a white-glue based solution to make "porcelain" branches for a display in a jewelry store window. The result got incredible reaction!

  • Loved the MS peppermint candy ornaments, could not afford to buy them... so had to do what Martha might do, make my own ornaments. My tree was covered with home-made gumdrop/candy strands, saltdough - peppermint lollipops & gingerbread men, and the cutest snowflake frosted cupcakes...Wish I could post a picture!

  • My very favorite Martha projects are her amazing carved pumpkins! The best one is the snake created with a long row of pumpkins that have been carved with a Dremel tool. This year's owl pumpkins were great, too!

  • I watched the crafts show twice so I wouldn't miss a step. I really NEED these items so please pick me. I am thrilled to learn about the corner punches to go with my long edge punches I already bought. Happy creating...

  • . . . my most memorable craft? It all started with that darn glass fish bottle, the plastic pouring spout and dishwashing liquid. Know what I'm talking about? That's right ladies and gentlemen crafters -the first actual craft I could do way back then was that dishwashing soap dispenser. I have become more adventurous and have an actual sort-of-craft room for paper, sewing, quilting, knitting crafty type projects. Absolutely LOVED the craft show!

  • I love all that you do and your products I love so much. I like the way that you teach us how to do us ourselves.


  • I commend Martha and her staff of elves on their contribution to women and crafters all over the world. I have been a crafter and a baker for over 38 years and appreciate being able to tap into all the resources that Martha has made available to us. She has broadened my horizons and inspired me beyond my dreams. Where does one begin to even start with what favorites they have from her collection of crafts, recipes, ideas, decor, gardening ,etc. I appreciate all them. If I had to pick a favorite I believe I would choose the craft project that only she could do in Martha style and that is the craft of teaching and educating and entertaining. Thank you for all you do. Martha you are truly "A GOOD THING"

  • Oh Martha, we have to pick one? ONE memorable craft? I don't think there is a craft I haven't liked! I would have to say the Vintage Crepe Paper Flowers. Everything about the delicate paper to the endless possibilities are stunning.

  • I have been inspired by and used many Martha ideas and use the Martha glitter (I have most of them). It was fun making the wool stand up bunnies featured on the show as I have a lot of vintage trims to embellish items.

  • I am so inspired by Martha Stewart. I am always amazed by her. She is truely talented. I wish I could be her apprentice. I love the Martha Stewart product. Thanks for the chance to win

  • Every Spring I love making beaded jewelry and every February, I am inspired by Valentine's crafts. I look forward to reading and watching your craft projects. I also save some old clothes hoping I can turn beautiful buttons, vintage fabrics, embroideries or lace into something else like a chic pillowcase or purse. Before I donate them or throw the old clothes away, I look for these treasures and repurpose them. I get so many inspirations from your crafts department. Keep up the good work!!!

  • I have so many favorite Martha Stewart crafts but most recently at Christmas my girls (6 year old Sierra is a big fan) and I did the ombre shells as ornaments. We are going to apply the same glitter technique to our heirloom eggs for Easter!

  • I really like the GO Anywhere Bucket for wrapping paper. I think it's a very creative way to keep all your gift wrap supplies in one place. You'll be ready to wrap your gift without having to waste time looking for tape, ribbon, etc.

  • It's hard to choose only one Martha-inspired project. I'm make cards in my spare time, so I always enjoy her paper crafting projects. Thanks for a chance to win some awesome goodies!

  • My favorite Martha craft project I've done was the woodland fairy terrarium. Not only is it a fun project, but the finished product is beautiful and warm, espcially with the lights on a night!

  • My favorite craft was a kit that was sold in the Martha by Mail catalog. The seed beaded ornament kit was great fun and even got my nephew hooked and I got him his own kit. And just this year, I was over at a friend's home and saw some of the ornaments I made from this kit on their tree. I had forgotten I had given these ornaments to them--it was a nice surprise to see them on their tree all these years later. I ended up giving them all away and didn't keep any for myself!

  • I hope this is the right place to sign up for the giveaway. One of my most favorite Martha Stewart inspired crafts was the glitterd ornaments. It was several years ago and Martha showed using plain glass ornaments, glitter and dye. I made it for my Christmas tree that year and LOVED them. Also hung little cherubs and ribbon on the tree. Looked beautiful and got quite a few comments on it.

  • One of my favorite little gifts to sew and give away are the Quilted Coaster Sets I downloaded from Martha They are quick and easy to make, even for a beginner like me, but look great!

  • I loved this how-I could watch an hour of just crafts everyday! I have done so many things inspired by Martha and Martha products. I especially love the quality and styles of her punches. But my favorite is not a single item, but rather the multiple cards and card sets I have made. I love the how making a band to go around the set to pull it all together is an easy, but classic final touch. Thank you for the most wonderful craft products!

  • I have made many Martha Stewart crafts. My favorites are greeting cards made with her paper punches. There are so many possibilities! Great selection of products!

  • I love them all! I have collected the magazine since day 1. I have tried so many recipes and crafts over the years - too many too count!

  • Have watched Martha's diversified crafts for years, enjoying them tremendously! Currently, record the shows twice daily to review selected subjects later.
    Was so fasinated with the necklaces made today with pearls inside since I create wire jewelry. Thanks, Martha, for all the creative projects. Look forward to more!!!!!

  • So many Martha-inspired crafts! But, I would have to say it would be the many, many bead critters from a MS Kids magazine. Everyone loves those little things!

  • The wirelace is so beautiful! Can't wait to get some
    for jewelry projects. Martha's Craft site is so
    inspirational. Makes me want to create something
    beautiful everyday.

  • My most recent favorite Martha Stewart craft was the glitter styrofoam balls that she made on TV with the Rockettes at Christmas. I made dozens of them for my house after seeing that episode. I was motivated to do it because I had a million wood skewers sitting in a cabinet and knew I could use the balls decoratively with those skewers (which I painted). I used all pinks. Everyone loved them in vases and bowls and on my vintage aluminum tree. Martha's glitter is fabulous!

    My next favorite craft will be making her pillowcase dress, now that I have collected 40 antique cases for this project!

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft thus far was a group of wintry wool throws that I made for family members for Christmas. One was edged with grosgrain ribbon, and two were "embroidered" with a cross stitch in wool yarn. My family adored them, and my blog audience did, too! Thank you for providing me with endless inspiration. I'd be over the moon if I won these things!

  • My most memorable MARTHA inspired craft project was creating a basket of items for my friend's baby shower. The towel apron and pop up sponges were a hit! Now I am trying to make a nightlight for my daughter. I am sure it will turn out great!

  • Martha,

    Love to watch your show. I have several of your punches. Love them! Keep the good craft ideas and delicious recipes coming.

  • I have watched you make and create so many things over the years. For a while there i copied them for lack of tools and the right material. My favorites have always been for Any Holiday or Flowers. Just wish i had the Right Stuff.

  • My most memorable craft was from around 2001-2002 the homemade dolls with felt clothing that I made for my daughter. Fast forward to yesterday's show and my now 11 year old daughter happily sits with me to see what new project we can do together.

  • I love all your craft supplies for packaging cupcakes and cookies and giving as gifts. Since I love baking and have always given baked goods as gifts, these wonderful and creative boxes, labels, ribbons make it simply more fun!

  • I have had so many memorable moments watching Martha Stewart Crafting but one favorite was the paper sailboat that Martha made for a boy's birthday cake. I used this paper boat for a special Commodore's birthday cake and everyone thought it was so neat and a great idea to decorate his cake with. I also mark my fabric scissors with a "fabric only" sticker. I keep my Gingher scissors in the box they came in too! I love all the sewing ideas Martha and her great crafters come up with especially when sewing classes have been cut from the public school curriculum. Thanks for all the craft ideas . . . I love them!

  • I can't wait for the weekend to try the children's duvet! Thanks!

  • I always look forward to Martha's Christmas Issue. In 2009 I made the pillar candles rolled in epsom salt. Beautiful! I used red and green candles and even put a little glitter. They looked like snow covered trees. Thanks Martha for all your wonderful creative ideas!

  • Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! I am a huge martha fan and LOVE LOVE LOVE her scrappin stuff. I think I have every border punch in production, LOL! My favorite Martha craft was the mushroom pumkins at Halloween a couple of years ago. You use pumpkins and gords and paint them into the most adorable mushrooms. At our annual pumpkin carving, mine rocked it! Pick ME!

  • It is difficult to pick just one most memorable Martha inspired craft but I would like to think that I make the birthdays of my friends and family memorable each year with a card that is crafted especially for them by hand. I LOVE using the various Martha craft punches for the cards and have even picked up the hobby of quilling various shapes and animals for each.

  • Glass etching is one of my favorites. I especially enjoy making customer stemware as gifts for weddings, showers, birthdays and anniversary.

  • So many Martha momments, but I've gotten many compliments on my ZIPPER FLOWERS! So funky and fun. I have a bracelet and headband that I love!


  • Wow what a giveaway! My most favorite project was the tissue pom poms. I now see them everywhere.

  • I remember one Christmas making tea cup candles for all the women in my family. Picking up beautiful old teacups from the thrift store, I had so much fun picking the colors and adding the scents to each individual tastes, it was one of many years rave reviews came in for my crafting, all thanks to Martha Stewart!

  • I love all the Halloween crafts. From the pumpkin templates to carve, to well really all the martha crafts.

    I loved the old show where it was all good things and less cooking/live shows. I miss those so much!

  • I love the scoring board - I make gift boxes and envelopes for presents and SO much more impressive than store bought.

  • I work with the mentally handicapped age 14 to 22 and we love all your easy crafts. We made the glitter ball string tree ornaments, the valentine heart flowers but we used felt,the borax snow flakes ( we made hearts) and the valentine pull up cards to name a few. I love the mirrors with eyes so much I made 6. They love to make your crafts and we love glitter. Keep up the good work and would love to win anything you make.

  • Well, since I am getting a little old it's hard to remember my most memorable craft from Martha, so I would have to say it is the stencil pillows on the show yesterday. I have been following Martha since about 1978 when I received one of her books for a birthday gift. I was completely hooked after that. I continue to look forward to her shows and her expertise in all things "home".

  • Just one Martha-inspired craft?!?!

    My favorite to make were the sock puppies--I gave one to my neice when she was born. So adorable.

    Also love making Martha's vanilla and peppermint marshmallows--they get squeals of delight EVERY time!

  • I loved seeing the Deep-edge around-the-page punch on the stenciled pillow today. I go "window shopping" on your website 3-4 times/wk. Just bought your bone folder After today's show & the lace around the page punch I Love your crafts !

  • I love the Martha Stewart glitter. I made a beautiful set of Christmas ornaments that added that special extra sparkle!

  • My most memorable Martha Stewart influenced craft was the making of my Christmas tags using all of Martha's products. I used her punches and made snowflakes. I then covered them with blue & white glitter. I used these to make tags for our presents. They turned out beautiful.

  • I was watching the show last week & I loved the idea for the cupcake stand. I thought that the touch of the ribbon around the edge gave the stand some character & personality.

  • I love following Martha Stewart's craft projects! One of my favorite ones was the Winter Village made out of chipboard. I finally tried making it this winter and made 7 cute little houses with paint and glitter. All of them sat on my mantle for Christmas!! Love seeing all the great crafts and products!

  • We love making those paper flowers and now our house is full of them!!!!!!

  • One of my favorite Martha Stewart ideas was a seasonal project to create beautiful Easter eggs. One technique in particular involved securing lace on the egg prior to placing it in the dye. The result is truly lovely and unique egg which looks like a piece of art! My daughter and I look forward to a this tradition each year. Thanks for your inspiration!

  • Our most memorable Martha Craft is our Easter Eggs that we tried after we saw some that Martha made in her spring magazine. My daughter and I love to craft and she would love to win the craft giveaway!

  • I have a special place in my heart for the Martha by Mail Beaded Snowflake Kit. I hang two big snowflakes I made in my home's entryway each Christmas, and over a decade later, still have supplies to make more.

  • My favorite craft project was some beautiful glittery Easter eggs that I made along with my two adult daughters and some of their friends. We had so much fun, and they turned out so well!

  • Martha’s crafts are life rafts! Too much winter; everyone’s bored with internet and Twitter… “Mom, what can we make?” “Into the Kitchen; we’ll bake!”... flour started to fly so I got out fabric and dye… then onto papers, scissors, glues and glitters… finally! they’re in bed- tomorrow, needle and thread.

  • When they were younger I liked to do keepsake crafts with my nephews to give as Christmas gifts. One year we made snow globes, I don't know how many people still have theirs, but I do take mine out each Holiday Season to look at and enjoy the memories of working with nephews to create the fun little globes.

  • It's hard to pick a favorite, but I really enjoy card making. You have so many great ideas for special holidays. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  • Our favorite (or current obsession) with the Martha Stewart craft line... GLITTER!!! Got some for
    Christmas, and my daughter and I want to glitter everything!

  • Our Craft Group has done so many interesting things because we've seen it on Martha's show! We're all attracted to the glittery projects. The Halloween garland was so cute and fun to make. We've made many of the interesting greeting cards and paper projects.

  • I love your show and admire you so much. You are truly a blessing in my life. I have learned many things from your show. You are like a friend and teacher that shares so much with others. It is far too hard to pick a favorite.

  • I have made door wreaths inspired by Martha, candy wreaths, greenery, and ornament wreaths.

    I have also hung art using wide ribbon, as she is fond of.

  • One of my favorite Martha projects was making the paper Nutcracker Suite Christmas ornaments from some years back. My daughter came home from college for Thanksgiving and had decided we needed to make 6 sets of them so she could bring them back to her friends. They were attending the ballet together and it made a perfect little gift. We managed to spend hours making them just so and talked and talked the whole time. What a special craft time!

  • The most memorable Martha Stewart craft I have done was from one of the Martha Stewart Baby magazines which was published years ago. It was the "growing" baby handprint display; it told you to draw an outline of your baby's hand on the same paper (while they slept) at various months to show growth. I love that sweet craft. It truly is a treasure.

  • I've loved Martha for a long time. Over the years my daughter and I have used the website, the magazine and watched her show for inspiration and creative ideas. We love the glitter. I still have glass glitter from a kit I purchased through your catalog and my daughter made more paper star ornaments from a Martha purchased kit this past Christmas. I tried to buy one of the great all over punches but they were out of stock! I dream about having a craft and sewing room with all Martha's products! That would be fantastic!

    Is there a catalog of all the products Martha has for sale?

  • I am constantly inspired by the crafts on the Martha Stewart Show. Most of my crafting is either for or with my kids. We made the homemade snowglobes last Christmas and had a blast. We do a lot of glittering and glittered snowmen wrappers around chocolate bars. Most recently for our son's birthday we made candy using a handmade mold made from food grade silicone that I saw featured on the show last year.

  • I saw the key tag bracelet online and made key tag name banners instead. I personalize the banners with things that person. Everyone that's gotten one has loved it. I am making one now for my new grandson. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. Love you Martha!

  • my favorite craft is very hard to pick just one, but it would have to be an easter card made with garden gloves that poke thru the card as rabbits in the garden. it was a great item for interaction with my grandkids

  • I was impressed to see the wire lace mesh on today's show (03/03/11)and liked how the beaded necklace came about. I usually like to knit, and have made tissue covers from the plastic canvas. But I would like be one of the winners of the craft supplies that have been offered for the contest. I would like to expand my crafting abilities in different areas.

  • Inspired by the Martha Stewart Show, I made a craft room in my home. I also purchased Martha's new Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts. My first and most memorable craft, is the appliqued number book. This book will bring smiles and memories, and become a keepsake for generations to come.

  • my favorite martha product is the embossing powder. it works like magic and creates a beautifule end result.

  • I have been admiring the wall hanging in your television craft room - a clever way to keep tools and supplied organized.

  • Most memorable craft I've seen on Martha's show was an animated dog "Hap-pee" birthday card, where you pull a lever & the dog lifts it's leg to show the word PEE. Very cute. Everyone I made it for LOVED it!!

  • I was so inspired by Heather Ross's smocked dress that I made 2 for myself, 1 for my daughter and 1 for my sister!

  • In earlier years, I spent many happy hours crafting all of my gifts. Didn't have the time nor the interest after my divorce. The Craft Show got me so excited to craft everything again!! Off to explore your craft store now to find a plethora of crafts I want to try.

  • I can't count all the times I have been inspired by Martha Stewart's creativity over the years. But I do remember when it all started - with Martha Stewart's Weddings book. I was busy raising our young children and we didn't have any money for craft supplies. Martha Stewart's Weddings introduced me to a world of enchantment and beauty far from my own. Even though we had no money, I truly believed that I could brighten my surroundings and make them sparkle like one of Martha Stewart's weddings just by being creative. That was the beginning of my cake decorating and crafting. Thank you, Martha Stewart for 25 years of inspiring people like me, who like life best when it's made by hand. I hope to meet you some day.

  • Oh my gosh ! There are so many wonderful Marth crafts and tools since I am a card and scrapper I have to say the bone folder and score board are awesome. I have share a funny with you when I first start crafting with a bone folder the instructor said score your card stock in a valley and mountain fold!!! I thought heck I am not Diana Ross with " A'int no mountain high enough" but I can do this than I realized it was just like folding a paper fan back and forth. The bone folder made crisp edges and and score was amazing...thanks so much....I will also use the glitter to do my Easter projects!!!

  • Love the Martha Stewart punch around the page punches ..used them with my daughter & granddaughter to create wonderful Valentine projects !! My granddaughter - just 6 years old - has a wonderfully creative mind & is becoming a great crafter !!

  • I have been an artist/crafter since I was a child and watching your show since it has been on the air. But when this Jersey girl moved to Maui, Hawaii, I missed the availability of many things, such as supplies for handmade projects. We don't even have a Michael's and in the tactile world of crafting, you want contact with the product. The economy has spurred many small home businesses and I would love a jump start with your tools (especially for jewelry making). Thanks Martha and the Crafts Dept. Aloha :)

  • Converting photos for the glitter project was so much fun. I will use some in my artwork.

  • At Christmas a few years ago, I wanted to add some cheer to my cubicle at work. I found a project on the Martha Stewart website for an office supply themed Christmas tree. My student worker and I made ornaments out of tags, labels, and file folders and decorated a little white tree. I love the little office tree - I've but it out for three Christmases now!

  • My favorite Martha-inspired craft lately(and there have been many), is the pomberry wreath. It adorns my front door as I type.

  • About 9 years ago I made three of the embossed velvet leaf wreaths, using the Martha leaf stamps. My mother-in-law still has the one I made for her. Recently, we made a modified version of the fabric and duck tape bags at my daughter's girls group. They had a great time making them. I always know I can find a great project on Martha's website. Thanks!

  • Be it cooking, baking, jewelry making, knitting or just about any of the crafts featured on MSL, I can't get enough. I am constantly looking for different and new things to make for home or for the beauty salon I own. Come Christmas time my client just can't wait to see what new ideas I have in store for the holiday. Please keep up with the great ideas, we love them. PS I am a Michael's Crafts junkie thanks to you!

  • I loved the paper peonies from a few years ago!

  • What a great start for a novice crafter !

  • My most memorable Martha inspired craft moment would have to be the time in grade school when I woke on the first day of summer vacation so excited to actually be home in the morning and able to watch Martha's show. This was way before the studio audience. On the show she made roses out of ribbons. I watched closely and when my mom came home from work later I presented her with my own flowers! And I still have them.

  • I love all Martha Stewart craft tools, but I love love the bone folder...I use it religiously. I think I have half the punch collection. The borders are the best. Great show! It was so inspiring.

  • My very fav was the felted toad stool craft. Felting is something I never would have done if it wasn't for Martha and her craft department.

  • I enjoy making halloween cards for my nieces and nephews. Martha gave me the idea and pattern to make them all masks. They came out great and they enjoyed wearing them.

  • My first comment didn't work so I'm trying again. I love to bead, scrapbook, and collect vintage materials, If I see old clothing, I check the buttons, fabric, lace or embroidery before I donate it. I repurpose them into vintage but chic pillowcases or purse. I wish I can win your favorite tools. That will make my year!

  • I was glad to learn how to make glycerin soaps, I used to buy them at craft fairs. Now I make my own.

  • My Grandma taught my sister and I how to embroider when we were young, when I saw it in one the Martha Stewart Living magazines I picked it up again. I love personalizing tea towels and onesies as gifts for friends and family.

  • I love everything Martha does, but my favorite was a wreath at Christmas made with fresh cranberries. It looked so beautiful on my door and I wished for a really long and cold winter so that it would last longer!


  • I love watching Martha Stewart show, especially the craft show. There is always fresh and great ideas daily to learn how to do something new that you can use in your daily life. I am currently planning my wedding and want to do something different but beautiful and also on a budget. I also love crafts and love to learn how to do new stuff and the way it is shown on this show it is easy to learn. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas that you have everyday.

  • Love most everything in the Martha Stewart product line for crafts/scrapbooking. Especially the decorative edge punches and the scored board and boning tool. Most days I only catch 1/2 hour of the show during my lunch break but it relaxes me and the break allows me to get through the afternoon.

  • My favorite Martha craft that I made was from Martha's Baby Mag. It was an embroidered duck on a baby onesies that I made for my friend's baby(nine years ago). Today I love creating baby onesies. Thanks

  • I love to make personalized gift cards for all occasions using papers, rubber stamps and the appropriate tools from Martha Stewart's craft collection.

  • We love to craft as a family and love the ideas from the show. We also love the craft kits from Michaels.
    One of our favorites has been making the seashell frames like Hannah M has made several times. We go to Nantucket island in the summer and collect lots of shells. When we are home we print a photo from our family vacation. We purchase a plain frame and with the hot glue gun we glue on the shells for a family keepsake!

  • The most memorable has to be the candle chandelier that she did about 15 or 16 years ago. It was a donut-shaped piece of wood that she painted a dark color, hung from the ceiling, and adorned with greenery and fruit and real candles. That was when I first started watching the show, and all the other craft shows on TV were hot-gluing dried flowers to everything, but this was something really beautiful and unique!

  • The folded shirt card was a wonderful surprise for my husband and our two sons. It's one of my favorite MS crafts because, my husband saw something for him come out of my craft room! However, the city-mouse toy was pretty popular with the grandbabies at Christmas.

  • My most favorite MS craft - little boxes that I make using the MS scoring board. The scoring board works great for making envelopes, too. Love it.

  • My paper globe ornaments inspired by the recycled card ornaments on Martha's site... a fun and budget friendly way to decorate the tree for the first Christmas in our first house!

  • The first Martha Stewart Craft I did was crape paper flowers. I made super sized ones for a spring safety bulletin board at work. When we took it down, one of the guys I worked with took them home for his daughter's 1st grade class.

  • My favorite Martha Stewart Craft was from her magazine (Living) where she glittered some sea shells. I lived by the ocean with my now-husband a few years ago, collected some shells and glittered them for our first little Christmas tree. I DVR the Martha Stewart show everyday and watch it for more inspiration all of the time!

  • Crafter Comment:

    Thanks so much for your comment! No, we don't have a catalog, but you can find a lot of the products here at our online shop: or at Michaels stores.

  • The most memorable Martha Stewart craft, for me, is always the last one; that would be those breath-taking medallions from this past Christmas. I can think of a million ways to make and use them.

  • I love the idea of using Martha's punches (of which I own many) for something other that paper crafts. I really like the idea of using them to make a stencil for the pillows. I think I will have to give it a try! Everything she does is inspiring. Would love to win the tools!

  • I have made so many crafts from this site I can't name them all! It's my go-to site whenever I need ideas. My latest craft from the site was the Ombre scarves. I made them for my five sisters. They turned out so beautiful and it wasn't even hard to do. Everyone was so impressed. I love watching the shows and then coming to the site to get the step-by-step instructions, it's so helpful. My friends have even started calling me "Martha" because I have done so many of the crafts and recipes from here. Love, Love, Love this site and Martha!!!! I only wish I lived there so I could come work for her and be able to do crafts all day long. What a dream!

  • My current favorite craft inspiration from Martha are the darling tomato pin cushions in spritely patterns. They have vintage charm with an updated twist. I am making several to give as gifts along with some for myself - one next to my sewing machine and one for my embroidery basket. Thank you, Martha!

  • My current favorite craft inspiration from Martha are the darling tomato pin cushions in sprightly patterns. They have vintage charm with an updated twist. I am making several to give as gifts along with some for myself - one next to my sewing machine and one for my embroidery basket. Thank you, Martha!

  • My husband, home recovering from surgery, saw his first Martha show. This inspired him to make his first craft, the birch candle holders. He made several sizes, added snow glitter, put them on an antique sled with greens and pinecones. This was the most memorable and beautiful Christmas centerpiece.

  • One year sort of as a joke I made duct tape wallets as Christmas gifts for the men in my family. They loved them and many still use them.

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft was from last Christmas and it involved glitter. After watching several shows with items being glittered, I decided it was my turn. The hardest part was deciding from all the beautiful glitter in her line at the store! At the end of the season I found some old ornaments that I have put aside for glittering for next year!

  • Martha, Martha, Martha - while I enjoy all of Martha's crafting and am an avid scrapbooker, my favorite that Martha has shared was in her Marath Stewart Living Magazine where she introduced me to a wonderful plant for my shade garden - Seeds of Solomon - I think of Martha when I see them in bloom!

  • One of my most memorable crafts were the scrapbooks I made for my twins, using Marth Stewart punches and her awesome scrapbooking tips and techniques.

  • I just had a baby girl and I cannot wait to craft with her. We are going to start with making memory boxes for her room, preserving keepsakes as she grows.

  • There are so many memorable Martha moments and crafts that it is so difficult to pick one. During my wedding planning, she inspired me to save money in many ways, and had the best sign ideas. The entire process and searching through Martha's website often daily, has inspired me to become a wedding planner. Thank you Martha and staff for your endless supply of creativity!

  • my favorite martha inspired craft is tissue paper ghosts in the window for halloween!

  • I am constantly inspired by Martha Stewart crafts. Whenever I start rattling on about my latest crafting plans, my family members just smile and wait for "I saw it on Martha". My children enjoy watching the show with me, and they really enjoy the Martha crafts for kids that are sold at WalMart.

  • Your craft show was inspiring! I loved the craft furniture, how do I get a catalog?

  • Martha Steward Crafts - How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!! I love the edging punches. They are SO SO useful for so many different things....loved the stenciled pillow from the show. I loved using these punches to make edges for paper cake wedges for my kids and filling the containers with candy. I love how the craft line has evolved from the inception. There's nothing worse then seeing the same all thing all the time.

  • i recently used her butterfly paper punch to create framed art for our bedroom. thanks for the giveaway!

  • Thanks for the awesome give-away! I've been loving cute spring dresses and I'm going to try my hand at making one soon! Wish me luck!

  • Dear. Martha and Elves, I am 67 years old and have never crafted. I know hard to believe I have been a Martha fan forever. I cook up storm ,clean and organize with you and watch the show everyday. Today your craft show made it seem that even a novice like me could come into the world of crafting. This win could start me on a new Martha adventure. Thanks Linda

  • I have been a fan of Martha's for a very long time. My favorite thing to do in the world, besides spending time with my family and my dog, is crafting. I do many different crafts including crochet, knit, sew and just trying something new. I always go on Martha's craft site for new things to try. Loved your recent craft hour show. I have to say one of my favorites was the pipe cleaner flowers. Love making flowers. Instead of pipe cleaners I strung beads and shaped the flowers from them. I made a pink and a blue one and gave it to my Mom and my favorite Aunt (who since has passed) to wear as a pin for Mothers Day. The joy I felt as they could not thank me enough for the simple gift that was full of love. That ment so much to me. I often check Marthas site for something new to cook too. Thanks Martha for all you do to make my life more enjoyable. I'll be watching and reading for a long time to come.

  • The Halloween issues are such inspiration for our annual pumpkin carving party! My favorite pumpkin has always been the lotto guy with big eyes and a wavy smile.

  • There have been so many "Martha" ideas over the years, but if I had to pick one it would be felt Christmas ornaments. They are one of a kind and lovely and soooooo safe to hang on the lower branches where little hands like to reach out and touch!!!! Thank you, Martha (and Staff)!

  • Love the demos re: tools to use - love my bone folder, too - going to go get a scorer next - the valentine card ideas inspired me to make and send cards to all my friends!

  • I loved the coffee filter roses project -- how realistic! (And the deer don't nibble on them.)

  • I was inspired to start crocheting again after watching an episode where Martha was discussing a handmade poncho she was given. This sparked me to learn how to knit. I have spent many hours knitting and crocheting while traveling and it makes sitting around an airport a much more pleasant experience.

  • I love when Martha makes the paper flowers.

  • My 6 year old daughter and I loved creating homemade Valentines for her class using MS glitter and paper. Great activity to stay busy during the recent Midwest ice storm!

  • LOVED the Craft show! My fav Martha Stewart crafts is the paper flowers! I made some for a party and they were a HUGE hit! I had to show my friends how easy they were because they didn't believe I'd made them. Love the CRAFT book you have too! It's AWESOME! I also love the Special Halloween themed crafts and shows! I never miss them for sure! Keep em coming!

  • I LOVE paper crafting (cards, scrapbooking, cupcake toppers, etc.). MS paper punches are the best and easiest to use. I NEED that Xyron! I also love making tissue pom poms for every occasion. Thanks Martha (and team) for making me look like a supermom!

  • My favorite Martha-inspired craft was the little scrap fabric gift bags for hostess gifts. I took my scrap fabrics and made simple little bags to put small gifts in to bring to parties and give with a bottle of wine. :) So personal and so nice, and re-useable for the recipient! Thanks Martha!

  • My most memorable project was making fabric silhouettes for Halloween to hang in our front windows.

  • I love everything Martha. I always look forward to the Halloween and Christmas Specials. My favorites are anything made with her great glitters. They are beautiful and really add the "Bling" at Christmas. Thanks for such beautiful as well as functional tools and supplies. I am looking forward to outfitting my craft room with your furniture. Thanks for finally sharing this with us. I am sure I am not the only one that has been coveting your room.

  • Love all Martha crafts, but have enjoyed my mittens the most!

  • My most memorable Martha-inspired craft project, is when Martha dyed the scarves, they were very dreamy. I'm crossing my fingers! -Lety

  • My favorite was the stenciled pillows. I am moving into a new house and have never stenciled fabric. I will be making a few of these pillows. they are so easy to do and fast.

  • What a fun show! I especially love the paper crafting ideas. I've had so much fun with the punches and now can't live without my bone folder! Thanks for all the amazing ideas and for this unbelievable giveaway!

  • I made the tote bag out of a tee shirt. It is handy and holds so much. Love to make handmade cards, too. The Victorian folding card was a big hit!

  • I bought a couple of polar fleece hats for myself at a craft show. I loved them because they are warm and don't give me "hat hair." I saw instructions for many cute styles on the website and now make them as gifts for friends and family.

  • I have always been a 'crafty' person and am always looking for new ideas, which your show always gives me. I love your variety of materials and new ideas, keep them coming!

  • My last Halloween party was full of Martha-inspired crafts, ranging from the rat cut outs (that I added glow-in-the-dark eyes to) to the jars of "eyes" and even the food. We ended up running out of time to make everything we wanted to make, but the party was still a great time!

  • glitter, glitter, glitter!! My MOST all of the paper punches, the super fine tips for glue and the bone folding tool! Thanks for making all of these so readily available!

  • One of my most favorite Martha projects was the homemade snow globe. They turned out wonderful, and were great gifts!

  • Martha this is a great giveaway. I would have to say that my most mem Martha Craft moment is when I made wreaths for all of my family members for the holidays and all of them were diffrent themes and they love them and still use them all today.

  • The best one I have seen is making the flowers. I have a black thumb and can't grow anything. It always dies. I even had a fake tree covered in silk leaves my mom gave me as a joke and said don't kill this one. I swear within 6 months the leaves started falling off. Thanks for your great ideas!

  • I think my most memorable thing is not actually doing something but would be sitting down and looking at the Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of crafts and making plans on what to do first.

  • I recently retired to care for my 93 year old mother-in-law, who fell and fractured her hip. We watch your show daily. So, right now, we were both inspired by the baby boomers and will be making some soon. Really enjoy having the time to start crafting again and could certainly use winning the tools on this show to get me started again. Thanks.

  • I enjoy learning how to try make the new necklace with net, I'm a crafter at heart willing to try about anything once.
    thank you

  • Oh my gosh, there have been so many Martha craft obsessions over the years! My favorite and probably most memorable for my family and friends came from Martha's Christmas book (and how many years ago has that been?). Martha had gold wreaths that year and so I had gold paint on everything. Everything. Of course all my friends knew the source of the inspiration and each year henceforth have entered my home during the holidays looking for the current year's Martha inspiration/obsession. It's funny how I can date things by what I was crafting/gardening/cooking/whatever that Martha was the inspiration behind! Many conversations with friends begin with, "Remember when Martha did........and so we.......?" Martha, you have given us a lexicon that we didn't have before. Keep it up, we're hungry for more!

  • I loved the craft show - just watched today by DVR!! My favorite Martha Stewart craft has been the Christmas trees made from magazines, then painted and glittered. I love that I can make a craft from something I would normally recycle!

  • I teach inner-city girls at an after school camp (4)
    times a week. They make numerous Martha crafts however, they are most proud of an origami tree
    seen in a Xmas issue several years ago. It was in
    the MLK program & now greets all in the school office

  • I LOVE everything Martha Stewart! If I need a new craft tool I always check for Martha Stewart brand first. The bone tool is my favorite and the new craft book is first on my wish list.
    Joyce Gautier

  • I thouroughly enjoyed the Craft Show! The crafting segments are my most favorite part of watching "Martha"! One of my favorite Martha crafts are the three dimensional gold and silver pipe cleaner stars my daughter and I made for our Christmas tree a few years ago. (I found the idea in one of your Christmas idea books from the local library). They were so simple and sparkle with the white lights we have on our tree. I am so envious of your crafting staff! To be able to craft every day, be creative and then bring that creativity to others must be a real joy! Thanks for all of your ideas, and we'll be watching to see what's next!

  • A new stay-at-home mom Martha Stewart has saved my sanity! I loved the white chocolate ghost suckers! About to make the tissue paper pom-poms for my sons 1st birthday party! I am making all the decorations & thank you cards! Thanks to your show/site I'm falling in love with crafting!!!

  • What great products, I hope I win!

  • I've been collecting (I treat myself!) Martha's craft items for quite a few years, I love and have used them all. Its so hard to choose which I like best! When I saw the introduction of the craft furniture on the craft episode, I shouted "YES!" so loud I startled all my cats, that were watching Martha with me!! The furniture is an awsome Idea!! I was hopeing she'd do this for a very Long time! This giveaway is sooo wantable, I hoped that if I didnt win, someone VERY "crafty" would! (but I really want to!!) ;~D

  • I have made you tree wine bottle covers, candles, soap, necklaces, cards, ribbon necklaces, learned about plants and alot of great food dishes. I have learned alot. Thank You for all of your inspirations and curiousity for new things.

  • I love Martha's crafts. My favorite was a Thanksgiving craft that I did with my kids and niece and nephew while waiting for the turkey to finish cooking. We used pinecones and made placecards with a "flower" made from pinecone parts. It was fun, inexpensive, and I still have those placecards! These memories are priceless!

  • Everything I do is Martha inspired. I always think to myself, "If Martha Stewart can make flowers out of coffee filters, just think what I can do. I am definitely going to try the wire mesh necklace, then I can say that it was Marth inspired!

  • Hi Martha I have been a follower of yours for an extremely long time subscribed to the kids crafts mag (miss it so much)I have since had a stroke and now craft more than ever be it crafting with kids at church or just doing baby showers or seasonal crafting I miss so much having just craft shows but anyway I would love these supplies being on a fixed income they would make my crafting items so much better Thanks in advance and God Bless

  • One of my favorite tools is my Martha Stewart paper cutter. Use it all the time! Loaned it to a friend who was making invitations for her daugher's wedding. Easy to change from cutter to scorer which was perfect for making invitations!

  • This is one of the hardest entries I've ever had to do. There are SO many things I've made. But the best thing was the baseball themed birthday party for my son--the cupcakes, invitations and favors. He loved it! I am definitely making that stenciled pillow!

  • I had fun with my preschool class one year we made candles in tart tins. Of course I handled the hot wax, but let the children put in sequins, and glitter.

  • One of my most exciting Martha projects was the glitter birds. Glitter was glued to birds and other Christmas decorations. I use both the fine and iridescent on my tropical ornaments and they really sparkle under the lights. My family can't believe that glitter stays with you forever!

  • Your website is beautifully decorated and easily navigated. I have enjoyed visiting this site today and hope to visit many more times in the future.

  • My sister had a baby 6 months ago, as he is starting on solid foods, mushed peas and bananas, etc I have made some fun and lighthearted applique bibs to help get his parents through the trials and tribulations of feeding an infant easliy spreadable foods.

  • My children bought me Martha's book, "Encyclopedia of Crafts". I love it and my favorite craft was using the book and quilling flowers with my son. Thank you Martha and the craft department for all of the fabulous crafts and helping me to make memories with my children!

  • I LOVE everything Martha Stewart. The bone folder is my favorite tool. Encyclopedia of Crafts is first on my wish list. I have 165 Martha Stewart episodes saved on my DVR.

  • I was very inspired by Martha about a year ago. I found Vintage by Crystal online one week, and was fascinated by her crafts. The following week, Martha had Crystal on the show, where Crystal demonstrated how to make one of her crafts. I went from admiring Chrystal's work, to being able to make it myself!! See, Martha inspires by not only providing her own ideas, but by sharing other people's ideas and talents. It's all about sharing and learning. Thanks!

  • I've been watching Martha for years. Her ideas are always inspirational! I used several at our wedding including the paper oufs, flower balls and hanging candle holders. When we had our Halloween Housewarming party I used her ideas for glittered gourds, silhouettes and tbale displays. Thanks for so many years of terrific ideas!

  • Crafts Show was an all time favorite of mine. I am
    fortunate enough to have some of your products already, I am so impressed with the quality and
    diversity of them all it is sometimes hard to chose
    which one I will purchase. I made your recycled
    T-shirt "necklaces" and several of mine crafting
    friends have asked me to show them how, the compliments were great, I even dyed a plain white
    shirt to make one with a "watercolored" look to it.
    And I made a bracelet too. I have also made many
    other of your craft project, I have been a fan for
    a long time...Thank you for all you do.

  • Martha's Straw Flowers craft episode is my favorite.
    I remembered the now "vintage" flower loom from my
    youth. The loom and raffia I found on-line, added my
    own touches ( handpainted centers, "bling" and pinback ) and incorporated them into my jewelry line
    I sell at craft shows. Old is new again !

  • Dear Martha and Elves, I am 67 years old and have never crafted. Hard to imagine since I have cooked up a storm,cleaned, organized and garden with Martha. Your craft show made me feel that even a novice like me could become an avid craftier. Linda

  • I bought some Martha Stewart punches a few months back. I started making my own cards, and I must say, they turned out very nice. All of the crafting tools are exceptional. I really love to craft again!

  • This is like asking who is your favorite child
    (3 of mine all share the same B'day,today, 25,27,31)!
    I have to say it's a pearl and sequin wreath I made for my Mom in 2000. She keeps it in a shadow box in the dining room and I get to see everytime I go home.
    It puts a smile on my face everytime I see it. That's why I like crafting. It's stays done!!! Unlike laundry, cooking, ironing, child rearing......

  • I am 62 years old and truly love your show and am an avid fan. I have enjoyed many of your crafts, recipes, etc. for years. I can't think of any particular craft since I absolutely love everything you share with your fans. I have done many of your crafts and recipes which makes my family and friends think they are my own ideas. I of course like all other crafters want every tool you come up with and would be delighted to win any of them. I am on a fixed income and trying to help care for my 8 year old grandson, so every penny counts. You are one amazing lady and should be extremely proud of all your accomplishments even through all your life trials. May you have many more years of success.

  • I made the tissue cherry blossom branches, decorated coffee cans full of them, as centerpieces for a baby shower for my mother's friend's daughter and they cried when they saw them and still thank me every time they see me for making the shower "just so special" :)

  • I love making jewelry. I've never heard of wire lace before and am excited to try it.

  • When I saw the new anywhere punches I just knew I had to use them to make the Save the Dates for our upcoming wedding. We're on a budget but I wanted them to be clever and tasteful. I used a photograph of us and used the punch to create a frame for the photo that served as the card. I would love to use all of these craft supplies to help us settle into our new home.

  • I have eleven grandkids. When they have a day off from school they come to house. They like my house because we always make crafts. I love the bottle cap magnets. We make a tic tac toe game out of the bottle caps.

  • Oh the tissue paper puff balls, the best decorations for showers and girly parties. I love the encyclopedia of crafts too!

  • I love making jewelry. I loved the segment on wire lace and will definitely try to make a necklace with it. My daughters and I always keep beads and jewelry supplies on hand to make little gifts for their friends birthdays.

  • I love the tissue paper pom poms. they add a pop of color & fun any time of year or for special occasions. Make them all the time & easy enough for kids to do.

  • Though I love jewelry-making, I'm partial to Halloween crafts. So it's the Terrifying Topiary that is my most memorable. That boogyman of pumpkin & moss had massive porch appeal. But I admit, I'm already plotting the Mesh Ombre Necklace in Autumn & Halloween colors! :-)

  • I loved the heart pendant project. The crystals really do shine like diamonds. Loved the subtleness of the finished project. Thanks for all the inspiring ideas.

  • Thanks for your inspiration. From making orchid walls and cases over cards with Martha's snowflake punches and supplies to projects around the house. The most memorable one is the family tree last fall. I'm originally from Germany and it led me to find a relative who lives in NY.

  • Thanks for the wonderful segment on favorite tools. It was a great way to learn about the new technologies that are available! Thanks as well for the information on wire lace.

  • PLEASE let me win all the gitfs! I promise to put them all to great use!!

  • Loved the Craft show, I watch or record your show everyday. I made the reindeer pop up X-mas cards a couple of years ago and they were beautiful, got many compliments. I'm currently making a patchwork throw for my sister-in-law,inspired by your pattern instructions, using bright cuddly fabric and fleece and it is coming out terrific. I think I'm going to have to make one for myself too. Pick me, Pick me!

  • I am new to crafting (even if I am my 50's). So every craft I watch you do I enjoy. I love your advise on tools, projects, and how to design a craft room. I'm in the process of turning a closet into a craft room I wished I had more room but with your advise I'm surprised how nice it could be.Thanks so much for your help.

  • oh, what to choose, what to choose?? perhaps the painted/sanded clay pots with shells attached to remind me in the winter of a day on the beach?? perhaps a new punch for card making with a special color of glitter?? or maybe just the file i keep of all the ideas from your magazine and tv show to look through and decide what to do next?? thank you, thank you!!!

  • I loved an article Martha did on dip-dying. Everything had the most beautiful ombre effect. I love starting with ideas from the website and making them my own, thanks for a steady stream of inspiration.

  • Growing up with parent who have a love of nature and took our family on many camping trips I was happy to see Martha's instrcutions on pressing flowers. Now when I go camping or for a walk in the woods I pick flowers (avoiding protected species and private property) to use for framing or in greeting cards.

  • My most memorable Martha inspired crafts are decorating seashells with her beautiful glitters in the ombre style seen on the show--anything with her glitter is gorgeous!

  • Martha Stewart did a show about 'Straw Flowers' which has become my favorite of all time.
    I frequently watch the Martha Stewart show with my wife of 44 years and 'Straw Flowers' got her so inspired she went and found a loom and straw and other craft supplies on-line. She fell in love and became so busy with Martha's 'straw flowers' idea I found I had more than enough time for golf and fishing. Thank you Martha Stewart!

  • A few years back there was a heart pendant made with wire and Swarovski Crystal beads. So simple, yet very elegant looking. Although it was really hard to pick a #1 favorite. LOVED the WireLace project, I've been a fan of WireLace since the 1st time I saw it 6 years ago. There is no limit what you can do with it.

  • My daughter's first birthday party was completely decorated using products from Martha's craft supplies: banners using her punches and paper cutter, invitations using the paper scorer, even cupcake picks using the leftover shapes from the Punch-Around-the-Paper punches. I cannot wait to try out the freezer paper stenciling!

  • My favorite craft that I made after watching it on Marthas TV show was Christmas Tree wine bottle covers. They make a nice gift. They also make a nice display on a fireplace mantle.

  • I Love the way you bring out crafts, baking and sewing to life and make it easy for the viewers to understand yet have fun doing it. I manage to record your programs always and keep a special CD just in your name with all the projects that I love, so I can go back again and again, watch and do it accordingly. You have made a lot of people happy, pleased with themselves that we can accomplish wonders beyond our imagination. Thank you N' God Bless Always.

  • The recent MS Living issue-Valentine's cards etc. was a hit with my "charges." A trip to Michael's for punches/supplies and we had a grand time creating! We are currently using many of the heart designs- times 3 for Saint Patrick's Day shamrocks. Such a blast! Thanks:)

  • I loved the wood block printing we did in high school, it was many years before I had the nerve to try it again. Thanks to the directions I found on my efforts were a great success.

  • I discovered a love of quilting after trying the log cabin pot holders from the January '11 issue. I was always intimidated by quilting but now I'm addicted!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this terrific giveaway. I must admit to being envious when the audience receives terrific gifts and those of us at home do not.
    My favorite craft was making bark.
    I would love to see a complete list of all craft accessories that you would recommend to start a craft room. This would allow me to work down the list.
    Crocheting,knitting and mosaics would be welcome crafts.

  • My favorite craft has been the "Silk Lotus Flower" and I don't enjoy sewing. And, silly me, I made my first flower when we lost electric power and were using candlelight - which was needed to bind the edges. I really appreciate our pioneer women sewing by candlelight - it isn't easy. But what made this project memoriable to me was that I used the materials left over from my MOB gown.
    My worst/failed project is the "hypertufa pots" as they just fell apart; but I'll try again this summer.

  • My most memorable craft was the glittering done on black and white cards or photos. Really adds a lot to our homemade cards with a sparkly dimension.

  • This wire lace is breath-takingly beautiful! Thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway. So many incredible and handy things. Martha rocks!

  • My most memorable Martha Stewart inspired craft was Christmas wreaths made with Magnolia leaves & Cedar tree sprigs. I made 3 of these beautiful wreaths as gifts & added angels & finished each with a big bow. They were gorgeous... maybe next Christmas I'll make one for me! Congrats on your 1st Grandchild Martha! & best wishes to your daughter Alexis!

  • After a recent car accident I found sitting at desk all day was hard on my neck and shoulders. I made a buckwheat neck roll for myself warmed it in the microwave and now enjoy relaxing while wearing the neck roll while watching TV in the evening.

  • Whoops, I forgot to add my inspiration - Martha had these beautiful paper trees for Christmas that had little battery-operated tea lights at the bottom. They were understated, yet very festive. I made a whole forest of them around my living room in various shades of solid greens as well as print greens. They softly lit up the room in the evenings.

  • My most memorable would be making snow globes with all the kids in the family, before Christmas. It has become a tradition, and each is treasured!

  • Martha and her "Craftelves" are certainly a GOOD THING!
    Their inspiration is contagious for all their creative
    ideas and know how! As a Crafter,scrapbooker and baker I've been able to create beautiful scrapbook pages make fancy cupcakes,cakes and cookies and create projects of my own.The MS collection of craft supplies makes it easy and fun to do just about any craft and as a Crafter you can never have enough of them.
    Please keep us inspired ! I also LOVE your show Martha!

  • I started making my own cards with Martha's paper punch, and they turned out very nice. Thank you so much for your tips and techniques.

  • I just love the Martha show - very creative and inspiring - all the amazing ideas shown on the show. A crafter can never have enough ideas or supplies. Thank you!!!

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft is using Martha's punches to make my christmas cards. I enjoy taking the time to make the cards and the punches are so easy to use and give my cards a nice home-made look.

  • I love to watch the show. I enjoy all the crafts and the recipes. One of my favorite crafts was the coffe filter roses, or maybe the christmas tree ordaments. Everyone of the craft are wonderful and I love to watch the show.

  • Would love to win :) My most memorable martha inspired craft was the wreath I made this christmas with the tacky glue she recommends....It turned out beautiful!

  • I love all of the crafts on Martha show and in magazines. It's hard to pick just one. The Mesh Ombre Necklace is just awesome and I can't wait to make them as gifts. Thanks

  • I made a very Martha inspired craft for a valentine's day "gift" at work. The restaurant I work for was giving a little gift to all the couples that came in on valentines day and I was in charge of creating a memorable bag for the gifts. I used some of the Martha Stewart craft punches on plain red and pink bags along with some pretty ribbon. They turned out adorable!

  • Oh my goodness. This is the most amazing giveaway.
    Thank you so much!!!

  • Well, besides all the recipes, I made the tissue paper pom poms to decorate my back yard for my daughter's 16th birthday last Summer. Such a huge hit!

  • Thank goodness for DVR's. I would have missed your craft hour show without it. I just received several of your punches the other day and I can't want to make a stenciled pillow. I'm going to try your butterfly punch for it. I also purchased 2 of the all around punches an tried them out and they are great. Can't wait for our tax money to come in so I can get my craft room organized with you new line of furniture. YEAH, YOU. Hazel Drake

  • I like to watch the show. Have recorded them when I was working so I could watch it later.

  • I love the glitter by number kits and made the Christmas ones into gatefold cards. Friends were impressed and I was impressed with how the glitter held to the card and was not falling off onto my clothes.

  • I love the jewelry making segments.
    Especially the ones introducing varied materials.
    Such as the t-shirt necklace and the wire mesh one.
    Just to mention a couple.
    And I love the new magnetic punches.
    That the tools are a pale cream hue are so distinctive
    Your innovative tools are the best.

  • [...] enthusiastic response The Craft Show had Wednesday! It’s so exciting to see so many people register to win the fantastic giveaways as well. With reading all the positive comments my fingers are crossed for [...]

  • You are and will always be by inspiration!
    Thank you.

  • I love crafting!!!! Super excited about this episode! Loves the wire lace and cute pillow stencil!!! Wish I could have all the martha craft supplies!!!

  • I love Martha's products. They are high quality and fulfill a need. They make projects so much easier. And I am in love with her storage items--so efficient!

  • Pipe cleaner roses...made on an MS wedding show. Girls made rings, boys had lapel pins. Easy to make. I had my granddaughters make them as napkin rings for family dinner. The gal who demoed them is the "pipe cleaner lady"...has a book, etc. Each and every Martha show and magazine is full of fabulous ideas....I have subscribed and watched since the very beginning.

  • What a great giveaway. I love the different flowers too. I can't wait to use them for a shower or wedding.

  • My mother uses your punches on everything.

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft is anything to do with Jewelry Making. The pearl necklaces on the 3/2/11 show was amazing! I went right away to the website to order the mesh lace. I also loved the leather bracelets done a couple months ago. My mom bought the supplies and then said wait, you are more crafty, I am sending this to you to make for me. Thanks

  • I always record the show and then spend my Saturday catching up on the recordings. I absolutely love the craft segment each show. My most recent attempt at anything crafty was our Secret Valentine exchange in the office. I gave my Valentine a Martha Stewart inspired gift each day for seven days. It was great fun. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • I loved making all the soap and candles from the Holiday issue a few years ago. I've since then made tons of soap and still love it!

  • My favorite Martha craft was from the magazine in the 90s. They were snowflake ornaments made from wire and beads. I made them and gave them to my college friends. I love all your craft products!

  • My favorite Martha Stewart craft was "tie-dying" Easter eggs with actual old ties. It's super creative!

  • I loved your craft show. And my favorite tool right now is the cricut:) I love my cricut.
    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

  • I have been inspired by Martha Stewart since she was on PBS. I have done many craft projects. The one that comes to mind is the Halloween picture of scary eyes that glows at night. Thank you Martha for always introducing us to quality supplies and tools for all your projects.

  • I made a fabric-covered organizer board with pockets, one of Martha's projects. It fits between top of my desk to the bottom of the kitchen cabinets, and stows all my paper clutter out of sight but within easy reach. I love it- thanks Martha!

  • Love crafts. Expecially, Professor Figgy's Pipecleaner Snowflake.

  • Love crafts. Especially, Professor Figgy's Pipecleaner Snowflake.

  • Love crafts. Especially, Professor Figgy's Pipecleaner Snowflake. Keep up the excellent crafts!

  • I have tried and loved so many of the craft projects. One favorite one was the embellished dog collars/necklace ... my dogs look stunning in them

  • I just finished watching your Craft Show that I had recorded and loved it! You had crafts that I enjoy most. Thank you doing this show. Thanks for the memories also.....I used to make the tissue flowers myself. =^.^=

  • I am always looking for creative ideas for my catering company. I know I can always find great ideas THAT WORK on the Martha Stewart web site. My latest adventure was the cherry blossom stems using Martha Stewart flower punches. So cute at a bridal fair. I joke about all of us in the wedding biz being slaves to Martha, but it really is a good place to be. Thanks

  • My favorite project was the 4th of July patriotic fans. I downloaded the template and used the bone folder to fold paper. Our holiday table was enhanced with these beautiful decorations.
    Another great project was making placemats of the various fall leaves patterns. I find so many ideas on the Martha Stewart site. I made Valentine's Day cards with her holiday papers and cut it with the paper trimmer tool.
    The possibilities are endless. Inspiration continues even in my retirement years. Thanks Martha.

  • I made a banner for a baby shower using the Martha Stewart circule cutter. It looked so professional, and everyone loved it!

  • I just completed my first baby quilt using the instructions and inspiration from the Log Cabin Quilt story in the January 2011 issue. My best friend is pregnant with her first baby, and I'm so excited to give such a special gift!

  • I loved the purse you made on the show several weeks ago out of an old leather jacket so I modified the idea and used an old leather jacket to create large ruffle tiers around a big handbag I was no longer using because the black and brown print was so out of date. I love. My new bag and it was great fun to make so thanks for inspiring me to get crafty!

  • Potato prints! My children and I made tshirts with ladybugs, turtles and sharks using carved potatoes as our stamps. Outgrown long ago, but they still have the shirts tucked away under their beds.

  • My favorite craft recently has been the Christmas trees made from magazines. Hosted a craft party with friends who folded, sprayed and glittered all afternoon. What a fun day with great results.

  • So many memorable crafts. Some of my favorites are the ones done with pumpkins. Loved the tools shown on the show -- always exciting to find new tools!

  • My favorite Martha inspired craft would have to be my baby shower invitations and birth announcements. I stamped with MS stamps (San Serif) and some of the key words I added MS glitter and finished with MS punches. Oh my goodness they were ADORABLE!!!

  • [...] using freezer paper and Martha Stewart Craft punches. Along with Martha, the TV crafters shared the tools they simply can’t live without (and everyone in the audience got to take them [...]

  • Over the years I've made lots of Valentine and Christmas cards using some of the ideas suggested by Martha. I also have a long wish list of projects I'd like to make if only I had the right tools....

  • [...] Congratulations to the following winners of our TV Craft Hour Giveaway: [...]

  • I love to watch Martha Stewart especially during Craft time. One of my favorites was to decorate the photograph of my house at Christmas!

  • love crafting with my art teacher mother. Martha Stewart crafts make is much easier and actually cheaper. look forward to crafting again soon. thanks for the inspiration.

  • Martha I so love your show .Today I watched with my daughter and we enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much. I love to alter things I recycle big time my children and husband always tell me please don't save one more cereal box. But I can't help it I so love to craft. I do own alot of your tools.

  • my most memorable projest will be the roses segment done today. can't wait to try making the roses
    thanks martha

  • How to pick my favorite Martha Stewart craft project is nearly impossible. I love everything she does and get such inspiration everytime I watch her on tv or read her magazine. One of my favorites was her pipe cleaner snow flakes. I made them for my cubicle at work during Christmas one year and everyone loved them and commented on how talented I was... Thanks Martha.

  • I love watching The Martha Stewart Show. I am a crafter and scrapbooker. Thanks Martha for all your great ideas!!!

  • I would love to win this essential craft tool kit, I am a huge fan of Martha Stewart and I especially love doing handmade cards and paper crafts.

  • Wow, wonderful weblog format! How lengthy have you been running a blog for? you make blogging look easy. The total look of your web site is wonderful, as well as the content!

  • I love Martha Stewart Kids art projects. I threw my sister a babyshower. We decorated onesies using potato and apple stamp and decorated picture frames with for the baby. I love Martha Stewart products and would love a chance to win some of her favorite craft tools.

  • All Martha Stewart crafts are lovely. Would enjoy being able to do more of them!

  • My favorite Martha craft is definitely the Christmas Ornaments, especially the stars. My favorite product is her glitter... Luv luv luv the glitter. would love these products. Never won anything before, but this would be the ultimate!!

  • oh god have my son helping me do this, love all your stuff, favours for parties,weddings,christenings.Your pom poms with tissue for all occasions. Hole punching for invitations and decorating. love it all.

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