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Make It : Forsythia

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Of all the flowers of early spring, forysthia has alway been my favorite, because it blooms so early and is so dramatic and has such a beautiful color. Where I grew up, the sight of it meant that spring was almost here.... But here in New York City it can be hard to spot—like many plants—though in April it's really gorgeous in Central Park. I've sort of made a project of figuring out ways to make life-like paper versions of some of my favorite flowers. These are so nice because they look so real and are easy to make with any stick or slim branch. See the how-to below.


Cut square of yellow crepe paper (it doesn't have to be the more expensive, heavier crepe paper, this is just the 99¢ kind), and snip four petals, trimming the ends to rounded points. Then pinch together and secure with brown floral tape. (Incidentally, floral tape is such a great material, it can do anything...) then shape the petals a little bit by stretching the crepe paper, and attach them to a branch with a little bit of glue or strong tape. There, handmade spring!

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