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Contests & Prizes : Giveaway: Mesh Ombré Necklace

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mesh ombre necklaces

I hope you all had a chance to watch the craft hour on The Martha Stewart Show. It was a very exciting day for the TV crafters and especially for Kirsten, who gave birth during the craft show at 10:18—pretty sure she waited for the commercial break! I don't think any of our craft projects can top that!

I did, however, get a great response to the Mesh Ombré Necklace that Martha and I demoed. Jewelry can be difficult to show on live television, so it is the type of craft we don't show that often. We all agreed that jewelry should be part of the craft hour since it is quite popular among crafters. Lucky for two of you fellow blog readers, I finished up my necklace swaps and am offering them up!

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The pearl ombré necklace that Martha made using pale gold Wirelace encasing four strands of gradated fresh water pearls in a warm earth-tone palette.

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The necklace I demoed was four strands of ombré golden crystals encased in pure brass Wirelace.

For a chance to win, click through the Jewelry and Accessories gallery on and leave a comment (in 50 words or less) with your absolute favorite project, along with a valid e-mail address. It's that simple! All comments must be received by 6 p.m. on March 12, 2011. We'll choose 2 commenters at random to win these prizes.

If you are not a winner (even though I think you all are), you can make your own necklace following my how-to photos on my blog Lemmemakeit. It is a fairly simple beading project and technique, so you should give it a try!

(See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.)

Thank you and good luck!

Comments (97)

  • Loved the craft show.
    Wish you have more shows like that.
    Also loved the recycle, reuse show.

  • Sparkling Bib Necklace
    Love the look.

  • I like the faux pearl necklace--simple but it can be bold or subtle depending on your choice of color and size of the "pearls." Thanks! mcglen8 {at} gmail {dot} com

  • Beyond these necklaces (which I love - and frankly can't decide which is prettier the pearls or stones) my favorite would have to be the Brooch Ribbon Necklace. I love a statment necklace with a little sparkle! Fingers crossed, thanks.

  • Wooden-Circle Bib Necklace

    this is my favorite project! a friend of mine recreated it and it looked fantastic.

  • I love the handmade lockets - what a great idea!

  • I love the craft show. This is an amazing project too. I will definitely have to try this. I am a jewelry hound and I have several pieces made by me listed in my Etsy shop, so I am partial to jewelry projects. :)


  • My favorite Martha jewelery project is the wrapped bangles... definitely making those soon!

  • wow awesome!!!! :) :) :)

  • I like the wooden circle bib necklace. Also the ombre scarf ( I remember that show).

  • I love looks so beautiful - the Ombre scarfs - you can get creative with the color, and then make matching beaded jewlery to perfectly match!

  • The custom made pearl necklace is my favorite - so elegant! Kristin, thanks for the introduction to wire mesh. I'm envisioning all sorts of possibilities that can be made with it. ann.b.martin at gmail dot com

  • Hi... i love the wirelace necklace.. u can also use chains of stones which will give an extra sparkle..

  • I just love love the Brooch Ribbon Necklace! I am going to have to attempt this one,
    along with the Mesh Ombre Necklace just beautiful.

  • I love the bracelet belts! I think I'm going to make one for my wedding dress!

  • Love that button necklace!!

  • Sure beats trying to dye the pearls, and risk getting dye all over.

  • These ombre necklaces are beautiful! I also love the button necklaces, the wooden bead bib necklace, and the acorn earrings. So many projects, so little time.

  • I loved making the sequin ball rings for my friends disco bachelorette party, everyone loved them. This necklace is stunning too :)

  • I love the custom-made pearl jewelry (ribbon and and pearl necklace).

    By the way, the necklace you are giving away is very beautiful, and congrats to Kirsten!! :)

  • All-time favorite craft project from Martha is the tissue paper poms. I can't even tell you how often I've made them.

    Thanks for the chance to win such a gorgeous necklace!


  • The handmade lockets are great. I love giving personalized gifts like this.

  • I loved the craft show and especially the favorite craft gadgets and stencil design pillow. It's definitely on my craft to do list!

  • My favorite would be the sparkling bib necklace. I've never worked with the wire lace. It looks like it would be very fun. Like your ombre necklace design.

  • I have two favorites - the hard flower barrettes and the crystal heart pendant in the ultrasuede pouch. I made both for my 7-year old niece and she loved them! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I love this project. The t-shirt necklace is also totally something I'd try!

  • This necklace is fabulous. I must have a thing for necklaces, since my favorite MSC accessory was the t-shirt necklace. I have one now hanging in my closet--and get tons of compliments on it!
    Sarah M

  • The bread Clay Beads would be a hit at summer 4-H camp. Crafts are a hit there and we do several each year. We're always looking for ones that are easy for a wide range of ages and low cost. This is a winner!

  • Brooch Ribbon Necklace - I love the idea of combining brooches with satin texture of ribbon and it's so simple to do!

  • It sure is hard picking just one favorite My absolute favorite project but I have to say it's the brooch ribbon necklace. This gives me inspiration to take a beautiful ribbon and all the brooch's from my collection and transform them into a fabulous necklace. What an amazing and fabulous idea!

  • I love them all and have made a few of them myself, however if I to choose 1 it would be the sparkling bib necklace and the brooch necklace. I love things that are sparkly but with some character.

  • I always thought the dyed wooden bead necklaces were amazing! I would LOVE to give my mom one of the ombre necklaces for mother's day; we met Martha at the Ferry Building in SF and talked about fiddleheads. Mom would be tickled to get a real Martha/Kristen necklace on her special day!!!

  • I love the Acorn earrings, they're earthy but pretty-shiny!

  • Love the button necklace. I like it because I have a ton of buttons that I am always trying to use. It also looks like a project that I could actually make!

  • I love the button bracelets. They are so sweet for little girls.

  • My favorite is the Brooch Ribbon Necklace. It could be a special keepsake if you used old family brooches.

  • That semi precious stone necklace is gorgeous! I am a sucker for simple but elegant necklaces, perfect for traveling since they go with so many types of outfits.

  • I love the wool-wrapped bangles. They are so sophisticated, yet so warm and welcoming!

  • I love the sequin ball earrings. Those are my favorite!!!

  • I think the dyed wood bead necklaces look really great piled on together

  • I would love to win this necklace! Thanks for another fun project idea! My favorite MSC jewelry idea are the fun ways to rework costume jewelry as belts, new necklaces and bracelets!

  • This is really cool -- I didn't realize it was encased in the mesh until looking at the close up pic. Definitely a little more funky and cool than the usual freshwater pearl necklaces!

    Craft Ideas Weekly

  • I think this was one of the best shows Martha.
    It was so good to me because I never was much of a crafter untill my son died at age 19. I got so bad that I had to find something to take my mind off of everything, Crafting did it for me. I have started trying to learn to make jewelry. I don't have all the tools you had on the show (cost to much). But wow, I must really think about what I am doing in when I try jewelry.
    I loved the necklace the best. But really liked it all. Good job. I record for when I'm not home. Thank you

  • I love the structure and simplicity of the wooden-circle bib necklace.

  • I think my favorite project is the T-shirt necklace. Easiest enough for everyone, and yet more sophisticated than the name would imply. And super cute!

  • I love the Acorn Earrings! They are so cute. One small acorn with a tiny oak leaf would make a great matching pendant. Now I'm looking forward to gathering those tiny acorn caps in the fall. Thank you!

  • I'm a button finatic! So, I love the button necklace. Looks like something you'd find in a Cookie Lee catalouge

  • I love the acorn earrings; earthy and unique!

  • I love the shibori scarves!! And the acorn earings, and the bib necklace, and the doggie hard to choose!!

  • I really love the bead necklace encased in fabric, with knots between the beads.

  • LOve the Fabric Covered Bead Necklace-looks like a fairly easy project and this look is so fashionable.

  • I love the custom-made pearl jewelery! The dye-to-match concept is so unique! I am definitely going to try to make these (maybe some necklace/bracelet sets) sometime soon!

  • Love the button necklace!

  • Brooch ribbon necklace, hands down.

  • I am drawn to the Ombre Scarf, one in every color for spring!

  • Martha & Craft Dept. I tape your show everyday, so I can go back and watch again. Please do more of your beautiful crafts as you did yesterday. You are all so very talanted, wish I live close so I could visit (if you allow that). Thanks, Melanie

  • Love the craft show!

  • I love the sparkling bib necklace!

  • the custom cufflinks -- too cool for school.

  • wow...some really amazing things there; but I think my favorite would have to be the broach ribbon necklace! Gorgeous!!

  • Loved the show! And these necklaces are simply gorgeous! I couldn't choose just one project - my favs were the photo pendant jewelry, the wool wrapped bangles, and the knotted bracelets!

  • I love the brooch ribbon necklace!

  • The necklace reminds me of something beautiful my mother would wear. Elegant and simple. I loved the wool wrapped bracelets, the mix of jewelery that was made on the show was really funky, like you raided your grandmother jewelery box and mixed it with a few finds from Etsy!

  • I love the necklace it is very chic.Great show

  • Loved watching you make the necklace and loved the introduction to the wire mesh. I'm already generating a bunch of ideas for jewelry designs and other crafts to make with them!

  • I love so many of the projects... But i have wanted to try the the beaded flowers for a while them on the necklace!

  • I personally like the photo jewelry. It forever encapulates members of your beloved family. I create jewelry for women who lose their young children. It gives them a closeness to their children who left way too soon.

  • So many wonderful projects. I just love the Wooden Circle Bib Necklace. I think I need to find time to craft some jewelry.

  • I loved the craft show, I am in the process of finishing my craft room in a new house, and hope to use ideas from that show.

  • I really enjoyed the wool wrapped bangles. That was cool. So many wonderful ideas...I really love it all. Thank you

  • I abolutely loved the wirelace necklace. It is both lovely and elegant. The project could be done in so many different colors and the wire lace is a fantastic medium.

  • Awesome show! My favorite idea is the ""Jade Beaded Necklace w/Ribbon". I just love this necklace idea! Going to try it out myself! Thanks so much for sharing your crafty ideas with us!

  • This is definitely the best craft I've seen so far and has inspired me to get back into crafting - so many new cool tools and materials! My favorite craft of all time is scrapbooking. Truly something anyone of any age can enjoy!

  • My absolute favorite project is chained beading bracelets and necklaces. The best part of using chains and the beads is that if you have extra material, you can make matching earrings.

  • Absolutely loved the wire mesh necklace. Since watching the craft month show, I have done several searches for the supplies and have located several companies that carry the wire mesh. Now all I have to do is decide what colors and types of beads to experiment with. This will be a wonderful addition to our collection of wearable art pieces. I plan to try some new ideas with the mesh to create some vintage pieces with the metal clay designs that I make. Thanks for sharing these ideas with us. Wish you could do this more often!

  • My favorite project is the dog necklaces. OMG...these are too cute and I saved the instructions to make one for each of my mom's poodles Daisy and Rosey! They will look adorable wearing these.

  • Love the necklace!

  • It's so hard to choose a single favorite! I love the ombre mesh necklace (in fact I have some WireLace already, so I may just make my own!), but the Brooch Ribbon Necklace in the gallery is beautiful, too. Looks like I need to do some thrifting!

  • I love this idea, I haven't worked with the wire mesh yet, now I am ready to try it out!

  • LOVE the button necklace! Going back to look at it some more ;)

  • I love every jewelry and scarf project. They are relatively easy to do and it makes you feel great wearing something you made that looks harder than it did to make it. But I love the Vintage-Label Jewelry Boxes. When I sell jewelry, the boxes I place them in are as important as the jewelry itself. A little chocolate bonbon added to the box, what a great idea! And the boxes can be used for many purposes. How ecological!

  • I actually like this project the most, but the brooch ribbon necklaces are so romantic and elegant!

    Thank you!

  • It's so hard to pick ONE favorite, but if I have to pick one..I will go with the Button Necklace. :)

  • I really love this wirelace necklace - especially the ombre crystal effects

  • I felt that my favorite was the faux pearl necklace it's simple but classy. I'm sad that I missed the show using the wirelace as I have purchased some from Bello Modo and used it in some of my own jewelry designs.

  • I love to use metal to make jewelry. I enjoy making rings from copper and brass( I can't afford silver). Stamping the metal and using a disc cutter to make the discs I dome. I still don't own my own disc cutter so I have to borrow one. The good ones are so expensive, but it is on my list.

  • I like the sparkling bib necklace. It is beautiful.

  • i just ordered some wirelace!

  • Hi-I was super impressed/fascinated by your wirelace necklace but it looks like "expert" level. Just checked out the jewelry/accessories thumbnails & I love the Ombre scarves--I saw that episode and I've been re-inspired to try that one!!

  • While the Ombre Necklace is my absolute favorite to date, I also love the Ombre Scarf and the Shibori Scarf projects.

    WireLace is ordered. I'm a "beader" so have quite a bead stash I can choose from. And.... I won't have to deal with crimp beads to add the clasp!

  • LOVE these necklaces...they are just gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win one. Great giveway!

  • Wow what a absolutely beautiful pearl necklaces, I love how the pearls are strung together, making it a chunky necklace.

    Very Elegant.

    Tiffany @ Prayer Necklaces

  • If I must pick one, I think it is the Wirelace Necklace. However, very close contenders are the wooden bead bib necklace, custom made pearl necklace with ribbon and dyed pearls, the necklace of wooden beads covered in vibrant fabric, and the necklace bib. Please have more craft shows, and more crafts in your other shows. I am particularly fond of jewelry crafts!

  • [...] Congratulations to Patti Lynn Fitzgerald & Melanie Ballard, who won our dazzling necklaces!!! [...]

  • I am a visual person this is great

  • I loved the Pearl Mesh Ombre Necklace - simply stunning

  • I love this craft after seeing it on the show. Beautiful.

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