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Celebrate : Kids Birthday Party Invitation (for any season)

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Everyone who knows me is aware how grumpy I am about having my birthday in the winter. I can't recall how many times I've had to cancel birthday plans due to nasty weather. So when I found out that my son would be born in March, I was excited to have a spring baby, envisioning many parties outside ......... yeah right! The poor boy has so many ideas for ways to celebrate, yet nothing ever works with the weather. So when we found out that our local indoor pool offers swim parties, he was thrilled. For our invitations I wrote the information on mini beach balls with a Sharpie. When deflated, they fit perfectly in a standard envelope.

beachball invites

Splashing around in the water will be fun enough without needing additional entertainment. Now I only need to figure out appropriate favors that spell "summer fun" ... more blow up pool toys?! underwater cameras?! or just gummy sharks?! And clearly the cake needs to be ice cream!  Oh, now I'm excited, too!!!           Happy Birthday, my spring baby!

(Obviously this invitation would work for a summer party, too ..... just don't rub it in!)

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  • We've done this for every birthday (March 20th) - we go to the local indoor pool hotel. Ouyrs has a large pool, but kids don't mind if it's small - they're just so happy to swim. Beach balls are plentiful at a Nobbies or other party store and are even less online. The kids have so much fun. If you happen to have a Spring Brreak day, do it during the week to perhaps have the pool to yourself!

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