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Make It : Pig Cupcakes

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Vintage Pig PosterVintage postcard

I learned something new today.

"The pig was just as important a symbol on Saint Patrick's Day cards as were shamrocks. If you owned a pig, you were fairly prosperous and would not go hungry. A sow with many piglets was real wealth. Ask a farmer in any agrarian society how important the owning of animals is, whether they be pigs, chickens or cows... The shamrock meant luck but the pig meant life itself."
From Postmarked Yesteryear, by Pamela E. Apkarian-Russell.

Share the wealth, with these piglet cupcakes.

Pig Cupcakes

I made these using my favorite cupcake recipe, 7 minute frosting, sour watermelon slices (for the nose and ears), and chocolate chips for the (eyes and mouth). Yum!

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