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Make It : Pom-Pom Branches

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It's getting warmer in New York—I can tell that spring is just around the corner! In an effort to add some fresh décor for the coming season, I made some budding pom-pom branches.

Shaping Pom Poms

Sometimes pom-poms are oddly shaped when they come out of the package. I rolled each one several times between my palms to get them nice and round. Can you see the difference? The rolling also seems to give the pom-pom a more textured surface—more closely resembling a flower.

Springtime pom pom branch

I hot-glued just a few pom-poms of varying sizes onto a bare branch—maybe I'll add more as it gets warmer!

Not quite as good as the real thing—

MimosasPhoto from Lolita

But still pretty, and they last much longer, too!

This springtime craft was inspired by the branches that Silke made for a Thanksgiving craft story this past November—do you remember these? Stunning!


Silke added the handmade touch of custom dyed "berries" to her branches—she got the most beautiful range of color in her pom-poms.

Dyeing pom poms

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