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Behind the Scenes : Q&A with Martha and the Crafters

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We are so thrilled with the enthusiastic response The Craft Show had Wednesday! It's so exciting to see so many people register to win the fantastic giveaways as well. With reading all the positive comments my fingers are crossed for everyone!

Today we have a video to share from after the show, when the audience got to ask questions from Martha and everyone who appeared in the show:

If you have any questions that you would like the The Crafts Dept. contributors to answer, please send your questions to us!

Links to all the segments in the show:

Faux Birch Logs

Spring Grapevine Wreath

Mesh Ombre Necklace

Stenciled Pillow

Our Favorite Crafting Tools

Comments (17)

  • I agree; it is so much fun to read the responses of so many crafters! The creative energy just spills out of the posts and now I want to look up the crafts mentioned. Some I have never heard of before.

    Thank you for posting the Q & A session from yesterday's show. That was interesting.

  • I was thrilled about the craft show...SO MUCH FUN!
    Any chance you could ever have the "craft queen" on (Carol Duvall) as a guest. It would be great to see her and Martha together creating something amazing!!
    I BET you would get super high ratings for that one since she had and still has a large following of fans.

  • I was so lucky to be in the audience for this show. I was so amazed at how generous Martha's show was that day and can't wait to start using all of the tools I was given.
    I was sitting in the front so didn't get a chance to ask my question for Martha that day.
    It was a fabulous show and you guys must have the best job ever!
    Thanks so much!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this terrific giveaway. I must admit to being envious when the audience receives terrific gifts and those of us at home do not.
    My favorite crafts were screen printing and making bark.
    I would love to see a complete list of all craft accessories that you would recommend to start a craft room. This would allow me to work down the list.
    Crocheting,knitting and mosaics would be welcome crafts.
    Would also love to be emailed a simple list of items necessary for each days crafts and where to purchse.
    Thanks again.

  • I was also a guest at this show and I was able to ask Martha a question!! I was so excited that when I sat down I actually cried a little!! Thank you to all of the crafters for answering my question and for Joey for picking me to ask!!!

  • Please tell me where I can find the large hanging pom poms that were hanging in the backround of the set on the craft show. Thank you.

  • Crafter Comment:

    we actually made all the Pom-Poms, here are the instructions:
    but there are also kits available here:

  • I love the scoring board. I have made boxes and used the punch around the page to make a lace edge for the box top. They turned out great!

  • I watch the show almost every day, and this was the best show in a while!

    In the video, the little girl in the audience playing hooky cracked me up!

  • Just wanted to say if you get Gingher scissors they have a mail in sharpening service.
    Very fast turn around. They will fix scissors with broken screws and things like that too. Great scissors and a great company!

  • Oh be still my heart! Envious of all the audience members receiving the lovely gifts but as inspired as everyone watching, around the world.

    Thanks for posting the links to the projects shown...great followup as always!

  • I'm so proud of myself! I actually have a few of the crafting favorites, though now I have a growing wishlist ;)
    Thank you for sharing these fun, creative ideas.

  • I was fortunate enough to attend the special Craft Hour show and to ask Martha a question! It was a thrill of a lifetime for me because I love Martha and she has really inspired me in all my crafting and entertaining. Can't wait to use all of my goodies from the show, thanks again!

  • My daughter and I love the Craft Dept website. We have just watched the Behind The Scene clip and wanted to know where to get or how to make the dragonfly pin that was shown at the end of the clip. We love dragonflies and that pin was gorgeous!

  • I wanted to make the cross stitch animals shown in the embroidery hoops. I cannot find the templates to copy all of the animals. Could you please email me and tell me where to locate these. Thank you.

    Tonya Schaick

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Tonya,

    You should find everything you need through this link-

    Happy stitching!

  • Oh how I would have loved to be in the audience and see all the awesome projects and tools. I envy the personal contact. Thanks so much for sharing.

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