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Meet : REMARTHABLE Finalist

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This week on The Martha Stewart Show, we have been featuring the five finalists from the REMARTHABLE contest. These five women were selected from over 3,000 entries submitted for the opportunity to win a very snazzy BMW X3, which was customized by Martha herself.

To read more about each of these finalist, head over here. Take a moment to vote for the People's Choice, and you will be entered to win a fantastic gift basket filled with all kinds of goodies.

In order of appearance on the show this week, here are the finalist:

Jody Lunsford - Felted Animals

giraffe and kolala

Kendra Lord - Organic Gardening

Back Camera

Kari Doane - Glitter Wall Art


Tammy Dunwoody - Cake Design


Della Slowik - Fortune Cookie Baby Booties

Della Slowik Fortune Cookie Booties

Good luck to all five finalists! Making it to the final five is pretty REMARTHABLE!

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  • dear Martha
    i was watching your products on television on Tuesday ( i think) and saw that your associate was making flowers and balls out of tissue paper. i just want you to know i have been doingh that since i was a little girl and have taought how to do that to my grandkkids. i am now in my 60's just thought you would like to know!!!!!!!!!! care vto share the wealth :)
    sure hope they give this to you
    thank you

  • The little booties are absolutely the cutest, cutest thing.

  • rrYLU8 Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)

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