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Inspiration Board : Easter Memories

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A few months ago I received a package from my mother containing nearly every craft project I made in grade school.  My mother was a pack rat even though she does not admit it. But she was very organized. Our basement was filled with shelving and precisely labeled bins containing the flotsam and jetsom of our lives.

I never gave it much thought when I was a kid, but I knew she was passionate about saving all the things we made. I remember telling her I did not want to save them. She quietly tucked everything away for years and now I understand how great it is to rediscover all of these things you made 24 years later. It is true that Mother always knows best.

I spent hours going through it all. Some of it was awkward, but most of it reassuring and comforting.  You can see the way you think then is not so different than now. Here is a selection of drawings and collages I made in honor of spring and Easter.

Thank you, Mom!

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