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Inspiration Board : Graduation Giveaway! (CLOSED)

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Congratulations, Class of 2011!

Do you know someone who is graduating this year? Celebrate his or her accomplishments and wish the person well with a handmade card, name tag, or favor.

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We have some supplies that might help you out:

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Glitter alphabet stickers

1 Glitter alphabet stickers


Utility bone folder (for precise cuts and creases)

3 Utility bone folder (for precise cuts and creases)

Double-sided paper

4 Double-sided paper

For a chance to win, leave a comment telling us (in 50 words or less) whose graduation you're celebrating, along with a valid e-mail address. All comments must be received by 6 pm on May 13, 2011. Two entrants will be chosen at random to win these prizes.

Good luck!

(See official rules here. Please be aware, comments may take time to show up on our site.)


Comments (53)

  • I'm celebrating my niece's graduation and one of my nephew's graduations this year! She got into Pharmacy School (yay) and he is going to college, too (business)!

    thanks also for a chance to win!

  • I would be celebrating my own graduation for my M.S. in Educational Leadership. My grandparents were unable to come to the ceremony because of the driving distance and I'll also be moving across the country for a job. So, it would be nice to make my graduation celebration extra special.

  • My son Steve, youngest of four, will graduate from High School in June. He's a member of National Guard; so, he will be gone for the summer. He starts college the end of August at RIT, majoring in New Media Publishing. I am very proud of him.

  • My own graduation! It's exciting to say the least.

  • I'm celebrating graduating from graduations! After attending 7 years of college graduations for requirements, myself, friends, and family, I will not have to celebration another graduation until my soon to be born niece graduates from high school in 2029!

  • I'll be celebrating my new sister-in-law's college graduation. I met her when she was so little...I can't believe that she is soon to be a college grad!

  • My nephew is graduating from high school! He is my husband's sister's eldest, so I haven't known him since he was a wee baby, but I'm still awfully proud!

  • I'm so excited to be celebrating not only my graduation but my two best friends' as well!

  • I have two friends graduating from law school: one in Oregon, one in San Francisco. They definitely need to get some celebrating in before their next step... taking the bar!

  • Both my husband and I will be graduating with Master's degrees this year!!
    I'm so excited to be done with school so we can actually get down to the business of being married. Perhaps we'll be renewing our vows as well?

  • My daughter is graduating high school on the 23rd, and we plan to celebrate her accomplishment big time!

  • I'm celebrating my two younger sister's graduations - the youngest is graduating from high school and the Manhattan School of Music, the other is graduating from college with a dual degree in Psychology and Mathematics - so she's been in school quite a long time. Even though we're all a few years apart (3 from my middle sister and 8 from my youngest), we have an amazing relationship. I'm so proud of both of them - they both work so hard to get good grades, sacrificing so much of their lives to be as successful as they are. We rarely do parties in our household, but this is one occasion that I'd love to really go all out for them and throw a beautiful surprise dual graduation party :) They so much deserve it and as their big sister, I'd love to do this for them!

  • After celebrating 4 children with bachelors, 1 with a PHD, next year our youngest will graduate middle school. I would love to plan ahead for him and his friends.

  • I am celebrating a family friend I use to babysit when she was very young. Now she's all grown up and going to college!

    Love glitter by the way!

  • I am celebrating my little sister's graduation! She is truly inspiring. She had overcome learning disabilities and other obstacles to get to graduation. She'll be going to school to become an Occupational Therapist Assistant so that she can help people reach their full potential. I am so proud!

  • I'm celebrating my neices high school graduation. She is the first of my mother's grandchildren to graduate so we have a big party planned. Thanks for all the cute ideas (we borrowed most of them!)!

  • Our grandaughter, Laura is graduating from college and has already been the recipient of a PhiBetKappa award. Needless to say we are more than proud. She has already finished 1 year of her Masters program. Laura has been privileged to be able to do this because of her scholastic achievements. She has specialized in Spanish and will eventually be teaching. ( Her first love.) J.&J. Moeller

  • I know a lot of people graduating! Among them are a few friends, co-workers, and two of my favorite French teachers.

  • My own graduation!! Nothing can beat that!

  • My youngest son will be graduating HS in two weeks! So excited.

  • My brother-in-law completed his PhD!

  • I Would like to have a nice birthday party for my brother in law, he is just only 17 but he's so sweet and caring when it comes to taking care of my 8 month old son, he's such a sweet heart and I want to thank him for that. Throwing a nice Graduation Party for him would be nice!

  • I am celebrating my daughter's graduation from Maine College of Art. I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments.

  • My boyfriend is graduating college. He's been in an out of school since 1999, but finally completed what he started. Hooray!

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  • My sister, a single mother, went back to college to finish her degree and will be graduating soon! Soooo proud of her!

  • My good friend has just finished her PhD!

  • My former Spanish students at SBEC in Southaven, MS. I moved this year so I don't get to see them graduate, but my heart is definitely with them this week.

  • I Would like to have a nice graduation party for my brother in law, he is just only 17 but he's so sweet and caring when it comes to taking care of my 8 month old son, he's such a sweet heart and I want to thank him for that. Throwing a nice Graduation Party for him would be nice!

  • I met her when she was a newborn - and in a few weeks, she will be graduating from nursing school. I am celebrating a young lady who, as she's grown into an adult, has become my friend alongside her parents.

  • I am celebrating my youngest son Alex's graduation. He has over come several challenges the last few years. I am so proud of him. It is going to be a BOX of Kleenex day! (all happy tears)

  • My family and I will be celebrating my youngest's daughters graduation from College. She is receiving several Scholarships and is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society. She is first child in either side of our family to be Graduating from College. She then will be going on to Law School. Her dad and I are so proud of our daughter accomplishments.

    I too would love to win the contest.

  • My cousin is graduating this spring! I can't believe how time has flown. We are actually so close I really consider him more like a nephew. I'm so proud of him! I can't wait to see what he accomplishes in life!

  • We are celebrating our cousin's graduation! Wow, did that sneak up on us. We remember when she was a little girl playing with our children. She is a wonderful young lady!

    Congrats to all the other grads mentioned here. That is awesome!

  • My little brother is graduating! After taking the long route to completion he will finally be walking out of there with diploma in hand. :)

  • I will be celebrating my cousin's graduation. Congrats, Irene!

  • I will be celebrating my sister's graduation in June! I am so proud of her! She is the youngest of four, so she has sat through and watched all of us celebrate our graduations. I want to make sure that her big day is as special as ours was!

  • My daughter will be graduating, love the ideas!

  • I am celebrating my niece's graduation from college. She is graduating from Texas Tech in Canyon, TX with a degree in Theatre. I made her a special card using envelopes glued together to form an accordian style card. She can then use the pockets to hold all her graduation momentos. Something special for the aspiring actress.

  • My own graduation!

  • My husband is about to finish his MBA!

  • We will be celebrating my daughter's high school graduation on May 29th! Thanks for the chance to win and for the great inspiration here!


  • My cousins who are graduating from college and high school. This will be great to create graduation decor for their party we're throwing this summer.

  • Working at a college, I have many great students graduating this year, but I am most excited for a kindergarten graduation!

  • I'm celebrating my own graduation from UF! I'm very excited!! But of course I will be making stuff for all my friends graduating with me! (:

  • I'll be celebrating my own graduation for my doctoral degree that was 5.5 years in the making! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I will be celebrating my son's graduation from middle school to high school on June 8th. Doesn't seem like a big deal compared to high school and college graduations but he has chosen to move on to a private Catholic school next year after enduring great obstacles at this school with bullying and a tough group of students. We are definitely celebrating this new beginning and fresh start with him!!!

  • I apologize for going over the word limit!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some great graduation craft supplies.

  • In a family of 14 aunts and uncles and 47 first cousins, someone is always graduating. It's just a wonderful time of the year to celebrate new beginnings.

  • My twin grand children will be graduating high school class of 2011. They will both be going to college and I am so very proud from grand mom Helen. (Grace and Nathaniel)

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  • I am celebrating abd planning my third son's graduation from high school. i want it to be special. grad with honrors and on his way to UGA!

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