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Inspiration Board : Happy Crafting Accidents

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Sometimes while crafting, things happen around (or below) us, that are by no means intended, but are yet so inspiring. When dipping baskets for last year's summer story, I also dipped a hat in paint. The hat itself didn't exactly look so great, but when I looked down, the drips of the paint on the kraft paper protecting the floor had created magic. I saved the paper and just recently framed it.

drip painting

I kind of love the way it turned out, and guess what resemblance my kids saw (OK, I won't take that much credit for my accident). So this got me thinking of other "accidents" I might have around the house.

When moving from our old offices, I found this artist canvas with gesso in a garbage bin. The paint had seeped through the back, creating a really interesting texture that would be nearly impossible to try to re-create. Should I cover a table with it?! A bulletin board?! Or stretch it as another "art piece"?!

painted linen

And when drying the dyed beads for my necklaces, the paper towels came out so beautiful that I am inspired to lay them on fabric next time.

bead drippings

So next time you spray, paint, stamp, punch, make sure you look around you to see what else you might have created without knowing. You might be surprised how inspiring these crafting accidents can be.

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  • Oh wow -- those are gorgeous! Art made from making art -- gotta love it! It just goes to show that beauty can be made in the most unexpected places, and in the most unexpected ways. Those kraft paper drippings and dyed paper towels cost next to nothing too, I bet -- hooray for art on the cheap!

  • i know what you mean... i am so enamored of the paper towels that we use during our egg dyeing extravaganzas that i have been known to save them... maybe next year i'll frame'em up!

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  • I do the same thing in my studio.
    And yes, ABSOLUTELY lay those beads down on fabric next time.

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  • As Bob Ross said "there are no mistakes only happy little accidents". We too have hung paper towels that became beautiful art from painting projects and I hang our paint palettes because they look so pretty splattered with paint.

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