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Inspiration Board : Our New Clip-Art and Templates Center

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Father's Day packaging clip art

1 Father's Day packaging clip art

Father's Day card template

2 Father's Day card template

Alphabet party garland clip art

3 Alphabet party garland clip art

Alphabet invitation clip art

4 Alphabet invitation clip art

Photo party hat templates

5 Photo party hat templates

Pop-up card templates

6 Pop-up card templates

Kiss stationery clip art

7 Kiss stationery clip art

Moving label clip art

8 Moving label clip art

Jam labels clip art

9 Jam labels clip art


Recipe card clip art

11 Recipe card clip art


Family tree clip art

13 Family tree clip art

Over the years we have produced a tremendous amount of clip art and templates. You can now find much of it in our in our newly organized clip-art and template craft center. There are several categories, which make it easy to find projects. You can also use the index to get a great overview of what is there. Hopefully you will find it to be a great source of inspiration for holiday projects, party decorations, gifts cards, and more. One of my favorite things about clip art is that you can use it to make our projects as well as invent some of your own. Have a look at how Pamela Smerker from Party Starters used our July 4th clip art last year. Happy crafting!

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