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Inspiration Board : Stripes of a Different Color

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While watching Blake and Steph develop their idea for the pillows featured in Good Things of the July '11 issue of Martha Stewart Living, I got inspired. My mom had recently given me this scarf from COS (an amazing store I wish was here in the US) and said how she wished they had had it in red. Now that I had seen this easy technique used on the pillows, maybe I could use it to make a red striped scarf.

scarf close

I would use a very lightweight fabric and thin down the paint, so that it would seep through and the stripe would appear on both sides. Taping off the length took quite some time, as did the painting...but it'd be all worth it I thought—until I pulled off the tape the next morning to discover how the paint had bled under the tape. How annoying. Had I not made the tape stick down well enough?! Was the paint too thin?! The fabric too lightweight?! All of the above, I think, now that I read the instructions. I cut the few small acceptable pieces of fabric and made some coasters, which still made for a nice summer gift. And the paper I had used to protect my surface became fun wrapping paper.

1 of 5
finished coasters, accompanied by striped paper straws

1 finished coasters, accompanied by striped paper straws

taped fabric

2 taped fabric

paint on taped fabric

3 paint on taped fabric

finished, yet bled, fabric

4 finished, yet bled, fabric

paper that protected my surface. I have already used it as wrapping paper.

5 paper that protected my surface. I have already used it as wrapping paper.

Here I go again, making do with crafting accidents. But I still think I may attempt this again. Now that I know how to do it right, thanks to Blake and Steph....

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  • I have tried similar projects and have also had trouble with paint leaking under my maskers.... I'd like to find something that would perhaps be watersoluable - that i could wash off after printing/painting. Any thoughts? Maybe I just need to figure out the thickness of the paint! Anyway, your project is so damn cute! I MUST find paper straws!!

  • Just got a little obsessed w paper straws after this post! So thought I'd share.... - after some looking on-line, this seems to be the best priced source: $6 for 144....! at Going to order right now!

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