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Make It : Tape Embellishments

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I went to visit some friends recently and packed some small gifts for our hosts. Not wanting to have the ribbon crushed in my suitcase, I used washi tape instead.

Washi gift wrap

I wrapped the gifts in a plain paper and then wound one continuous strip of tape around the package—resulting in some interesting angles and designs. You may remember similar packages from the magazine a couple of years ago.

Washi Tape Gift Wrap

Decorative tape came to the rescue again when bringing a bottle of bubbly to a friend's birthday party. To be honest, what was inside was nothing extra special, but with a little white electrical tape and some bright-orange duct tape, the outside of this bottle became quite festive!

Tape-embellished prosecco

I was completely inspired for this project by a very cool post I saw on Scout-Holiday.

Washi-tape embellished bottles

So fun! What other crafty tape uses do you have? There must be dozens. I love how easy it is—just peel and stick!

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