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Make It : Fourth of July Clip-Art Projects

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You wouldn't believe how much clip art we have online, especially for the holidays. It's perfect for last-minute decorations or party favors. And the easiest way to add that hand-crafted touch to make your gathering feel extra special. And don't forget, just because our clip-art crafts are quick, it doesn't mean you can't take creative license with them. You may remember Party Starters' reinvention of last year's July 4 clip art. I love that she came up with new uses for our printable art that we hadn't thought of.

Here are some of the projects you'll find in our Fourth of July clip-art and template gallery.

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Have a very happy holiday weekend!



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  • [...] Fourth of July Clip Art Projects – 1 freebie(s)? [...]

  • I just watched the July 4th Craft show. It was so great. I really like the new line of Martha Stewart Craft furniture and the jewelry that was made. I will be going on the website to find that wire ribbon that stretches. Hurry and show us the tour of the Martha Stewart Craft room across from the studio. The show was really great and touched on lots of segments of crafting. Thank you for all you do.

    Janice Thomas

  • Great ideas! Y'all always get my creative juices flowing! Thanks!! Happy Fourth of July!

  • WOW what a fabulous surprise to see your mention of my work from last year. THANK YOU!! I am anxious to play with some more of your fabulous designs!!

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