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Make It : Faux Caning

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In the current issue of Martha Stewart Living, we show you how to mimic a caning pattern in paint.

All you need are a few supplies: painters' tape, spray adhesive, spray paint, and a sheet of caning.

Begin by taping off edges and other areas that you don't want painted. For this bureau, we also used a piece of kraft paper as a mask.

Spray the adhesive on one side of the caning, and stick to your surface. Position your object so the painted surface is facing up. Hold the spray paint about 1 foot from the surface, and spray an even coat. Let dry a few minutes, and remove the caning.

This technique is easy to do and could go just about anywhere. I might even try it on a seat cushion with fabric paint next time.

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  • This looks really awesome, I'd love to try it on an old dresser I have. Will the spray adhesive make the caning difficult to remove? Or is the idea to remove it before the spray adhesive completely dries? I don't have much experience with spray adhesive.

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Kerry,

    It's best to use repositionable spray adhesive (as opposed to permanent) when attaching the caning. Give the back of the caning a generous coat of the adhesive, and give it a couple minutes to become tacky before attaching to your dresser. Make sure the caning is firmly attached to your surface all over- you may get a splotchy finish if not. You'll get the best results if you spray paint immediately after attaching the caning, and then remove it as soon as the paint dries.

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