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Contests & Prizes : Our New Paint Line...Plus Projects and a Giveaway!

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We are very excited about our new line of craft paints, tools, and accessories with Plaid! The paint is formulated to work on ALL craft surfaces, indoors and out, and is even dishwasher-safe! To celebrate, we are sharing some tote bag project how-tos (below) and offering one lucky winner a goodie bag* that includes some of the new paints, tools, and stencils. One tool in the bag is my personal favorite, our Spray Paint Kit, which turns any of our satin and gloss colors into a spray paint!

Click here for a coupon for 40 percent off any one item from this line at Michaels.

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The giveaway! (Includes the Satin Spray Paint Kit, not pictured.)

1 The giveaway! (Includes the Satin Spray Paint Kit, not pictured.)

Closeup of the stencils

2 Closeup of the stencils

Satin paint, glitter paint, and fabric medium

3 Satin paint, glitter paint, and fabric medium

Fine-tip tops and foam pouncers

4 Fine-tip tops and foam pouncers

The Satin Spray Paint Kit, also included (not for use with glitter paint).

5 The Satin Spray Paint Kit, also included (not for use with glitter paint).

*For a chance to win the goodie bag, please leave a comment on this post (50 words or less). All comments must be received by 6 p.m. on Friday, August 26, 2011. We'll choose one commenter at random to win the prize.  Read the official rules for this giveaway here.


- Stencil brush
- Tape or stencil spray adhesive
- Paint (we used satin paint in: Geranium, Camellia Pink, Geranium, Wild Salmon, Camellia Pink, and Pink Dahlia and glitter paint in Candy Apple)
- Stencils (we used Eyelet Lace Medium Stencils)

TIP: Practice your technique or check your color by first making a sample print on paper or scrap fabric.

1. Place stencil on your surface, and secure using tape. If using spray adhesive, spray stencil first, then place on surface.
2. Pour a small amount of paint onto your palette. Load paint sparingly on a stencil brush or sponge, and dab off excess. Lightly dab on a thin layer of paint; apply a second coat if necessary. Paint all areas of one color on the stencil before moving on to the next.
3. While paint is still wet, carefully peel stencil off.
4. Continue painting areas of the stencil according to your design. Let the paint dry completely before placing another stencil or color over it.
5. Wash all stencils, brushes, and tools immediately after use before the paint dries.

- Satin spray kit
- Satin paint: Pink Dahlia
Mix Pink Dahlia with the satin spray medium as instructed on package. With the bag upside down, spray back and forth in smooth even strokes, lightening the application as you work toward the middle so the color fades out, creating an ombré effect.

- ¼ yard linen fabric
- Scissors
- Fabric stiffener
- Satin paint: Pink Dahlia
Follow instructions on the bottle to stiffen the linen fabric. Let dry completely. Use a stencil brush with Pink Dahlia and follow general stenciling instructions. Use scissors to cut around the butterfly shapes and attach to pin backs. Gently fold the butterflies to create a dimensional look.

For more information and FAQs about our craft paint, post questions on our blog or find it all here

If you have any technical questions regarding the use of our Martha Stewart Craft paints, please direct them to our partners at PLAID! Customer Service: 1-800-842-4197 Mon - Fri. 8am - 5pm EST

Comments (261)

  • Loving this new line of products!!

  • What what an incredible giveaway! The new products are so nice. :)

  • My daughter would love to use these in our 3rd grade home school classroom!

  • I've read reviews of the paints and tools on Craft Test Dummies and I can't wait to get some and play!

  • Great giveaway!! :)

  • Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I could always use some more crafting paint!

    Hope :)

  • The painted tote bags are gorgeous, what a great idea! Would love to win the goodie bag :)

  • I can think of so many fun ways to use the spray paint accessory. Not only with the craft paint...fabric paint! I am always looking for simple ways to personalize teacher, birthday and thank you gift. This bag of goodies provides so many ways to do just that.

  • Would love to win - so many holiday projects await!

  • ooooo! So many possibilities! :)

  • oh yes! I just bought some of your paint and I love it! But I would love to have mooooooooooooore! :)

  • Just moved to a new apartment and updating my decor. Would be so excited to have this wonderful new line of paints for projects! Thank you for the fabulous giveaway! Glad to see a product that is really new and different!

  • They look like so much fun!

  • OMG this looks like so much fun. I can only imagine the projects my kids and I would use this for.

  • Love that spray paint thingy! That's so cool!

  • The tote bags are really cute! And I love the spray paint kit.

  • Oooh, the new products are amazing! My RSS reader is blowing up over them today!

  • i saw the spray paint kit when martha was on HSN! can't wait to try it out!

  • Holy moly, this looks like so much fun. Love the glitter paint (and that ombre tote!). The spray kit sounds like a fabulous tool, too. Thanks for the chance!

  • I love all the MS brand craft products..this looks like another great package deal! Thanks for the offer.

    Sarah M

  • Oh my....that's such a great combination of products! So many ideas.....

  • Yay! A Martha Stewart paint line! How perfect is this! Can't wait to try it. Whoo hoo!

  • I can see myself becoming a tote bag making machine! :) What a fun and inspiring giveaway!

  • I tried to print your Michael's 40%off coupon, and
    it printed off to one side with half the coupon missing. Can you fix it?

  • Congrats on the new paint line!

  • Would love to try this out for a mobile for my girl's room!

  • Awesome! Love the spray paint.

  • What an awesome kit! That's such a great way to do the accessories. I always love multi-function supplies the best. I can't wait to try it out.

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  • I love this new product! I want one!

  • Oh my gosh!! I am loving this new paint. I really wanted to paint some jars but didn't know what type of paint to use. Now I will have some that works on all surfaces! :)

  • I am totally in love with all of Martha's craft products! The spray paint kit has me giddy!!

  • I saw the display at Michael's yesterday, and it all looks wonderful. Now I can go and get something with the coupon, but it's gonna be hard to choose what to get first. The whole line looks remarkable, and can't wait to try it.

  • neato!

  • I want it all!

  • The Martha Stewart line of craft products is great. I would love to give these a try!

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  • wow! Everything looks awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on some! Thanks for doing the giveaway! I hope I win!

  • For our wedding, we're using totes for our out-of-town bags. This paint looks perfect for that (much better than an iron-on)!

  • I'm really excited about the new stencils and the spray painting kit. It looks like you can mix your own spray paint color, which would be perfect.

  • I can't wait to see all the new tools in stores! Or in my house if I win the giveaway :)

  • Excited about your new paint and MY new painting possibilities!

  • what a great giveaway - love the inspiration here!

  • I saw the spray paint tool on HSN and have wanted it ever since. What an amazing innovation!

  • Posted before but too many words, sorry.What an amazing idea, paints that can be used on everything. I love working with all materials and these paints will be AMAZING!Thank you so much for such incredible products and the chance to win a fantastic prize. xx

  • I hope I win!

  • That looks like so much fun, especially the spray paint kit!

  • I want these - I saw the release on HSN but the $$ are low in the summer for me. Hope I win.

  • These are very cool!

  • Would LOVE to win this. I just started a lunchtime Crafts Hour at work, and would LOVE to bring this in to share and create!

  • Imagining all the projects....Love the spray paint feature!

  • That looks like tons of fun!

  • I was just admiring these at Michael's! The colors are beautiful - a little *too* inspiring in light of my budget... :)

  • Oooh! Love the tote bag craft! These would make wonderful "gift wrapping" at the holidays!

  • What a versatile line of paint! I love all the attachments that enable such a wide variety of techniques. I look forward to finding them at my local craft store. The spray paint kit is a brillant idea. That is just my favorite!

  • I love the dip-dyed look of the middle tote. Beautiful photography, as usual!

  • I just saw the new Martha Stewart craft paint section at Micheals on Sat, i just stood there like a kid looking at a wall of candy...i can see many more trips to Michael's this week :)

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  • OMG! what a wonderful giveaway! good luck to all!

  • I am so excited for this product and look forward to using this coupon. Headed to Michaels!

  • This new line looks wonderful - easy to use with flawless results! Fingers crossed, I hope I win!

  • sweet girls just started spray painting last weekend and they're in love. We'd love to play and create with these beautiful supplies!

  • Would love to try the new paint, hope that I'm extra lucky and win your giveaway.

  • You guys always have the best stuff! Thanks for all your inspiration!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your great craft ideas! Can't wait to try the new paint!

  • I am very excited about the idea of the multi use paint. I am eager to try the spray paint kit. Multi use is a great idea and so cost effective. It just allows you to get more colors. Thanks so much.

  • I want the spray paint kit soooo bad. I've been seeing it popping up on blogs everywhere, and really want to try that out!

  • Oh my gosh! I just found all this stuff at Michaels today! I could have filled my cart so quickly with all the wonderful new things! Bought some of the fabulous stencils. Need to get some of the paint. The colors are wonderful and the fact that they are multi-use---so great! Can't wait to try them! I would love a chance to win!
    Thank you :)

  • Can't wait to try these new products! Love everything by Martha.

  • Pretty, pretty please pick me! I could always use more paint and/or craft supplies! (Just don't run it by my husband first.)

  • What great ideas using the new products... Would love to win the prize pack. It makes or a good head start for creating.

  • The ombre bag is so cute!

  • I'm so excited to try these out!

  • mmmmm. paint.

  • Sadly, I cannot enter the giveaway. The link provided sends me to a page with a 404 error.

  • Looks like fun stuff! I love anything personalized and handmade!

  • Sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks!

  • Love this giveaway!

  • Just saw this new line of products in Micheal's today! Used my 40% off anything for some of the beautiful glitter paint. Excited to see yet another coupon offered here-Thank you! I am returning tomorrow to get the beautiful fern stencils!

  • I absolutely love the tote bags!! I have been thinking about doing some for gifts and love the giveaway!! I love reading the craft blog everyday and being inspired to be more crafty! Thanks MS Crafts!!

  • I've heard wonderful things about spray paint kits. So glad the Martha craft line is going to have one!

  • This is awesome!! Thank you so much for always sharing these great ideas!

  • so many exciting new products! I did snag a little bottle of the glitter paint at michael's already, and can't wait to try it out!

  • Looks like a great set of paints and stencils. I am starting to 'make' fabric. This would be great to win.

  • I love those totes!!! I can't wait to get this new line to make my reusable totes so much prettier and more me!!!

  • Those tote bags are lovely, and would make great Christmas gifts.

  • These look like fantastic new products and I have never been disappointed with the MS products and I love working with them. Can't wait to try these out!

  • Looking forward to trying these products, hope I win!

  • I checked out the new line at Michaels. While browsing, a million project ideas came to mind. Would be fun to win and gets those projects started.

  • I need to start a new crafts project! Great giveaway.

  • What an awesome idea! Can't wait to try out these new paints. Martha always has the best products!

  • So many possibilities with all these paints! That spray paint kit looks awesome.

  • Just starting to think about Christmas gifts and this would be perfect! Thanks for the chance.

  • I have really been wanting to try more fabric painting projects! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I just painted my dining room with Martha's paint from home depot. I love the quality of Martha's products. I can't wait to repurpose something with her new multi use paint line!

  • So much to choose from....can't decide what to buy first!

  • Just started to be a "crafter" I find myself addicted to inspiration boards, and I was thinking what I could do if I won this bag...that is learn to incorporate paint to my existing crafts! I have done tissue paper, paper crafts, decoupage and learn to sew!

  • Great product and giveaway.

  • Can't wait to try these great products. I already have some of the paint, couldn't help picking it up at Michael's. Look out crafty ladies...Martha's done it again.

  • Great giveaway! Could have a lot of fun with this.

  • Wow, what a great giveaway! I love Martha Stewart craft supplies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I'm excited that it's dishwasher safe! The possibilities are so exciting.

  • I still have the very first issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. When Michael's started carrying Ms. Stewart's craft supplies, I knew I would be purchasing quality. Her line has never disappointed - from glitter to glue to crafting tools, I am a long-time fan.

  • love this idea!! thank you for the constant stream of inspiration!

  • I love this idea. Was the ombré effect on the tote bag also part of the many things you can do with this paint? I'm very excites to learn more.

  • I am OBSESSED with this new paint line!!!! I was in my local Michaels when they were putting the isle together and I was so glad to get the first peak! Loving the new paints and I would definitely be able to put that goodie bag to use!

  • I saw the Martha Stewart paint display at Michaels recently, and I was sooooo excited :) The products look amazing!

  • i like the stencils!

  • Would love to add this stuff to my arsenal of MS crafting products!

  • Amazing, once again, what the martha stewart team has come up with! Would love to try my own hand at these products!

  • Love the colors. Thanks.

  • The closest Michael's is an hour away but I am more than willing to make the drive for these paints. Absolutely love the things some of my friends received to feature on their blogs!

  • This is something my wife would love.

  • my kids and i would have fun with these!

  • Definitely something I would use especially since I haven't bought paint since we moved from Alaska!

  • I just saw this new line in my craft store yesterday. I stared at and studied everything! Love it!

  • Can't wait to try the new paint!

  • I would love to win this prize pack! Either way, I plan on checking out the new line and making some purchases. It looks fabulous!

  • Thanks for the opportunity! Great giveaway!

  • I am heading to michaels TODAY to check this out!

  • I love to craft! Thank you for the opportunity to do it more!

  • These paints looks amazing!!

  • The spray paint kit seems like it will be a great tool. Can't wait to experiment. Would love to win a goodie bag!


  • I love all the new products that I've seen at Michaels so far. I hope I win this giveaway, I already have a few projects in mind!

  • lovely! could certainly use some paint for the cushions on my antique chairs that my mom gave me for my first apartment with my boyfriend (move-in is Sept 1!). thanks!!


  • Great giveaway! I am excited to try these new painting techniques and tools!

  • Oh how I love the pink ombre bag! I would make that if I won... for sure!

  • I just saw this new line in Michaels the other day - so many projects to make gifts for Christmas! The possibilities are endless!

  • I would love to get crafty with some new fantastic supplies!

  • paint that works on all surfaces!? indoors and out!
    how fantastic!

  • I was just in Michael's marveling at all of the amazing new stuff! Can't wait to get my hands on some of it and try it out for myself.

  • Very cool!

  • I love Martha Stewart craft line, we love the glitter, and our favorite tool is the box maker with the bone folder

  • I can't wait to try this!

  • I'm excited to check out the new craft line!

  • I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this new product! I have been searching for a craft paint I could use on metal and more for months now. Problem solved! Thanks!

  • I love my Martha Stewart products. I don't have many (this is why I need more) but I use what I have always and am always looking at the new items coming out. I try and do a lot of crafting for gifts. I watch you everyday at 7am and 10am. I love your show and learning new things and new crafts. I bought your craft book and subscribe to your magazine - Martha Stewart Living. I have never won anything, so I am hoping to win some new crafting supplies and do new crafts. Always looking for new ideas!!!!

  • This is one of the most intriguing new products in a long time. I do a variety of crafts from decoration to costuming, and this has so much potential. Can't wait to see it in stores.

  • I have all of Martha's craft lines. can't wait to try these new paints. Thank you for the tote bag projects.

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  • [...] Our New Paint Line…Plus Projects and a Giveaway! – 2 freebie(s) [...]

  • Wow! Can't wait to try these new products. Thanks for the Michael's coupon and a chance to win this wonderful giveaway.

  • Love the handy spray paint kit!

  • I just went to Michaels yesterday to see all of the new and incredible Martha Stewart paints...the display was amazing! I couldn't decide which products from this new line to buy first...I wanted to buy everything is this aisle dedicated to Martha Stewart's new paint and tools. I picked up a wonderful pamphlet with product information and project ideas. I decided I'm going to do a project on fabric but if I change my mind and want to do something on glass or wood or whatever, I don't have to run out and get another type of paint. Awesome! Can't wait to get started today!

  • I am so excited about this product line. My nearest Michael's is about an hour away, but I hoping to make the trip soon!

  • I can't wait to try these out! I love stencils. :)

  • I cannot wait to try out this new paint!!!

  • Martha is a genius! I can't wait to get my hot little hands on this stuff!!!

  • I need more glitter paint in my life!!!!

  • Can't wait to get my paints and get going

  • The stencils are full of possibilities! Goodness, I am getting a lot of ideas about things I want to decorate with paint and stencils.

  • One paint for everything, how exciting. I see a trip to Michaels in my future. (But winning the giveaway would save gas.)

  • I'm so thrilled there's a Fabric Medium---brushes, here I come!

  • can't wait to make that tote!

  • Ooooohhh. I would love to try these out!!

  • Like the efficiency of a paint that works for multiple surfaces.

  • Wonderful new paint, I would love to give these a try!

  • I would love to create with all this goodness : ) and share.

  • I would love to add this kit to the line of creative things my daughters school uses. Her school teaches those with special needs life skills. I would love to donate this kit to the kids~ Thank you for all of your great ideas!

  • What a great giveaway~! THANKS

  • As a newbie to DIY home decor & craft projects, this bag of goodies would sure come in handy!

  • All crafts surfaces! How great!

  • Love the ombré bag! The Pink Dahlia paint is the perfect shade of pink.

  • These new paints look great! Thanks for the 40% coupon!!

  • What a wonderful idea for the mulit-purpose paint. Now it will be easy to match colors for mulitple craft ideas in one room. Thank you!

  • Just finished summer camp with some granddaughters & this kit would be a great inspiration for our next crafty session get together.

  • What a great new line to try.


  • Martha couldn't have teamed with a better paint company. They make wonderful craft paint. Love to win this collection, very nice.

  • looks good!

  • So excited about the new paint products can't wait to try them out!

  • My friends have started calling me Martha... please let the cloning continue and pick me to win! Ha!

  • You always have the prettiest things come out!

  • I have already made 2 trips to Michael's. I love the new stencils and the paint colors are beautiful!

  • I'm dying to try this new stuff. The first projects would be to color the inside of some glass vases and then to stencil the table runners for my wedding!

  • Love that the paint can be used on any surface. Can't wait to try it!

  • This is just a crazy amazing giveaway, super excited and crossing my fingers! Cheers!

  • Like a child in a candy store, I noticed the new line and was so excited, I Love Martha Stewart product and know I am getting quality tools that will give my work flawless results Thanks, I eagerly await my turn to try them. My B-day wish list!!!!

  • I am dying from my excitement over the spray paint kit. A million possibilities!

  • How lovely! I absolutely love your products and it would be amazing to add these to my collection!

  • I love coupons. Thank you

  • Being able to make any of the satin and gloss colors into a spray paint is a wonderful bonus to this line of products. It makes the line even more versatile. Thank you for such a great giveaway, keep up the good work!

  • This looks like so much fun. I would love to have thi set.


  • Just saw these new products at Michael's yesterday
    when I was stopping in to see if the MS Halloween
    craft supplies had arrived yet. I especially loved
    all the new brush shapes.

  • Everything looks great. I can't wait to try it out!

  • i have some fabric that would love to be painted :)

  • Thank you, Martha, for this wonderful opportunity. I love your products, especially the artist's paints and brushes. So, I'm very excited to try out the colors and accessories!

  • Ok I admit that I have no art ability what so ever. But in my daughters hands, she can make some beautiful items for us.

  • Wow! I would love to give these a try! The watercolor effect on the tote bag looks amazing. Martha (and wonderful staff), you simple have the best ideas. :) Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration.

  • Would love to try these products out!

  • Can't wait to get my hands on these paints. Love the tote bags. Thanks for the coupon!

  • Love Martha Stewart products!

  • Those paints will be perfect for making Christmas gifts!

  • I am so excited about this kit! I love to spray paint... it is the "duct tape" of my crafting and decorating world and with the new spray paint adapter kit, I will have endless possibilities to explore. YAY!!!!!

  • This looks so fun - I need to think of a good occasion for these!

  • Wow! I would love to win this give away. My grandchildren and I would have a wonderful time crafting. Thanks for all your great ideas.

  • I love all of the Martha craft products and have so many ideas of how I could use this new line :)

  • Thank you, Martha, and all of your Great Teams for providing constant, creative inspiration that enhances my life.

  • Love learning creativity with you guys!! Always keeps the juices flowing! :)

  • YES. PLEASE...beautiful, wonderful, Martha crafts are my fave!

  • I saw these items reviewed on a blog and I am so excited and can't wait to hop on some fun projects right away!

  • I would love to give these paints a try. Such cool craft ideas.

  • I've been seeing this line all over blogland and all the tools look amazing. Thanks for the opportunity at such a great giveaway!

  • Ooh! How nice! I would love to win :)

  • i LOVE paint!!

  • I Love Paint and Martha Stewart !!!!!!!

  • Would really love to win this...I have some projects that this would really spruce up!

  • Can't wait to try it! Great contest!

  • I hope, I wish, I dream of winning this giveaway!

  • I used one color out of my set and love it, how do I find out about all the colors, and finishes available? I do 1/12th scale dollhouse miniatures and can see many possibilities for this paint line.

  • Today I purchased the 10 pack of Martha's pearlized paints.
    They are just absolutely fabulous. I can't wait to pick up other fun stuff. The stencils are also wonderful.

  • If you use this paint on fabric can you wash it? If so how long does it need to dry first?

  • Great giveaway!

  • I am so excited about these products. I have loved all things I have seen on the internet done so far with these stencils and paints.

  • Precious! I will probably make the ómbre bag! Helps to win the supplies, though :)

  • so cool! i have lots of paint, but not MS paint! would love to try it out!

  • This would so enhance my quilting projects. I am trying to incorporate more hand painted fabrics into my designs!

  • Too fabulous! Can't wait to play with these!

  • wonderful -would love to have them.

  • I just saw your new line of craft paint at Michael's. I was thinking of purchasing some of the satin colors to paint on glass. I was wondering what the correct way is to thin the paints. It says not to use water on the box. Is there anything special that has to be done to the glass before or after painting on it? Not much information at the store.

  • I think the spray paint kit is such a cool idea I would love to try it.

  • With this kit, I could get rid of half of my paints and replace with these multitaskers.

  • After all the damage and flooding in my basement from Hurricane Irene it would put a huge smile on my face if I won this goodie bag. After all the hard work and cleanup I just want to get back to normal and start my crafts projects again. Thank you

  • My 8 year old and her friend used the fabric medium with pearl colours and butterfly stencils on t-shirts. Followed the directions and they came out great. Even washed them.

  • Brilliant! this stuff looks gorgeous!! I'd love to win;)

  • Please help me.....I am trying your paints this fall, and need to paint on glass, do not have the 21 days to wait for the paint to 'cure'. I sell my glassware and do not always have the time for the air drying. In the past I have used other paints for glass and there was a 'baking time' in the oven at about 330 degrees. I was told there was a medium for the paint that could be used along with the baking. I am unable to find any? Help me, I am about to start a lot of projects and would like to use this paint. beverlee

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Beverlee,

    The bake method for our paints is as follows-
    after drying for 1 hour, place in cool oven. Set temp to 350 degrees F and bake for 30 min. (Glass must heat gradually) After 30 min turn the oven off. Let glass cool completely in oven. Don’t use for 72 hours.
    Air dry method: it will cure after 21 days and it will be dishwasher top-shelf safe!

    There are a few mediums in the paint collection- If you want it to be more translucent, you can use the Antiquing Medium, which is good for making a wash of color.

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Bev,

    Before painting your glass, make sure it is clean. There is no need to thin the paint. If you would like a more translucent effect, add the Antiquing Medium to the paint- it is good for making a wash of color. The Glazing Medium will thin your paint as well, it is optimal when coating and dipping glasses.

    After painting-
    Bake method: after drying for 1 hour, place in cool oven. Set temp to 350 degrees F and bake for 30 min. (Glass must heat gradually) After 30 min turn the oven off. Let glass cool completely in oven. Don’t use for 72 hours.
    Air dry method: it will cure after 21 days and it will be dishwasher top-shelf safe.

  • Can't wait to try the new paints.

  • Love a product that gives me an idea! Would absolutely love to win this kit! Until then, I guess I just have to go shopping and try the new Plaid paints. Thanks Martha, for the chance to win the set!

  • Love all these things!

  • I am loving the new paint. I've used every single type - pearl, glitter, metallic and its simply amazing.

  • Just watched the video an now my mind is running a mile a minute. This new paint looks fabulous and I cannot wait to work with it, where I win or not. Good luck to all you crafters. Craft On!

  • I used this paint to paint on fabric and would like to know if the fabric can be washed after I have applied the paint?

  • I love products that can be used in so many different ways. I have so many fantastic ideas and I am excited to switch to these new paints eliminating the need for several different mediums. It will save space in my small craft room.

  • Dear Martha and sweet crafty team. You people made such an incredible line of paint. I bought 20 different colours the other day and can't wait to find the time to 'play' with it. I have like a billion idea's in my mind to work with. Thanks for offering and coming up with these beautiful products and for the opportunity to win this goodie bag! Love it.

    Inky hugs, Pauline

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  • I bought this paint last weekend and have used the satin and the pearl paint on Wood signs. They are beautiful and easy to work with. I have also used the paint on glass along with the glitter paint and love it. Thank you for creating this wonderful craft paint. The colors are terrific.

  • So excited about these--I have a huge troop of Daisy Scouts, and it will be great to buy ONE paint that we can use on all of our projects instead of buying different paint for every surface. Awesome--and a much better use of our funds!

  • I've just bought Martha's ENTERTAINING Book, and I simply love, love it. I'm getting into the stenciling quite a bit too. It's so fun.

    Thank you for the giveaway!


  • I love all the Martha Stewart Craft items I have already

  • I LOVE Martha Stewart's Crafts!

  • I cannot tell you enough how excited I am for this line of products! Working in theatre, I often have a hard time finding paint that will fit my needs and now I don't need to look any further! Thanks!

  • How exciting! I cannot wait to try these out! That they can be used on multiple substrates is perfect!

  • These paints look fabulous. A paint for so many surfaces is sure to save me space, time and my wallet.

  • I've always wanted to try painting glass, and this kit looks perfect!!

  • Is it safe to use these all-purpose paints to decorate baby onesies? Can they hold up after being machine-washed several times as fabric paints?

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Alex,
    Yes our paints are permanent on fabric. If you heat set it after painting, it can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. I would then hang it to dry. Directions for heat setting are as follows:

    Heat Setting to Cure Technique – Allow your decorated fabric to air dry 24 hours then heat set using either one of two recommended methods.
    Dryer Method – Turn garment inside out; place item in dryer for 30 minutes on highest setting allowed for the type of fabric used.
    Iron Method – Place decorated item right side up on ironing board; cover with dry pressing cloth. Set iron to highest setting allowed for fabric used. Place dry iron (no steam) on area pressing for 30 seconds, lift iron moving to another area until all sections are heat set.

  • I am still wondering (as Alex asked) if these paints are safe to use on baby clothing? We're also doing onesie decorating at a baby shower and would hate to use anything that is potentially unsafe for the baby.

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Caitlin,
    Yes our paints are safe to use on baby clothing. It's a water based, non-toxic paint. The only thing to note is that it is NOT food-safe, but that is something that is consistent across all products in the industry.

  • question re craft paint. I want to paint an outdoor birdfeeder made of unfinished wood. I plan to spray a primer which is oil-based on frets. Will there be a problem if i then use acrylic gloss finish paint?

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Susan,
    If you use a primer first that is not Martha Stewart brand, we just cannot guarantee with certainty that our paint will have the same indoor/outdoor durability that you are looking for. Our paint in and of itself is a primer and paint in one, so you can always just paint our paint directly on the unfinished wood surface.

    Best of luck!

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