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Our Sources : Singer Sewing Company

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Guess who's turning 160 this year?

One of our most dependable sources for quality, durability, and workmanship—Singer has always been there for us. No job is too small or too big for these mighty machines.

With a story that has both historical (sewing machine production was halted from 1939 to 1944 to focus on making wartime goods) and social (sewing became a popular pastime for housewives in the 1950s) significance, I'm sure many of us also have a personal history with Singer.

I remember my first time: I was 13 years old and my Mumma took me to the sewing store in the mall. I sat down, the shop owner put my hands on the fabric, and I stepped on the pedal. Ten minutes later I was walking away with my new best friend.

Do you remember your first time sewing on a machine? Let Singer know and you might win a new model!

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A few of our many sewing projects

1 A few of our many sewing projects





Comments (11)

  • I have never sewn on a machine, but I would love to learn. I have a willing teacher, but no machine! :(

  • my first time on a machine was with my grandmother. She was teaching me to sew a simple bag. She made me a mini sample one and hand wrote the instructions for me. I have them both framed with a picture of her. It is one of my fondest memories. I currently sew on my mom's old Singer machine--would love to upgrade and keep the tradition alive!

  • Watching my grandmother and mother sew was absolutely thrilling as a little girl. The sewing machine if I remember correctly was a light sea foam green color. Singer, of course. Mom and Gram would let me slide the fabric through while they sewed a dress or jacket or skirt. I remember thinking, "Oh how I can't wait to learn how to sew!"

    What I didn't realize was that I was learning...all those years. In 7th grade Home EC class (back in the 70's) our teacher gave us the pattern and we picked out the fabric and let us go on our own after some instruction. I sat down and it was like I had "driven this thing before"!!!

    Still today, whether creating costumes for my young sons or making draperies or duvets or slipcovers THERE IS NOTHING LIKE SITTING AT A SEWING MACHINE! It makes my CREATIVE HEART SING!!

    While I still consider myself a newbee, even after all these years, I have more fun when my foot hits the pedal than words could describe!!!

    Thank you SINGER for serving all of us, our families and friends, for generations!

    Mrs. Kolein Carlson
    Rochester, NY

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  • I learned to sew in home economics starting in 7th grade in 1966. I still have an apron that I made with the scraps leftover from the first dress I made at school. It won't fit around my waist anymore!. I took home ec for 6 years. Our teacher let us sew whatever we wanted. We were poor so I made clothes. I learned to sew really fast so that I could produce more clothes. I could make 2-3 dresses a semester. Pretty good for 50 minutes a day. That was considering how long it took to set up and clean up. Now at home things were different!! My mom never liked to sew. We had a bargin. If I made something for her, then I could make something for me. Of course that was when fabric was way cheaper. Now it just seems like it is cheaper sometimes to buy your clothes :( . But....there are a whole lot of ohter things to sew. But I miss having little kids to sew for..right now I have no little ones. I lost my machine in June of last year in a house fire. Anice new singer would be cool! Someday I'm gonna have enough money for an embroidery machine also.

  • I do remember my first sewing machine. My parents purchased a machine from Montgomery Wards in 1965. I have been sewing ever since. I learned to sew in 4-H. My mother never sewed and neither did my grandmother. Mrs. Jane Price was my 4-H leader and she taught me how to make an apron and a skirt. Then I graduated to sewing in Home Economics in junior high school. In high school my Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Davis, taught us tailoring and drapery construction. Again, I took off running. I made a red wool blazer with bound button holes in 1969 then I made pinch pleated draperies for my bedroom. My mother and I selected the fabric from the Mill Shop in Rockville, Maryland. Mrs. Davis came to my home and graded my finished lined drapes with an A+. I married very young and in 1971 my husband purchased a Singer sewing machine for me. I believe it was a model 417 (the school model in the 1970's). It was a light green color and was a work horse. I loaned the machine to a friend in 1995 and have never seen the machine again. Unfortunately she passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Her children had no idea how to contact me and I have not been able to track them down. So, I would love to replace the old green machine, model 417.

    Thanks for all of the memories and the quality sewing I was able to produce. In the 1970's I made clothing for my daughter including Halloween customes.

    Life is good and I thank you Singer Co.


    Pat Robinson
    McDonough, GA

  • My first time sewing was in school, making aprons, blouses and other projects required in a class room.
    My love for sewing has always been with me.
    When our family moved to Washington State, we had a neighbor that also loved sewing. She was an older person and has taken interest in my love of sewing.
    She was gracious enough to give me a older Singer Machine. It's model# indicates it was made in the 1920's. Of course when she gave it to me it was already almost 50 years old.
    I has used this machine for about ten years and still have it, and it still works. I am now in my 60's but truly love the Singer. I also have Singer's Tiny Taylor and an other zig-zag machine that is more up to date. My Mother and I have always been Singer Machine Owners.

    Hats off to excellant quality.

    Mary Ann Moreno

  • My first memories of using a sewing machine, hmm? My Mother sewed beautiful smocked dresses and little shorts and tops for my sister and I. One day she left the machine unattended, actually turned off. I got up from my nap and began to play with her machine and in the process, I sewed my little brothers thumb! Thankfully, it was in the side of his thumb and didn't do much damage! I also have great memories of Home Ec and making an apron! I love the "Good Old Days" and would love to own a Singer!!

  • I remember my Mother sitting up late into the night and sewing on her Singer little bitty portable. It was the tinniest sewing machine made in the forties. She was so proud of this machine. I was about four years old. Do you know she lived to be ninety and sewed quilts on this machine late at night just like she did when I was a small girl. This was her favorite machine and she had many more but always went back to the little portable. God Bless this little machine. It made clothes for me to keep warm in the winter and when she was ninety it made quilts for me to sleep under and stay warm. Thank you Singer for being part of my life.

  • My mothers first sewing machine was a portable singer made some time around the early forties. The story was quite unique how she was able to buy the machine. My father was a professional baseball pitcher and was making a living doing this. Baseball in those days was nothing like it is today. They only got paid when they played ball during the season. This particular time he had pitched a winning ballgame, The fans were greatly pleased with him and passed the hat through the stand for people to put money in. After the game he was presented the bonuses for pitching a good game. He put the money in a paper sack and carried it home. Arriving at home, he threw the sack on the table. My Mother said, "what is this?" He said, I stopped and bought some fresh tomatoes from a roadside stand. She reached over and opened the sack and saw the money. She was flabbergasted and said,"Oh my gosh, you have robbed a bank." He gave her all the money and she bought her first portable Singer. It lasted until she passed away at ninety. She never stopped sewing on this fabulous little machine. She treated it with tender loving care. I remember going over to visit after I was grown and she would be sitting down oiling her little baby. She was always oiling this little machine. She took superb care of it. Do you know? I inherited the little black machine and now I am making quilts on it. Thank you. Singer.

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