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Celebrate : Back to School Treat Bags

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How does summer always go so quick? It is already time to go back to school?! A little while ago Blake showed me these adorable little bags, knowing how much I love things with the lines and grids. I ordered them right away for a small back-to-school treat for my kids. A few years ago I made this "Schultuete" (like I got when I was a kid), but these little baggies are much easier (and more appropriate for a not-so-special move up within the same school).

Rubber stamped with their initials, a reminder of what room to go to the first day, or the most basic of math problems, filled with some stylish school supplies (Muji is perfect source for this) and gum (my kids would probably be even happier if I added some more bags filled with candy)...

1 of 5

1 Back-to-school "treats"

for B

2 for B

for D

3 for D

Some of the

4 Some of the "fillers."

The little bags waiting to be filled.

5 The little bags waiting to be filled.

...they might just make the end of summer and going back to school a little less sad.

P.S. I love these little bags so much that I think I might fill them with cookies for the next bake sale. Or with a small present for a teacher's gift at Christmas!?

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