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Archive for October, 2011


Around Town : Hulaween!

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On Friday night I had the privilege and great pleasure to accompany Martha and various guests to the New York Restoration Project’s annual “Hulaween” party at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. Hosted by none other than the fabulous Bette Midler, this year’s benefit was given the  theme of “Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead)” …

Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Make It : Last Minute Halloween Ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner!  If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dreaming up all sorts of fun ideas for the holiday, only to wait until the very last minute to take action.  Have no fear, we have tons of easy ideas for every part of your Halloween celebration!   You’re sure to find …

Phobias on the IPAD

Behind the Scenes : Phobias on the IPAD

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Working on the IPAD edition of Living can be a lot of fun, it allows us to bring the content to life in exciting new ways.  In our October Phobias story we did a series of short stop animations and then incorporated sound to help set the mood.  They are created with slight movements through …

Make It : Marli's Oozing Pumpkins

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Today’s post comes from Research Editor Marli Guzzetta: “I am a social crafter. I often do my crafting with adult friends, and we are often drinking adult drinks. As such, I have a two-drink rule for projects: They must be safe enough, quick enough and simple enough to complete in the process of finishing two …

Martha Stewart's Haunted House!

Behind the Scenes : Martha Stewart's Haunted House!

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Shooting Martha Stewart’s Haunted House Halloween Special was an incredible treat and so much fun! If you missed it last night, be sure to tune in to the Hallmark Channel on October 31st at 10am, where the special will re-air in the regular Martha Stewart Show slot. Here are a few pictures to give you …

Pet Costumes

Make It : Pet Costumes

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My boyfriend and I recently welcomed Addy, an 8-week-old golden doodle puppy into our lives. With Halloween just a week away, I had to make her a costume! I love Steph’s clever Dino Tank from her pet costumes story in this month’s issue of Living, so I made one for Addy in pink and red. …


Make It : Owlies

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Today’s guest post was written by our friend Sarah Goldschadt, who has been known to get crafty from time to time. Sarah’s friends have just written a sweet book where all the projects are miniature, but don’t underestimate the punch of these pint-size crafts. That would be a big mistake. Big. Huge. “Hi Everyone! I’m …

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