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Inspiration Board : Gingham

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One question we are asked over and over again is about where we go to get inspiration for our stories. Not an easy one to answer, since each story comes from a different place, experience, need, book, family tradition, fabric swatch, dream.... But the best inspirations come when they just show up where you least expect it. So when clothes shopping for my kids at the Gap one day, I strayed to the baby section (I get nostalgic for those long-outgrown sizes) and came across this adorable shirt. I had already pinned up various gingham swatches on my wall, fascinated by the number of colors they came in, which you rarely see. So the smocking treatment on this shirt put it all together. There was a technique that could be incorporated, there should be a kids moment, those nontypical  colors could look sophisticated.... All of a sudden I "saw" the whole story. So take a look at it in our current October issue of Martha Stewart Living. With the smocking technique applied to the beautiful curtain Steph made, many projects for the house—and dolls (yes, I admit I try to sneak in kids moments). Hopefully the story will inspire you too!

Now that the story is finished, I will give the shirt to my cousin's baby, along with yet another doll I made for her (can't stop making dolls, obviously). Seeing a story come to real life, now that is inspiring!

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