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Contests & Prizes : Halloween Giveaway!!

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Bat silhouettes are one of the fun items in the giveaway. Click through the gallery for the rest.

1 Bat silhouettes are one of the fun items in the giveaway. Click through the gallery for the rest.

Crow silhouettes

2 Crow silhouettes

Witch wall cling

3 Witch wall cling

Pumpkin transfers (you get two sets!)

4 Pumpkin transfers (you get two sets!)

Beverage labels (also two!)

5 Beverage labels (also two!)

Mouse silhouettes (two sets of these, too!)

6 Mouse silhouettes (two sets of these, too!)

And here is everything in the giveaway!

7 And here is everything in the giveaway!

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re giving away an assortment of Halloween decorations from our crafts line. One lucky person will win a witch wall cling; pumpkin transfers; mouse, crow, and bat silhouettes; and assorted beverage labels—everything you need for a great Halloween party!

All of these products are sold at Jo-ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Click here to find a store in your area.

Tto win, please leave a comment below before 6 p.m. on Friday, October 14. Click here for giveaway terms and conditions.

Good luck!

Comments (703)

  • All the decorations are fab but I LOVE those beverage labels.

  • So great! we are getting in the mood for halloween around here, costumes- check, pumpkins- check, I hope you'll take care of the decorations :)

  • Please help me turn my house into a bat cave for Halloween!

  • Would love to add these decorations to our Halloween party! Fingers crossed.

  • These decorations are awesome! I love the mice taking over the stairs!

  • My daughter is excited to help me decorate!

  • These are wonderful - Halloween is so much fun!!

  • I always love Martha's Halloween crafts and party items and the special issue of her magazine.

  • Love them! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love the pumpkin transfers!

  • Those are all great!

  • I would love some new Halloween decorations!

  • All of these would be perfect for my Halloween party, but especially the drink labels.

  • I love decorating for Halloween! These items would be awesome to have.

  • I'll be boooooo hooooing if I don't win!

  • This would definitely put me in the Halloween spirit!

  • My (almost) 4-year old is SO excited for Halloween this year, he would love to help me put these around our house :)

  • These are simple, but effective Halloween decorations. Looks like so much fun!

  • Love this! I am so enjoying the halloween decor and great recipe ideas here! I can't wait!

  • We're working on our haunted house now, these would make great to add a spooky feel to it. :)

  • Love this! I need more atmosphere for my foyer this would be perfect

  • I was already excited for Halloween, and this just made me even more excited! Great giveaway!

  • Love the crows and the beverage labels! I have a great green concoction that I used as the signature drink at my wedding that would make a great "potion"!

  • We are planning our Halloween party and would love to decorate with your bats and pumpkins.

  • I love Halloween crafts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • LOVE Martha Stewart Halloween decorations. My boys have been begging for a Halloween party this year. These would be fun to throw a little bash :)

  • I bet it would be so much fun to hide mice and bats all around my apartment and wait for people to find them! And I just love the bottle labels. My cabinets could be so spooky!

  • This is great!The Pumpkin labels would be awesome to have on my pumpkins so they would last longer and I would probably use the beverage labels on everything I could label! :) Happy Halloween!

  • OMG, I SO want those wall clings, I know exactly where to put them.

  • So cool!! I love the little black mice!!

  • I have zero decorations for Halloween and my kids would LOVE these!! Thanks for the chance to win :D

  • this is a great idea!!! i love decorating for haalloween with the kiddos!!!

  • Great decorations! Love them all!!

  • I love all the Halloween Collection, but especially those pumpkin transfers. What a good idea!

  • I love, love, LOVE Halloween!! It's my absolute fav holiday!! I've used many of Martha's templates for decorations but would LOVE to have the real thing!! Thanks for all the inspiration Martha!! You're the BESTEST!!

  • Those would be perfect to make my Halloween party even better.

  • Love it!

  • Oooh, I love those beverage labels, too! I could definitely use the help scarifying our house!

  • I love decorating for Halloween! This would be so fun to win!

  • I drive over an hour to michaels for my Martha Halloween decorations, and I couldn't find the silhouettes this year!! I love them, and I've been on the lookout!

  • I love all of your products!

  • The transfers and mouse silhouettes are brilliant!

  • Yay! Love this stuff! Martha is amazing!

  • I need a Bat Cave! I have been a bat twice for halloween. Each time I made my own bat wings and made your Bat Headband craft and it was a hit!


  • Love Halloween, just glittered black pumpkins, last year I did all fire opal pumkins. Love Martha Stewart glitter!

  • OOH! Halloween is my favorite holiday! I hope I win!!!

  • i like these decorating ideas.
    love those jack o'lanterns

  • Would love to have these fabulous decorations!

  • Halloween is the best holiday ever - love decorating my house and my kids ages 26 and 24 still carve pumpkins with their friends at our house.

  • Love these! My kids would love to show them off to everyone at our party!

  • Love these! Particularly the bat cutouts. I've been looking for something exactly like that. :)

  • Love to win Halloween decor- party for little ones coming up, help me make it creepy!!

  • My 4 year old son is really in to Halloween this year and wants to put up lots of decorations. These would be great!

  • The crafts line of Halloween decorations are great! We started decorating the inside of our home Labor Day weekend and I'm still putting out more decorations in our yard. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I am proud to say that my 4-year-old son takes after his Daddy. I'm just glad my wife lets us go Halloween crazy. I pulled out my Martha Stewart Halloween magazines from the past 5 years and we've been making our own craft decorations to really spook-ify our home this year.

  • I love love love Halloween! Love getting a deal as well and doing creative things to add to the "storebought" decor. Thanks for the contest op!

  • HaPpY HaPpY HaLlOwEeN SeAsOn!! What great ideas and great products. What fabulous products to get the whole family involved!! Help my family get the spook on!!

  • What a fantastic idea! Can't wait for the 31st!

  • Hoping to be lucky here.... love all of Martha's stuff, not to mention JoAnn's.

  • I love the bats! I have a porch that needs to be filled with bats this Halloween!!

  • My Husband and I love the Martha Stewart Halloween decorations. Our house is a veritable shrine to Halloween!!! We even had a Halloween themed wedding!!! We are also expecting our first baby, who's due date is 11/11/11 but she may come sooner... if so I hope it's on Halloween, wouldn't that be an awesome birthday!!! :)

  • The crow, mice, and beverage labels are my favorites! Just wish my mom was as into decorating for Halloween as she used to be...guess it is cause me brother and I grew up. Good thing Halloween decorating is alive and well in me. I would love to add these to the very small arsenal I have slowly collected over the years!

  • What a great way to make any house a little spooky! I love how simplistic yet dramatic they are.

    Sadly I haven't felt the excitement for Halloween that I normally get this time of year. I think these would definitely help me get the spark I need!

  • Awesome! I am having a Halloween party October 29th for my Halloween birthday ;) . I could always use more Martha - I have the bats in every window of my house and people love them! I bought the spiders from last year too.

  • Silhouettes are so fun for Halloween! They are the perfect treat to our tricks! And bottle labels are always a hit!

  • Super cute stuff! Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays!! I love this time of year!!! Good luck everyone!

  • Love your products Martha! I just decorated my living room with some of your Grandin Road products. Now I need crafts for the family room!

  • Love it all, especially the crows and mice!

  • Great giveaway and just in time!

  • I decorated the front of my house with the bat cave window decals one year. I used yellow tissue paper on the inside of the windows and then had a light behind it so the window glowed. Then I put the decals on the outside window. Looked really spooky!

  • I've been eyeing this stuff at Joann's! Unfortunately with recent layoff we can't afford any this year (dollar store to the rescue, kinda). I'd love to be able to display some non-tacky holiday spirit!

  • OOooo! Fun Giveaway!

  • I love decorating for the different holidays - this would be a perfect addition to my Halloween 'box' :)

  • I love all of it! I have never decorated for Halloween but this year im having a party and dont know where to begin to decorate. :)

  • This year will be our first Halloween party at our house!!!Everyone is excited!!! Turn my home into a haunted house!!!

  • OK, so it is my birthday and I'll be 49 (wanted to type 29, but the ugly truth is 49)... need to decorate this year :(

  • I would love to win this, please pick me!

  • what fun! very festive decorations and the beverage labels are the best!

  • Love the Rats! Wish I had more time to be crafty!

  • This would be so awesome. I don't think I would get in time for the 22nd Halloween Birthday party, but would be very excited to use it next year.

  • We especially like the mice idea on the stairs!

  • Love the decorations! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Love these!!!!

  • Already know where that witch would go perfectly!! My kids would love to help me decorate with these!

  • How adorable. My little ones would just eat these up! I have to agree, those beverages labels are worth loving :)

  • Very Cool! I love decorating the house for Halloween!!!

  • The bats are my favorite!! Great inspiration, this is how we will be decorating this year!

  • I look forward to checking out these decorations! :) I love the bats!

  • My son has always had a love for halloween. So we are having his 7th birthday a couple weeks early so we can have a spooky party! Together we have been looking at the great craft ideas we can do.

  • I love the look of home made Halloween
    please help me show my son a real Halloween.

  • I love Martha Stewart!and I ♥ Halloween!these silhouettes are amazing.

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday! Help me decorate my house, inside and out!

  • Looks great!! I am totally loving that witch wall cling!!

  • Everything is so cool!!! I would love to be able to use things like this for our house this year!

  • We are going to decorate our porch with bats this year!

  • I love the fall season and all the decorating that goes with it!!!

  • I love Halloween! These decorations would be perfect for my Halloween themed wedding! Pick me!

  • I lOove Martha's Halloween items! An my two girls love making things like these with me.

  • LOVE the rat/mouse wall clings! Super cute!!! :)

  • Love the witch with the bats! and the pumpkin with the faces. Would love to decorate my house with these really cool things.

  • Love, love transfers! They are so easy to use but make a huge impact when decorating. I have two Halloween parties and can definitely use all of these. We just got a Joanne's thia summer and I love their store!

  • Loving everything! Halloween is our favorite holiday to decorate for.

  • I love Halloween! It is so much fun being able to decorate and create unusual food. Can't do he stuff you do during Halloween during the rest of the year b/c then people would just think you are crazy!

  • I love it all, but my FAVE would have to be the beverage labels:)

  • Love, Love, Love the bat decorations!!!! Love decorating for Halloween.

  • Love the deco! as always fantastic decor....super dee duper ideas! thanks!!

  • my mom always goes the cheap way on all holidays and it would be really cool for her house to be made into a bat cave!

  • This is great i love these decorations <3 Sitting back with fingers crossed!!!

  • These are so adorable and I love the decorations. I am a teacher so some of these decorations would look great in my classroom. I love the beverage labels too! I could use them for Halloween gifts. :-)

  • I've only been married a lil over a year, and we would love to decorate our house for Halloween!!! We're already started but I know with all the wonderful decorations, our house will look even greater!!! I love Martha Stewart !!! Please help us turn our house into the best decorated house on the block!!!

  • LURRVVEEE.. the pumpkin transfers!

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate & celebrate, with Christmas a VERY close 2nd. My firm belief is Halloween should be the for kids to enjoy themselves. Love to decorate the outside & inside of my home that they enjoy having around. Also, enjoy dressing up for them when I give out the candy to the trick-or-treat'ers. Would love to use these decorations this year, time to add some new stuff to my collection! :)

  • i love halloween. :)

  • What awesome decorations!!! Please let me win! I'd love to add these to our Halloween decor ... my three year old would FLIP OUT over these! Love them all. =)

  • Martha has the greatest halloween decorations! I get so inspired looking at the pictures of things she has created.

  • I love Halloween! I only wish my house got more trick-or-treaters.

  • I am throwing a big halloween party and i need decorations!!!!

  • I love Martha's Halloween ideas. Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays to decorate for! :) The crow silhouettes are very cool!

  • This stuff is great...

  • Oooh, I love them all! I made your man-on-the-stairs cutouts years ago and still put him on my front entry stairs every year. People know to look for him; I can't stop or I get complaints! I ended up having to re-make him on foam sheets, lol, he'd gotten too ratty in the original construction paper version.

  • I love decorating the house for Halloween. These decorations would really add to the atmosphere!

  • I have the spider silhouettes from last year's collection and they're a great addition to my cob webs. I'd love to add of the new items to me decor in time for my Halloween cocktail party on the 28th.

  • Stilettos In The Mud LOVES Martha Stuart! Really fabulous ideas!

  • I love your halloween decorations and would love to decorate my house with them...

  • I love the beverage labels! Have purchased many halloween decorations from JoAnne's. Loving Martha's new line! Keep looking at the wall witch and haven't pulled the trigger yet to purchase :) Would love to win anything as I love halloween and my house is decorated- but could always use more :)

  • These are so fun! We are so into Halloween this year! (and all the kids are finally able to help decorate!) We would LOVE some wonderful Halloween treats! I really like the ravens and the bats!

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday! The whole house is haunted

  • I love all of Marthas Halloween ideas, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I would to have tons of decorations!!!

  • Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, and I love making and buying fun Halloween decorations!

  • Love all the great Halloween decorations. Would love to win some to blend in with the cobwebs we already have!

  • Awesome decorations! We are just getting started on our decorating! :)

  • I love anything Martha comes up with. The mouse silhouettes are my favorite. We made some last year. We don't have any steps, but it still looked pretty good. I would love for you to help me out with more decorations.

  • I like all the decoration. I really like the mice, they are so cute.The pumpkins are nice too.

  • I would love to win these items, especially my 8 year old daughter. The bats I believe she would like the best. Thanks for the opporunity to win!

  • OMG, I love Halloween and all the decor and crafts make it that much fun!

  • I am not ready for cold weather, but decorating for Halloween can be a blast with the right decorations!

  • We have the skeleton window cling and spiders. They look great on our windows.

  • Those decorations are fabulous! I really need a pumpkin army for my front steps and mice to be running up my banisters to the front windows. How cool would that look?!?!?

  • I adore those bat silhouettes! I may need to head to Joann this weekend!

  • I am excited to start decorating this year. So many cute ideas!

  • I have seen these at Jo-Ann's and they're all so cute! My girls would love them!

  • I've always loved the Martha Hallowe'en decorations, and would just love to with this! :)

  • My family would love to decorate for halloween- we have never done that before.

  • My daughter hopes we win, she really loves the mouse wall cling.

  • I'm having a Halloween Party for my 4 Year Old Daughter and her friends. Your awesome decorations would help to make the party extra SPOOKTACULAR!
    Happy Halloween!

  • Love All Your Stuff!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this!!!

  • I wonder what my cats would think if I placed the mouse silhouettes along the staircase...

  • Love, love, love Martha Stewart crafts!!!! I want them all:)

  • I absolutely LOVE the wall clings & silhouettes! What a great way to to decorate my apartment walls.

  • Love these decorations! :) Halloween is my FAV holiday! :)

  • Having a Haunted House-Warming party for my new house this year! Would love some new decorations to help.

  • These would make the annual Halloween bash even cuter!

  • Halloween has always been my favorite, Martha has awesome ideas!

  • My girls would love these to be up around the house! They love halloween!

  • How awesome to have everything you need for a festive look, AND it's quick and easy for those of us with so little time. Martha, have I told you how much I love you lately? :)

  • This would be perfect for my oversized porch! The trick or treaters would love it! Now where are my scissors?

  • MARTHA YOU INSPIRE ME and because of you I have gotten so many neat ideas this Halloween. My husband is turning 40 on 10/31 (yes, he was born on this date) and we are having a BIG 40 party for him. This giveaway would be AWESOME TO WIN and to help me with my pocket book (chuckles)! =D

  • I love Halloween and Joanns! Pick me :)

  • I LOVE Halloween!! Fav holiday EVER!! Cannot wait to decorate my dorm room with homemade crafts I'm going to make soon!! :D

  • I bought the witch and mice yesterday! They are soo cute!

  • Love the mice and crazy about the bottle labels!

  • Martha always has the best Halloween ideas! <3 her.

  • Halloween is so fun! Especially decorating! I love the bottle labels,they are really fun.

  • I saw Martha on the Today show this morning!! Halloween is my favorite holiday, i'd love to win

  • We incorporate Halloween into my daughters birthday every year and she would love to have all this done for her masquerade party. It would help to cover up the oldness of my house :)

  • Hi,I just love decorating for the holidays. These decorations take me back to my childhood times when my mom would make them herself and all the childrenwhere we lived would get teats. Happy memories yes indeed, my mom passed away April 2010 and it is the hardest during the Holidays. Thank you for bringing a smile upon my face along with happy memories.

  • I love Halloween more than Christmas! It would be wonderful to be able to decorate my house even more as I have never tried anything in this package.

  • True Story:
    I bought the rat silhouette's a year or two ago and have put them up on my window's every year since. If your looking at them they look like they are scurrying all around my windows. Anyway, I was folding laundry near my dining room windows and out of the corner of my eye I saw something hit the window. At first I thought it was one of the rats falling off the window. I looked outside and didn't see anything right away. A few seconds later, I saw a small cat, possibly a kitten walk away. Apparently it was trying to catch one. LOL Poor thing probably got a good scare when he smacked into the window. :) I would love to get more decorations from your line to see if i can spook any other animals/people. LOL

  • AWESOME!! I've been looking for bats to hang from my entryway and these are great. Plus, the bottle labels will go perfect with my Halloween "Bar"!

  • Great decorations. I'm ready to decorate!

  • Love the Halloween line!

  • These are great!

  • My 3 year old grandson and I would have a blast doing these Halloween decorations.

  • I just did a bat shirt similar to these designs for my son and he loves it!

  • I love Halloween. We have a daycare here and the kids love the decorations. Please help make our place more halloweenish for the kids.

  • People don't decorate so much for Halloween down here in the DEEP south. I miss NY for that and SO many other reasons!

  • Love these decorations! Have some from last year hanging on my mantle!

  • When I first saw these decorations I loved them so much I tried to recreate them using black construction paper... they did not turn out quite like those! Love them!! Hope to decorate with them for our Halloween party!

  • Love all the Halloween stuff! you guys are great!

  • I purchased the bat clings last year and love them. I now live in a large 1880s farm house and could use another set plus all of the others too! I would add a lot to the 2 Halloween parties I am having!

  • I absolutely LOVE MARTHA!! She is always in my home some way some how lol I have five kids and we love decorating for every occasion!! I know my kids would adore the house being turned into our own spookfeast :) please pick me!! And thank you so much for all your amazing ideas!!! Please keep them coming ;)

  • My Nickname is MS Toad- hence my email address- and I have got to have the beverage label for Frog Syrup! hos hilarious! Gotta get me the lables!!!!
    Love it.

  • I've been decorating in full force! :)

  • Those are cute! Count me in

  • Fun stuff for a Haunted Halloween! <3

  • I love the ones for the stairs...I bet it would keep my kids scared enough to stay out of the basement

  • LOVE the silhouettes so much! What a fun way to decorate for Halloween :) I would love to decorate my house with these products!

  • Happy Halloween, thanks for this giveaway offer! Now, please help me scare some kids ;)

  • My dad loves Halloween almost as much as Martha does! Those bottle labels are awesome!

  • Love these, and I could sure use them!

  • I love the label and mice cut outs. I bought both and have already docorated the house. the mice look so cute going up the stairs. wish i could post a picture. I plan on buying more cause they are so much fun. thanks Martha Craft for such a great idea.

  • My girls would absolutely love to have these things to decorate the house! They love all the kooky and spooky stuff for Halloween!

  • I made the witch and cats standups for my yard. Love them! MOre more more!

  • I have gotten so many great Halloween ideas from Martha and thus year us no exception. Would love to win all these cute decorations :)

  • Winning this would be FANTASTIC! We recently moved and our decorations got ruined in the process. I definitely need some things to get my Spook on over here!

  • I love these! Saw these in the store and thought they were adorable. Would love to have some.

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday and Martha Stewart always has such cute decorations for this time of year!

  • Anyone of them would do, love them all, Thank you so much.

  • Awesome decorations. We have a double birthday party coming up and these decorations would really add to the atmosphere. It would be so much fun. I'm so excited for this.

  • These would be perfect for the Halloween party I am hosting for my grandchildren.

  • I absolutely adore the witch cling. Here's hoping!

  • I want to win this. I LOVE Halloween!!!

  • Oooo pick me.. I have 2 young kids left at home and I love decorating. What a great reason to have people over, come see what I won. :)

    Thank you for this contest. Good luck all!!

  • I <3 Halloween and love all these decorations! I have just about as much Halloween decor as I do Christmas decor...however they are opposite in that most of my Halloween decor is outside and most of my Christmas decor is inside:)

  • Halloween is the best holiday of all.

  • No one likes to have mice in their house - but these would be very welcome. All the decor is ghoulishly terrific.

  • Oh these are adorable, I love the beverage labels!!

  • i love halloween! my neighbors are having a party and i can't wait to help them out!!!

  • Oh my gosh! This would be so perfect. My 5-year-old son LOVES Halloween and we just finished putting up our decorations last night, and he commented, "I can't believe we're out of decorations already." He would definitely love to have more!!!

  • We just moved and I can't find ANY of my decorations. This would be a fabulous prize for me to help decorate!

  • My children would have a blast decorating the house with these~ =D

  • Especially around the holidays I always check with Martha Stewart Living for ideas. These Halloween decorations are awesome love them all love Martha!

  • Spooktacular decorations ! As always, thanks for your ideas !

  • I would love all of them! I really need some decorations for Halloween!

  • I love to decorate for Halloween, would love some new additions for this year and next.

  • I love to decorate my house with all these godies! love halloween!!!!

  • I would love these to turn my house and shop into an awesome Halloween event for everyone to come to!!

  • Mice! Bottle labels! Bats! What more could a person wish for? Oh, there IS more? Awesome! I would LOVE to own these!

  • I am in LOOOOOOVE with those mice cut outs! Most adorable things I have seen in forever!
    I throw a halloween party every year and those would all be so cute and so perfect!
    I will def. be looking for those items next time I hit the stores.
    Thank You! <3

  • I just LOVE the Martha Stewart line of crafts! She has so many cute ideas, I will be using many of them for my wedding this November. Can't wait to start decorating for Halloween!!

  • Last Halloween (actually night before) I broke my leg in two places and dislocated my ankle. On Halloween last year I was having surgery to put a plate in my leg with 6 screws and reattach my ankle with a non weight berring screw. I refer to this as being frank-en-stiened. I was in a wheel chair for 9 weeks and a black boot for another 2 months. I missed Halloween all together. This year please help me get my house and spirits all festive for a great halloween without any ER trips.
    And for those of you wondering and wanting a good laugh I did this great number by trying to be a roller skating pumpkin for our church's trunks and treats. Did fine for 1 1/2 of the 2 hour festival. Joann Fabrics great ladies helped me design the pumpkin costume and it was awesome, just not what you want to wear into the ER. LOL

  • I would love to win! I am a nanny caring for twin 3 yr old girls. Plus, I bring my son to work. I would love to win so the kids and I can have new and fun projects to do. I would be very grateful if you choose me. Thank you in advance.

  • All I am missing in my home Halloween decor are crows, and I think these silhouettes would fill the "bill" nicely!

  • LOVE the Halloween ideas, keep em coming!!!

  • I'm moving into a new apartment just in time for Halloween. I'm needing some new ideas to decorate the new place. Thanks!

  • I'd love to have those bats in our home! Our son would get a kick out of them! :D

  • I would love to use these to decorate for our upcoming party!

  • This would be great to decorate my mother's van for Trunk or Treat night!

  • I love all of the Martha Stewart crafts! I scrapbook and just started really cooking and baking so I subscribed to the Martha Stewart magazine. I love all the holiday ideas so much! I especially love the Halloween issue....who knew there were white pumpkins? Having this magazine helps me be the wife and mom I always wanted to be. Thank you for the opportunity to win these spooktacular decorations!

  • My kiddo would love to decorate with these cute decorations! Hope to get some :-)

  • I LOVE these decorations. I especially love the witch. She would look great in my house. My decorations are going up today!

  • I love Halloween and these decorations are so cute and creative!

  • Love Joann's! Love the decorations - would love to win them!

  • Thanks for the chance to win. These items are great!

  • I just love all those Halloween decorations! Would love to decorate my house with them!

  • What great inspirations!!

  • love to season!!!!

  • Halloween is my favorite day of the year, and I've only recently been able to start collecting decorations for my very own place. I would love to be able to decorate with these items!

  • I'm throwing a Haunted-Housewarming Party this year (my first ever family party!!!). These decorations would be an awesome addition!

  • LOVE all the Martha Stewart craft ideas for Halloween...and well all the holidays! :)


  • These could help make out Halloween party a huge success!!

  • Love the halloween decorations. They are sooooo bootiful.

  • My son was just asking if we could get more spooky decorations. He'd love any of these. :)

  • I'm hosting my first Halloween party this year! We're having a costume contest and I want to give away a nice bottle of wine as the prize. The beverage labels would be perfect for this!

  • What a wonderful, fun prize to win! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • The transfers are wonderful, but I just love those beverage labels!

  • We are throwing a Halloween party for our high school marching band kids for doing such an incredible job this year in competition. These would help make it even more wonderful!

  • These Halloween decor are so EASY to work with. It can set the Halloween ambiance in a matter of minutes and the thrills are so much fun. I really do enjoy all your products. Awesome!

  • Having a Halloween party, I am not ready, I need your help!! The Halloween decorations are awesome and reek Halloween. Booooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Halloween decor and Martha have my vote!!!

  • Would love me some Halloween decorations!

  • What a fun giveaway! Thanks!

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for! Such cute stuff! And now we're finally settled into a house to decorate :)

  • What a GREAT collection of fun Halloween things to be giving away! I really hope I win--I just love Halloween and of course, decorating for it! :) Thanks so much for the chance! :)

  • Martha your Halloween treats and decorating delights have been the most spooktacular, always! I can remember loving the Halloween & Fall shows taped from the farmhouse!!
    Thanks for inspiring us with your festive imagination, and talents!! ;)

  • How fun! My kids would love these.

  • I love decorating for Halloween! When I first got married, my mother gave me was a gift certificate to a craft store so I could buy Halloween decorations for my new home. I still have only a few decorations, so winning this would be lots of fun!!

  • I love Halloween decorations!!

  • I just love all Marthas halloween decor. We made our hallway a bat cave using the silhouettes.

  • Happy Halloween!! I love decorating for fall/halloween!!

  • Martha's products are the greatest things I've seen when it comes to creativity and decorating. Never have had a Halloween party at home, but these are just the right amount of spooky but cute at the same time!

  • These are fangtastic! I am celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary this Halloween. These would look wicked in our home.

  • These are so great! My two year old would love them too!

  • Great decorations! Thanks for a chance to win.

  • I love all the decorations.. Halloween is my favorite time of year.. even more so because I have 2 kids who get so excited over it all.

  • I want the bats!!!

  • My daughter would love these decorations and probably use them all year long. Maybe if I win, we can share...

  • This is soo cool! And since my RA is in a flare.It would be so easy to put up,with the kids.I just love it.

  • love the bats!

  • I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to win these!!!!! What great crafty ideas for a Halloween party!!! Spooktacular!!!!!!!

  • I love these products. I would love to win them

  • I have been a huge fan of Martha's since the beginning and I love Halloween like she does. I adore all of her things in her craft line at Michaels:) Pick Me Pick Me. I love to decorate for halloween and it will be the first one for my son Cooper who is 4 months:)

  • Decorating for any holiday is exciting and fun. It brings together my family and we spend quality time laughing, sharing memories, and enjoying our time together. We do go all out, my motto is if you are going to decorate for the holiday's make it big! Martha Stewart always brings out exciting new ideas each year especially for the kids to make. I love going to the store with my children and picking out all the materials to make our Halloween spectacular!

  • love them all. this will be perfect for my small apartment and they are easy to store.

  • Anything "Martha" is worthwhile. Love all the ideas she has on her show as well.

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love fall, dressing up the kids and decorating the house in various haunting ways! Martha is always Halloween inspiration to me and my family. Thanks!

  • I approve my comment

  • Love the fun decorations! Always finding good ideas here--hope to win these!

  • Oh, I hope I win!!!

  • these are great

  • Love love love Halloween and these are awesome decorations! I gave away most of my decorations when I downsized (what was I thinking). Looks like I'll have to go to JoAnn's to check out Martha's ♥

  • I love your craft supplies,and I watch your show everyday,everything Martha.Your ideas this week have been spooktastic...

  • Being a mom the last 22 years with my youngest being 10 years old, I have helped create many halloween crafts with my children. I love all the creative idea's Martha comes up with! Thank you Martha for constantly coming up with new idea's for holiday decorations.

  • Too ridiculously cute!

  • I love pumpkins. You can use large and small ones everywhere when decorating.

  • Now that my kids are teenagers they don't like to trick or treat but instead love to decorate the house and pass out candy to the little ones. Because we are a military family and move so much we tend not to keep holiday decorations and it just becomes to expensive to buy new ones every year. It would be great to win some decorations so the kids count haunt the house and have a good time.

  • Martha Stewart's craft team comes up with my favorite Halloween ideas and crafts.

  • I love all of the decorations! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and love the ideas I get from Martha Stewart!

  • Oh Martha, you craft so fine.

  • Love all these!!

  • I LOVE all of the Halloween crafts. I've decorated my whole dining room for a dinner party I am throwing. Everyone has to come in costume and I downloaded all the templates available on the website. The bats are hanging, and mice and cats are up and great. Orange baloons have scary faces on them and the centerpiece is all things frightening!Everything is made for easy use. I've even gone on to other crafts to prepare for Easter. Thanks Martha for everything! I'm sure my dinner will be a big hit!

  • These are so cute. I love Halloween and need some decorating ideas. I'll be checking these out at Michaels.

  • Halloween, so much fun for tots and teens!

  • I need this package! Maybe I can make something scary to scare off the squirrels that are eating my harvest corn!! Oh well! : )

  • I am ALL about Hallows Eve. I would love some extra fun to put around the house. Cheers to the lucky person!

  • I LOVE Martha Stewart craft items. I MISS the Martha Stewart catalog. We purchased many of our favorite decorations from it. I so wish we still had the Martha Stewart Shop. I hope I win the Martha goodies.

  • I would so love to win this my granddaughters birthday is OCT 31 and she will be 8 years old this year and we are doing a halloween themed party.

  • Halloween is a huge holiday at our house. I would love to really go all out this year with these wonderful decorations!

  • A gentle breeze rustling the dry cornstalks.
    A sound is heard, a goblin walks.
    A harvest moon suffers a black cat's cry.
    Oh' do the witches fly!
    Bonfire catches a pumpkins gleem.
    Rejoice, it's Halloween! ~Anderson


  • I love Halloween and the other MS items I bought last year! The rats silhouettes were great and I put them all around the windows in my house.

  • I would love to add to my Halloween collection!! Halloween is my husband and I's favorite holiday!!

  • These are great decorations, would love to have any one of the but the pumpkin clings are great and no mess for actual pumpkin carving!!

  • I love decorating for Halloween! These decorations are so wickedly cute!

  • Fingers crossed, would love to win any of these!

  • Martha has the best ideas for Halloween - love watching her Halloween episodes on TV!

  • I LoooooooooVE the silhouettes!!!

  • Would love these do decorate my house....the daycare kids would love them too!


  • Martha,
    Your Halloween ideas and decorations are consistently clever, and spooky!

  • Can't wait to use these ideas for my own Halloween Party!!

  • I am in in love with all of the halloween line this year. Can't wait to decorate!

  • Let's have a party!

  • LOVE the Martha Stewart Halloween decorations---would be great additions for our Halloween party!

  • I absolutely love these cut outs! They would look so awesome in my dorm room windows!

  • Boo! Please enter my name into your spooky drawing! Thank you & Trick or Treat! Sour or Sweet?

  • What fun! They remind me of the ones my mom had made when I was little!

  • these would be awesome decorations for my dessert table especially the beverage labels.

  • I am in LOVE with all of the halloween decor!!! I run the spooky night at me girls school thinking if I win I would use some there. Great photo's thanks for sharing.

  • My sorority does an annual Halloween fundraiser for autism awareness, and these decorations would be perfect for our game rooms!!

  • I would love to decorate my house with these decorations. My little boy would be delighted to have bats and especially the witch hanging around our house!

  • The children in my preschool program would have a wonderful time using the arts and crafts to make wonderful projects to decorate the school and their home. I hope we win for the kids. :>) Thank you

  • My kids would love the bats! Halloween is a huge holiday around our house! :)

  • Would love to win these last minute decor, to just slip into what we already have

  • I just love her products. Her punches are the best. I have purchased several halloween things in this collection this year. So cute.

  • I absolutely love all these decorations and I am currently working on my craft station and i purchased the Martha Stewart Craft Station at Lowes! It's amazing!!!

  • pick me! pick me!
    i LOVE halloween, but i am so bad at decorating for it (much to my kids' disapointment).. this is perfect!

  • I love it all! Halloween has already started at my house. We have some decorations up, costumes ready & have visited the pumpkin patch. I would love to add these to our display!!

  • Perfect for our classroom!

  • It's all so fun! I especially love the black birds!

  • Awesome!

  • These are all great decorations!

  • Would love some of your beautiful Halloween decorations for our homeschool co-op's party!

  • I would love to add some fab decorations to my arsenal!!

  • Looove the Halloween goodies.. I want to decorate my office with them.

  • Holloween has always been a family night here at our house in St. Peters. My grandchildren all come over and go out together. We have special treats for them and lots of food and decorations. Sure would love to win these decorations to make our night even more special. My husband and I always look forward to this night to have all the grandkids together.

  • I love decorating for Halloween..We are having a Pumpkin Party here at my house complete with a hayride, bonfire and some AWESOME decorating..these would be perfect to finish off my decorating.

  • Holloween has always been a family night here at our house in St. Peters. My grandchildren all come over and go out together. We have special treats for them and lots of food and decorations. Sure would love to win these decorations to make our night even more special

  • These Halloween decorations are great, and would be a fantastic addition to our Halloween Crafting Slumber Party!!!

  • My annual Halloween party needs some sprucing up, and these festive Martha Stewart decorations would be the perfect solution!

  • I got the mice sillhouettes last year and they transformed our staircase! I'm happy to see they're are new designs for sale.

  • I love giveaways!! Especially if they are from the store that gets most of my money;) I can not leave a Joann's without at least one remnant!! I have boxes and boxes of them around my house!!

  • this is my daughters first halloween and i love decorating with her with your decorations!

  • Everything is so cute!

  • Oh wow, I would love to win this decor for the mystery dinner party I am having this year!!! Hope I win.

  • Love the bats. I might like to do "bats in the belfry"; seems appropriate for Halloween.

  • My family is very BIG into Halloween! But this year I just need some help getting into the decorating mood! Please help me!!!

  • My 5 year old son loves Halloween!! He would absolutely adore those silhouettes. He is very into bats this year!! Thanks for having such a great giveaway.

  • I love that you are doing a giveaway! We have an annual family Halloween party! All these goodies would be great!

    Angela W.

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween! I would be thrilled to win this giveaway. I'm always looking for new decorations. Our family has so much fun decorating the house!

  • All the "Martha" decorations are wonderful and so easy to use.

  • Halloween is such a big holiday for us and I always look forward to the new Martha Stewart products that add to the festivities! Thanks for the chance to win all of these!

  • Love the critters on the stairs. Wonder if my cats would like them, too!

  • I love celebrating Halloween (or as I call it, Samhain). I never have enough time or money to decorate the way I want and these would help tremendously!

  • The only this more fun than making your own Halloween decorations is winning them! Fingers Crossed!

  • Love all the decorations!!!

  • Holloween wouldn't be the same without some great decorations. My girls would be ecstatic.

  • OMG!! I am such a Marthaholic!! Between Halloween and Christmas my storage building stays PACK TO THE BRIM wiht decorations but these from MARTHA woud make my collection complete!!! Win or not I love Martha Stewart Products and I never miss my Martha shows! Thanks to all involved for putting such great products out!! :)

  • Love Halloween! It's my favorite! :)

  • We NEED some decorations! Pick me!

  • This would be a great prize to win!!

  • Halloween is the greatest time of year, I get to dress up as what I would love to be. This year I want to be a winner.

  • Martha Stewart's Halloween Crafting has become a tradition for me and my 6 year old son (he is a HUGE Martha fan). Thanks for all the great products and ideas. We look forward to it all year long.

  • Alaways on the lookout for new things to spice up the holiday!

  • I would love these for monster mash my sorority is putting on for our philanthropy :Autism Speaks. For little kids haunted house . Games toys food crafts. It would Put a nice touch on to help us out in making kids fun Halloween more awesome.

  • I just Love Halloween. Always decorate my house for the holiday. Look forward to it each year. My kids are all grown up, but love the Tricker Treaters that come to visit my house in all the cute costumes.

  • Love these!

  • Awsome crafts

  • I love anything Martha Stewart would really love to win this!! <3

  • These are wicked sweet!! Halloween is my favorite time of year. Will be heading to JoAnn's for more supplies to decorate with!

  • I only decorate for two holidays: Halloween and Christmas. Spooky Halloween decor is the best!

  • This is a great line. All of the decorations provide great spooky charm to any room or party. The mice are my favorite!

  • I have spent many hours cutting theses templates in the past from the templates provided on Martha's website. To have them done for me would be AMAZING. Only Martha can make Bats and Rats sophisticated! Thanks for the great ideas and giveaway Jo-Annes!

  • I love Martha Stewart's Halloween line! I buy the Halloween edition of the magazine every year!!!

  • I love decorating my home for the holidays.

  • These are sooo cute! Got me in the mood to start my Holidayz decorating!

  • martha always does halloween up right!

  • Always love Martha's stuff!

  • What great decorations and thanks so much for the chance at winning.

  • I love anything Martha Stewart

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday!!!

  • My kids have so much fun decorating for halloween that we started last month at their insistence! You can never have too many things to put up or out in their eyes. We've only been doing it for three years so don't have as much as they'd like but they still have a lot of fun :)

  • Wow! These Halloween decorations are great. Love the rats! Eeek!!

  • My sweet sugars are crazy about bats this year...such fun for them to decorate with these silhouettes!

  • Love the beverage labels! We've hosted a Halloween party for our son's youth group friends for the past 4-5 years, would love to add these decorations to the party. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I always loved decorating for my boys when they were growing I get the honor and excitement of decorating for my grandchildren...the excitement, fun and surprise that is in their eyes when they come over is so fullfilling and makes all the decorating with the time.....

  • Love Halloween decor! I purchased spiders from Martha Stewart at JoAnns and they are terrifying my hallway!

  • i adore the martha stewart animal and crafts product line! I'm going to petsmart to buy a halloween outfit for my frenchie!!

  • I love this! I cant wait to decorate!

  • I just love these spooktacular decorations!!! Halloween is my all time favorite time of the year & these would make a great addition to the few things that I have & my three year old would just love them!!!! Happy Haunting!!!

  • These would be awesome at our Halloween party!!!!

  • Halloween is my Favorite!!!

  • I want those pumpkin faces!

  • I love all the decorations but I especially love the silhouettes! What a great way to decorate for a party!

  • I am loving this giveaway and hope to win to decorate my home for the kids.

  • I go hog wild every Halloween! I always love all the fabulous decorations and would love to add them to my collection!

  • My hubby is a fanatic about Halloween-- maybe winning these would make him stop buying cheap decor at Walgreens! A girl can dream...

  • these decorations are great! we love putting up new stuff every year.

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday!! and I love all things Martha!!

  • I would so love to win!!! Thanks for the chance!

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love to decorate for it.

  • I am having a party this year and these would be PERFECT!!!

  • all of those decorations are adorable!

  • It would be awesome to win this!

  • This is a wonderful prize to be giving away. Those decorations would be wonderful!

  • Totally fun without being too spooky for my little ones! :)

  • I love everything Martha Stewart, would definetely love to win this Halloween package!

  • Would love to freshen up my halloween decorations! Mine are getting a little tired.....

  • Rocktober is the funnest time of the year, getting the house all decorated, making the costumes, carving the pumpkins ....etc etc etc

  • I absolutely LOVE the mice silhouettes on the stairs. I was just at the store the other day and fell in love with all of the cute Halloween decorations! Unfortunately...I was on a mission and couldn't afford any that time.

  • i would love to win this! I have many Martha craft items and love them!

  • I have a 10 year old, and we have done the Mouse Silhouettes. They are super cute and so nice! The pumpkin transfers are something that I would love to try this year.

  • LOVE all these decorations!!!

  • Love the spooky silhouettes!

  • Fun! :)

  • My grandson and I (he's almost 5)love to decorate for every holiday. We have been having so much fun with our halloween we would love these to add to our display.

  • All the decorations look so fun!

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday. I dress as a witch each year, and have a dark/spooky foyer with spooky music playing. I make up bags with non-peanut candy and a gift, and put the bags in a basket (picture the basket on the back of the wicked-witches bicycle in The Wizard of Oz). They have to put their hand in there to get their bag, and are never sure if something "else" will be in there too!

    I have heard them say through the door before they ring the bell, "Oh, this is the witch-lady's house." I love it!!!

  • I love martha stewart crafts! SO inspiring! Especially for Halloween...

  • What a great give-away, Halloween is such a fun holiday!

  • I LOVE these! I'm moving into a house for the first time since my husband and I were married, and these would help make a perfect housewarming party! I love holiday decorating, and Halloween is one of my favorites!

  • I think I like the pumpkin transfers the best! Just carved my first pumpkin since.... forever... about a week ago (gonna do more later this month) and it was a lot harder to cut through everything than I remember! The pumpkin transfers look like an easy way to make really cute pumpkins.

  • :0 wow these decorations would ne a very nice addition to my halloween decor!!!
    We Love Halloween Time, because its the one day a year you can be anything you want....even a turtle or an ant.
    Hahaha. We Love Love Love this Halloween stuff for sure!!!

  • Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. At home and at work, you can find me decorating and making spooky foods for my friends and family. I would love to have these decorations.

  • I love Halloween and Martha Stewart!

  • Halloween is my favorite time of the year! I can hardly wait for the Martha Stewart Show to see what she has for the holiday each year!! I've learned a lot from her and I just love to shop at JoAnn's for my holiday fabrics!!! Too bad the store in my neighborhood closed down, but....I still will travel the distance to visit the nearest one over 30 miles away.

  • My family absolutely loves halloween!! Would love to win this package! MAHALO

  • Thank you for this chance to win! Halloweed is my family fav Holiday,every year we get the house ready for all the little ones to enjoy the decorations.
    This year has been a tight for us to get everything we would like so this would be a great win for us

  • Martha Stewart Halloween decorations are so terrific...I'd enjoy any of the decorations!!!

  • What a great give-a-way. I would love to win this!

  • Looks awesome!

  • I especially love the crows!

  • halloween is my favorite holiday and decorating each year is so much fun :)

  • What a great start on my Halloween party. Hope to win. Thanks

  • I love the quality and intricate detail your products provide. I'm never disappointed and always excited about 'what's new'! I am entertaining my two little greatgrandsons and some of their friends for Halloween. I would love to win the decorations to make it truly memorable for them.

  • Halloween is creeping up on me fast! I'd love to have some new decorations to put up in my home this year! i'll keep my fingers crossed! <3

  • What is not to love about these decorations. Always clever and with great style.

  • I am a Martha Stewart crafts Fanatic! I love, love, love all the Great Show ideas for Halloween I must admit I even watch the Repeats...

  • These are so cute! Definitely need some Martha Stewart swag to add to my holiday decorating obsession!

  • I love Halloween and have used several Martha Stewart decorations. I add more each year and use them to decorate my office and home. Would love to add these to my collection.

  • It is SO hard to resist the Martha Stewart Halloween stuff. It's all too cute!

  • Ooo, these are all so fun!! Would love to win!!

  • I can't wait to win this well if we win omg can't come at a better time we have no money for anything this year.. the kids all saying " Let Us Win " lol oh well Good Luck everyone!! :) The Quinteros'

  • I made many of your flying bats & they look wonderful out doors & indoors. Am doing many other of your decorations like carved pumpkins using your templates. Thanks Martha for all your great ideas & making crafting fun.

  • Pick mE!!! :)

  • Cute decorations - don't you just love decorating for Halloween?!? It would be awesome to win!! Thanks for the opportunity :-)

  • Love all things Halloween-especially whatever Martha's team comes up with!
    I am going all out this year-love Halloween!

  • Wish I had the time to make all these decorations but I just can't! Would love some help! They are amazing!!!

  • Thanks, Martha for sharing my love of Fall and Halloween! Acorns and oak leaves are for year 'round, not just 3 months of the year!!

  • The mice won me over!

  • Fantastic silhouettes! Who would ever think that I would say that I love those mice? :)

  • I love Martha Stewart crafts and I practically live at Joanns. I would love to win!

  • I just love all the fall/Halloween ideas from the show & website! How I would LOVE to win this Halloween deco pack!!! My son and his fiance' are having a Halloween wedding (it's approaching rather quickly) and we need all the great decorating things we can get! I was able to get some of the Martha Stewart hanging spiders and chandeliers on sale this past weekend, but there's so much more I would love to have! :o )

  • Those labels are pretty awesome!

  • The is the perfect craft to allow me to go just a little 'batty' this Halloween. I'll be headed out for supplies right after work.

  • Witching everyone good luck!

  • ME! GIVE THEM TO ME!!!! Please??

  • Halloween is by far my favorite holiday in the entire year! You get to be someone else for one whole day and no one will think you are weird!!!! I love dressing up in costumes and going trick-or-treating with my kids every year. I have a 7 year old and a 4 year old. I love everything Halloween, especially the pumpkins. My kids love the candy, I love the pumpkin and the fall season! I think I even love it more than my kids :) LOL!

    We always have so much fun during Halloween and make special memories to last a life time....P.S. Pick MEEEE please :)

    Grace, Glendale, AZ.

    Thank you!

  • Would love to win these and let my little man and my nephews decorate my house!!

  • I love Martha's Halloween style! Absolutely my favorite! I'd be overjoyed to win this package!

  • Joann's is my go-to place for my costume-MAKING supplies. Now I'll check out Martha's decorations there. Love the labels-great hostess gift. I have to say the rats freak me out! But the rest are to DIE for!!

  • love all the crafts

  • Our church basement would be so scary with these decorations, all ready for our youth Halloween party! Martha's decorations for every season just are the frosting on any cake!

  • Love your holiday silhouettes. I purchased the spiders last year and I'm using them again this year. I'd like to see more Martha Stewart Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations. Happy Halloween! :)

  • OMG I just got the spider ones and put them all over our living room! i would love the whole collection though! LOVE LOVE LOVE :D


  • Happy Haunting happens with Martha's crafts and decorations! I go batty for bats!

  • Thanks. Want a great Halloween giveaway!!!

  • Love them all and would love to win!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Hello my name is Nadine and I am a Halloweenaholic.

  • Would love these to decorate for my annual Halloween party!

  • These decorations look so simple and clean. Just perfect for any home for decoration

  • Love the decorations! Would look awesome in my house. :)

  • I adore those beverage labels! Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and these products only serve to enhance my already spooky decor for the season. :-)

  • The witch silhouette is fabulous!!! And I really like the beverage labels, too. Lots of fun, spooky goodies! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  • way cool! Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  • they almost make me wish i had more house to decorate

  • What would we do without Martha? Love, love, love all of her shows but especially the Halloween episodes. I have been inspired to transform my whole house into a haunted one!

  • I love the Halloween decorations out this year at my local Joann's.

  • I love every single craft Martha Stewart creates. My favorite product of hers would be her paper punches, they are the best!

  • I love Martha's Halloween crafts and decorations! Can't wait to do my Halloween decorating... it is one of my favorite holidays.

  • I love these ideas! I can't wait to start crafting.

  • I love all of the Halloween decorations you have! Every year I get out my decorations and I always buy new ones to put up too. My husband kind of looks at me funny? Then I noticed he turns the Halloween decoration lights on in the windows if I forget? So I think he really likes them secretly too? *Grin* Thank you for giving me the chance to win these! Happy Halloween!

  • We have used templates from Martha 's magazines and books many years but I LOVE the pre-made line even more! I also love the glitter sets for all of the holidays. I have 2 pre-teen grand daughters I want to "scare" at our Halloween party this year so I hope we win!

  • Great giveaways, love all the Halloween items.

  • Halloween has been a favorite tradition of mine since birth. I watched Martha today making the mouse hotel on the Today show and desperatly need to work with this woman at some point soon. I have so many ideas to share. Call me, we will do lunch!

  • The glittered skulls and bones are my favorite. Or maybe the glittered pumpkins? The black crows are really great too....bah I love ALL things Martha :)

  • I tried SO hard to win a Martha Stewart gift basket at a silent auction over the weekend...and everyone at my table won something except me! (Although the money I spent on the raffle tickets went to a very good cause, so I was okay with it!) I would love to be able to put up these decorations for my party!

  • My mom's favorite holiday is Halloween, its her Christmas. So these would be great for her party. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • I love Halloween and Martha Stewart decorations and craft ideas. I used some of her wedding ideas for our daughters wedding. She always comes out with something new and easy.
    I look forward to all her Holiday Craft Ideas wether it be crafts, food or tips.
    Have a great day.

  • I adore all the silhouettes!

  • Awesome decorations!

  • I love the mice!! I have tons of Martha Christmas decorations, I should definitely start collecting some Halloween treasures!

  • We give out more than 30 bags of fun size candy to the neighborhood kids. How fun to give them a little scare with a big treat.....

  • Would love to win these decorations. Love decorating for Halloween!

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday and Martha is my favorite crafter so I hope I win(fingers crossed)

  • OOOH! spooky1

  • I never miss the October issue of Martha Stewart for all of her amazing halloween craft ideas!

  • I have always wanted to do the silhouttes on the wall but never did take the time to learn how to do it.The pix above has inspired me .Thanks to Marthas help it sure does make me more encouraged. Thanks Martha!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I LOVE the whole line of MSC Halloween decor! Hope I win! :)

  • I just love your show, web site, magazine, and products. I've gotten soooo many ideas from you over the year, so much in fact, when I decorated this year for Halloween my son asked me if it was a bit much, to which I answered NEVER! LOL Keep it up Martha.

  • I have to decorate our local pub for karaoke. These decorations would be great!

  • I love them all, but I particularly love the pumpkins! I am always looking for new and different things to do for Halloween that won't terrify my 2.5 yr old.

  • Love the bottle labels!

  • I would love to win the decorations for our halloween party! I am usually super crafty (friends call me Martha Stewart Jr.) I make ghosts to hang from the trees, and tombstones for the yard. it would be nice having help decorating the inside of my house!

  • I think I love Martha Stewart items almost as much as I love Halloween! Awesome ideas and items!

  • I luv Martha Stewart's crafts and ideas!!!!Martha ur awesome!!!Wish I could win this....

  • I need to add bats to my decor. I have ghost & pumpkins. Bats would be a nice addition. :D

  • The decorations are so cute!! I love the pumpkin transfers! For a busy family like mine it will be a great way to decorate for Halloween! Thanks Martha!!

  • Love all the great decorations and wonderful ideas.

  • Love all your products. High quality!

  • Love the decorations. Halloween is my and my families favorite holiday. Hope to win.

  • What could be better than winning some Martha goodies!?

  • All of Martha's crafts are amazing, but my favorite are the Halloween ones!

  • Would love this package. I love Halloween!

  • We love Martha Stewart and her craft ideas..we are hoping to be the lucky winners!

  • Love Halloween, and love Martha! My construction paper bats are getting a bit tattered-I'd love to replace them with Martha's. :)

  • Love Martha, Love Joann and Love Halloween! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I love the beverage labels!!! Actually I love everything Martha Stewart!

  • I love cute and inexpensive holiday decor!

  • Great line for Halloween!

  • I LOVE Halloween and crafting!! I would also LOVE to win these decorations!!

  • Absolutely love all of the Martha Stewart Halloween decorations! I even had a Martha Stewart inspired Halloween party for my 7year old daughter when we went back to Sweden 2 years was a BIG hit!!!

  • good goblins these are great!

  • Cute Stuff!

  • These are so great! I really love all those baaaaats!

  • I LOVE halloween! I hope I win!

  • I love everything Martha Stewart!

  • This collection would make decorating for our annual Trick or Treat party a cinch!!! Thanks for the chance.

  • PICK ME! I would love these decorations to liven up my classroom at Halloween! :D

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday. Its even my and my husbands anniversary, and we even married each other in a graveyard. Love to put up decorations for display, throughout the year. Yeah. We are weird. But I hope I win :)

  • We were eyeing the Martha Stewart stuff when we bought fabric for our costumes. After I get the kids decorated up, I will have to go get some new stuff to finish off the house.

  • So cute! Would love to win.

  • Different departments at the hospital I work at decorate and go trick or treating. We just moved our small department and it would fun to decorate with these and draw attention to our new location.

  • I have a Halloween party every year and I love to decorate for Halloween! It takes me a full weekend to complete the decorating, but I love every minute. Halloween is THE holiday for me around here. Love looking at all the crafts and costumes on this site.

  • I absolutely love all of the Halloween inspired silhouttes by Martha Stewart~! I especially like the crows for this time of year!

  • I just went to Jo-Ann's on Mon. & I LOVE the Martha Stewart Halloween decorations. Wish I had enough $ to buy the ENTIRE collection. Would REALLY help decorate our first house for our first Halloween. Best Witches ^_^

  • Bats in the belfry
    Halloween decor
    I hope I win it all
    From my favorite JoAnn Fabrics Store!!

  • Oh!! Fun giveaway! Thank you!

  • I love Halloween, my absolute favorite holiday!!!

  • Totally awesome!!!! The crow is one my favorites - I have it on a MS wooden stamp and it matches the MS stamps that I got from HSN! Love the decorations!!!!!

  • These decorations would just "boo"tify my house for Halloween! Love your Halloween products and can't wait to see what you have for other upcoming holidays!

  • Who doesn't love Martha. She continues to inspire me with her decorating of home, to organization tip to her great Cake Decorating ideas. Would love to have and add this collection to my perconal collection. Keep those ideas and inspirations a coming. I promise to be on the receiving end :D

  • I soooo need this set of decorations! I'm having my first costume party/bonfire this year, and my house is looking a little less than scary! Or maybe it's scary because it's not so scary. Either way, trick or treat, I want some decorations!

  • This year is our 10Th annual "Halloweenie Roast" Martha's decorations will fit right in ,Would love to win! as ever, waiting to work for Martha Stewart!

  • I love these decorations!! Being pregnant and already having a 2 year old this giveaway would really help out!! Love the idea that your giving someone a chance to have these beautiful creations! Thanks!!

  • So cute!

  • Love the bats and birds.

  • I love the decorations. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I would love to win.

  • I absolutely love Martha Stewart and her whole craft line. Of course I'd LOVE to win some free goodies, but I'll be checking out what she's got new at Jo-Ann's too!

  • Perfect decorations to "spookify" the house at Halloween 'em!

  • So excited for Halloween this year! going to make the clothespin bats pumpkin cooler, bloody candles and paper mache pumpkins again :) Also saw the fossil cookies this year and i will for sure be making those! Thanks Martha and team for helping make me look so good :)

  • I just love Martha's decoration and craft ideas. I made some of her ideas from scratch. everyone loves them. I cant go wrong with Martha Stewarts crafts, food tips and everything else. always look forward to what will be next!!!!

  • Halloween is full of spooky fun when using Martha Stewart crafts. my kids love decorating!!!! Would love, love, love to have Martha give us a hand in creating a memorable Halloween celebration.

  • Love these!

  • Oh, these are fun!

  • I love the pumpkin transfers and the bats!!

  • Looking forward to buying these to use at my halloween party =)

  • Once upon a midnight dreary
    Martha helps to make it scary!!!

  • Love all the decorations! I am a huge martha fan and getting ready for my halloween party. Started to decorate yesterday.

  • My husband and I don't have kids but we have a fabulous time decorating and making our home THE house to go "Trick or Treating".

  • Halloween is a big thing in our neighborhood.Decorattions would be a big help.

  • I have always loved Martha's "dark" side. Her decorations are so much fun!

  • I wanted to order Martha's Halloween items from hsn but they were all sold out! I would love to get them now, just in time for the holiday. Thanx!

  • Don't have a Jo Anns store close by so I would love to win a prize of Halloween Decorations

  • My husband and I host a huge Halloween party every year to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I always use the latest decoration and recipes from the Martha Stewart brand and they never fail to impress my guests. Thank you Martha.

  • I love those bat cut outs. I hope I win!

  • Winning would make Halloween all the more fun!

  • My chances of winning the lottery are probably better than winning this package. Prove me wrong!

  • My 2 littles and I have been decorating the house for halloween...but, we like your decorations better! Please pick us!

  • lOVE IT!

  • Would love to win these fabulous decorations.

  • I would love love love to cover the front windows of my house with halloween silouettes!

  • Those are soo cute! i would love to win this i dont get to decorate this year cuz the cost :(

  • Knowing me, because I love crafting so much; I am sure that I will find very unique ways, or ideas, of using all of these prizes! Hallow wishing, on my part!!!! lol

  • The ravens/black birds are so cool! Hoping for a win here.

  • My local Jo-Ann's has already sold out of a bunch of the products. Hoping they will restock soon!

  • Need to update Halloween decorations these are awesome. Love Martha, Happy Halloween!!!!!!!

  • Love all of your ideas, these Halloween decorations are so cute. Would very much enjoy having them :)

  • Trick or Treat!!! Trickery of the eye. My treat to see the smiles....

  • Halloween is so much fun. Love these decorations! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I always have fun decorating my front porch for all the trick or treaters on Halloween. These decorations would be perfect.

  • This year's Halloween is going to be the best!

  • My kids love helping me decorate for any holiday. This year I am making my youngest a dinosaur costume for halloween.

  • Great decoration. It gave me an idea how to decorate my room :D

  • Would LOVE to win some fun decor!! Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday and decorating is in my blood!! =D
    THANKS for the chance to win and have a FABULOUS WEEK!! =D

  • The items are all so cute, but the mice are hilarious! They look like they are dancing :D

  • All of the decorations are beautiful. They are really creative.

  • Would love to win the Halloween giveaway!

  • We decorate inside & out and have a Halloween party every year. I'd love to add your great decorations to our exsisting decor.I made a few of the mice last year from stencils. They are sooo cute!

  • Halloween decorations are the best - and these are fabulous!

  • My 4 year old son is totally into "spooky" things and would love this!

  • Halloween is a favorite holiday here. Kids have chosen classic costumes this year (ghost & witch). Here's hoping that you will be able to help me with the decorations and atmosphere. Thanks for the chance!

  • Would love to win decorations.

  • I would looove these goodies :) halloween is the best holiday!!

  • We have the bats and love them, we'd love to have the whole collection!

  • This would be the perfect addition for our Halloween party!

  • My Sister and I have always loved Halloween, growing up on a small farm in Nebraska we weren't always guaranteed a trip to town for Trick or Treating, so we were always planning our own Halloween parties.
    There were times when a blizzard would come in ruining our chance for getting a sack full of candy.
    So we'd make our own halloween fun, we still treasure those memories of our own parties, and we still even have some of the decorations that we used to use to decorate our parents tiny farm house.

  • My daughers and I LOVE all of your Halloween decorations! Every year we pick a few crafts to make from your Halloween magazine. We would LOVE to win some of your decorations <3

  • These are delightful!

  • Halloween is so much fun!

  • Love the rats, creepy!!!

  • What a cute giveaway! Love the bats

  • I would love to win these for our annual Halloween party! I love this holiday. Martha's ideas are so inspiring.

  • This looks like such a fun and easy way to spread a little Halloween magic around the house. I love it!

  • I love these decorations! So cute! My son would absolutely love them!

  • I love this time of year. My birthday is on Halloween so what a great birthday gift this would be.

  • Truly love the decorations. All my kids and myself love Halloween. My kids especially with two of them spending many hours decorating their yards. Really love the mice on the stairs.....

  • I love all of these decorations! I have a party each year. This year I am inviting parents and teachers from my childrens schools to our Halloween party so there will be many more people at my house. I would love to have these to help decorate my home for our party! Thank you for all of the wounderful free printables you have on your page!

  • These are so great. Halloween is our favorite holiday in our house and our decorations are a few years old now, these would really be perfect. My daughters always love how the house looks when it's all spooky and I have even been asked to keep the look year round. We would love to win these and if we do, we will keep them up for the entire year, making my daughters dream come true and paying tribute to our win. (Plus I think it would be really fun to find ways to alter them with the other Holidays.)

  • Martha Stewart is by far the best place to go for inspiration for Halloween! Love all of the ideas!

  • Decorations like these make the Halloween season so much fun

  • LOVE the witch cling... i'm having a costume party and all the decorations would look great there!

  • I love Halloween and would love to win. It is one of my favorite holidays. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Have a great Day! Terri

  • Halloween! I have the crow silhouettes and they are so great. Very festive with just the right amount of EERIE! Thanks Martha!

  • The only words to discribe your show are
    "The Best of EVERTHING from Martha"

    If you want it done right just watch Martha.

    Thank You Martha
    Jane Polinski

  • I just had to build a new shelving unit to house all of your glitters. I am glitter obsessed and need new decorations to play with!

    Can't wait to come to the show on the 24th!

  • Throwing a Halloween bday party for my daughter with a limited budget.could use all the help I can get:)

  • Love these Halloween ideas. Am always looking for new crafty things to do!

  • Halloween is my family's favorite holiday!

  • If I win and hope I do I will give the prize to a child care center that needs Halloween decorations! I love Halloween for we have over 300 little ones that come form all over the county just to say hello. They are so cute!

  • Halloween is our favorite time of year. Thanks for all the great crafting ideas.

  • Love the bottle labels!

  • I think they are very creative ideas and i especially like the rats.

  • My husband and I have been looking for Halloween decorations. These are GREAT! Hope you will help us out here! :)

  • So cute! I love them all!

  • Love Halloween and the Martha Stewart line at JoAnn's. Makes decorating and baking for Halloween more fun!

  • I love the bats!

  • I always look to MSL for Halloween inspiration. This year I really fell for the scrapbooking/card making supplies. Used MSL stickers to make an awesome Halloween card for my mom. I still have the metal Jack o'lanters candle holders on wooden "sticks" that were sold through the old MS line. They always have a place front and center in our outside decorations. Those help make us the neighborhood "haunted house"!

  • I would so love to win! My 14 year old son loves to decorate for halloween and he would absolutely love it!

  • These decorations are AWESOME! My 4 years old son loves "Halloween" He and I would enjoy putting up halloween decorations in our house. Thank you so much for for the opportunity.

  • Although my tiny studio apartment is pretty much full of Halloween decor already, there is ALWAYS room for more!!!!!

  • Wow! This would make Halloween decorating quick and easy!

  • Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year! I have so much fun decorating. Thank you for the chance.

  • Oh my goodness, what a great give away! My two year old son, Jude, and I were just at Michael's looking at the fun decorations. We would LOVE to win! Since I am working on a very limited budget, he and I have been crafting our own decorations, but these decals would just be fantastic! (Plus they would give my poor tired and sore hands a break from cutting silhouettes out all day lol!!) My little Jude bug says "Pwease Mawffa, let us haff some bats." I guess if we don't win then it will be back to the scissors and construction paper for us!! Lol!! I hope we win, but if not then whoever does win better post pics!! :)

  • Love these! Can't wait to see them used at my house.

  • Please pick me to win all of these super cool Halloween decorations.

  • Very excited for Halloween!! My two year old and I can't wait to start decorating.

  • What better way to decorate for ANY holiday than with MS decorations!!

  • OOh! Was just at Joann's and spotted these, would love to win some.

  • I love all of these! The bats expecially are fantastic :)

  • ...And the extra touches like these are why I've been a devoted reader of Martha Stewart since I was literally seven years old! Perfect for the first Halloween party I'll be throwing as a "grown up" in my own apartment now!

  • Halloween is my sister and my favorite time of year! When we were small we didn't get to go trick or treating much since we lived way out in the country, so we had our own Halloween parties! They were great and to this day we still recall all the fun things we got to do and all our decorations we put up! We wouldn't trade those times for anything! We both love Martha's website for Halloween since it reminds us of our past!

  • My almost 4-year-old is a Halloween baby. It's a great time to celebrate in our home and these items would really improve the festivities. Thanks!

  • Fabulous decorations! I would love to have these!

  • These decorations are super wicked!!! If I win them it will save me tons on my Halloween decorations this year!!!

  • Love decorating for Halloween and well any holiday. These decorations are just great and I'm happy that they are being carried at one of my favorite stores. I'm there almost every week.

  • Love, love, love all the craft products but I like to bling up the unusual with the fantastic glitter...skulls, bugs, veggies, wall art.

  • woot, woot, I would so luv to win the bats and witch wall deco but really any of these would make me so goulishly happy :-) Thanks for the chance!

  • I cant wait to decorate using silhouettes . they will look great in my windows !!

  • I would absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win these! I love the witch and also the bats!!

  • The bats are just wonderful!! These look like so much fun!

  • I am so looking forward to winning your Halloween Giveaway, especially the Mouse Silhouettes which I intend to place in strategic areas of my lower level home in order to thwart a number of unwelcome visitors during the past cooler Fall month in the Midwest.

  • I accept your invitation to enter the Halloween Giveaway since I do enjoy setting out special occasion and holiday decor for our friends and family to enjoy. The simplicity of your designs and projects make it easy to accomplish a great look in a minimal amount of time.

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday! I would love to decorate my home with these fantastic decorations. Thank you for the chance to win :)

  • I love these! Especially the crows which are soo beautiful and Edgar Allen Poe-ish.
    They'd be great for decorating my library where I work:)

  • I am a new proud mom of a cute sweet little boy and i am trying to get some great ideas for halloween stuff to do with my son. Please help me

  • I would love to have all these fabulous decorations for our Halloween party !! Happy Haunting !!!

  • So cute! I loved decorating as a child! And would love to decorate as an adult!

  • Martha and her staff have the best ideas! The mini pumpkin vampires are my favorite!!

  • All of the ideas for Halloween are really great. My daughter's birthday is Oct 30th and this year she will be 4. This is her favorite time of year, infact I have to distract her anytime passing pumpkins in the store or by the end of the season you would find a full crop at our home! I know children get excited at birthday time, but my angel has taken it to a totally new level searching with mommy online to get decorating ideas so she can enjoy making her birthday as festive with Halloween as possible! She has even started a leaf collection of all the trees that catch her eye and yes that includes the trees I have to stop and go back to no matter where we need to go because she wants to use them for her grand decoration plan. Her excitement and interests especially now has been another 'priceless moment' reminding me how precious the simplest times life are even though through the years it becomes nature for us all to become desensitized to life's simplest yet priceless treasures.

  • Love the pumpkins with the fangs! We're going to do make those this year. Fangtastic!

  • Love these scary decorations!

  • These would be perfect for my house full of kids for Halloween!

  • I'd love to win this for our Girl Scout party! We are also doing the pumpkins with fangs this year :)

  • This is a great prize ! Would love to win ...nothing could be better than a Martha Stewart party!

  • Great giveaway! :)

  • Awesome giveaway. The content certainly would turn any home into a haunted house.

  • Gotta Love The Martha!

  • Wow- love the Halloween decorations! This is our first year in a home in town and we're so excited to decorate for the trick-or-treaters! Thanks for the chance!

  • I have a 13 yr old that is afraid to death of Halloween. I haven't been able to do anything about it, or should I say, I really haven't tried hard enough to help him enjoy the holiday.
    He absolutely loves arts and crafts. I really think that if he and I did some sort of craft together, he will see that it is all fun, decorations, games and goodies. It sure would be great if we won a prize to have materials to do a Halloween decoration or craft.
    I sure do miss dressing up and trick or treating, etc. Please help me and my son come back to celebrating this fun and wonderful holiday. TY

  • I just moved in with my 4 year old grandson. Everyday he looks forward to a new craft idea with grandma. Your giveaway will be the highlight of his day. He is learning to enjoy holidays and shares with all the neighbors what he does with his nana. 'Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Love Halloween, Love giveaways, Love Martha! A trifecta of awesome!

  • I just love your Halloween decorations. I'm making the mini pumpkins and the head platter for my grandson's party. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I'm so in awe with the ideas and carving with your pumpkins. you make us feel its something we can make. i'm sparkling everything even my dog hehe ...I wait every year and go on a quest to find your special Halloween magazine.. it has become hard to find. every page I drool over.. thanks.. Happy Halloween..

  • Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the things that Martha's show comes up with!!!

  • LOVE anything Martha Stewart! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

  • I love all these decorations. I'm 21 years old and I have been making my own decorations and costumes since I was about 12. Including (to my parents tourture)turing our front lawn into a cemetary using old cardboard spraypaint and sponging. With fog machine and spider webs and fench and all.

    I really want to do something special for my apartment this year, and while my small craft projects are helping the place look more cheerful. I just graduated from college in may, and am getting by but barely being paid minimum wage. I would love some halloween decorating help. Since I don't even do things like eat out or buy myself anything other then basics like food.

  • How FUN is all this! I absolutely LOVE Halloween!

  • We would be well on our way to having the right things to decorate our house should we win this contest.

  • I love all of these decorations. So fun!! Great decorations make for a great party and these are sure to be crowd pleasers. Martha saves the day again!

  • What a great giveaway....would love to win it!!


  • I absolutely love these Halloween silhouettes! I just decorated the main windows to my house and have gotten so many compliments.

  • I love the bats!!! My kids would love them too!!! It would be a lot of fun in our house!!!

  • I love giveaways... The witch would be perfect for my party

  • Love it! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  • That would be wonderful.. I celebrate my little girls birthday as a Hallow Birthday Party as it is so close to Halloween!!! It would be wonderful to have new decorations, she would be so ecstatic to be able to help add more fun stuff into the decorating, we have so much fun getting the house prepared. She loves to have more than just one day to dress up in her costume as do her friends and their families!! I love Martha's Stuff..!!!

  • We love Halloween related crafts! It's so much fun!

  • I love the silhouettes! A coworker has done up her desk with the bottle labels, silhouettes and vintage dark lace. :-)

  • Love the decorations. Halloween is my birthday so it's always been my favorite day!


  • I can just see the bats hanging from my iron work at my front door. What a warm welcome for my quests.

  • Great ideas!

  • My grandchildren would love to see and help me decorate with these decorations.

  • These are great!

  • I Really Loved these Decorations! Leave it to Martha for all the Great Ideas! As a Grandmother of 10.. and being on SSI, with a monthly check of $355.00 a month..Grandma can't afford any new decorations to add to my old ones. This giveaway would bring so many smiles to my grandchildren.. not to mention the little ones across the street from me at the school!!!

  • Just the thing to get me in the Halloween mood!!!!

  • We live in a neighborhood in which we get a ton of kids so we're having a halloween open house and these would be perfect for our party!

  • Martha makes the greatest Halloween items, and it would be great to win this so my house would be the scariest on the block!

  • I love this site. I am new here and love it. Martha is the crafting Queen... Thank you for a chance to win!!

  • I love Halloween! I am growing a plant that "Plays Dead" when you Tickle It. It is called the TickleMe Plant. I would love to win this Halloween Contest

  • Great decorations! I love the bats. I may try to make something similar for our trick or treat station. We live in a rural area and our house is VERY far off any main road. So my husband and I are setting up our Trick or Treat at a 100 year old school house that is now a community center. The area kids will come by on a hay ride and we will get to enjoy Halloween with them (and they get more treats). Don't you just love the simple things!

  • I would love to win this! I work at a no- profit camp for kids and the decorations would be great for our Halloween family weekends

  • OH! Would love to win these Halloween goodies! Thanks for the giveaway!

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