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Make It : Marli's Oozing Pumpkins

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Today's post comes from Research Editor Marli Guzzetta:

"I am a social crafter. I often do my crafting with adult friends, and we are often drinking adult drinks. As such, I have a two-drink rule for projects: They must be safe enough, quick enough and simple enough to complete in the process of finishing two (maybe three) vodka Gimlets.

Last weekend, I met friends on their rooftop garden in Brooklyn to celebrate a beloved friend’s birthday and carve pumpkins. Thanks to the Martha Stewart Craft Department’s Fanged Pumpkins, I prepared for the day with under $20 and in only two trips (one to the corner store for pumpkins and one to the drug store for a carving kit, sewing pins and plastic vampire fangs).

I improvised some by hollowing my pumpkins and dripping a little of the gooey innards down their fangs for vampire realism. I also carved lids into the tops of my pumpkins so I could use them as jack-o-lanterns. When I was ready to illuminate them, I widened the eye sockets just a bit as I was removing the pins to let the light through.

All in all, I spent less than 45 minutes carving and gutting my little monsters, which meant I had more time to socialize. Cheers to this super cute, super simple project."

Thanks so much, Marli!

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