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Make It : Cross-Stitch Families

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Today's guest post comes from Rory Evans, a freelance writer for Martha Stewart Living.

As the writer assigned to many of the Living Crafts stories, I'm lucky enough to get an advance preview on all the cool projects that crafters dream up.  Recently, I was so inspired by the Generations X story about family portrait cross-stitching that I made the project even before I wrote the text (don't tell my bosses...).  My friends Lauren and Ben had a baby just as I was working on the story, and I used the adorable template drawings as starting-points for a portrait of their new little family, including the cat, on a bib made from Aida cloth.  It turned out so well that I couldn't beat the idea of a baby- no matter how adorable!- slobbering over it, so I framed it.  When I gave it to Lauren, she actually wept at the cuteness.

I've started in on a much larger family than this happy threesome- a family tree for my parents, with me and my three sisters and our partners, pets, and daughters.

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  • Oooh I do love the stitchable bib! Good call on framing it though...that woulda been a tragic end for the lovely artwork you created.

    The family tree you're working sounds amazing and I hope you post it when you're done!

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