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Contests & Prizes : Announcing the Gift Wrap Challenge!

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We're thrilled to announce our first ever Gift Wrap Challenge!

Here in the Crafts Department, we are no strangers to gift wrap. We thought we'd mix things up this year by putting the pressure on four of our favorite craft bloggers. Just like we did with our Gift Wrap Arsenal from the December issue of Living, they were tasked with the challenge of creating ingenious gift wrap ideas using whatever inexpensive materials they could get their hands on.

Starting next week, the folks from Creature Comforts, Shimtokk, Something's Hiding In Here and Hello Sandwich will be showing us how they are wrapping presents this year. Tune in Monday through Thursday to see what they've come up with and on Friday, we'd like you to vote for your favorite!

Monday: Creature Comforts

Tuesday: Shimtokk

Wednesday: Something's Hiding in Here

Thursday: Hello Sandwich

Friday: VOTE!

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