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Contests & Prizes : Craft Station Giveaway!....NOW CLOSED!

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This just in - we are giving away 4 Craft Stations to 4 lucky winners!

We're thrilled to announce a very exciting giveaway today - the brand new Martha Stewart Craft Station! It's an all-in-one system for creating hundreds of beautifully detailed projects. It's part paper cutter, embossing station, and comes with a built- in light box which is great for working with all of our templates. It's the perfect gift for the crafter on your holiday shopping list.

For a chance to win, leave a comment below stating why you're excited about the Craft Station before 6pm on Wednesday, December 14. Click here to view the terms & conditions.

The Craft Station is available for purchase in select Michaels stores, and online at That said, if you make your way to Michaels, be sure to use this 50 % off coupon on your holiday shopping!

Comments (224)

  • [...] Craft Station Giveaway! The Crafts Dept. at Martha Stewart Sat, December 10, 2011 12:03 PM UTC The Crafts Dept. at Martha Stewart Rate this story Share (function(){var [...]

  • I'm super excited for this Craft Station!! It would be so useful to cut papers to size and emboss without moving an inch! Not to mention, for those of us without a fabulous sized craft room like Martha it would take up less room that having the three separate pieces! Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I love this Craft Station! I'm so excited about having all these great tools in one place! And I can't wait to see the embossing template designs Martha and her team have come up with! Embossing is one of my favorite crafts! Looks like another great product from Martha :)

  • I have always appreciated Martha's line of crafting supplies because they so well designed. The crafters station is another ingenious idea. My favorite part is the light box!

  • I would so love this gift. I'm an avid Martha fan and have such a tiny little space in which to craft in my apartment. Having something like this would make things so much easier. And face it, it's from Martha...that would make my year complete! :)

  • Its so exciting to have all the tools you need to make all kinds of crafts in one craft station.

  • What a super giveaway! I have always wanted to dedicate some time and creativity, not only to wrapping gifts this season, but to making the small, everyday things about the house look special. This kit would be the perfect tool set to begin with. And matches my house too.

  • WOW What an AMAZING concept! I always wanted to purchase a light box which can be pricey but to include a way to emboss, align with visible rulers on all sides, include a paper cutter & include templates this is a definate MUST HAVE for any crafter! All I can say is PLEASE PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!!!

  • The potential projects are endless!!!

  • I saw this craft station at Michaels and instantly fell in love! The paper cutter and embossing station alone are awesome features...but a light box too! Are you kidding me? This is a crafters dream come true! I've been taping stencils to my window and having to wait to emboss until the light came through my window just right. I am definitely asking Santa for this!

  • Every year my girls and I make a craft or treat for the salvation army Thanksgiving and this year also for the Christmas dinner served at the Salvation Army. The awesome craft station will be a wonderful resource to assist us in giving the very best to all those that attend the dinner this year! At Thanksgiving this year we made decorated sugar cookies that were leaves, pumpkins and turkeys. We also made a "tree of thanks", where everyone had a cutout leaf on a gold ribbon to hang from out tree. The tree was a collection of twigs, glued in a pot with rocks around it. We finished it off with our words of inspiration from the bible to start the tree with our blessings. It was so great to see my girls and their friends help others and watch each guest write & add their leaves of thanks to our tree! Thank you Martha for inspiring us everyday to give from our heart, a homemade treasure and to give our ourselves and volunteer!

  • This Craft Station is awesome! I love how it is compact and can be used for more than one crafting item. I love crafts of all kinds, and I am a huge scrapbooker (I am a mom of 3 young children who all have their own books). I appreciate how compact and simple this tool seems!

  • Oh my gosh would I LOVE this craft station! I love to make cards and other crafts for gifts and this would make everything soooo much easier for me--especially the light box. Another great idea from Martha!

  • Martha Stewart has the best quality items, so in addition to winning something that would be wonderful, you know that it'll last! Love this.

  • I am so excited for this craft station! It is on my Christmas list. I think the lightbox with the rulers is the best!

  • Wow, this is awesome, thanks for the opportunity to win! :) Certainly would be useful in creating homemade gifts, which is our goal this year. We are trying to stop buying gifts and make them all personalized ourselves. Love watching people's expressions as they open them!

  • I'm excited about the craft station because I have Martha's loom and weave kit and it's just so smart and makes the craft easy. The craft station looks like another great idea to help beginners like myself! :)

  • This is such a great idea. I've been wanting a light box, but how much better to get one that can also be used for cutting, embossing, and more. It would be such a time-saver to not have to put away one tool and get out the next. It would take up less space, too. And all cutting and tracing templates -- what fun to explore all of those! I would certainly love to win one!

  • I am so psyched about this! I love the light and cutter and I might not even need my reading glasses! lol, How much easier can all-in-one get? Bravo Crafts Dept.!

  • My mother is a scrapbooking and crafting pro and has always wanted something like this. This would make the ultimate Christmas gift to someone who deserves so much more! (And I'd love to be able to "borrow" it from her now and then!)

  • this is pretty gosh darn adorable.

  • because it is both adorable, functional, cute and practical! lord knows i'll never have to prop something on a window just to fashion an ad hoc lightbox.

  • This would be fantastic for creating my greeting cards! I live that all the tools are in one product, saving space & time!

  • What a smart product! Love the light box. I am new to crafting and this is a tool I would love to have to take my projects to the next level!

  • This looks great--maybe this is what I need to get back into heavy-duty crafting! I've never tried embossing before, but it's on my list of "skills to learn." Fun!

  • This craft station is so sweet! And almost everything you need in one place!

  • Omigoodness! I love this.

    So much crafting potential. I would love to have this to play with and try out all of the neat craft posibilties. Plus, if i win it, I could tell my crafty 5 year old daughter that she can't "steal" this toy from me, Martha gave it to's off limits, sister!!!

  • I'm excited about the Craft Station because it is so compact -- I only have a little space, so saving by not having a separate cutter and light box would be great.

  • This would be great for crafting on the go! I am always taking projects with me, but it can be difficult to find a portable work surface!

  • How amazing!! I like so many things about the craft station... the accuracy of the cutting blade, the ability to trace (without taping things to my window to trace) and embossing. I would LOVE to win this!!

  • I'm excited because it will cut down the number of individual tools I need to keep out or store. It seems so much more efficient.

  • I have a small area for crafting so anytime I can combine tools together it helps me greatly!

  • Wow, combining all my favorite crafts in one tool! I love that the light box has 30 LED lights for shadow free working.

  • I lost my job earlier this year and my daughter and I have had to move in with friends. The Martha Stewart Craft Station would provide endless hours of fun for my eight year old daughter who wants to grow up and be like Mary Cassatt.

  • I have been a Martha fan since 1972 and have every single issue of her magazine! I would love to win one of these craft stations to be able to continue making greeting cards, gift tags and bookmarks! I use an old upside down slightly opague ice cube tray with a halloween pumpkin light in it for an embossing table now. This would be a great improvement!

  • Having a proper lightbox would mean no more standing at the window, legs shifting, arms getting tired, (plus paper slipping and mistakes galore) when I want a little "help" drawing something. And it means I could ditch my old junkie paper cutter and trade up to a quality tool. Yippee!

  • Doing crafts is my therapy. I take care of my disabled husband, and at times it can be very frustrating. At the end of the day, when I can finally relax, I make all sorts of crafts. I also give them out as gifts, and have gotten lots of compliments. We live in a small apartment, and it is hard to keep my craft products all in one place. This station would be perfect for me to keep all of my craft products in one place. If it wasn't for doing crafts, I think I would have alot of stress.

  • It's almost an all in one station. I think the LED lighted back gound would work very nicely for aligning projects. Great novative ideas all wrapped into to one. I would love using it.

  • I absolutely love doing crafts and always looking for new tools and experimenting different ways to make crafts for give a ways.

  • I have wanted to get into embossing for a long time and this would be such a great way to start! I have some creative ideas floating around in my head and just don't have all of the tools yet (slowly but surely adding) and this would be such a blessing!

  • Why am I excited about the craft station? Cause it does everything!

  • This craft station is amazing! We would use it to create all kinds of crafts--particularly using ideas gleaned from Martha Stewart Living magazine and her tv show. The built-in light box would be super helpful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Hi, Merry Christmas to all at Martha Stewart's Crafts Department. I would love to win this Martha Stewart Craft Station for my crafty use and my two crafty adult daughters uses. I would share it! We three always have lots of ideas for crafts and have be using a bedroom window with the sun shining in so that we can trace our ideas out on fabric. It has been very challenging to do it this way, very awkward. This Martha Stewart Craft Station would also help us with our scrap booking, card making etc. We just love your line in the crafts department in Michael’s Craft store and WalMart. Thank you for all your help in making our homes beautiful. God bless.

  • How wonderful - it combines two of my favorite things, crafting and multitasking. I can only imagine the gorgeous holiday cards I could make with this!

  • Because it is from Martha Stewart!

  • I am very excited about this craft station and the simple reason is: I am the mother of a beautiful baby girl and I want her to be crafty just like her mama!!!

  • I am excited about this craft station because of the gridded cutter and light box. Oh, and the multitude of lovely patterns it comes with!

  • This is such a wonderful item!!!

  • Just this weekend my husband made me a rack to hold my quilt templates and rulers. I told him that my favorite rulers were the Martha Stewart rulers because they don't slip. The only problem that I had is that they are opague and a little hard to see thru. I told him it would be great, if it was lit from the underside, so the measurements could be seen no matter what color fabric or paper I was cutting. He suggested a light box, and here I am reading all about your new work staion. It even has a glass surface to cut on. I can already see more accurate and squared up cuts! Only Martha Stewart's Crafts Department could develop another great product for use by the many different types of crafters. Thank you so much!

  • it would be so much fun to win, since i don't have a michael's near me. it looks like it would be great for making cards, tags, labels. i like to make cute little favors to add to my son's lunch box - this would be a perfect helper.

  • I would absolutely live this prize. I have Martha magazines sent all the way to the uk and there don't seem to be the same DIY opportunities here!!! I would just love to have the chance to make some of the incredible things I see in the martha magazine all the way over here in the uk! - candice

  • As someone who has saved every back issue of Martha Stewart Living, it is safe to say I am craft-obsessed! I also appreciate great design and this looks like a truly functional and well-designed tool kit. It would be a great kit to use when crafting with my two girls.

  • This Craft Station is so perfect! There are so many things you can do with it I cannot name only one. I am excited about all the possibilities :)

  • What's really amazing to me is that it has an LED light people! No more tracing against the window and if it’s dark out, forget about it! LOL But who could resist their very own work station?!

  • When I heard about the Craft Station contest, I did a happy dance in my kitchen. I've recently started crafting again after a 6 year hiatus while I had babies and started (and subsequently sold) a baby products business. ( Now, my craft supplies are stale outdated and I'm so excited about Martha's line of goodies. I've been buying little bits here and there but to have her entire craft station would be the inspirational "wind in my sails". Plus my daughter who is 8 now is starting to get into serious paper crafts and I'd love to have a great station for both of us to use. Thanks so much!

  • I would love to have this station! My daughter is just beginning to craft and I can't think of a better way to teach her than with Martha Stewart products!

  • I'm so excited about the new Martha craft station that if I'm lucky enough to win I could use it to make an almighty thank you card for the lovely people at the Craft Dept!

  • Craft Station = homemade cards for every occasion.

  • Since I am recently retired, this kit offers me exciting possibilites with all my free time. I love the idea that so many useful tools are easily accessible in a compact space. Now I can make some really beautiful gift tags, greeting cards and other useful items. It will keep me busy and help me to be productive at home doing such fun projects!

  • What an amazing product can't wait to try it.

  • I love everything that Martha Stewart has to offer this would be such a great gift for Christmas!

  • Love everything that Martha Stewart has to offer!

  • I would love a craft station. I live Martha Stewart products! Happy holidays!

  • What a great idea!! Just 1 tool to bring create so many things!
    LOVE LOVE IT....

  • I love all of Martha's stuff!! Look forward to using her craft station.

  • I would love to have this. I have been checking it out at Michaels, but haven't had the extra money to purchase it...

  • love martha tools and ideas.....thanx for the opportunity....

  • I am excited about the LIGHT BOX aspect most of all.

  • So fun! It would make a great excuse to throw a craft party with some friends.

  • i'm so excited about the new martha craft station.. uhm, everything pretty much all in one? yes, please! i have lots of different martha products, and i've been more than happy using them. everything is always well designed and easy to use.

  • Are you kidding. It is from Martha Stewart. What more could you want to get the creative juices flowing. WOW!!!! My heart rate goes up just thinking about a new Martha Stewart product.

  • This is great! I have such a small area to store crafting materials, it would be great to have an all-in-one station!

  • I am super excited that you can emboss and that it has built in templates. I really love that it sounds like a great paper cutter.

  • This is fantastic-and so innovative. I would absolutely love to use this beautiful and practical tool for all my crafting needs!

  • I am excited for the craft station because I've always ruined my projects by not cutting a straight line or embossing off-center, and now I won't! I can't wait to get crafting with it! With Martha products I can always count on a flawless design and unique time and material saving features (the light box - genius!). Martha always deliver for serious crafters.

  • I am so excited about the new Craft Station and all the things a Room Parent can make for kids at any age!

  • What a wonderful present that would make for anyone that's crafty. The light table that also doubles as a cutting table. That's a great idea to combine both. I'd love to make after Christmas thank you cards! I hope I win one!!!!

  • I would LOVE to win this because it looks like its got ALL the bases covered with the crafts I do everyday. What a nice station! The glass top and light box...ooohhh lala. I like that!

  • I'm an avid crafter, an avid Martha-fan and this is positively a must-have! Wishing on a star tonight! :)

  • this is great for positioning stamps and then cutting out the mats for the card.

  • I LOVE anything Martha Stewart!
    There is always such an attention to detail with every product or idea that comes from Martha, and I would love to be able to use this Craft Station daily to inspire me, and to help make my crafting more efficient and beautiful :)

  • I have a very small bedroom that I use for all my crafts and sewing. I would really love to have this Craft Station! How exciting to have all these great tools in one place! I am so excited to see the embossing template designs Martha and her team have come up with! Embossing is one of my many favorites crafts! Wahoo, Martha on another great product from you. God Bless!

  • Our Craft Station offers endless possibilities for creativity. This all-in-one system from Martha Stewart Crafts makes hundreds of projects a breeze. LED light illuminates your projects making it easy to trace designs and align stamps for accurate impressions. Moveable ruler arm with blade offers smooth fluid movement making paper cutting neat and accurate. Plus, blade replacement is hands-free, quick and easy. With so many uses and functions, our Craft Station will be the showcase of your craft space.

    Winning this Martha Stewart Craft Station would be a dream come true! It will complete my craft space and wow all of myself AND my friends and family! Having this craft station would allow me to cut, prepare, and work with little to no troubles at all! Leave it up to Martha Stewart's products to offer us crafters an easy, breezy way to work!! I look forward to the fluidity in the blade movements & the LED backlight for all of my late night projects!!! It would be quite the upgrade for me!

  • I'm a devoted Martha fan and would love to have this craft station. My husband and I share space in a small room--his computer and my crafts. This craft station would make creating much easier in tight quarters.

  • What a neat ideal Martha. So well thought out and designed like all of your tools. When I put your tools and punches in my hands they feel so good like no one else tools. Keep creating these wonderful tools.

  • The crafts department came up with another ingenius tool. Kudos! Love the concept. Would be thrilled to have the opportunity to use this craft station to continue my addiction with paper crafts in all forms and uses.

  • It looks like a wonderful product, I cannot wait to give it a try. Having all the tools available would be awesome.

  • The craft station looks grand, I am sure to find lots of uses with a new grandchild on the way. Announcements, photos and birthdays, the craft station would be a great tool for any and all activities. Great idea !

  • This craft station looks super fun! I have a lot of the Martha craft supplies from Michaels- love the punches and glitter especially. I have been dying to try more of the paper crafting supplies but I have a tight budget so I have to buy 1 thing at a time. There's so many things I could do with this!!!

  • I would so love to win this craft station! I'm an illustrator who loves working in paper cutting and I was planning on making a paper model of Martha's tv studio from her show! It would only be appropriate to make it with Martha's products! :)

  • Sounds like a wonderful new tool to add to my studio!

  • I live all the Martha Stewart Crafts products, especially the paper craft items, and having a dedicated crafting station in which to work is such a wonderful thing!

  • Oh Martha -- how I dream of crafting like you...but where o where to keep all the supplies, lack of space and organizational skills keep my crafting dreams...just dreams. This would be the perfect way to start me on the way to my crafting dreams come true.

  • Amazing -All of Martha Stewart tools are innovative and superior quality. I wish I had all of her punches and beautiful papers. I look forward to adding this craft station to my craft room-bringing my projects to a higher level. Winning would be almost as good as winning the lottery!

  • An all-in-one craft product from Martha? Who wouldn't want it!

  • I'm preparing for retirement, having worked for the past 42 years. I was told at a retirement seminar that before retiring, I need to have a list of 20 things that I want to do after I stop working. I'm making my list and having this craft center would make at least 10 of the items on my list so doable. Please pick me to win the craft center and make my retirement something that I can really look forward to!

  • so cool! this would be so fun to play with!

  • I am always so inspired looking through your magazine and watching Martha on Hallmark. My favorite are the crafting segments. I love to create, and Ihope that my being creative will spark creativity in my children. What a wonderful gift this craft station would be!

  • I stumbled upon this today and was so excited I immediately emailed my husband and said Mommy really wants this for Christmas!. This is exactly the right tool for the crafts that I enjoy I have two children in school and with alot of teachers. I volunteer alot to help them with projects. I really enjoy it! but when it comes to gift time I try to make them very special. My kids are so proud when they deliver the gifts. That is just one way I would so enjoy this product. Great Job Martha!
    PS I tape your show everyday.

  • It would be awesome to have this craft station. So many ways to put it to use. I love all Martha Stewart craft tools. You go Martha Stewart and Team.

  • Wow. What a great idea to have an all in one piece! Looking forward to getting one.

  • I love everything Martha!! Thank you for the chance to win this great item!

  • I’m an architect, but I’d rather be a crafter for Martha Stewart –- with this craft station, I believe I could be! I’m most excited about the moveable ruler arm. Cutting a perfectly straight line brings me extreme joy. I’m thinking you could also use the parallel bar with a triangle to easily draw right angles, another of my favorite things [Even better than a perfectly straight line: two perfectly straight lines that meet to form a perfect angle…]. I realize this station is capable of much much more, which all looks FUN. But I would be happy with a straight line. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Once again Martha Stewart comes up with a good thing. I've seen craft stations that are table sized, this is compact but has all the functionality I need. The light box would be great and having that combined with a grid and a cutter? Is there anything better? Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with us.

  • this is such a wonderful item. I am thinking it would be wonderful to use with the grandkids. they love crafts like I do....

  • What a super invention. Looks like a must have for any crafster. Would love to win and add it to my other MS tools.

  • I really like that this is one unit. I could just keep this one thing out all the time and it would get used all the time. I also like that the light uses LED bulbs.. They will stay cooler and probably brighter. Thanks for a great contest!

  • Wow am so excited for the Craft Station because it will take me from beginning crafter to world class Martha Stewart quality crafter!!

  • Oh boy, Santa is going to hear about this! I have so many of Martha's tools, and have spent a lot of time enjoying the fun of crafting with them. Even more, I know I can count on the quality of her tools and supplies. This sounds like a must have!!!

  • I've been crafting since kindergarten... love crafting, love crafting gadgets.... but mom said you should not put your stake in being an artist. It would be better to become a teacher.. now who is more creative then our teachers, . Anyway..I had gotten away from my crafting too busy raising 5 children, 6 grands and a few neighborhood children. Working in the local school district keeps me around children all day. The crafting station would be just the right inspiration for me to get back to crafting again and do the things I really enjoy.. art is truly my passion. I love gifting and giving to everyone. It would be both therapeutic and motivational.

  • This looks perfect!

  • I am excited for the craft station because I love everything Martha Stewart and I LOVE crafting! :)

  • I would love to win this to make Christmas cards with!

  • The Martha team just keeps coming up with the most amazing ideas on earth! Multi-tasking tool = less space needed and less clutter = more space for fun and awesome! It would be so exciting to have this Craft Station in time for Valentine's Day, so I can make homemade cards for my handsome boyfriend, my lovely friends (who says Valentine's Day is only for romantic love cards!), and my awesome family :)

  • I want to make a special poem on an unique card made by me for my mother in her 50th birthday as her birthday gift. I want to tell her that there is no one who can give me loves as much as she gave me. I hope Martha Stewart Craft Station can help me to make this special present.

  • I am truly so excited about the Craft Station! Another piece of pure genius by our beloved Martha. I can picture myself creating such amazing bits and bobs for around my home and to give as gifts with the aid of this incredible invention! Oh how I long for it!

  • I love Martha Stewart's crafting supplies. My daughter's wedding is fast approaching and I could use the crafters station. My favorite tool is the light box.

  • Love all of Martha's tools so I know I will love this one also!

  • This is awesome! I'm excited about the different templates that come with it. I love that it has a light box as well.

  • I am excited about the Craft Station because it looks well designed and will make my crafting life easier. Oh and it will save space in my crafting area.

  • Oh this contest sounds like fun, please sign me up!
    Thank you.

  • I recently downsized to a 1200 square foot house with two kids coming back home and we are space deprived. This craft station would make crafting at my dining room table much easier.

  • As a crafter who has wanted to do many things for many years, and hasn't yet bought equipment to make it happen, this would be the answer to many techniques that I have yet to try! Would love the opportunity to win this and get crafting!

  • What an exciting new product! I have 10 days left in my job and then I'm RETIRED!! My time can finally be spent doing some of the fun things I've been too busy for . . . crafting is at the top of the list. This craft station would be put to good and constant use.

  • After a long year of living in a nursing care facility following amputation and assocated illness,
    I will be moving into my own apartment in a senor housing complex! I've aleady begun mentally arranging my furniture to set up and store my craft supplies the most efficiently. I would love to have this kit to help me work on some new projects while watching Martha on Hallmark. I am so grateful that Martha has given me this window on this world. Now I can return to doing the things I love in my own home too! I can smell the Salty Butterscotch-Toffee cookies now. Thank you

  • I am super excited about the Craft Station -- especially for the lightbox! I have been wanting to get one for years but never got around to it. This is especially great, because it can be used for other crafty endeavors as well. Thanks for the contest!

  • Every year I make a special Christmas card for our bed & breakfast to send to our friends in Albuquerque, as well as pop-up cards for our family. The Craft Station is amazing and would make it so much easier. I don't have a light box, and I've always wanted to try embossing. In one place, I would have all of the tools I need (instead of a few here, some in that drawer...). If I don't win this one, I'm just going to have to buy one!

  • what an awesome idea. I am a huge Martha fan. I want everything she makes.

  • What a great tool for an endless amount of projects! I love making tags for gifts and this would make it so easy!!!

  • This craft station would be a wonderful and much needed addition for any crafter. I especially need something like this. I love to create original crafts to give as gifts to my Father's radio listeners and contacts. I usually eyeball things for sizing but to be able to measure them for exactness would be such a blessing.
    thank you for this give away ( : Good luck to all and Merry Christmas!

  • This craft station would be a wonderful and much needed addition for any crafter. I especially need something like this. I love to create original crafts to give as gifts to my Father's radio listeners and contacts. To be able to measure them for exactness would be such a blessing. Ty for this give away! Good luck to all and Merry Christmas!

  • This craft station would be a wonderful and much needed addition for any crafter. I especially need something like this. I love to create original crafts to give as gifts to my Father's radio listeners and contacts. Ty for this give away! Good luck to all and Merry Christmas!

  • I am a new-ish crafter and always lust over Martha's things when I am at the craft store!

  • I'm excited about the Craft Station because of the backlighting. Very clever! It would allow me to see exactly where other elements are as I'm cutting, stamping, enbossing, etc. That's the feature that really makes it handy!

  • oh how I need a light box !! Would love to have Martha Stewarts work station to add to my crafting home.

  • This craft station looks awesome! The potential uses for it are endless! I'd probably use it to make packaging tags for all my handmade items!

  • I love a Multifunctional tool. This would be very helpful

  • I just saw the Craft Station at Michaels the other day and told my sister I had to have it. So many tools in one place; how could you not love it. Paper crafting is my favorite thing to do so this is on my list of must haves.

  • These are fabulous tools and I would be so excited to win the craft station to give to my mom as a Christmas present! Of course, I would have to fight the urge to keep it for myself, but my mom is so amazingly creative and would make so many beautiful things with this. She has given me the gift of her creativity, so this would be a special present to give back to her!

  • Not only could I use this tool, but my daughters and grandchildren would love to help me create cards, posters, gift tags for all different holidays. With this many creative souls together, the ideas and creations would be endless! A wonderful creation, thank you Martha Stewart!

  • I'm excited about the Craft Station because it has a built in light box! Extra lighting always seems to be something that I need.

  • I would be thrilled to win this as it would be so fun to create with this!

  • Wonderful giveaway - I can imagine many winter days at home crafting with my daughters with this! Thanks!

  • I love all the features and the tools this new product will replace. So excited about the LED lights.

  • Cutter, embosser, light box and all-in-one awesome idea! Happy holidays!

  • I'd really love to win this! Thanks for the chance! kmassmanATgmailDOTcom

  • Everything in one place?! What could be better than that? I'm also incredibly excited about the light feature! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Who wouldn't love to have this?! My husband had an oak beading table made for me, which I adore, but this craft station would let any crafter expand his or her horizons. The uses are limitless. You couldn't give any Martha product away that would be better. Except maybe that wonderful sleigh on the Martha Stewart Show......

  • The craft station would be a joy to have. All the items are sure to be top quality and would be very helpful. The light box would be invaluable! Thanks for the offer.

  • Love everything Martha Stewart has made available to crafters and this should be no exception.

  • What a great product. This would be so much fun to work with.

  • Love all these wonderful tools. Would be great to spend a snowy afternoon trying everything out!

  • Everything in one place! How great that everything would be where I need it when I want to use it!

  • Don't pick me! I'll spend far too much time making more crafts.

  • So great...3 in one and the perfect tool to make all kinds of wonderful crafts.
    I hold my paper up to a swing arm lamp or tape to a window to see through several layers. Not the easiest way to line templates up! Would love to win this.

  • What a fabulous giveaway! This looks like such a fun product to use, I always find myself neediang a light box, but never remembering that while I'm out at michaels. I'll have to remember this time!

  • I *love* that is multipurpose, with both your cutter and lightbox in one place, and you can still emboss with it. I always expect clever, but this is especially so.

  • This package is the perfect solution to all my crafting needs. I am most excited about the light box--I usually use some light from outside to trace a stencil. ha! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

  • Hey, if it is Martha Stewart, it has to be great. Everything I have bought and used has been a wonderful addition to my crafting. Not doing much crafting lately, but I know that the minute I get a new item, I have to try it out even if it's for only a few minutes. I can always squeeze in a few minutes to play with a new toy.

  • I love this!! My mind is spinning with all the possibilities....please pick me!!

  • I really need an update on my paper trimmer because mine is 9 years old this would be perfect!

  • Oh How I would Love to have this!!!! there are so many Ideas coming to mind that I could use this for. I design Cards alot so this would make it so much easier!! thank you for the chance to win !!!!

  • They'll be no more of "I thought I had that tool somewhere" going around. Projects will finally get finished! This should be called the All in One project station. It's fantastic!

  • This looks like one of thbest craft stations ever!!
    I hope I can win it, I love the martha Stewart pins i use them all the time.
    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  • I'm so excited for this Craft Station!I'm just starting to get into paper crafts and I think the craft station would be a big help..

  • I have been a Martha Stewart fan for so many years. We will be moving to a smaller place in Tennessee and this work station will be very much appreciated for its compact size and many uses. Thank you, Martha, for so many wonderful crafts, recipes, products and ideas throughout the years. You, your entire organization, and magazine are an inspiration to all. Happy holidays.

  • Once again Martha has thought of everything. Crafting is my therapy, and I would love to receive the Craft Station from Martha. Compact, convenient and portable! An all in one product offering a multitude of crafting options. Can't wait to get my hands on the Craft Station and start some great new project ideas!!!!

  • Would love to see what my kids and I could dream up using this system!!!

  • Wow! I would use this to make some Christmas ornaments right away.

  • As a mother of two little girls who are crazy about crafting, this station will provide beautiful opportunities for us to craft together. Martha's products are hands-down the best.

  • I have several Martha crafting tools but this takes the cake. A light box, cutter and embosser all-in-one? Perfect!

  • Perrrrrrrrrrfect!! This US Marine Mom and Wife needs this, Martha! I started scrapbooking to keep busy while my fighter pilot husband was deployed, kept it up during my infantry son's deployments, and then had both of them tell me I have too much craft stuff. Combining these products is a great idea, and if I win, the first thing I will use it for is to finish (well - add to) my deployment scrapbooks. Thanks Martha!

  • This Craft Station would be a helpful resource for every crafter. When I first began creating projects, a light box and a paper cutter were the first tools I purchased, and the Craft Station is an all-in-one system that encompasses those tools and much more!

  • I am excited about the craft station because I am new to crafting and having such a wonderful product that can do so much at once makes crafting easier and fun for me.At times even with my glasses on it is difficult for me to see what I am cutting so the light feature is awesome. I hope that I am one of the lucky winners.

  • I watched the video-it looks so well designed! A boost to anyone's creativity.

  • This look awesome for a beginner crafter! I’m excited to check it out, it really would make crafting and scrap booking extra convenient.

  • I love that Martha is such a giver and that's why I would love to be able to give this great craft station to my future sister-in-law. I love crafting and recently my sis-in-law has been coming over and scrapbooking and crafting with me and she loves it. She does not have many of her own tools and not that I mind sharing with her, I just think that this would be a great starter set for her. Thank you so much for the opportunity to give such a wonderful gift.

  • I have created a craft room in a spare bedroom but have limited space for storing tools and supplies. This work station is a perfect way to maximize the space I have, while achieving the kind of card making I desire. I am very pleased with the other Martha Stewart products and I know the quality of this product will match the others.

  • OH! What an Awesome Giveaway! Whoo-Hoo! How I would love to own this Craft Station for scrapbooking, cards, gifts, & all the other crafting projects this would inspire. This workstation means paper with nice, straight clean cuts, embossing abilities, all the templates & the Light box too!! Wow!! That's just over the top! Years ago, my daughter had a kiddie desk with a lighted top that I used to trace things, & using a lined template, addressed envelopes so the writing would be nice and straight.
    Oh, an the best part is, I love the Quality of Martha Stewart craft products; not only for the quality of the product itself, but for the Quality of the End Result as well--Craft Perfection--and doesn't THAT make all the difference! Especially when you're giving a handcrafted card or gift to someone. It represents you and a little piece of your heart too, you know? :) So, it's got to be nice.
    Well, not so long ago I could have bought this Craft Station without too much thought about it, financially speaking, but that's just not the case anymore. I've picked up a few MS books & crafting "tools" here and there along the way, like stamps/ink, punches, glitter, etc., by using the coupon offers Michael's. (Really great!) But, Craft Department, owning this All-In-One Station would be "the bomb", and winning it seems the only possible way I could own one at this point in time. Well, I'm so Thankful to you for offering this Chance at it! It's very exciting! Best wishes to All!

    Sincerely, BoxerMomma to my Gracie & Millie.

  • This craft station is compact, but full of useful tools! What a great way to get started on making unique crafts and gifts!

  • I enjoy getting together with friends to make Christmas crafts for our hospital fundraiser. This years theme was "Santa Claus is coming to Charlevoix." A friend and I made two centerpieces that were auctioned off and also used to decorate the tables of the venue. In November we get the bug to craft, so out comes the glitter. The craft station will really help me to keep organized at my dining room table.

  • Thanks for the chance. I came looking for wrapping ideas and look at the giveaway. Happy Holidays!


  • My wife told me about this give away you are having...she was excited about your new product. So please put any entry in for me. Let me know how I can get my hands on one if I don't win. Got get her phone back in purse. Thanks for your help

  • ME, ME, ME!I am currently doing a room in the attic just for crafts--I need these wonderful Martha Stewart items to make it easier to work. I'm in my 60's and my hands don't work as good as they used to, so I need certain items to help me. This Craft Station would be a dream come true. Don't forget ME,ME,ME!

  • I am very excited to see this combination. I have been wanting a lightbox for quite awhile, since I like to do stenciling/image reproduction crafts, and am wanting to try more paper crafts. To have a multi-function set up like this intrigues and excites me. I can't wait to give it a try.

  • I would love the craft station and really need the organization that it would afford me. I have always wanted a light box as well.

  • Wow, an all in one station. This would be fantastic because I live in a tiny house and don't have much space to stow my craft supplies. I love the light box feature!

  • Hello, I was browsing your website in search of an awesome gift for my awesome sister. Last year at this time, my sister suffered a spinal injury and spent 3 months in physical rehab. In one short year she got herself out of rehad, graduated from a wheel chair, surpassed her walker and is now working on driving again. The girl is determined. I am so happy to have my sister back. One of her constants have always been her crafts. She would own everything Martha if she could afford it. This Craft Station would be the gift of all gifts and put a great stamp on a challenging year. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • Wow!!!
    Love at the first sight. Can't stop thinking of what to make if I got in this one.

  • I am very excited about the MS Craft Station. I think it would be wonderful to have my work illuminated in order to place stamps more accurately. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • This is so great. There have been so many times I have become frustrated with a project or when working on some of my artwork and really needed a lightbox of some sort. And the font templates! HORRAY for those, they would be perfect for the diy oh holy night craft i've been thinking of doing.

  • pick me! pick me! this is awesome! always loved Martha's craft books and supplies. will use this handy combination to create lots of pretty things with my daughter! :)

  • love all the craft supplies from Martha Stewart would love to add this to my collection

  • I am so excited about Martha's new craft station because I want to use it for my new online craft business. I make homemade greeting cards and this would really come in handy as time is limited and I know this craft station will allow me to make more greeting cards faster so I can sell them on my website. Thank you Martha for making another wonderful craft product! Happy Holidays!

  • Just in case the contest is in a different time zone…pick me!

  • Just in case the contest is in a different time zone…pick me! Oh, and I'm excited because it looks amazing!

  • What a fantastic opportunity. I find the Martha Stewart products clever, ingenius and totally easy to use. Excited about the newest product; the Craft Station. I would expect it to be nothing short of being spectacular to use. Martha Stewart products make us crafters look good!

  • I am a stay at home mom who loves to craft. I am always put in charge of teachers gifts, birthday decorations etc. The Craft Station would help me create more beautiful items for those special occasions. We also have a small home without a dedicated craft space. I would love a product that would keep everything organized and in one place. I can't wait to try it!

  • My wife is crazy about everything that Martha Stewart makes. This craft center would put her over the moon!

  • My wife is a paper craft fan. This craft station would give her even more techniques to try out and experiment with.

  • It would be so great to have this craft center! Right now my embossing stuff is everywhere, and I've been looking for some new stencils. It would be awesome to win this!

  • I'm hoping my comment counts. :) I've been trying to enter this for days, but the comments section wasn't working.

    Great giveaway by the way!

  • A Martha Stewart Craft Station? Oh my yes! How else can I emulate my idol, Martha? I am looking forward to using this in creating cards, invitations, paper crafts and expanding my scrapbook skills. I will be the envy of my next scrapbook retreat!

  • I've been wanting a light box, and the combination with a cutter is perfect! This would be so fun to play with!

  • I drew my sister's name for Christmas - this would be perfect for her! She loves to do paper crafts, but doesn't have a lot of space. The combination light box, paper cutter, and tons of stencils for embossing would be great!

  • My friends call me Martha's number one fan. You can't beat the quality o heproducts and the richness of the paper color. I need this ad I have become quickly obsessed with having one. Michael's nor ACMoore, Myrtle Beach, SC have them and staff say they don't expect to get them. Perhaps I will win one and be all set. Keep uphe good work Matah and Team. Happy Holidays!

  • I am very excited of the prospect of many new projects.

  • It's all of the things I need, but don't have; wrapped up in a neat little package!

  • Eek! Best crafting device ever! I love, love it! My mind is racing with all of the things I could make with it! Thank you for the Michaels coupon too!

  • Ooohh.... This looks so cool. Love what Martha Stewarts comes out with.

  • You know its bad when crafting supplies makes you drool!

  • I love doing crafts with my Grandchildren. We would love having something to cut with since we have trouble cutting straight with scissors. thanks for the opportunity to enter your contest.

  • Wheee!! Less frustration in the craft room! This will make it so much easier to know my cuts and stamps are situated properly.

  • What a fantastic tool...especially for us scrappers that have limited scrap space. Everything you need wrapped up in one easy to use station.

    Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize.

  • I love this because its several tools in one. Now went I go to scrapbooking party, all I need to take is the Craftstation. Thank you for coming out with this.

  • Wow. I just love how pratical this looks. A real space saver, too.

  • What a great concept. Looks like just what I could use for my small craft room. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • I think it would be wonderful to have my work illuminated in order to place stamps more accurately. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • I just love doing crafts and have just started doing them again. Now i will have time again since I am on disability I just love being creative and have so many ideas running around in my head I just need the proper tools to make them :)

  • As I was looking through the above web site I was wondering how I could get Martha Stewart to come to my home and show me how to make it as lovely as she makes all things. If she cannot come here, maybe this will help me get going on my own!

  • umm, did anyone ever win?

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Emily,

    Yes! We are announcing the winners this afternoon!

  • I just Love, Love, Love anything to do with paper. I'm sure I could find a spot for this in my craft room.

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