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Our Sources : End of the Crafting Year

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One of my favorite things to do in this last week of the year is to sit down with a mug of eggnog and organize all my craft supplies that got out of hand over the past 11 months. If you're like me, you've likely accumulated a bunch of fun supplies, salvaged things you will DEFINITELY make something out of, trinkets, beads, shells, thread, etc., UFOs, scraps of fabric ... the list goes on. (And if you're like me, you have it all in a big pile in the corner of the living room.) I know this sounds weird, but sorting and organizing relaxes me, and makes me feel refreshed for the new year.

I have a few favorite storage "devices" I always turn to:

First, almost everything gets sorted into what my husband calls The Great Wall of Crafts, the versatile Ikea EXPEDIT shelf unit.

EXPEDIT bookcaseIt can get pricey to buy one of these door add-ons for every cubby, but it's valuable for childproofing at least the bottom few rows:

EXPEDIT doorIkea also makes boxes and baskets that fit perfectly inside each cubby, great for things like yarn and fabric:

BRANAS basket

BRANAS basket in white


LEKMAN box in clear

Inside my cubbies, I use these acrylic boxes from The Container Store. They can store just about anything tiny, and they come in several different configurations.  My favorite thing about them is that the lid is flush with the dividers, so even the tiniest beads don't migrate from one area to another.

compartment boxesI love these small polypropylene bins from Muji. The tall divided ones are great for storing pens, paintbrushes, or tools, especially when you need quick access to them. The flatter ones fit inside drawers - or they stack inside a cabinet! I find them so adaptable and useful.

Make box with partition

"Make" box with partition

Make Box 1/4

1/4 "Make" box

Make tray

"Make" tray

Finally, to corral everything that you collect in 2012, I like this rolling bin from The Container Store (I call it the Mobile Craft Unit, or MCU - I guess we like naming things). It's a good catch-all for supplies and current projects, and you can roll it into a closet when you have guests.

Mesh rolling binHappy organized new year! What are your favorite ways to store your crafts?




Comments (7)

  • It made me very happy to see that someone from MSL organizes her craft room the same as me!! I'm onto the right thing...

    if you'd like to see mine click on the after pics to see the Expedite usage

  • I'm jealous! While the craftbox is my ultimate dream for organization, the Expedit 5x5 is the more realistic option (though shipping is $350 for a $200 item). I currently have everything in plastic drawer towers in a closet that will eventually be a room for one of my children that are now sharing a bedroom. I want the Expedit for a wall in our dining room.

  • I was giving the scoring board and the five blade scissors for Christmas. My Christmas list had four items that I wanted. It's OK.

    It gives me another reason to go out shopping for more crafting supplies.

    I do hope there will be a store here in TX.

    Thank you Abel

  • I love the white IKEA Kassett series boxes. They come in all different sizes and allow me to organize tons of craft supplies and give my studio a nice, uniform look.

  • I completely agree on the organizing the craft room at the beginning of the year! I feel the same way and sorting through all my goodies is like meditation! Love the Ikea shelf unit, will have to check that out! Last year I invested in several of those cube organizers from Michaels and got a great start to a new craft room! Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Crafter Comment:

    Valerie - I completely agree that Ikea needs to bring their shipping costs down. I am lucky enough to live in the NYC area, so I am near not one but THREE Ikeas. If you are ever on a roadtrip, it may make sense to hit the closest Ikea on the way home, rent a trailer, and go crazy. Fingers crossed that one will open near you!

  • Crafter Comment:

    Alicia - Yes, I forgot to mention that the Kassett boxes are stacked on top of my cubbies and hold lightweight things like tissue paper, yarn, and things I eventually want to put in a scrapbook. The white ones are so clean-looking, but they come in such great colors that are also hard to resist. Thanks for the tip!

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