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Contests & Prizes : Gift Wrap Challenge Voting!

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Although it's nearly impossible and borderline unfair to pick a 'winner' of our Gift Wrap Challenge, we'd love to hear which blogger's wrapping you were most inspired by.

In case you missed one of our four Gift Wrap Challenge posts this week, here's a quick recap:


Creature Comforts



Something's Hiding In Here

Hello Sandwich

Which bloggers Gift Wrap were you most inspired by?

  • Hello Sandwich (41%, 844 Votes)
  • Something's Hiding In Here (28%, 566 Votes)
  • Shimtokk (17%, 350 Votes)
  • Creature Comforts (14%, 292 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,052

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We will announce a winner on Wednesday of next week, so you have until then to choose your favorite. Let the voting begin!


Comments (26)

  • All projects are wonderful! But my favorite this time is Shimtokk's style: Clean and Simple with small details.

  • i like Hello Sandwich's wrapping so much! it's visually interesting and the materials are totally accessible :-)

  • Hallo Sandwich has such a colorful, happy touch. I love her style, it makes me smile! :)

  • Shimtokk! Hands down. Surprised Shimtokk is the least chosen, actually.

  • Absolutlely love the glittered clothespins created by Creature Comforts. Everyone did such beautiful gift wrapping.

  • While I'm certainly a fan of the good ol' Brown Paper Package Tied up with string, Hello Sandwich has definitely given me much more to be inspired by. So many ideas in just a few little parcels.

  • I love the clever portrait wrap by something's hiding in here. Something i haven't seen before - Bravo!

  • Holy smokes, that wrap from something's hiding in here is so cute.

  • SHIMTOKK! Love, love, LOVE! If I were to receive a gift like that, I'd be so excited by just the packaging alone!

  • I love the simplicity of Shimtokk...definitely my fav...

  • I love Hello Sandwich's wrapping style it is so fresh and now and totally doable. Very talented.

  • I love the vintage portraits from Something's Hiding in Here! Unique and fabulous!!

  • I love Hello Sandwich´s wrapping style!!

  • Creature comforts: Adorable and understated.
    Shimtokk: Modern, elegant simplicity.
    Something's Hiding in here: Evocative & mysterious.
    Hello Sandwich: Cute, but waaaaay too much going on. Could use some editing!

  • My vote is for Shimtokk. Clean and simple lines make for an elegant presentation.

  • SHIMTOKK for sure. love the brown wrapping and the stitching and the labeling!

  • Hello Sandwich for me, it's the pom-poms that clinched it.

  • I adore the style of Hello Sandwich!

  • They're all very inspiring -but HELLO SANDWICH wins my heart by its diversity and fun and bright mood***

  • Hello Sandwich! I love the wild whimsy and wackiness of these wrapping ideas. They inspire me to be playful, bright and very, very dotty.

  • Hello Sandwich is the best!

  • Love the clean look of Shimtokk

  • Hello Sandwich is my fave!


  • Will you be doing this contest again next year?

  • hello sandwich is my fav vote

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE Shimtokk!! Excellent work, just unbelievably classy, perfectly executed and raw :)

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