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Make It : Something's Hiding In Here Gift Wrap

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Our third Gift Wrap Challenge post comes from Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt of Something's Hiding in Here:

Every holiday we search for a signature way to wrap our gifts for each other, family and friends. Since we're always looking for new ways to use old things we often look to our collections for inspiration. This year we decided to use color copies of vintage portrait paintings to add unexpected personality to each gift we share.


Special gift tucked in a box

Vintage portrait paintings (originals of the paintings pictured above can be found here.)

11x17 color copy or print out

Clear tape


Simple White String

1 of 3




You can directly color copy an old portrait or bring a digital file to a copy center to be printed for you. If your gifts are large that 11 x 17, don't worry, you can print the image larger on multiple pieces of paper and cleanly tape them together. For a simple finishing touch, we used thin bakers twine to add a bow. For extra fun, you can cut out tags in the shape of speech bubbles and add a message or recipients name.

Comments (13)

  • I love this!!!

  • too pretty to open!!

  • This is a very pretty & creative way to wrap up packages! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Theresa @

  • can't wait to try this idea. i might even use old family photos.

  • super quirky and fun!

  • I just love this - so eye-catching and creative!

  • A beautiful image paired with twine--brilliant simplicity.

    An easy to execute project with BIG impact--my favorite!

  • Love your wrapping ideas...always have!!! So unique and beautiful!!!

  • I love wrapping with stuff like that. Can't wait to try out with lots of images. Very cool!

  • A truly unique, vintage way of wrapping up specials. Love it. -heather

  • I have an obsession with vintage portraits so this is absolutely genius!!

  • Suggestion: Start with nicely shaped, sturdy boxes and cover the tops and bottoms separately so they can be saved and reused. Why throw all that paper and cardboard into a landfill when their reuse can become part of your tradition? I have some that hold 50 years of memories. Not only do they make wonderful keepsakes, they save precious time wrapping last minute gifts - just change the tissue on the inside and the ribbons and tags on the outside. When the holidays are over, they are perfect for storing Christmas decorations.

  • love this idea, but thinking what would make it even better for Christmas is old vintage pics of Christmas morn, you know the ones of kids openeing presents and such......

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