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Make It : Beaded Button Down Shirt

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Today's guest post comes from the talented team over at Honestly...WTF:

"Simply sewing on a few sparkly beads to a shirt placket could easily transform any old item in your wardrobe, adding much needed sparkle and texture!"


-Any button down shirt (we love the one they use from jcrew!)

-An assortment of metal, plastic or glass beads - try

-Needle and thread

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1 "With a double knotted thread, begin by pushing the needle through the back of the middle of the shirt placket."

2 "Slide beads onto your needle and begin sewing them to the shirt using a running stitch."

3 "After adding 5-6 beads, secure the stitch by tying off the thread with a double knot. This helps reinforce the stitch, especially with the weight of the beads."

4 "Continue to add beads until you're approximately 3/4 of the way down the shirt."


5 Finished!

Images courtesy of Honestly...WTF.

Thanks, Honestly...WTF!

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