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Make It : More Stuffed Bunnies

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A few months ago I posted about a stuffed bunny I made based on Silke's pattern.  After making the bunny, I decided she needed a little dress.  It was easy to make the pattern- I just traced about 3/8" around the arms, then coming out in an A-line at the bottom.  Hem the neck, cuffs, and bottom of the dress, then stitch the rest with a 1/4" seam allowance.  You barely need any fabric to make the dress, so this is a good chance to use that scrap of special stuff you've been hanging on to.

You can see in the photo that the bunny on the right is smaller.  I reduced the pattern to about 85% to make her.  Those two on the right were given to my cousin and her little sister- sister bunnies!  The one on the left was given to my boyfriend's niece for her 1st birthday.  We'd given Zoe a stuffed animal before and she wasn't particularly impressed, so I wasn't sure how she'd like this one.  As it turned out, her reaction was priceless!

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1 Surprise!







Giving her a big kiss.

8 Giving her a big kiss.


The next day- still enamored.

10 The next day- still enamored.

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  • so precious!

  • doesn't that warm ur heart, no matter what ur on this site for, this was a great post. thank you

  • This bunny reminds me of one that I made over 23 years ago; however, the bunny was tea-dyed; one embroidered eye was not all there; there were "mock repairs" on the bunny and the bunny did not have a smile. A note was attached that read "I'm just a little bunny who was left out in the cold; they said they couldn't love me because I was too old. I was thrown away, discarded like some old worn out shoe, I will love you ever-after if you take me home with you!"
    I gave these as gifts and they were real hits...children who were five years old, now over 29 years old, still have them.

  • I have made 7 of these bunnies for new babies - the pattern is just so simple! But it never occured to me to put outfits on them, thanks for the inspiration!

  • These are just so adorable! What child would not want to get one of these cuties. Without stuffing and made with terry cloth, my Dane Mastiff, 160 pound fur baby would love it!!!

  • That is one happy little girl! I'm going to keep this in mind for my sister's baby-to-be, due in July!

  • I love your rabbit in Liberty.I live in France, near Atlantic.

  • Those bunnies are ADORABLE! I love the dresses u made for them. How cute.The little girl's reaction is priceless!

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