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TV Crafts : Snow Day!

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It was a "snow day" here at The Martha Stewart Show yesterday. [If you missed it, did you know that every episode reruns the following day at 2 PM? That's today, so you can still check it out!]. My fellow TV Crafter Kristin St. Clair dreamed up a polar bear wonderland ...

and Jim Noonan (a.k.a. Professor Figgy) demonstrated some outstanding science experiments you can do with materials you have in your own home. Martha was crazy impressed. Be sure to catch her freaking out over the egg.

I worked on the Ice Wreaths, which is a project from the Martha archives. I'm sure this would be a really fun craft to do in the very chilly climates ... in a warm studio, I had trouble finding the freezer space!

Click here to watch the web exclusive behind-the-scenes of creating our snow day.

Aside from the Halloween Snowstorm of 2011, we've had very little snow in New York City, but we hear that a good portion of the US has had its share of snow already. Here are some more of my favorite snow day crafts from the past, for the next time you're stuck inside:

The classic paper snowflake - don't you always forget how to make them? This gallery shows you step-by-step.

These polar bear and muskox shadow puppets are appropriate for a snowy puppet show.

Make beads from bread, glue, and lemon juice. Really!

On snow days when I was a little girl, my mom used to give me wooden shapes she had collected at craft stores to paint with her "fancy" craft paints that I wasn't normally allowed to touch. What's your favorite thing to do when you're snowed in?

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  • <3 the ice wreaths! I used to make them with fruit and put them in a big punch bowl to keep the punch chilled for parties, but never thought about using them as wreaths!

  • I love to knit, bake and watch TV on snow days.

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