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Behind the Scenes : February Valentine's Cover

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Take a look at this animated version of the cover for our February issue of Martha Stewart Living. Doesn't it just look happy and fun and full of love ?! Just like the perfect Valentines Party, which you can read more about in the issue. What you don't see, is Daniel, our art director (with a broken foot), myself and the photo assistant, lying on the floor all holding onto a group of balloons and letting them go at various commands. Magic in every way !

Creating this heart however isn't magic ... it is very simple using the Martha Stewart Crafts tissue paper pom pom kits. The large size pom poms can be found here, and the medium size pom poms can be found here. They are precut and all you need to do is fold and twist a little. You could also use only the smaller sizes and make a scaled down version. Which doesn't mean it would show less love. Happy Valentine's day !


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