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On The Web : MSC Paint, Part II

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I'm always so tickled to find great projects in the blog world that are inspired by or use our product. Our new line of Martha Stewart Craft Paint has proved incredibly popular - take a look at some of the below projects!

Jenny from Hank & Hunt used our glitter paint to make the cute gift bags pictured below. Click here for the full tutorial.

Ambrosia Creative used our fine glitter for the below gift wrap! Click here for the full tutorial.

We love this cute DIY tablecloth project from Oh Happy Day! A perfect excuse to use your favorite colors from our paint line:

Comments (4)

  • how lovely! the dots are too cute!

  • That table cloth is stunning!

  • Laura,

    I see you've posted a few paint on fabric projects. I've seen some comments asking for washing instructions, but I've not been able to find answers in the comments or on this website. Once the fabric is painted on using MSC multisurface acrylic craft paint, how do you care for the fabric?

    I see instructions to pre-wash without softener.

    I see to cure for 21 days - though it does not specify this is for fabric. I have seen it specifically pertain to glass in other instructions.

    I have found detailed instructions for after care for glass, including an option to cure more quickly using the oven.

    So, it isn't like I haven't looked!! But, I have found no specific instructions for fabric regarding washing.

    My 11-year-old daughter just made a pair of "flag" shorts from a pair of capris - SO CUTE! But they are hard from the dried paint, and we are afraid we'll do the wrong thing and mess up all of her hard work.

    PLEASE help!

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Janey,
    Martha Stewart Crafts Paints are machine-washable if you turn your garment inside out and use cold water in mild detergent on a gentle cycle. However as with all hand painted items, it is always safest to and wash it in cold water and air dry afterwards to prolong and increase durability.


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