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Make It : Spring Forward with Cynthia Treen

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Today I'm excited to have Cynthia Treen back sharing another adorable project with us. Cynthia's Hungarian Reindeer was a hit and I think this new project will be too. Enjoy!

"With warm weather this winter in Providence,
And a shiny new snow blower at rest in the shed,
I have decided to let go of white winter visions,
And look forward to spring precipitation instead!
This little frog prince is ready for spring showers under his snappy new felt umbrella.

To make this felt umbrella follow the step-by-step tutorial below. To create your very own Frog Prince (a suitable companion for any season), head over to my Etsy shop where you will find the new pattern for $5.00 today through Sunday February 12th! (Price returns to $8.00 on Monday February 13)"

Umbrella materials and tools:
Light blue wool felt for umbrella top: approximately 8” by 8” piece,
Gold felt for Spokes and handle: approximately 2” by 8” piece
Red felt for decorative dots: approximately 3” by 5” piece
Embroidery thread: Light blue and gold thread to match felt.
A light weight metal hanger (from a drycleaner) OR thin wooden/bamboo skewers
Fabric glue
Sturdy wire cutters
Embroidery needle


Note about Embroidery thread: embroidery thread is made up of 6 strands plied together. Cut thread into 30- to 36-inch lengths (longer threads can easily tangle). Separate each length into two 3-ply strands of thread to stitch this umbrella.

1 of 12
1. Cut hanger or skewers

1 1. Cut hanger or skewers

2. Cut felt pieces

2 2. Cut felt pieces

3. Stitch felt to spokes and handle

3 3. Stitch felt to spokes and handle

4. Radiating spokes

4 4. Radiating spokes

5. Handle through spokes

5 5. Handle through spokes

6. Stitch pieces-glue dots

6 6. Stitch pieces-glue dots

7. Connect first and last

7 7. Connect first and last

8. Handle through umbrella

8 8. Handle through umbrella

9. Stitch handle to umbrella

9 9. Stitch handle to umbrella

10. Handle bending

10 10. Handle bending

11. Turn inside out

11 11. Turn inside out

12. Umbrella beauty

12 12. Umbrella beauty


(Download the detail directions for the Umbrella)

Thank you again Cindy for sharing your project with The Crafts Dept blog! And a big thank you to Karen Philippi for letting us use her beautiful photographs.



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  • LOVE this guy...does he really need an umbrella!
    Thanks !Dale

  • I love this little frog, but he is so cute that I imagine it would take too many days to complete! What do you think?

  • This umbrella will be perfect for our Miss Hickory and Hitty dolls. Try to see the dolls

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