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Inspiration Board : The March Issue of Living!

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Have you picked up your new copy of Martha Stewart Living? If not, now you can...the March issue just hit newsstands! This year's garden issue is packed with tips to get you ready for Spring. Be sure to catch the below projects and stories featured in the issue.

Page 58 - too-cute four-leaf-clover straw toppers:

Page 60 - custom, sweet-smelling sachets using ingredients from your cupboard:

Page 78 - "Clays Well With Others" is a wonderful story on potter David Stuempfle and the Seagrove Area Potters Association:

(Plus: Heading to East Austin? The ultimate guide to shopping and dining there is on page 30.)

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  • I haven't gotten mine yet, I'm looking forward to it!

  • Good Morning,
    I'm trying to find a back copy of Martha Stewart, not sure if it's craft book or Martha Stewart Living. I received it in the mail last year, can't remember which month. But I do know there's a picture of Martha on the cover, showing a beautiful white hand knitted scarf. There is a big article about how Martha loves to knit,and there is also a great pattern of a fair isle hat, using Road to China Light yarn, I am trying to find it, wanted to try to knit the hat for my daughter. I wonder where I could find it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you so much,

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hello Annette - I think you are referring to an issue of Vogue Knitting from
    Holiday 2011 - perhaps you could contact them about purchasing a back issue. I also saw one for sale on Etsy - here is the link.

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