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Make It : Valentine treats for the whole class

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After many  years of Valentines for school friends (see some here and here) , this is our last time of Valentine treats for the whole class ... my son is in 5th grade and will be starting Middle school next year. I know from my older son that there you for sure do not hand out Valentines to everyone ... maybe to one person (though he hasn't done that - as far as I know), but please not something as handing out candy to a whole classroom. That's only for 'little kids'. So we're embracing this last time of being a 'little kid' ... and with a message that I may understand more than just as a word play about the candy: For friendships to come and last and stay ... even if you're too 'cool' to show that through giving out candy.

They are quick and easy to make. All you need is pixie sticks, card stock, colored markers and double stick tape. I had my son write 'let's stick together' once, and printed it out 25 times (yes, his class is big). My son wrote all the names on the copies.  I scored the papers so that folding would be easier, and cut them all (2" wide for each of the 3 folding parts for a total of 6" wide and  1 1/2 " high). I added a piece of double stick on the inside so the sticks wouldn't slip out, placed 8 sticks on each paper and stuck it down on the back edge.

Finished ! Happy Valentines Day to everyone, young and old.

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