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Make It : Coffee Filter Flower Baskets

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While coming up with ideas for our Easter baskets story, Beyond The Basket, I decided to incorporate coffee filters, one of my all time favorite materials. (Martha gave me a hard time for not creating a different version of this coffee filter costume to wear my wedding--and I kind of wish I had!). This time, I used them to make these flower bowls.

Pre-ruffled and strong enough to get wet,  coffee filters make perfect flower-making materials. They're cheap too! I used these pretty paper cups and bowls for the flower's centers and to hold candy. The small cup really looked like a daffodil's trumpet-y center! Because I wanted them to be food-safe, I used food coloring to dye them and food coloring to paint the bowls and cups. If you're not making these to hold edible items, or you're only dying the coffee filters, you can use thinned paint. I tried it with watered down acrylic and it worked well.

If you'd like to try it yourself, click below to watch the video and and you'll see how easy they are to make!

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