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Make It : Dremel Egg Craft

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Today's Easter egg guest post comes from the talented Benita Larsson of (one of our favorite blogs!) Chez Larsson. We first fell in love with her Dremel egg crafts last year, and are thrilled she's sharing her latest project with us:

My name is Benita from the Chez Larsson blog and I'm so excited to share an egg craft with you! My inspiration for this craft came many years ago from a Martha Stewart Living magazine issue where they had made Fabergé style eggs using real eggs and a Dremel tool. It took years until I got my own Dremel, but as soon as I did I started dreaming up these little egg crafts. Not nearly as fancy as Fabergé but kind of fun. Below I'll take you through how I made my latest creation, the ice cream stand.

What flavor can I get you? Sorry, no cups, just cones.

I emptied my egg out (using one of these) and drew a pencil line along where I wanted to cut the egg. You need a diamond blade for the Dremel because it's much more precise and sharp than a regular blade. Please do make sure you wear safety goggles when cutting!

I used a sander attachment on the Dremel to smooth the somewhat uneven edges of the egg halves.

Then I went on to the fun part and painted my egg halves. I used water based craft paints, but markers work really well on egg shells too!

To make the flag pole I used a toothpick with a piece of paper wrapped and glued around it and then painted both before snipping the paper into a pointy flag. The pole was then inserted into the hole in the egg and stuck down with super glue.

To make the counter, I used an egg half and traced around it twice on some cardstock with a little bit of distance in between. After cutting it out I used clear tape to make the counter wipe-able, a must with all that ice-cream around.

A hole punch came in handy to make holes for the ice-cream cones in the counter.

The delicious ice-cream is made from droplet pins where the heads have been cut off and later glued into the mini cones. The ice-cream cones are just some Kraft gift wrap curled into cone shapes, stuck together with glue stick and snipped to make tiny.

Mr. Ice-cream scooper needs to rest inside his stand occasionally so a push pin (sans pin) with half a flower button super glued to it makes a stool. The base of the stand itself rests glued down on a concave button that's been painted along with the shell.

To attach the roof to the base I painted toothpicks and super glued them to the inside of the bottom shelf, let dry and propped the roof on top.


Comments (8)

  • Sweet! The chair is fabulous!

  • INCREDIBLE!!! I love this...

  • Benita! This is so so so cute! I loved the attention to detail. And the cones are so pretty. :-) Great work!


  • This is so adorable...and another argument for getting a Dremel.

  • I love Chez larsson!!

  • So cute! Chez Larsson is the first blog I read each morning. Benita's how-to's are always so well written and photographed-- leaves me feeling empowered to DO it!

  • I have to agree about this being just shy of genius! This has got to be the cutest, and thriftiest, Easter decorations I've seen. I love, love, love ideas that incorporate just any old household "whatever" laying around. My grandkids are going to love these.

  • This is amazing & adorable! I love it!

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