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Inspiration Board : Eggstreme Egg Crafting

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Quail eggs have a beautiful brown spots and can be dyed in varying colors.

4 Quail eggs have a beautiful brown spots and can be dyed in varying colors.

Eric used all blown out eggs in his display, he covered the holes with a tiny piece of paper that was colored to match the egg.

5 Eric used all blown out eggs in his display, he covered the holes with a tiny piece of paper that was colored to match the egg.

The finished dome is so inspiring.

6 The finished dome is so inspiring.


Todays post is a project from Eric Pike our Creative Director.  You may have seen his apartment in Living, if not you can take the tour on our website.  We are always in awe of the craft projects that Eric does and when he showed us his egg dome last year we asked him if we could share it on the blog.  Since this is an extreme egg crafting project we are going to get a bit nerdy on the process, so bear with us.  He was explaining that the biggest challenge he encountered was that the different varieties of eggs behave differently when dyed.  Some have very smooth surfaces and some are a bit rougher making it difficult to achieve a uniform color.   In our own egg dying, we have found that wiping eggs with vinegar first helps but just got a tip yesterday that vinegar mixed with baking soda is even more effective. We are anxious to try that out with our next egg project.

Eric used a mixture of egg varieties; quail, auracana, pullett, turkey, duck and goose.  Some can be purchased at grocery stores and others are available through online retailers.  All of the eggs used were blown out and the holes were covered with a piece of paper dyed to match the egg.  I think his results are quite beautiful.

Do you have any egg dyeing tips or tricks that you would like to share?


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  • Paint them neon colors and then wrap them in tights!

  • I love how beautiful these eggs look! This year we are attempting to decorate eggs for a new blog post to feature on Easter Sunday. Currently we have blown our eggs (surprisingly difficult!), spray painted them as we never knew you could dye an egg and are in the process of hand painting them with nail varnish of all things! Hopefully ours will be as beautiful as yours (though there is a lot fewer of them!).

  • blown eggs

    Gently pierce both ends of a raw egg with a utility knife, and twirl knife to widen one hole slightly. Straighten a paper clip, and poke it through the larger hole to pierce and stir the yolk. Hold the egg, larger hole down, over a bowl, and blow the contents out with a rubber ear syringe (available at drugstores).

  • I have successfully used a meat injector to remove the egg material from eggs/ I drill the ends of the egg with a dremel tool and then use the injector backwards to pull out the egg. This keeps me from having to put the egg to my mouth. It may not always work but is worth trying.

  • Ah, wow. Such a great work! And so precise and beautiful. I don't have any tips but I have a question. What did he do from all those eggs...omelettes ... scrambled eggs... :) anyway lovely work!

  • Where do you buy the egg extractor that Martha showed on her Egg Show? I have tried Michaels and other stores unsuccessfully . I really want to blow out these eggs but need a few more tools!
    Thanks Kathleen

  • Crafter Comment:

    The tool is called Aunt Marge's Egg Blower, and is available here-

    Happy crafting!

  • I just started using a Blas-Fix egg blower. It's available from the Polish Art Center (link listed above from Blake Ramsey)or through Amazon.

    I've been blowing eggs the hard way for years, and this little gadget is well worth the reasonable price. It would be ideal for this project since you only pierce one hole in the egg.

    Personally, I'm wondering how he managed to dye paper to match the eggs. Or if he used natural dyes, since many of the eggs don't look like they've been colored.

    Happy Egging, all!

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