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Make It : Painted Branches

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Yesterday actually reached 70 degrees in NYC- kind of a shock, but a welcome one!  A couple months back I salvaged some beautiful branches that had been blown down by one of the storms we had last Fall.  One I decided to display in its natural state- the color and shape was so beautiful.  I broke up another large branch into smaller pieces, and painted each one differently.

On the blue branch I painted some of the little pods (does anyone know what type of tree has these beautiful little pods?  They're prickly on the outside.)  On the red branch I left the pods brown.  I left the branch on the far right natural, and painted a bright green (Martha Stewart Craft Paint, Granny Smith) inside the pods, for a fun surprise to accompany the natural beauty of the bark.

Which one is your favorite?  I love the look of that blue branch (MSC paint, Greek Tile), but I think I'm partial to just the hint of color on the green pods.  Displayed in small vases, they should be enough to keep me going until the branches outside are in full bloom.

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  • hi i'm ilknur from Turkiye/Edirne .i watch Martha's program on tv and i like so i saw different craft tools in ur program and i thought that i wish i have them all :) (its hard to find these crafts tools in Turkiye) cause i like to crafts,iknit,make quilling...thanks for all new craft ideas for u bye

  • really pretty

  • The twig is from a beech tree.

  • I love these, what a great idea! We used to use gold and silver branches all the time for decorating at the Hyatt, don't know why it didn't dawn on me I could paint branches a different color!! Trying to lightly stage my dad's vacant home (he passed away a few months ago and we're selling the house), wanted some pussywillows for the entryway (going on market in April), but the ones at the craft stores looked too cheap and plastic-y. Bought a flower, but it looks too formal and the living room is kinda formal, and the home is wood paneling with beige carpets and ivory curtains, it needs COLOR. I've got red & yellow accents here and there so definitely going to give your budding branches a try! (Buds are key.) Read your online bio to see what else you posted and saw you went to Guilford :) My daughter's a junior there now and she loves it!! Thanks for a post that was just what I needed :)

  • the branches and pods are from a chestnut tree.

  • Blake these are really beautiful. I love the blue one most of all I think

  • These look to me like the castor bean plant. :)

  • Definitely from the beech tree. We have two types on our boulevard and I collect and use the pods for crafts. I enjoy your make-it posts!

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