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Behind the Scenes : The April Cover

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Even if you haven't picked up your copy of April's Living, I'm sure the electric eggs on the cover have caught your eye!

The eggs were shot for Good Things, but when we tried a few cover options, we thought these guys would work well- what do you think?  We had to reshoot them for the cover, in order to create an animation for the iPad cover.  We put one of our images from Good Things into the cover template, and then tried to match the eggs up exactly.

Can you notice any difference between the original printout above and the final cover?

The neon color palette is made with Martha Stewart Craft neon glitter (which I'm a bit obsessed with now- how do they make it so bright?!), McCormick neon food coloring, and Mettler neon thread. After we had our eggs perfectly placed, we did the animation for the iPad. Take a look below!



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  • My kids LOVE your animations. We still watch the Halloween one pretty frequently, Ivy requests it all the time. Great work! Love the neon glitter!

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