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Around Town : Arrows

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Trend alert!  After spotting this eye-catching window display at a Louis Vuitton store, I realized that it's official, arrows are totally hot right now.

Maybe it's Hunger Games fever, or perhaps a nod to cupid, but whatever it is, I'm seeing inspiring interpretations everywhere.  You may remember these little cuties that our friends at the Blow Up! Blog made for us-

How fun is this illustration by Wendy Polish?

These beautiful handmade creations below are actually hair arrows.  Use one to pin a bun in place (an upgrade from the pencil you may have used for this in school days.)


And I love these arrow earrings-

This arrow tee shirt is very summer camp chic-

and these letterpress cards are mighty sweet-

 What sort of trends are you noticing these days?  And do you have any predictions for upcoming motifs in the craft and design world?

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  • I was blown away when I saw the amazing LV Arrow windows at a flagship store here in San Francisco. Beautiful colors and so beautifully made. As a former window display designer at Coach Leatherware in NYC, my first thought was "WOW! Who gets to keep those when the window display changes!?!?" This is a nice round-up of arrow-themed goodies! I think the trend is definitely fueled by Hunger Games fever!!

  • I know what I'm building Valentine's Day around next year.

  • The popularity of sperm whale motifs makes me wonder if other aquatic mammals might get popular. I could see the blue whale, but it will take a huge 90's revival to bring back killer whales and dolphins!

  • I love that window display. Very unique and eye catching.

  • I saw the same great display at the LV in Honolulu over spring break. I think it's a reference to both Hunger Games-mania and to archery in summer camp!

  • P.s. and, an homage to the red-haired star of the upcoming Pixar movie, Brave!

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