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Inspiration Board : cleaning up sticks and stumps, for in- and outdoors

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With the crazy snow storm back in October, we lost quite a few trees and have just done some major Spring cleaning to get all those logs and branches more organized. Some of the stumps are quite beautiful and it makes me sad to cut them up for firewood (which we have plenty of anyway, as you can see).

So I've been thinking about how to bring them inside the house.


I'm lucky enough to already be living with two of the stumps I had created for our 'Sticks and Stones' story.


Do I paint some on the outside instead of the top this time  !? (see more here)


How great would a smaller one like this be for the kitchen (found it  here)


and then for coats and scarves in the hallway I could just do this


or even that

So now we have a cleaned up yard, will have many cozy fires in our new fire place insert, and beautiful additions to our home. I guess that pays tribute to the poor old trees that fell. Did you loose trees too !? What did you do with the extra wood ?!

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